Monday, December 24, 2012

What punishment to the rapists?

The protests witnessed in the last few days in the aftermath of the rape of a young girl in a moving bus Delhi is anything but an expression of anger against the government which has ceased to think about the common man but only thinks about 'game-changers' and quota- calculations even if such calculations go against the over-all welfare of the country. If there is a slightest inkling that the protesters are potential 'game-changers', then perhaps the government would take this issue seriously. As of now, the government seems to think that rape is just like any other crime and there is no need to make a big fuss about it. Soon we may even hear Shinde telling us that rape cases are less by so many percentages than all the crimes recorded this year.

Already we heard him tell us that he too had daughters – something repeated by the Prime Minister.  Even we have daughters. By a rough calculation almost 90% of the population must be having daughters. But the difference is that our daughters are exposed to greater risk than the daughters of Shindes and Singhs.

The most appalling feature of the rape of the Delhi girl is that it happened in a bus! Millions of daughters of this country are dependent on these buses. Most parents think that it is safe for their daughters to travel in a common place mode of transport like a bus than in a private cab because the presence of general public around ensures a kind of safety. The rape-incident has shown that the bus you board from a bus stand believing that it would take you to your place is no longer safe. This is what disturbs every citizen of this country. The daughters of Singhs and Shindes are not exposed to this 'hazard' of the bus. How-much-ever they say that they too have daughters, it would not cut the ice as long as they don't experience the anxiety of a parent in sending out their daughters.

The next issue that disturbs one in the wake of the unfortunate incident involving that innocent girl is that there is no guarantee that the government would punish the rapists. Even if the rapists are given death sentence, it takes no time for them to commute it to a lesser sentence. That is what happened with the 4 cases of rapists whose death sentence was reduced to life imprisonment by none other than a woman President, Pratibha Patil.

The malady behind this is that the powers that be think that there must be a 'rarest of the rare' reason to give a death sentence to the rapist. Shinde repeated it inspite of all the outrage expressed recently. Does he have any definition for what makes a crime the 'rarest of the rare' one?  Perhaps the former justice Markandeya Katju had an explanation for this when he said that rape is not the only problem of India as there are other problems like farmer suicides, mal-nourishment, unemployment, rising prices and lack of health care and education. The most unfortunate thing is that this man, a former Judge missed a vital difference between a rape and other maladies he mentioned. All the maladies he mentioned are caused by lack of material sources, but a rape is caused by lack of values!

A country of rapists and a country where a woman cannot even have safe ride in a bus, leave alone a walk down the street at mid night as dreamed by the Mahatma, is a sign of a decaying values of the people. Suicides can be stopped, castles can be built, children can be fed, jobs can be given, but the Delhi incident cannot be stopped unless the people are taught values. We are hearing lot of noises of how repression, suppression, poverty and what not make the person to become a rapist!! One may be poor, have no means of livelihood, but one must not lose character – this is what our ancestors – Hindu ancestors have taught us. The country and its Government of today have forgotten this main teaching – a teaching for humanity – but is making quotable quotes on rarest of rare cases. A country of people who have no grooming in values is a decaying country. This is what Singhs, Shindes and Katjus seem to be comfortable with.

The decay is in the power corridors itself. The so-called youth-icon of the Congress party did nor utter a word on this incident, even as people were expecting him to speak. How can he speak when he himself was implicated in a rape case? How can anyone from the Congress party take sides with values particularly when it comes to women, with Abhishek Singhvis and N.D. Tiwaris filling up its rank? The overall value system is at its death bed with this party at the helm. All the ills of the country can be traced to the kind of culture that the Congress party has been perpetuating for more than half a century. They can do anything to make sure that they remain in power – this is the only mantra for the Congress party. As of now they think that the outrage on rape is not a 'game changer'. They have a reason to believe so; they have already seen that the Mumbai terror attack did not become a game changer in the elections. According to the Congress party, this will also go some day and be forgotten. We, the people of India have given them that much hope – perhaps this also tells how value-less we are!

Coming to the issue of what must be done to the rapists, I am for stringent punishment – even death sentence – as a punishment and a deterrent.  I don't buy the argument that it would make the rapist kill his victim. If this is to be believed then it means that our police are inept in catching the murderers. It is not easy to escape after murdering as it would leave its own imprints that would lead to the capture of the culprit. Unless a murder is planned by the rapist, it is not so easy to escape capture. Moreover not every criminal can carry out a murder. Crime psychologists say that it is not easy for a person to murder someone. In the Delhi rape case too, the rapists who were in good numbers could have killed the victims before throwing them out. By that they could have effectively erased vital proofs for identification. But they didn't do that because they could not think of killing them. Killing does not come so easily, unless a person has some inner nature to do that.

The same cannot be said for the rapist. A rapist springs up when there is an opportunity for it. In today's world there are many opportunities and a rapist too can create opportunities. That urge to create and use an opportunity must be discouraged. Nothing less than a death sentence could discourage a potential rapist. Castration is not a safe solution, because in that case the culprit's hurt feeling and criminal mind are still active. Nothing stops him from pouncing on others and harm others in some way by which his pent up anger could find an outlet. Castration makes him dangerous and a hazard to the society.

Value lesson is what is needed to make people behave properly. Any value- lesson comes with a result attached to it. What one gets when one behaves well or does not behave well must be made clear. Any parent would know very well how this works in teaching values to their children. The same applies to rapists too. A potential rapist must know that he would pay with his life if he commits the crime. That would act as a deterrent.

Violating a woman's modesty is the rarest of the rare crime. Even a casual look at the culture of our country would show how much value was attached to the modesty of a woman. The two great Epics of India took place only to protect the modesty of the women. The punishment in both the cases was death!

There is no mincing of words when it comes to which side one has to stand by where violation of a woman's modesty is concerned. Ramayana was centred around the plight of Sita who was abducted with malicious desire. Even those who sided with the culprit met with death. Similarly Mahabharata was centred around Draupadi, whose dignity was violated by the people who must have protected her. Ultimately the perpetrators of the crime and those who supported them found their fall. The perpetrators might have had hundred reasons for what they did – similar to what our human –right activists are saying in support of the rapists for why they committed such crimes, but that does not diminish the intensity of the crime.

Crime against women is one of the worst crimes that cannot be pardoned nor propitiated.  It is one among 4 crimes that come under the same category of no-pardon. Bheeshma say this in Shanti parva (chapter 107) "We have never heard that these four, viz, he who injures a friend, he who is ungrateful, he who slays a woman, and he who slays a preceptor, ever succeed in cleansing themselves."The rapist commits a sin equal to killing the woman. Or I don't know whether Shinde is waiting for the woman to die to brand this rape as the rarest of the rare case!

This country had come a long way giving utmost importance to the honour of the woman and connecting that to the honour of the family. Ours was a country of brave women who jumped into fire to escape molestation in the hands of the invading Muslims. So many families are extinguished even now, unable to bear the crime committed on the woman of the family. In such a scenario, it is really a silver lining that the girl had come forward to tell it to the world. If we don't take up this now and bring an end to the menace, we are not at all civilised people. By asking for death penalty to the rapist, we are not being uncivil, but only bringing out a disciplinary tool to sensitise a potential rapist of the future.

Looking at what Dharma sastras say for punishing the rapist, one will be surprised to know that there does not exist any punishment for the rapist - as far as I know.  But there exists many types of punishment for adultery, after marriage. One reason could be that girls were married before puberty until a century ago and that coupled with a safe home environment for the girl left no scope for rape. However adultery was not spared of severe punishment. The punishment or retribution for adultery or any offence on sex was dependent on the extent of suffering that such an act caused.

Applying those parameters to the Delhi rape-victim, the rapists must pay for not only their dastardly act, but also for the physical and mental pain that the victim is undergoing, that her family is undergoing and the people of India are undergoing. So many people shed tears on hearing of this crime, so many people felt sad, so many people became anxious and outraged – the cause of all this is traced to the rapists. They had to pay for all this collectively. In the days of kings, severe punishment as slow and painful death was meted out to the culprits. Today all that is rejected in the name of civility. But Eternal justice system cannot show such mercies. Whatever negativities are created by the rapists to the victim and millions of others had already made their imprint in the intangible energies of Nature that they would come back to the culprits in their future births. It would take not less than 3 births to pay off what they did now.

As far as sexual act like this is concerned, the perpetrator will suffer from Raktha-arbuda -   blood cancer in his future birth. Speaking on Karma Vipaka – on what happens to one who commits such and such a crime, illicit sex makes one suffer from Raktha- arbuda, according Narada.

Karma vipaka samhitha chapter 16 says that one who enjoys Para sthree (woman other than his wife) will get a fate as follows:

"परस्त्रीलम्पटो देवि स्वभायाम पवरमुच्य एिं बहुगते काले कालिश्यस्ततोऽभित्

Hei Devi, He was unchaste and not at all interested in his wife. The days passed by and he died. ||4||

यमज्ञया यमदूतैनमरके नाम कदममे िासयामास भो देवि षवििषमसिस्त्रकम्

According to the instruction of Yamaraja he was put into a hell called Kardama where he was punished and tortured for 60,000 Years. ||5||

नरकावनःसृतो देवि कुक्कुटत्वं प्रजायते ततो यातो मिादेवि नरयोवनं दुलमभाम्

As he got out of the hell he took birth as a Hen and after that he attained Manushya Janma. ||6||

पाणडुरोगेण संयुक्तः पुत्रो नैि प्रजायते िेश्याः कन्ाः प्र्जयन्ते पुत्रस्य मरणं भिेत्

He will suffer from Pandu Roga (Leucoderma) and he will not beget sons. In case he begets a son, the son will die and daughter will be born and she will become a prostitute. ||7||"


The following is from Brihad samhita by Varahamihira (Chapter 74):-

"In the eye of the Sastras, adultery in man and woman is equally condemned. Man neglects this condemnation, while women respect it. Hence the superiority of women over men. (12)

According to Sastras, a man that commits adultery shall dress himself in the skin of the ass with the hairy side without and beg his meals for six months for purification. (13)"

The kind of violation that a woman is prone to, had made Manu to declare that she be protected by her father, husband and son in the 3 stages of her life. It is because that she is vulnerable for this kind of violation by men, Arjuna threw down his bow and refused to go on war at the last minute. Even though Arjuna said that it was not possible for him to fight against his grandfather and other relatives, he ultimately pointed out the violation to sthree-dharma that could be caused in the wake of a war.

As a result of the war, many men would die. This would leave many women lose their husbands. The widowed women would become the easy prey for others by which the Kula dharma and Sthree dharma would come under peril. Arjuna who had a strong reason to fight the war to avenge the dishonour meted out to his wife, Draupadi decided to give up fighting so that countless women were not thrown up into a situation where their modesty would be threatened. Even if ruler-ship of three worlds were given to him, he was not ready to fight due to this reason. The one who becomes a direct or an indirect cause for such violation of Sthree dharma is bound to suffer without any scope for reprieve. Arjuna knew it and therefore refused to become a cause until he was convinced by Krishna to do otherwise.

Today with no thought on what Dharma is and how Dharma operates, Shindes, Katjus and Partibha Patils want to play soft on the rapists. But Eternal Justice has its rules well laid out and sticks to them with precision. The problem is for the persons who play it soft on the culprits – particularly with selfish motives of politicking. Like Kumbhakarna who fell with Ravana, or Karna who fell with Duryodhana, they too would have to pay the price in the scheme of Eternal Justice. It certainly matters on which side of Dharma you are in. A lesson on values as taught by Dharma is needed for these politicians too!



Skandan said...

great article as usual Madam. even after all these issues, congress gained victory in HP. the guy was asked to resign from central on corruption and asked to go back to state. he won and he is becoming CM now. By sheer mathematics, there is enough possibility congress will come to power once again in 2014.

there is a fear in me in next 10-20 years, they will make hindus minority and make us relocate to other places. this puppet will be made PM again or that amul baby will ascend to the thrown. if not there is PC and kamal nath.

Indians have short term memory and this lady has really understood out pysche very well.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

I am also worried that it would take a long for the people to understand and come out of the shackles of Congress party. My worry is compounded by astrology as the Moon Maha dasa that starts from September 2015 has all the potential for internal strife. It ends only in 2025. By then the current crop of politicians would be gone or the youth will be in high numbers to show them the doors.

As of now, the current unrest started with Rahu joining Saturn in the 4th house (Libra) from Indian Moon sign. This combination is aspecting the 10th house of government. I expect continuing trouble for the government and increasing internal trouble throughout 2013. Starting from 18th Feb, 2013, Saturn starts retrogression. I expect judicial pronouncements giving trouble to politicians in the Government from then onwards. Let us see if this retrogression brings out some good atleast in the short run.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

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From: BR Haran
Date: Mon, Dec 24, 2012 at 10:51 PM
Subject: Re: Non-random-Thoughts:What punishment to the rapists?
To: jayasree

Dear Jayasreeji

I share your pain, anger, anguish, concern and every feeling of yours.
This article must be spread. I take liberty to post it on FB and Twitter groups.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Please do spread the message, Haranji

Anonymous said...

Respected Madam, Your contention //Looking at what Dharma sastras say for punishing the rapist, one will be surprised to know that there does not exist any punishment for the rapist - as far as I know. But there exists many types of punishment for adultery, after marriage. One reason could be that girls were married before puberty until a century ago and that coupled with a safe home environment for the girl left no scope for rape. However adultery was not spared of severe punishment. The punishment or retribution for adultery or any offence on sex was dependent on the extent of suffering that such an act caused.// is wrong. The much flaunted 'Dharma Sastras' actually make rape of an unmarried woman a form of legal marriage. The man who rapes her should or can marry her. More importantly your statement that rapists would incur blood cancer in the next birth is also a very wrong statement. Does that mean every person (including children) who has blood cancer was a rapist in previous birth? Let us throw away such outdated beliefs in the dustbin and abide by only the secular Indian constitution - the Bhim Smrithi. I oppose this tying down of my Hindu culture to outdated Smrithi based belief systems. The way you have written the article has only the great effect of making the Islamic fundamentalists look like a bunch of progressive liberals. Aravindan Neelakandan

kargil Jay said...

excellent article with references from old scriptures. thank you Jayashree madam.
Kargil jay

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Mr Aravindan Neelakandan

On the first issue you have taken up:- There is no evidence from Dharma sastras on how to deal with rape. Whatever you have said came into practice in handling such issues only in the recent past. Even the idea of rape would have come only with Muslim invasions. If you scurry through the records in the colonial period, the rapes were less and wherever they were reported, they were done by dacoits who indulged in other ruthless activities.

Notwithstanding whether you agree or not, punishments were severe in ancient India for offenses so that crime rate could be checked. To quote from the famous Silappadhikaram, check the lines 111 to 116 in chapter 5. It says how the huge bundles of goods that have arrived at the port were lying without anyone guarding them. The reason is related to the punishment for stealing those bundles. The punishment is to keep increasing the pile-up of similar bundles on the head of the thief until the point of breaking his neck and make him walk around with that weight. The verse continues to say that this discouraged anyone from stealing the bundle with the result that they were strewn over there without any worry of losing them to a thief.

On the 2nd issue, I am constrained to tell you (again) that you have to widen your knowledge of Hindu sastras (in this context) on how karma binds, how it is manifest and how to overcome that. If you don't believe in these things, I suggest that you read the past birth narrations as recorded in hypnotic regressions and from near death experiences. They convey the same ideas on past births and past karma and their manifestation in the present birth, as found in Hindu sastras.

May be a reading of "Many lives, many masters" by Dr Brian Weiss could help. One among the messages received in the transition state before birth was 'chastity'. The author could not understand what it means and decides to interpret it as purity. But we Hindus know what chastity means. It is recommended as part handling 'kaama' aspect of the purusharthas. Even if one does well in Dharma and Artha, if one one does not do away from incurring fresh karma in Kaama aspect, one can not rise towards moksha. One example is Ravana. "Piran manai vizaiyaamai" (adultery) and the Kaamaththup paal of Thirukkural are the result of a need to handle Kaama aspect well, so that it does not come as a hindrance to Moksha.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Every moment of the present is the result of a past. No one suffers without a reason which comes from their own actions in the past. Knowing this, a person overcomes the suffering and tames his actions now so that they do not land him up in a reactionary chain. This is the very basic of Hindu Thought which is the first step in one's journey towards realizing the Athman.

The knowledge of karma- vipaka was given by none other than Shiva to Parvathty, to help people to understand the causes for their sufferings and the need to come out of it. This is not some petty belief.

The Rakhtharbuda is related to illicit or immoral sex in Karma vipaka and any form of cancer is regarded as Karma vyaadhi. Even saintly people had suffered cancer due to prarabhda factor of a past karma. If a karma vyadhi of debilitating nature sets in, our ancients considered it as "purva janma krutham paapam vyadhi rupena peeditham" and preferred to die on the pyre than to endure the disease. Calanus (kalyan) of Alexander period is an example in this regard.

One must know how to understand the subtle ways by which Dharma operates and learn to fashion one's thoughts accordingly. By this it is conveyed here that the knowledge of such and such a disease is caused by such and such karma must not make one immune to the sufferings of others. When one sees someone suffering, one must immediately go over to them to do whatever is possible by oneself to reduce the suffering. By this one gets closer to "Madh-bhava" (refer Gita) while at the time reducing one's karmic burden. The knowledge of the cause of that suffering acts as a lesson so that one is careful that one does not indulge in that cause.

That is why in this article, I didn't talk about why the person is
suffering - but tell what would happen to the one who caused that suffering. This knowledge acts as a deterrent. If you have read in between the lines of Karma vipaka quotes, you would have got the links between the act now and its connected effect later in another birth.

By understanding Dharma, karma and why one must suffer, one can succeed in knowing the links and can even cross-check them with Karma vipaka. There is another text called Vaidhya Chinthamani in Ayur veda which also tells about the karmic connection to diseases. On this knowledge only, ancient seers have recommended remedies of medicine, japa, tapa and donation. (There is an article on Vaidhya Chinthamani in this blogspot)

With so much and much more available in Hindu Thought, I am surprised to read the line connecting this article with Islamic fundamentalism. Such a comment shows how less the commentator knows of Islam as well!

Jayasree Saranathan said...

--- Forwarded message ---
From: Arun Upadhyay
Date: Tue, Dec 25, 2012 at 7:15 AM
Subject: Re: Non-random-Thoughts:What punishment to the rapists?
To: jayasree

Decline of Police system started with imposition of emergency in 1975. It started a trend to use emergency measures for normal things and normal practices stopped. Imposition of emergency was a natural development in trend to blame inadequate law to deal with crime-though there was an immediate reason of Allahabad High-court judgement setting aside election of the then PM Smt Indira Gandhi.

For basic crimes, there was never any lack of law in any part of world since at least 10,000 years. No law or religious code ever justified rape, murder, loot, adulteration of food & medicine.
Basic routine of night patrolling has practically stopped since about 30 years due to trend after emergency. This is basic reason of crime on road without fear.

Majority of Senior officers in Police & other departments are accustomed to drinking since early evening-which is not conducive to night patrolling. Only such persons can remain in good books of ruling lobby of business-industry-politics-Administration.

Any body daring to take action in any crime is treated as a criminal, never the criminal himself. How senior authorities of these fields can be sensitive to rape if they indulge in drinking & womanising on regular basis?
Main reason of anger is mutual praise in joint press-conference by Union Home Secretary & Delhi Police Commissioner without expressing any sympathy to victims of brutal torture which is worse than murder. What type of country we are living where no authority is ready to condemn rape & torturous murder?

Chain of corruption from the lowest to highest has become so strong that even after spontaneous mass agitation, no body is ready to blame any body and even for a show of action against lapse. Each govt department puts posters requesting people to inform about any crime and CBI, Crime branch various vigilance set ups in each deptt give their contact numbers. But in practice, there are agitations for registering cases of rape & murder. That projects whole administration in favour of such crimes.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

(Continued from above)

India is only country in world where no kidnapper has been killed in past 20 years despite laws for that since 160 years. It is again unique in open adulteration in all items of food & medicine. Before each festival, there are grand shows of seizure of thousands of tons of adulterated paneer, ghee etc-but within a day most of that is sold through persons from whom it was seized. Till today no case against any body has been registered. Despite daily appeals by national cricketers, actors etc no awareness has any value-unless there is any case what assistance by people can be made?

Again there is a big question mark on modern political theories developed over past 300 years mostly to further worldwide loot by nations of west Europe-mainly Britain, Spain, Dutch, Belgium, France. Briitain was main centre for this propaganda. Ex PM of Malysia Mahatir Mohammad termed Socialism, communism & democracy as theories of Jews to fool the entire world. Britain does not oppose directly, it used US to oppose the comment.

People think that communism was propaganda from Russia (USSR) & then by China. Actually it originated in Cambridge by utilizing 2 discards & renegades for Germany Marx & Engels to demolish societies of Russia and Bharata. None of the theories spread from Britain were used in Britain itself. They were only to fool others. If communism was never followed in Britain-how such books could be published there-only for false propaganda. Similarly democracy was preached for others, Britain still follows monarchy. System of India is difficult to define-it can be called Hereditary Democracy-as party funds are hereditary.

Communism is part of Congress as inherited from British masters. t does not aim social equality-it tells only about socialistic pattern of society, Its one meaning is division of India in 100 regions and 10000 castes by opponents of 4-caste system of Manu. Other meaning is that all earnings of hereditary party fund should not be shown in India, it must be deposited in Swiss & other foreign banks. Great Kings of all countries always considered themselves as servants of people and had open audience with public as well as incognito visits to people to know their condition. So called Govt of people is very firm in not meeting any body from masses even if millions are to be beaten in a single day in agitations. They meet only fund providers. After securing votes by hook & crook and propping false oppositions on payments-it becomes their divine right to rule.


Anonymous said...


Your thoughts on dharma are really enlightening. Thanks for the post and pray god that many people understand the value of Sanatana Dharma by reading these articles.

You are doing yeoman service in the protection of dharma, as in this age people are valued based on their money rather their dharma.

"Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha"

- Venkatesh

Jayasree Saranathan said...

-Forwarded message --

From: Navaratna Rajaram
Date: Tue, Dec 25, 2012 at 6:00 AM
Subject: Re: Non-random-Thoughts:What punishment to the rapists?
To: jayasree

First and foremost conviction of criminals. If you make it death penalty, it has been found that judges will hesitate to convict.

Still more important is prevention-- crime prevention in general. Delhi Police are used mainly for VIP protection instead of protection of its citizens. You see more police guarding 10 Janpath than at Connaught Place. I am told at any one time 10 to 12 security mean are assigned to protect Sonia G's son-in-law Robert Vodra.

In a democracy there should be no VIPs with special privileges. Either you are a citizen or a public servant. Withdraw VIP security and assign them to protecting the public

N.S. Rajaram

ASHISH said...

Pls ref your comment:
"I am also worried that it would take a long for the people to understand and come out of the shackles of Congress party. My worry is compounded by astrology as the Moon Maha dasa that starts from September 2015"

Does it imply Congress will not be history by 2015 and will still continue to influence Bharat.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

//Does it imply Congress will not be history by 2015 and will still continue to influence Bharat.//

I have that fear going by the current situation. If judicial pronouncements on PC (EVM manipulation)and Raja become strict this year - owing to retro saturn - I will be hopeful of a change. Refer my old posts on Telungana also. The 2nd half of this year is supposed to be a troubled one when Telungana issue would run high. All that are indications for astrologically expected troubled time for Congress. Or else I would say that this nation needs to learn lessons from the Congress party for 10 more years.

ASHISH said...

"Current unrest started with Rahu joining Saturn in the 4th house (Libra) viz Rahu Shani ki Tula me yuti"

This conjunct will be a game changer? viz. unsettle the status quo of rulers mocking the masses.

Anonymous said...

Respected Madam,

You say //There is no evidence from Dharma sastras on how to deal with rape. Whatever you have said came into practice in handling such issues only in the recent past. //

My answer: Manu Smrithi very clearly speaks of 'Rakshasa (rite in the case) of a Kshatriya, and the Asura (marriage in that) of a Vaisya and of a Sudra.'(3:24) And what are the nature of these marriages? "The forcible abduction of a maiden from her home, while she cries out and weeps, after (her kinsmen) have been slain or wounded and (their houses) broken open, is called the Rakshasa rite" (3:33) Now that is not rape? " When (a man) by stealth seduces a girl who is sleeping, intoxicated, or disordered in intellect, that is the eighth, the most base and sinful rite of the Pisakas." (3:36) Is this not rape? The 'Dharma Sastra' in question of course says that these types of marriages are inferior but nevertheless they are 'marriages'.

Is this post-Islamic?

The point is these so-called 'Dharma Sastras' are man made patriarchal power-oriented pre-modern treatises which may contain some good things but overall democratic human values and respect for the humanity of the female are missing in them.

Rape of an unmarried woman - particularly by males of twice-born castes is treated by Dharma Shastras as 'legal marriages' and adultery is severly punished because that is property violation. As one person venerated as a seer recently stated in the context of Jeevan Mukthi of Ramana Maharishi's mother, women cannot become Jeevan Mukthas - it is practically not much different from Abrahamic stand point of refusing women having souls.

As regards to the rebirth, let me tell categorically there is not an iota of evidence for reborth. Hypnotic regressions are higly questionable, suggested false memories can be implanted in hypnosis. Though one should say the aforesaid hypnotic pastlife regression may have some therapy value and not proof of rebirth. The works of one scientist Dr.Ian Stevenson does elicit some interest but even there there are a lot of problems. So the so-called Karma theories cannot become shielf to put forward inhuman accusations of blood cancer patients as rapists in their previous births.

Dharma sastras are part of our heritage that belongs to the museum and as Veer Savarkar rightly said, 'caste system based on scriptures is the disease of the mind', it belongs to the way Dharma sastras treated our women. It is time to throw away the Dharma Sastras and evolve modern democratic gender-neutral safeguards to defend the any gender (including transgenders) against the savagery of physical violation.


S. Aravindan Neelakandan

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Mr Aravindan Neelakandan,

Thanks for the explanations.

In the earlier comment you said, "I oppose this tying down of MY Hindu culture to outdated Smrithi based belief systems." From the above comment of yours I understood what you meant by YOUR Hindu Culture. Keep it up!

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Ashish

//This conjunct will be a game changer? viz. unsettle the status quo of rulers mocking the masses.//

The conjunction taking place in the 4th house to Indian Moon sign, in opposition to the 10th house government makes this highly probable.

ASHISH said...

Shri Aravindan Neelakandan

Modern - Democracy - Progress are shams ideas perpetrated by west. The genesis of these obscure ideas is in evil occult.

Pls ref Alan Watt to comprehend West has been hoodwinked thoroughly by Global Elites through the sham of Democracy for more than 200 years.

If one consider Bharat as Area of Darkness in words of V S Naipaul, you will comprehed that West is a Blackhole when you read Alan Watt.

When the paper trail ends with the corporate world order's criminal activities and organizations, the scent can only be picked up by psychics.

Similarly Dharma is the result of essence which the great seers grasp through meditation – Tapa.

Unfortunately there is no equivalent which can capture word “Dharma” precisely in English.

What Jayasree Saranathan is trying to imbibe can never be comprehended by a generation fed on Macaulay prescribed curriculum which has deracinated natives and made them mock Shastras as superstition & bigoted belief.

Catharsis from Western constructs is first prerequisite for Bharat’s rejuvenation.

Sri Rama said...

Thank you Mam. The observations about Dharma Shastras are very insightful and thank you for bringing in that awareness.

Throwing them away are signs of Kaliyuga and more darker ages to set in. We unfortunately have to listen to more such horrific incidents in this age. It is this lack of awareness of Dharma that sets of humans from the path of moksha to the path of the beast.

If a system is not working according to its age, you do not throw away that system. You refine it to suit the age we are in. Throwing away the existing system will sure result in absolute and total chaos.

Mam, I have another question in this regard w.r.t Karma. An action that is initiated, can it be a new action or is it part of the re-action from a previous karma. I cannot connect the dots. A suffering undergone, is it karma or some new action being initiated.

Jai Shree Ram.

Sheela said...

Dear Madam,

Death sentence to rapist - tough law is required for containing such crimes.

Alongside feel dress code of few girls breaching decorum., pub culture or living in which was unheard a decade ago - such atmosphere pollutes social values.
majority of our societies subconscious mind is induced against dharma.

A girl holds a banner "Dont teach us how to dress tell them not to rape" it shows decay of feminity.

Every issue is overhyped by the media for making news. New genre of NGO's is also doubtful outfits in the guise of Human rights organisations blows out any issues out of proportion. All the top executives seems to be with conversion agenda.

North India especially New Delhi few places are very unsafe even by 7.00 pm in the evenings. Public transport is poor and forces are deployed mainly for VIPs. In such situations girls need to be prudent in not being in wrong places at wrong time.


R.Ramanathan said...

A well researched and great article madam. The dharma shastras do not discuss much on rape as it was not probably very much prevalent due to pre-puberty marriages. But as you say adultery was firmly handled.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

// An action that is initiated, can it be a new action or is it part of the re-action from a previous karma. I cannot connect the dots. A suffering undergone, is it karma or some new action being initiated.//

Mr Sri Rama, You have raised a question which was highly debated by sages like Jaimini and Badari and encapsulated by Krishna Dwaipayana in Brhama sutras - from 2-3-33 to 2-3-41. One can not understand the import of these sutras without the commentaries of Acharyas and Geetacharyan's explanation on Karma and Jnana yoga that is found in the 3rd and 4th chapters of Bhagawad Gita.

I request you and other interested readers to take a quick reading of verses 3-5, 3-27, 3-33 and 4-18 of Bhagawad Gita to grasp the rationale of what I am going to write here.

Let me divide your questions into 2 parts - (1) whether an action initiated now is a new action or a continuation of an old action, meaning thereby part of prarabdha karma (destined action) (2) Is a suffering, the result of a past action (prarabdha) or part of a new action that is initiated.

Taking up the 2nd, first, any suffering and for that matter any happiness is the result of a past karma - either prarabdha or that which was done in the same birth itself. For the latter, I would quote the happiness you derive while making a child smile or laugh, by your actions, your talks or some gifts that you give the child.

There may be times when you derive happiness by just watching a child without having done anything to the child (pre- action). You derive happiness in that situation because of the compassion you have. Similarly you feel sad on seeing someone suffer without any connection – like in the case of the rape victim - that is also because of the compassion you have – compassion without any cause attached to it is the virtue of being Divine. That is the quality of God – the Madh-bhava – reaching the bhava / swabhava of the Almighty God. One cannot get it just like that but must have developed it over births, as told in a popular verse in Tamil “ நட்பும், தயையும், கொடையும் பிறவிக் குணம்” (Friendliness, compassion and charity are in-born qualities). A person fixated on these and other Madh-bhava qualities of sattwam – without being tainted by Rajasic and Tamasic feelings, keep rising in divinity. Such a person will be unaffected by sadness or happiness. King Janaka attained that state through the understanding of Karma yoga. That is a different topic and let us come back to the topic under discussion.

Generally any happiness or suffering is connected to a past action, because it does not otherwise make any sense or logic particularly in the context of a suffering.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

This topic has been debated by sages and acharyas in the context where a seemingly bad guy would be enjoying happiness while a good person would be suffering for seemingly no fault of his. There must be some rationale for these two abnormal happenings and from that they deduce that happiness or suffering that is experienced now must have been the result of a connected action done in the past for which the result as happiness or suffering did not materialize at that time itself but carried over to the present time.
Recall the Gita verse, ‘Karmani eva adhikarasthe, maa paleshu ‘- you have authority or rather control over the action you do, but not guaranteed that it would give results proportionate to the action. It is because, there may be other factors connected with the action that would also influence the result. We are not doing actions in a laboratory kind of -all things being constant - condition. To explain with an example, you study well for your exam. You will see that you know the answers for all the questions in the exam paper and write well. But when you see the result, it may not be as you have expected. The reasons could have been any - it depends on the teacher's mood who corrected it, the legibility of your handwriting, over shooting the word limit or missing key words and so on. It may even happen that the exams are cancelled due to some mal practice somewhere, and you will be called to re write the exam. By the time of appearing for the re-exam, you would have lost all the vigour for another round of preparation, with the result that you may not be doing well in the re-exam. Why should you undergo this agony for no fault of yours? So the logical explanation is that you are experiencing this agony due to an action of yours in the past which caused agony to somebody else.

It is here people like me see a pattern (due to Karma vipaka, naadi readings and experiences that people confide while taking counsel from us) that links a present suffering to a past action of similar nature. For example, in the above quoted scenario of suffering due to poor exam results inspite of good preparation may be linked to an action in the past, (in this or a past birth) in which another student’s performance was deliberately under-rated with a malicious intent or a student was barred with a malicious or selfish intent from taking up his exam – by the sufferer of the present times. The sufferer in the present scenario could even have been a teacher in the past, when he was habitually mis-treating the students and being unduly harsh to them. But the effect of that action may become toned down by other actions of his, say by being sincere in teaching. The resultant of these two types of actions (negative and positive in the discharge of same action) may have been experienced by him in the present birth as told above.

By this it is said that any suffering in this material and mundane world is caused by a pre-action. By saying ‘material – mundane world’ it is indicated that a suffering that comes from an action done for non-material or spiritual purpose does not come under this category. Say, for example you fast on Ekadasi day. Fasting makes you hungry. Hunger is a form of suffering. This suffering comes from your present action of voluntarily not taking food for a spiritual cause. This suffering is not a pay- back but a pay-off. You pay back to settle a debt. But the dictionary meaning of payoff is bribery! You pay off now so that an expected suffering or misfortune does not happen to you in future. The suffering in such religious acts can be understood from what one experiences in Vipasana meditation or in hypnotic regressions as a therapy to overcome some psychological problems.

It is for this reason (suffering as a pay-off or atonement as a religious rite or for spiritual purpose) chandogya Upanishad says that Himsa is allowed for Vaidik purpose only. It is voluntary Himsa. But the Himsa or suffering experienced on other counts is a result of a prarabdha.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Coming to the first part of your question - whether an action initiated now is a new action or a continuation of an old action, meaning thereby part of prarabdha karma (destined action), let me quote Gita 4-12.

This verse from Gita says “ Those who DESIRE the fruits of their ritualistic acts, sacrifice to the Gods here, for, success born of such acts quickly accrues in the world of men”.

DESIRE is the cause of any new action. Action of the present triggered by a desire is called KriyamAna. The KriyamAna can be good or bad. When done in accordance with scriptural injunction of do’s and don’t’s and / or for spiritual purposes, its fruits are good (and reactionary too) but when done without sanction from scriptural injunctions, (done with greed, lust, attachment, craving, anger etc), the results are bad and reactionary too.

The next question is whether this desire also is a new one or part of a reactionary chain. According to Gita 3-5 all actions are triggered by the impulse that is controlled by the three gunas (tri-gunya vishaya / the spell of the combination of the 3 gunas, sattwa, rajas and tamas that are present in us).

It says “No man can, even for a moment, rest without doing work; for everyone is caused to act, inspite of himself, by the Gunas born of Nature”. The word used here is ‘Avasah’ = தன் வசமில்லாமல் – not under his control, but under the control of the tri-gunas.

This shows that every action that we do in this mundane plane is controlled by a pre-existing combination of Gunas which got into that state by our pre-actions.

A small exception is the action for religious or spiritual merit because in that case the person chooses sattwa over Rajas and Tamas and voluntary go through sufferings if any.

It may even as well be a result of a past action that propels one to desire for an action of religious merit, for, there is injunction that says that we are just puppets and that the entire scheme is a leela (game) for the Almighty. This is altogether a different issue which I have earlier written elsewhere in this blogspot and in a yahoo group on ‘why Creation’, some 10 years ago.

But a deviation from a continuing chain of action – reaction is possible when a man detaches himself from the fruits of action. When he treats success and defeat equally, when he does not feel the pain on a loss or happiness on a gain, when he does actions with the thought that he is only a tool or agent of that action (‘nimittha maatram bhava’ – Krishna to Arjuna) in the scheme of things of the Almighty, the action done in such a way ceases to create a re-action for him to experience later.

Every moment we are doing some action. But what makes a new action not to bring back a re-action is the mentality (explained above) that goes with that action. Every other action is controlled by Tri-gunya vishaya and therefore they are result of previous actions.

In this situation also, we find compassion overtaking the person. When a person does an action as a tool of Almighty, he has no feelings of remorse but only compassion. This is comparable to the process of Osmosis whereby the Suddha Sattwa (Almighty) permeates the individual Self which is bent on clinging to Sattwa and not to the other two gunas.

In one of the translations I did on Naadi aphorisms, I came across the last 3 births of a woman who rose up by sheer presence of Compassion to all beings – the motherly love – which gave her the knowledge of discrimination of what is good and what is bad with which she further rose up in jnana in subsequent births and got released from the cycle of births.

For long I have wanted to write on this and such other factors for Moksha that I noticed in texts. Hope that day will come soon.

Sri Rama said...

Thank you Mam.

Thank you for taking the time to answer in detail. These questions were continuing within for a while with no answers. Your post answered all the queries I have and also gave lot of details from the verses you mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita, which I have to put some thoughts into and bring them into my awareness and be conscious of my actions.

The questions were also inspired by my personal experiences and some programmed habits I have which I could not make sense of.

Thanks a lot. Pranams Mam.

Jai Shree Ram.

Anonymous said...

//Pls ref Alan Watt to comprehend West has been hoodwinked thoroughly by Global Elites through the sham of Democracy for more than 200 years.

If one consider Bharat as Area of Darkness in words of V S Naipaul, you will comprehed that West is a Blackhole when you read Alan Watt.// Dear friend, Thank you for your comment. I have read Alan Watts long before and have even reviewed his book in Tamil as early as 2003 ( So be assured that I have read him. And when I say democracy it is the democratic system that existed in India prior to Smrithi stranglehold as explained by Dr.Ambedkar.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

No mention of thanks Mr Shree Ram.

I suggest you read my old article 'Dharma, karma and dilemma' at

Conflicts arise when Shreyas vs Preyas interfere with your karma. You will get some insights from the above link on how to make choices when faced with a dilemma so that you don't incur any fresh karma. For any doubts, please feel free to ask.

Tarun Goel said...

Makes sense. Good write up. Now we have President's son imparting some wisdom to the whole nation. Did you hear that?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Tarun Goel.
Yes. I saw him speak that in Times Now. It shows where the problem lies. Values. There are no values. The basic issue or basic reason is that there are no values in the people. What he spoke is no way less than what the rapists did. The most horrible thing is that a caller to Times Now - a male - said that many people think like what Abhijit said. Are we having a decayed male society?

Anonymous said...

Madam, appreciate the article and the anger shown in it. As far as reference to Smrithi based tradition, we have to accept that some of it does not hold good in today's context. Karma theory is a good one, tries to explain the differences in birth and oppurtunities, however, we cannot escape in the name of one's Karma. Rape as such would have existed at all times. The social institution at the time of Smriti's concluded that marriage of the oppressed to the oppressor would be the sensible solution. Since times have changed we can no longer accept it. Considering smritis are eternal and completely true can only lead to dogma. We can take whatever is applicable and good and discard the in-sensible ones. Also given that smritis may not have been preserved exactly as it was written, we cannot really take the entire collection as authentic let alone true.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Mr Santhosh,

Thanks for leaving the comment, but can not know what for or after what kind of understanding of my article, you wrote this comment.

For, I find the entire comment is based on a westerner's perspective of what Hindus were doing with crime and Justice system.
The following expressions in your comment which are not implied, leave alone written by me in this or any of my 1000+ articles in this site make me say the above line.

//Smrithi based tradition//

//time of Smriti//

//smritis are eternal and completely true can only lead to dogma//

//smritis may not have been preserved exactly//

I am amused to read these expressions in your comment which you have written as though I have written them in this or any other article of mine would get me think of what Hanuman thought on seeing Sita in the Ashoka vana.

He thinks Sita looks like "स्मृतीम् इव संदिघ्दाम् ऋद्धिम् निपतिताम् इव" - Smriti vachans which have doubtful meanings" (Valmiki Ramayana 5-32).

Even Hanuman known for Buddhi, could not understand what Smrithi vachan says, here are people who talk as though they know smrithis, date the smrithis and even could say such and such a rule was taken out from such and such a smrithi!

Beyond this I don't want to comment or reply to you but would ask you to take a peep into how and why this Smrithi-obsession crept into some people (mostly from Tamil nadu) in my old article in this link:-

And also that it was Danda Neeti not Manu smrithi which was used by kings of this country in this article:-

On what you have written on karma, the knowledge of Karma theory does not "try to explain" anything, nor is it to be used as an escape. If you think so, it is your contention, perhaps you will use it that way.

If your contention is true, Krishna would not have taught us what is karma, why karma, the need to overcome it and how to overcome it. Knowledge of Karma theory is used for introspection so that one learns to rise above the bondage of karma. If anyone uses it in the ways you have said, or understands that way, then it means he / she has to go a long way.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

(Continued from above)

Now I am going to write something which is going to irritate you more. (I cant help it because lessons are not spoon-fed in matters of Self. One must pass through lot of churning of thought through experiences and then learn through Self and by the Self)

Even to understand what all these are about, one must have the 'writing' of karma in him. I didn't tell that, Thiruvalluvar told that.

Read the chapter "Oozh" (ஊழ்)
”நுண்ணிய நூல் பல கற்பினும் மற்றும் தன் உண்மை அறிவே மிகும்.”

இங்கு அறிவு என்பது புத்தகத்திலிருந்து படித்து கிடைத்த அறிவல்ல. ஊழ் அதிகாரத்தில் வருவதால் இது ஊழ் வலியால், பிறப்பிலிருந்து சுமந்து கொண்டு வந்த அறிவு.

இதையே நம்மாழ்வாரும்,
“அவரவர் தமதம தறிவறி வகை வகை,
அவரவர் இறையவர் என அடி அடைவர்கள்,
அவரவர் இறையவர் குறைவிலர் இறையவர்,
அவரவர் விதி வழி அடைய நின்றனரே”

என்கிறாரே, அவரை ஸ்ம்ருதி வெறியர் என்று திட்டினாலும், திட்டுவீர்கள். திருவள்ளுவர் சொல்லி இருக்கிறாரே அதற்கென்ன செய்யப் போகிறீர்கள்?

The knowledge of the Self, its journey, its bondage in Karmic cycle, the ways of release from it can not be got by reading books. They come only through births.
To quote once again from Tamil, 'Yaathum OrE' verse of Pura nanuru gives the nutshell of Karma theory. No one, neither you, nor I can change any of the notions of Karma theory as outdated or not in sync with times.

Certainly not me, because I am in no way superior, no way more intelligent, no greater reformer or preacher than Krishna or Thiruvalluvar or Poongundranar (poet of the Tamil verse).

Before closing this reply, I must say what part of your comment blew me off.
//Rape as such would have existed at all times.//

What a blanket comment on our menfolk of all the times in the past! Didn't Sanatan Dharma which we are proud of have any presence at all at any time in the past in our country?

Anonymous said...

Dear Madam
Probably you were already in a bad mood when you read my comment and you blasted me. No problem. You don't have to publish or reply to this comment of mine. And I am neither irritated too. The opinions of Smrithi in my comment were not meant to say that you meant them directly. However, your contention that Smrithi is silent on rape is what surprises me. Absence of something is not an evidence. That's why I mentioned Smriti what we have today may not be complete nor could we prove that they have come over the ages, unchanged. //Knowledge of Karma theory is used for introspection // I agree with that and I don't think it contradicts my statement. Introspection does help us to understand why we are in a situation and what to do next. It gives solace to the often asked question - Why me? - and propels us further in the path of duty.

Regarding Valluvar and Maran Sadagopan, beyond comments. I did not say Karma theory is not in sync with times. It holds good as a general framework. But the specifics like rapist gets blood cancer etc. may not hold good, unless there is a proof. Belief in Karma theory is not outdated, but belief that rapists get blood cancer is bad and outdated.
Regarding my blanket comment, I used 'would have' which means probability and not surety. If you say mine as blanket and what would one say of this - //One reason could be that girls were married before puberty until a century ago and that coupled with a safe home environment for the girl left no scope for rape. //
And I don't have to remind you of Maraner Nambigal who was branded as panchama. On what authority was he branded so? Danda neethi or Smriti? Today a non-brahmin Sri Vaishnava is not treated on par with a Brahmin Sri Vaishnava. A simple question - if a non-brahmin Sri Vaishnava dies, what are the burial rights? Are they given the same treatment what Periya Nambigal gave to Maraner Nambigal? This is the state even as we approach the 1000th year of Sri Ramanuja. How often is a non-brahmin initiated into the Pacharatra Agama and made the bhattar of a temple and accepted as one among them? I know ISKON does it. But what is happening in the Sri Ramanuja Darshana? You can quote me Chinna Jeeyar teaching vedas to all irrespective of caste and creed, but how far it reflects into realities is yet to be seen. I have no prejudice against Brahmins, otherwise I would never listen to Sri Velukudi Krishnan upanyasam, or take effort to learn about Udayavar. But it's the belief on some non-relevant smriti portions I contest.

If you dismiss that smriti time, tradition etc are western views, I cannot help. It's only logical to think, even as per Yuga theory, the events are played out on a time scale.


Unknown said...

Superb article madam , a real eye opener , surprisedto know Dharma shastras dont prescribe punishment for rape ,was under the impression capital punishment was awarded , Violating the modesty of woman is a heinous crime , There is a need for change in mind set of people , Women should be viewed as humans in the first place , Our Sanatana Dharma has given a good status for women , importance is given to the imperishable soul and not to the perishable body , I am proud of Dhamini , she s a fighter , May her soul rest in peace , I am ashamed at the utter callousness of the so called netas

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Mr Santhosh / Aravindan Neelakantan

//Probably you were already in a bad mood when you read my comment and you blasted me.//

Not in bad mood, but I don't want to entertain comments like yours, because I understood your agenda.

I expected that ultimately you would spell out your agenda. It happened in your comment.

//Today a non-brahmin Sri Vaishnava is not treated on par with a Brahmin Sri Vaishnava. A simple question - if a non-brahmin Sri Vaishnava dies, what are the burial rights? Are they given the same treatment what Periya Nambigal gave to Maraner Nambigal? This is the state even as we approach the 1000th year of Sri Ramanuja. How often is a non-brahmin initiated into the Pacharatra Agama and made the bhattar of a temple and accepted as one among them? I know ISKON does it. But what is happening in the Sri Ramanuja Darshana? You can quote me Chinna Jeeyar teaching vedas to all irrespective of caste and creed, but how far it reflects into realities is yet to be seen. //

There is no use telling you or explaining to you or talking to you because you have not learned inspite of listening to scholars and pundits...

// I have no prejudice against Brahmins, otherwise I would never listen to Sri Velukudi Krishnan upanyasam, or take effort to learn about Udayavar. But it's the belief on some non-relevant smriti portions I contest. //

When you have not learned from them, who am I to convince you?

Your grouse seems to be // belief that rapists get blood cancer is bad and outdated.//

This particular noting is not in any smriti, but in Karma vipaka which not many would have known until I wrote here. The other diseases (Pandu roga) and the kind of life a person who had immoral sex would get (given in the article)- have a common thread connecting the offense to its reactionary result.

Whether you accept it or not, what is being done in thought, word and action would leave its imprint which the must be borne by the one who did that. As such immoral or illicit sex and adultery which is committed due to desire that arose by the appearance (of body, skin, touch feeling etc) would come back to the doer affecting the organs or areas of the same. Lukoderma, incurable skin diseases, lepracy come under this category. The same diseases may be caused to one due to other reasons (of past karma) also but in all those occasions, the skin or appearance would have become the focus for the offense committed.

The same acts (so also rape)as listed above violate the blood of the victim - and therefore the reactionary impact would be on blood. Cancer is related to other offenses too - particularly those connected with Jupiter - namely Guru, growth, kids(infanticide, foeticide), Vedas, Vedic yajna and Vedic Pundits, Judges, pilgrims and sacred places. Depending on the kind and extent of harm done to them, it comes back to one as cancer. These are not in any Smritis but in Karma vipaka and derived from astrology. Now you can train your guns on astrology.

In the current issue of gang rape, the girl has died. So per Dharma neeti of Mahabharata, killing a woman is an unpardonable offense. Suppose the rapist dies suddenly of heart attack before he is given some punishment by law, court will treat it as a closed case. But Eternal Justice system can not do that. The imprints are already made. They will be carried by him in another birth.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Ms Arthi Parthasarathy.

I join you and others in praying for the girl to rest in peace in God. May her suffering not go in vain but bring out a change in the way women are treated.

Anonymous said...

Dear Madam
I have no specific agenda. Since you moderate your blog you have full rights of not entertaining my comment. I will not mistake it, since its your right. That's what I mentioned in my previous comment too.

Regarding the questions I asked, if you could point to a right source I am willing to learn and understand. I did not mention the issue of Thirupaan Alwar. The treatment of the Alwar was also ordained by Smriti. However, it could be claimed as a divine play to bring out the greatness of the Alwar. My contention is that the message is not being put into practice.
Whether it is Karma Vipaka or Smrithi, it doesn't matter. What is relevant to today's context is always welcome.
//Now you can train your guns on astrology.// Of course not. Astrology is not binding in every day practical life for everyone. It is binding for those who believe in it and follow it.
And the questions I asked is not binding on everybody but is relevant to a Sri Vaishnava.
If you could help me on the Sri Vaishnava questions it would be really helpful. And you can treat them as questions from a seeker rather than that of a critic with a secret agenda.

Thank you

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Mr Santhosh,

//If you could help me on the Sri Vaishnava questions it would be really helpful. And you can treat them as questions from a seeker rather than that of a critic with a secret agenda. //

Go to an acharya or ask Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you mam.


Anonymous said...

Most people are missing actual point on government inaction and opposition harping only on justice for this incident.
If a fast track process is setup to address rape cases one has to see how many MLAs , MPs and Counsellers would be impacted. This would be detrimental to most of the political parties
They may land up punishing only those involved in this particular case and that too under culpable homicide so that this case is not used by others for getting the accused hanged etc