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Duties of the Hindu majority.

An excellent article by Dr Subroto Gangopadhyay is given below that is set to induce a soul-search in every Hindu to stand up and protect the Hindu ethos that is in the state of extinction by a collusive impact of exploitative politicians, intellectually mis-guided elites and a Hindu majority that is unaware of the import of sanatana dharma.

Sanatana dharma does not address the nations. It does not tell how a group or a community must behave. It only tells how every individual must function. It tells how a person must behave in a group or community. In this, way every Hindu has a role in nation building and in protection of the Hindu ethos. Such a role encompasses compassion for all beings and tolerance bordering on non-violence. But the same dharma does not stop one from protecting himself and his interests in the face of an attack.

Hinduism and Hindu dharma are facing an attack by the so-called secular politicians and the so-called elites and intellectuals. The various facets of this are discussed in this article. It is time that the Hindu asserts his right to his dharma and his land that has been the home for  Universal sanatana dharma. If he does not, Destiny or Time will not forgive him. Puranic and Ithihasic revelation is that whenever this dharma is in danger, those who have allowed and abetted it to deteriorate, have also been punished along with those who have caused the harm. As silent spectators to the deterioration, the Hindu majority will have to pay a heavy price which would have to be born by their future generations. The article gives a good food for thought on how the Hindu majority must work towards making his land a safe and peaceful place for his future generations.





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Reclaiming India, India"s History and Heritage

By Dr Subroto Gangopadhyay


(The author is a practising physician and an adherent of Sanatan Dharma)

The attacks on Mumbai are reminiscent of the first Arab incursions, by sea between 634 and 637 AD through Thana, Broach and Debal. These were repulsed and led to incursions through land routes in the Northwest between 650-711 AD. Muhammad Bin Qasim finally succeeded in occupying parts of Sindh in 712 AD. In contrast to the 70 years it took to occupy Sindh in face of Hindu resistance, the Islamic armies had conquered Persia, Syria, Egypt within eight years of the Prophet"s death. North Africa was taken between 640 AD and 709 AD with Spain falling in 711 AD. Thus the entry of Islam into Hindu India which now has broken into a Muslim Pakistan, a Muslim Bangladesh and a Muslim Afghanistan faced more resistance than its triumphant march elsewhere. When Christian Europe finally won against Islam, they did not leave growing colonies within, to repopulate and create new Islamic nations. Arabs, no longer need attack India. The Muslim descendents of the Hindus, at least in Pakistan and Bangladesh, having severed themselves from their roots and heritage, find greater commonality with Arabic language, customs and religion. The idea of roots, state, civilization or cultural heritage are super ceded by the common ground of Islam.

Islam, does not recognize the idea of sovereignty of state or the concept of individual free will guiding individual choice –whether towards lifestyle or to one"s spiritual path. All Semitic faiths speak of a single God, but clearly not the same one, as each claims an exclusive covenant and an exclusive revelation through an exclusive prophet and salvation through the individual agency representing the religion. Thus if all were true then there must be three equal Gods or if only one were true then there is one true God and two other false Gods with two false creeds and two false institutions. If all were false, the idea of God must be difficult to sustain for the majority of the world and these religions must find a separate mission than offer salvation -invited or uninvited. Of the three great faiths one must admit that the modern Jewish faith does not directly negate
others and does not indulge in the task of conversions overtly and covertly and therefore intrinsically seeks no conflict -only the right of self existence.

The Hindus seek peaceful self existence but differ from all, in laying no claim to a unique covenant or a unique relationship with their own particular God. They further believe in self inquiry, the right to- differ, question, criticize, adopt or reject any particular aspect or tenet of spiritual life. Faith is welcome but not necessary and lack of faith or criticism does not call for execution. No conversions are needed as spiritual life does not mandate membership in an exclusive creed. State has no spiritual responsibility. The spiritual path at the beginning calls for personal purity and righteousness, with non violence and harmlessness to all- and evolves finally towards individual spiritual inquiry leading to
enlightenment or realization -of the nature of God. Venerable Prophets are many, within and outside
India, who can be guides but are not necessarily needed. Being reflections of the Divine through the human form they are exalted beings but may have human  limitations or imperfection at times.

There is no Hindu Umma, Dar al Hind and Dar al Harb and there are no Momins and Kafirs. No Ghazis are required to wield swords to decapitate heads of Kafirs to reap rewards in an indulgent Zannat to please the one God.


For Hindus- property, life and women of Non Hindus, are not subject to enjoyment, destruction, enslavement and confiscation as per scriptural guidelines. Places of worship where others worship are not special targets of wrathful destruction. Hindus have largely chosen to accept, ignore, negate and justify their suffering, believing that tolerance and patience would certainly be rewarded in the long run by dawning of reason among those
who have brutalized
India for about ten centuries.


Large scale negation has been supplemented by outright falsification of the scale of atrocities on part of Islamic invaders. Indians have also submitted to more subtle but equally pernicious civilizational and spiritual subversion along with economic destruction by the Christian West. Purposeful erosion of the Hindu culture (Kul-achar) and ethos, was ensured, post Independence by the Congress-Communist nexus, under the cloak of secularism. This destruction continues unabated today.


Political empowerment of minorities is yet to occur in Europe and North America while in Islamic countries systematic cleansing has reduced minorities to near extinction almost everywhere. Indian congress, communists, secularists and Human right activists have not
bothered themselves with the Hindu victims of Islam or Christianity.
They have built their credibility among foreigners and anti- Hindu faiths by sabotaging the ideal of India"s Nationhood based on Sanatan Dharma.

The idea of a tolerant Islamic State (for Non Muslims) is a contradiction in terms. For Christianity, state and religion, have historically been symbiotic entities -one thriving on the expansion of the other, each empowering the other. State was certainly the vehicle
for Christianity" s spread and eventual conquest of Europe rendering extinct all indigenous forms of spirituality and culture, from Greece to Lithuania beginning from Italy. For Islam, conquest of Arabia wiped out millennia of pre-Islamic Arabic history and culture. Persia and Egypt did not fare better. State as an entity, is subservient to Islam
and is merely its tool for expansion. In Western Europe and more prominently in America, while the pursuit of an individual religion is not interfered with but political empowerment of minority faiths other than Judaism is not even entertained as an idea in political or social discourse .The idea of Hindutva, Hindu fundamentalism are not merely
illogical concepts but are carefully crafted themes to empower the exclusivist faiths who battle today for the soul and soil of India.

There is no state other than India, that has seen political empowerment of minority faiths to an extent that persecution of majority is no longer looked upon with surprise. The ethnic cleansing of 400,000 Kashmiri Hindus in Hindu majority India is ignored, while communal riots in response the burning of Hindu pilgrims in Godhra is termed pogrom with international condemnation, humiliation, and enquiry commissions whose findings contradict the charge of genocide due to state complicity or permissiveness. This of course cannot satiate the Indian media"s Hindu bloodlust. India"s English media, human rights activists, television and it"s ruling Cabal reflect a coalition of Christians, Communists, Moslems, Western educated McCaulayites and foreign agents who live on the crumbs from middle east or the West. The zenith of one"s recognition in politics, academia, art , media, or intellectual circles is related to the degree of virulence one is able to muster against the Hindu and the culture of his forefathers.

Regrettably, the defense of majority Hindus in their own land is at the hands of parties like BJP, whose apologetic conviction of their own heritage offers little hope. Their need for eulogies from the nation"s enemies is only matched by their gutlessness, lack of vision for their nation, colossal lack of cohesive planning and the spinelessness of political opportunism.

How about the spiritual foundation? the very reason why the Hindu has not given up his identity through millennia of occupation. India"s conquest to a large extent was due to loss of Dharma. Dharma as it relates to individual action guides the individual towards his larger sphere of responsibility towards family, community, nation, environment, and world at large. It is not merely individual salvation that religion should contract to, but it must exhort the individual to righteous and courageous action to uphold eternal values enjoined in Sanatan Dharma. Hindu spiritual leaders have miserably failed to exhort Hindus to the highest ideals of civic or community life and have forgotten the entire notion of Rashtra Dharma.

Creating competing cults and creeds for self promotion, ritualistic worship or individual salvation without fulfilling all aspects of one"s Dharma is the foundational deficit that is once again propelling India into subjugation by Asuric forces

India"s multitude of temple goers and professional priests can no longer understand the ethos that had decreed motherland to be more exalted than the heavens. Therefore, the ritualistic, cult based, habit reinforced and temple oriented Hindu today is oblivious of the environment he lives in. The insularity of ritualistic behavior has degraded a deep worship tradition to "customary practice" severing philosophic continuity with our children - while outsiders have hardly been subtle in their contempt.


For almost a thousand years jeering Islamic armies destroyed temples telling the Hindus that their Gods were mere idols who could not protect themselves, while the Hindu kept rebuilding his temples. The mosque built by the genocidal Babur was no mosque but merely a usurped temple that the weak Hindu finally used his bare hands to bring down
-but to what dramatic disbelief, condemnation and outrage -that a servile Hindu could do this! None bothered that a place of worship was named after a genocidal monarch - for it is but natural for Islam to honor its Ghazis. To protect Babur"s monument (though no Islamic scholar claimed it to be a true mosque) seemed to be a national obsession for the liberal Indian, for it to be brought down a national shame? Can such a country survive its citizenry? Is there a Church in Poland named after Hitler (a faithful) or for that matter, one in Rome after Constantine or Theodosius?

Finally one must come to the intellectual elite of India. The intellectual leaders of India are no longer creative, natural thinkers in indigenous languages but are brilliant products and protagonists of Western Education. One would be hard put to find an Indian thought
leader today who reads or writes in a language other than English. The Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Greeks, Germans, Spaniards, Mexicans or Egyptians do not have "English" intellectual Elite. These countries do no obsess themselves with intellectuals adorned with Booker prizes or Oscars for denigrating their countries. Their leading newspapers, media, or academic institutions do not have to use English to be well
regarded. It is perfectly cute to have the Chinese Premier shake his head at the US President and exchange pleasantries through an interpreter while it is not for the Indian savage to do the same. Indian parents regard education in English and higher studies in the English speaking West to be the highest form of academic achievement. It is a natural consequence to imbibe the English based knowledge systems and discard the vast indigenous intellectual wealth, available in Sanskrit and other indigenous literature.


Thus the first rung of our civilization -the intellectual Indian has been simply de-indigenized. Validated by economic success and access to leadership positions this Indian intellectual leadership is Indian only in appearance -in character it represents colonial continuity. It is virulently anti -Hindu and seeks not to be identified with Hindutva . Why else is "Hindu Tattva" or the essence of being a Hindu a dirty word while "being a good Christian" - a claim to value.


Is it not the Hindu seer who gave the world Numbers and Counting, Astronomy, Music, Grammar, Yoga and Ayurveda besides Philosophy and the first glimpse of God ? What knowledge streams did the Prophets from the Monotheistic faiths bequeath to the world ? India"s English media and its English Children have turned the Hindu into a despicable, backward and intolerable heathen, who is now violent as well. To unleash violence outside one"s borders on alien lands is natural as long as the perpetrators are Christians or Moslems but to defend oneself and one"s faith within one"s own borders is fundamentalism in case of the Hindu.


When the Christians or Moslems disallow proselytization or conversion it is the natural inclination to preserve one"s identity but for the Hindu to take such a view would be unacceptable bigotry. Barring exceptions, India"s intellectual elite today is India"s most pernicious enemy - an elite reared on the subsidized state sponsored education funded by the toiling Hindu.

One must end with a discussion on solutions.

As a first measure the Hindu majority of India must find its voice and aspiration reflected in the media.

It must not support an anti India media through viewership, audience, subscription or advertisement revenue in any form.

India must demand a media free of foreign ownership or revenue based influence. Indians must control their media.

Equally important for Indians is to elect a leadership that to start with is not anti-India. Needless to say, any leadership that is anti- Hindu is anti-majority and by definition, anti-India. They cannot be at the helm of the country.

Therefore, the UPA, its adherents and its supporting parties must be defeated and discarded into political oblivion.

Marxism is welcome as part of academic discourse but its anti-national and anti-majority views do not permit it to be a legitimate political body  Marxist organizations and political parties need to be outlawed.

The nexus of criminals and politicians has to be broken by a strengthened judiciary and ruthless imposition of law. A criminalized democracy manipulated by feudal families, foreigners, anti India and anti Hindu agencies is worse than an undemocratic, but ethical administration.

India of the past has done far better under Vikramaditya or Chandragupta. The academic institutions of India starting from at its schools need to be entirely revamped. Study of its indigenous languages, knowledge streams, and its classical history from indigenous sources must be mandatory for all, but most of all for its political leadership and administration, as a prerequisite for electoral contest or administration.

Anti India academicians cannot have any public funding sources towards salary, research and publications and media presentations offending Hindu sentiments should not be tolerated.

India"s 1.2 billion people and 1 billion Hindus must be what they want to be, not what others manipulate them to be -in this respect they must learn from China.

Minorityism in the form of appeasement, selective economic aid, reservation, media propagation and political empowerment for votes, must be eliminated without any compunction –

Hindu"s who have chosen to adopt foreign religions have no basis for special consideration, though they remain free to practice their faith in private.

Political action or activism that promotes sedition or violence must be met with violence and eliminated ruthlessly.

Hindus should not be supportive of any Hindu religious institution, cult, temple or spiritual leaders who remain disconnected from the concept of a nationalism based on Sanatan Dharma .There cannot be any spiritual path divorced from Dharma in its
broadest sense .

To support such self serving Hindu institutions and spiritual leaders is a folly as well.

The intellectual leadership of India must be reconstructed and realigned to be steeped in its historical traditions that have always reflected a combination of value systems - a search for discriminatory wisdom, simple living, cultivation of Dharma combined with a sense of honor and valor.

Meekness, avoidance of responsibility, search for self gratification and success should not be lauded but are worthy of rejection and derision.

India cannot honor those who dishonor it.

Leaders in politics, academia, media, corporate world, arts, sciences or spiritual domain must not be honored anymore for being Anti-Hindu.

If Tasleema Nasreen cannot be given asylum in India for offending sensibilities of Muslims, on what grounds does one have to tolerate the likes of Arundhati Roy, M F Hussain, Jayalalitha , Brinda Karat, Karan Thapar, Shabana Azmi, Agnivesh or AR Antulay?

Hindu majority India managed to lose power and suffer enslavement, decapitation, conversion, jiziya, dhimmitude, and famines apart from annihilation of its identity for over a thousand years.

Its current course shows no memory of this experience.

All Hindus must act now, through forging a common Hindu identity and must express this identity through a Hindu vote for a Hindu India - a Muslim India or a Christian India cannot be a pluralistic tolerant India.

Let Islam and Christianity demonstrate this first in the lands they control.

Let the US elect a non Christian Governor or President and let Indonesia or
Pakistan have a Hindu President first.

Let rest of the world demonstrate its equality to the Hindu .

The Hindu must protect himself first, to deliver humanity.

While India as a nation state should stand for equality for all its citizens and proclaim all life to be sacred as decreed by Sanatan Dharma - it must let its external enemies know, that the future theatres of war would be on their soil and the rites of war would be one that they inflict on others.



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Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...


Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Appeal for Regime Change in India
An Appeal to Hindu Voters, Leaders and Activists

Subject: For India 's Sake do not forget 26/11 and Holocaust of Hindus -- defeat forces Leading India toward Mughalistan; defeat Sonia- Singh regime and elect a new nationalist and dynamic Leadership.

Respected Hindu voters, Public and Activists,Aadarniya Hindu Leaders;

The well planned and well executed Pak-commando attack on Mumbai's land marks on 26/11 by a dozen terrorists while keeping the city paralyzed and holding it at ransom for three days, killing and injuring hundreds, supported by hundreds of fanatic Trojan local Muslims, has exposed the pathetic vulnerability and imminent threat to India's security. For terror masters it is a continuation of the thousand year old ongoing crusade for holocaust and genocide against Hindus and campaign for converting Hindustan into an Islamistan. The policies of the Sonia- Singh regime turning India into a soft state and granting special privileges to Muslims as a reward for their tacit loyalty to congress has made them even more daring and aggressive. The lack of response for punishing the enemy involved in the crimes of 26/11 is also a stark reminder of the regime's ill conceived and virtual pursuit of " Hindi- Paki bhai bhai" policy, like Nehru- Krishnan Menon facade of "Hindi- Chini bhai bhai" culminating into the disastrous Chinese invasion of 1962. The Hindu majority of India must realize that it is a civilizational war against their way of life and liberty and they must assume charge and play a leadership role by uniting and defeating this Islamists proxy regime in the upcoming elections. If the current regime continues to be in the saddle, the probability of India ’s weakening structure and disintegration will enlarge.

This dire situation must serve as a call to thousands of patriotic Hindus for plunging into the political arena and stake their lives and careers like 'Unnikrishnan' for ousting the ineffective, confused and selfish politicians. Such characters must be replaced by effective leadership believing in "country before every thing" and state support for "need not creed". Such an initiative will eventually eliminate the vote bank politics and the reservation mania and give rise to a truly democratic system. The armed forces by themselves cannot effectively defend the nation when unscrupulous politicians make illogical and anti national decisions of far reaching consequences.

1) Pakistan’s diabolical plan against India goes well beyond the 26/11 terrorist strikes in Mumbai: The most reliable reports from Pakistan reveal that the ISI has circulated two secret maps in the army to boost their morale giving them 2020 as the target year for achieving the destabilization of India. In one map it indicates a drastic change of the topography of Mumbai, turning the metropolis into 'Muslimabad' by 2012. Another map of India targets the entire North India, converting it into 'Islamic Republic of Pakistan' by 2020, leaving South India as disputed territory and treating Bangladesh , Sri Lanka and Nepal as its neighboring countries (attachment A). Such a glaring plan of subversion could not be ignored as ideas of some fringe fanatics, after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

2) Hindus must not forget their Holocaust and be proactive to protect their turf: "Islam’s jihad against Hindustan is a gory record of millions killed, of burnt temples, libraries and entire cities. In his Growth of Muslim Population in India, Prof KS Lal estimates that the Hindu population decreased by 80 million between 1000 AD and 1525 AD, an extermination unparalleled in world history. This number is overwhelming but then the Hindu genocide, unlike the Jewish Holocaust, happened in painfully-regular installments.

‘Hindu Kush’ is a good example of one such installment. The conquest of Afghanistan in 1000 AD saw the annihilation of its entire Hindu population. Even today, this region is known as the ‘Hindu Kush’, which literally means ‘Hindu slaughter’, proudly named by radical Islamists after that massacre. In 1399, Taimur killed 1, 00,000 Hindus in a single day,and the Bahamani Sultans made it a sacred religious duty to kill 1, 00,000 Hindus every year.

"It is tragic that thousands of educated and intelligent Indians seek to negate the Hindu Holocaust —— mostly unwittingly. That is partly the result of reading fabricated history right from childhood, and partly in an attempt to remaining politically correct. The unremitting flood of terror attacks against India ever since the UPA took over is thus a protraction of that centuries-old jihad. Only, in changed times, the intent of cultural genocide is manufactured in the offices of the ISI and Pakistani terror camps remain intact. Its perpetrators know how to express that intent with alarming regularity (Sandeep , attachment B).

3) India ’s painful history and experience with inhumanities inflicted by Islamists can not be dismissed summarily. It is worth restating that the jihad against India is neither new nor does it show signs of stopping any time soon. Some of the treacherous examples of this genocidal history that should be pointed out to Islamists, media and the so called secularists who incessantly harp about Hindu fundamentalism - of Babri demolition and Gujarat riots - include:

a ) killing of 50-100 million Hindus during the 700 years of Islamists rule by terror, plunder, arson and building 98% of the Islamic population by committing criminal acts towards promoting forcible conversions;

b ) Wiping out more than 20,000 people in Calcutta by Islamists in 1946 to force partition on Congress;

c ) Elimination of millions of Sikhs & Hindus during the partition in 1947;

d ) Putting to death over three million Hindus in East Pakistan; driving out some 9 million Bangladeshi Hindus into India; and the illegal infiltration by an additional 30 million Bangladeshi Muslims;

e ) Expulsion of the entire Hindu-Sikh population from Kashmir and PoK;

f ) Ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan where they are now less than 1% reduced from over 25% in 1947. In Bangladesh where the non-Muslims were more than 30% in 1947 they have been reduced to less than 8%.

These one sided anti-Hindu crimes committed by Islamists do not justify India ’s unconditional change of policy towards the Islamic state of Pakistan – the epicenter of Islamic terrorism, unless India too has a contempt for its population of which 85% is Hindu.

4) The Leaders and the public must beware of the Islamists subtle moves through the Sonia- Singh regime to have Aurangzeb like largesse :

a) That Muslims have the first claim on national resources;

b) Appointment of Sachar Commission for legitimizing the inadmissible treatment for Muslims;

c) Giving away Rupees 400 crores of mostly Hindu tax payers money for Hajj pilgrimage every year;

d) Making unjustifiable reservations in jobs, education and even in higher institutions of learning like IITs and IIMs;

e) Award for Muslim and Christian minority students of much higher rate of scholarships as compared with the SC and ST students (attachment C); and

f) According to news reports, the Union Human Resources Ministry is all set to grant madrassa certificates equal status with the CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education (attachment C), etc .

5) Yes, Sonia-Singh regime is the same anti- Hindu regime which is:

a) violating the faith of 100 crores Hindus by questioning the existence of Lord Ram and calling him a mythical being and by demolishing Ram Sethu to further inflict injury upon the majority community's faith and religious practices;

b) Letting states usurp temples and Hindu religious properties in an attempt to demolish the Hindu religious infrastructure;

c) remaining indifferent on the arrest of the most revered H.H. Kanchi Shankaracharya in Tamil Nadu;

d) Appeasing terrorists rather than dealing firmly with them. Such deliberate and lenient policy encouraged commando raid on Mumbai;

e) Concocting the phony idea of Hindu terrorism and arresting Sadhvi Pragya;

f) Enforcing religion based reservations and Hajj subsidies for Muslims in violation of secular constitution thus re-imposing Jazia tax on Hindus;

g) uncaring for masses as seen by large scale farmers suicides;

H) Unable to deal with China 's nibbling on Arunachal Pradesh;

I) remaining indifferent, inactive and silent on cleansing of Hindus from Kashmir ;

j) Entering far- reaching international treaties without Parliamentary and public consensus; and so on.

For the good of India, her civilization, her immense spirituality and culture, Sonia- Singh regime has to go and a government that thinks Indian, breathes nationalism and will protect its citizens must be voted to power. If we want to avoid another partition or Kurukshetra, we must recognize the dangers that engulf us and take proactive measures to avert them. If the current regime continues to be in power the probability of the collapse of the Indian state would greatly enhance.

6) Hindus must realize that it is a “civilizational war” against their way of life and their liberty by Islamists and therefore, they must assume charge, unite and defeat the Islamist’s proxy regime in the upcoming elections. In view of what is going on, one fears if history is going to be repeated and if India may once again slip into the hands of forces inimical to democracy and secularism, who may rule as dictators enforcing their religious dogmas on Hindus. Failure to achieve a regime change could lead to dismemberment of the state and the repetition of the story of genocide, cleansing as in Kashmir and Pakistan . As always the Hindu women could become a target for Muslim lust and harems. For SCs, STs and OBC's and for non- Muslim minorities, their special protection and aid might end and they may face annihilation as in Pakistan , Bangladesh and other Islamic states.

Given the fact that Islamists in India have set up more than 800 active cells (4,000 by some estimates), as admitted by the former Home Minister, the Jihadists have capacity to strike at India at will and with ever ready collaboration of Pakistan the Jihadist can fragmentize and dismember India with a relative ease. Under this scenario the Islamists and Pakistan jointly could choke India forcing her in agreeing to additional partitions.

7) India could disintegrate if Sonia-Singh regime is re-elected; the need of the hour is “regime change” and new Leadership: From this briefing it is evident that the Sonia- Singh regime cannot lead the country in the current challenging environment. The lack of understanding, lack of a national vision, lack of guts and use of the “divide and rule” policy for staying in power may be some of the grounds for entertaining this conclusion. The principal actors in this regime indulge in frequent violation of constitution and political bribery as seen by: a) special, unconstitutional privileges to Muslims and Christian for their votes; and b) the despicable spectacle of Sonia- Singh resorting to bribing some MPs with crores of Rupees or promise of giving them important positions on July 22, 2008 to win the confidence vote in Parliament. Such acts only encourage all round corruption and unethical conduct. The increasing demands and riots by Muslims and government readily acceding to the grant of uncalled for special privileges to them reminds of the pre 1947 situation that led to partition.

For survival and country's political integrity, Hindus as the majority community have a sacred duty and "dharma" to elect bold and visionary leaders in the forthcoming Parliamentary elections, who posses strength and determination to face the challenge and implement the fundamental secularist principles including of "one Law one Nation" and "Need not Creed" based state support.

8) The struggle for a change could be formidable and hard - One of the reasons for that being the politically corrupt alliance between the current administration and the vested interests of Muslims, Christians and Communists, who at this point in time enjoy a bumper harvest at the cost of the majority community. If Congress/UPA is allowed to remain in power for another five years, India could be weakened and could become a loosely interlinked group of independent states ruled by Muslims, Christians, Communists and their regional lords. The Indian media owned by foreigners will be too pleased to extend a helping hand in this process - tacit but undeclared dismemberment of India .

Under these circumstances, the transformed BJP/NDA could be a pragmatic and alternative governing force. This could be the last chance for the BJP and allies to assume the responsibility of national governance but before so doing it must commit itself seriously for among other things serving the interest of the majority. In view of its unfulfilled hopes and expectations during the past round of BJP led administration, there may be some reservations lingering on for its return but let us hope the party and its partners have learnt their lesson. If the Congress was afforded by the electorate so many chances despite its oft repeated failures to deliver the promises made to the general public, including the miserable performance by the current UPA administration led by it, endangering the very security and welfare of the Indian people, the BJP and its partners certainly deserve yet another chance

9) This formidable challenge can and must be met: When tens of thousands of concerned citizens engage and take up active roles, for electing a new Parliament and dynamic leaders for the country, this challenge can be met successfully. It may be necessary to leave everything aside for the next few months and invest time in this Electoral "Yajna", and find the suitable leaders to replace a failed government. They should select and elect leaders who could also be supported by the global Hindu community. If a black American could be elected the US President, there is no reason why a responsive and accountable Govt. representing the Hindu majority could not be elected in India . That would be best way of fulfilling the promise of the partition and establish the real “majority rule” in India .

The volunteers and their organizations who engage in the change process must be in it to win. Since Hindu votes are sacred and cannot be wasted therefore, the Hindu leaders particularly the Hindu religious leaders must not remain neutral or indifferent towards this process. They must understand that their silence and isolation helps only those who are engaged in depriving and denying Hindus their rightful role in governing India democratically, and who find their strength in keeping Hindus divided and disloyal minorities unjustifiably patronized.

In view of the new leadership of America and the continued belligerence of Pakistan , victory of nationalists at this critical juncture could be extremely constructive in reshaping the national and international policies of India . The unity exhibited by the citizens of India in the wake of the Amarnath Yatra agitation could be a guiding force for a massive movement involving men and women, young and old - all driven by a passion, dedication and vision of a new and United India with a powerful, effective and accountable government. Let the people unify for the rebirth of democratic India and thereby reject the counterfeit “Desh Netas".

Thanks for your time and appealing for your participation in this “Dharma Yudh” for achieving a regime change in India .

Dr. Jagan Kaul

Krishan Bhatnagar

Hindu Jagran Forum ( USA )

January 31 , 2009