Monday, March 3, 2008

Is Sethu, Tamil's 150 year old dream?

It is being made out by the powers-that-be

that the Sethu Channel project was

a 150-year-old DREAM of the Tamils of Tamil nadu.

The only Tamil of that past who spoke on Sethu

was Poet Mahakavi Subramania Bharathy, who wanted a BRIDGE constructed on it

and not a canal cutting it.

Apart from him, no Tamil seemed to have dreamed of it in any form, 150 years ago.

We, the people of Tamil nadu want to know from these politicians

the list of Tamilians

who dreamed of Sethu Canal some 150 years ago

and wanted to have it in all these 150 years and waited for it all these 150 years.

Even the web-site on Sethu Canal project

does not attribute this 'dream' to a Tamil.

The following is what it says about the origins of this project.

  • The channel project was originally proposed by a Britisher, Commandar A.D.Taylor of the Indian Marine in 1860.

  • In 1955, the Government of India set up the Sethusamudram project committee to tool into the feasibility of the project

  • After several studies, the government took a concrete step towards the execution of the project when Rs. 4.8 crore was allocated for a feasibility study of the Sethusamudram Ship channel Protect in the 2000-01 Union Budget

  • Following a directive from the Union Ministry of Shipping, the Tuticorin Port Trust undertook a Ground breaking feasibility-cum environment study for the project

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