Friday, May 20, 2011

The price of Family over People = Kanimozi in jail

The much awaited news has come. Kanimozi is behind the bars.  
Karunanidhi has reacted that his feelings are that of a father. The cause of the problem is that he has always seen himself as a father and as a family man in his role as the head of the State. His reaction reminds of some incidents from Tamil’s history. 

One is the story of Manu neethi Chozan.  When he came to know that his son had killed a calf by riding his chariot on it, he did the same thing to his son as a matter of justice. He ran his chariot over his son and killed him as a duty bound king who has to deliver justice to his subjects including the 4 legged animals. He did not show  his personal feelings as a father when his son was found to have committed a wrong. That king was said to have delivered that judgment to his son in Thiruvarur where Karunanidhi won the elections about a week ago. 

Karunanidhi is not a Manu neethi chozan – while in power or without power, because the only neethi he has followed is nenjukku neethi for the sake of his kith and kin. Such a person has poisoned the minds of Tamils for nearly half a century. It is time that people / his supporters realize the inner nature of Karunanidhi and leave him. 

We can expect the common man to dump him, but we can not expect the Congress party to do that. They are doomed to sink along with Karunanidhi. So be it. 

Another incident is that of Velir king Aay Andiran. 
The poet praises him that he is not an ‘aravilai vaNigan’ (அறவிலை வணிகன்). 
It means that he will not bargain on dharma, that is, he will not do a thing thinking that it will get him good returns or punya. He used to do things just for the sake of doing them as king and not expecting personal gains for him. Such kings had ruled the Tamil lands, where a Karunanidhi did not even spare the language of Tamil. Even his contribution to the growth of Tamil was aimed with a gain for himself.

Yet another incident is that of an explanation on how the Tamil kings divided their time between Dharma, artha and kaama (அறம், பொருள், இன்பம்). 
They spent their first part of their day on dharma, meeting the people who came to them  for help etc., the 2nd part of the day was spent of State affairs and on raising the income for the country. The 3rd part of their day was spent on personal life. Therefore, says the poet, they can go to the king during the time  he will be doing dharma so that they do not have to wait to get an audience with him.  

Here we had Karunanidhi dividing his time between two wives, dividing his meals between two homes with the result the officials  will know where to go at what part of the day!! Such was the disgusting routine of this person who ruled Tamils for a quarter century. 

Karunanidhi is an anathema for anything that stands for Tamil’s name and fame. 
In the similar vein of what he said, I feel like telling that my feelings are that of a Tamil who has some idea about how our ancestors have had a fine time under the rulership of ancient Tamil kings but cheated by this man who exploited anything and everything of Tamil, Tamil people and their pride.

Tamil history has got a ruler -for the first time perhaps –who was not at all qualified to rule the Tamil people. Let him continue his journey as a father first and last. Before closing, I cannot help thinking that as a father also he cheated his daughter. He disowned her when someone at the time of her birth raised the question whether he was her father. 
But now he has returned to her.
Daddy returns!


எல் கே said...

yes i also heard abt that story good article

JESSY said...

Jayasree Madam,
I distinctly remember your prediction that Kanimozhi will be free. Could you comment in wake of her denied bail today.
Ashish Raje

jayasree said...

@ Jessy

Kanimozi's exact horoscope is not known. What we have is her birthday details from MP info. It is Jan 5, 1968. In the absence of lagna (birth time), if we reckon from moon alone, the combinations are good. But seeing from her current dasa -bhukthi (it could be Mer- Jup or Mer- sat), I guess her lagna is Pisces. If she is Pisces born, the current troubles are possible. I didn't write about her horoscope because of the uncertainty about her lagna. Now that she has been jailed ( though for the time being), her dasa - bhukthi must be Mer- sat and her lagna must be pisces.

As per this, her 5th lord of purva punya goes to the 12th and lagna lord goes to the 6th in exchange with sun. That is Jupiter- sun exchange will be between 10th 6th bhavas. This means that it is by purva karma she is in the current predicament. In this scenario, the next dasa Ketu also will see to it that she does not come out of the problem.

A similar thing with Azagiri and A. Raja also for we do not have the exact birth time. But from their moon sign, the combinations for imprisonment are there. This makes us say for sure that they will be in trouble. In Kanimozhi's case, the moon sign gives a clear chit, and the lagna must have deadly combinations - and Pisces fits in better.

Someone asked about Chidambaram. From his moon sign things look fine, but there is a combination of malefics in Gemini- Sag axis. If his lagna is Scorpio, this combination becomes deadly. He will face incarceration in that lagna. Since we have no source of exact TOB, I am not able to write about that openly and with certainty.

Yet another personality is Sonia. Her TOB is available. The horoscope for that shows a good and even powerful rajayoga. But Dr Swamy says that her DOB itself is fudged. So we can not say for sure about her future.

Sheela said...

Dear Madam,

Excellent article., we cannot dream Manu neethi anywhere near this grand patriarch.

is mer/sat dasa - bhukti so dreadful., i remember even Kanchi acharya was in jail during this phase.


JESSY said...

Karunanidhi could have absolved himself of all his karmic sins if he had staked his life for his daughter viz tumble out skeletons of UPA in the scam, but even at this moment his silence proves his overriding need of his own survival overshadows coming to the rescue of the daughter.

I presume as per law an Approver in crime can get away with a lighter sentence.

But alas it is too much to expect from the DMK partiarch.
Ashish Raje

JESSY said...

Jayasree Madam,
In an earlier twitter you had mentioned about making prediction on Dr Subramanian Swamy. Would be grateful for your observation.
You had been critical of Dr Swamy in view of his remarks that JJ is being handled by Sasikala.
Dr Swamy utters things which are not palatable to even his ardent folks. This has been his trait right from the days of Janata Party Government 1977.
I am not writing in his defence but I comprehend that person who has gone through a hosts of vicissitude of life and has been a witness and player at close quarters in vicious game of politics cannot be expected to hold a persona which can conform to ideal.
Only a fearless person can venture in Parliament with an arrest warrant on his neck which Dr Swamy did during Emergency.
JJ meeting Sonia, why not PM Manmohan Singh, President Patil.
In wake of the same Dr Swamy contentions may not be misplaced regarding JJ & Sasikala.
You have to admire the courage of Dr Swamy to take on Sonia Gandhi when the Indians have been licking the wounds inflicted on Bharatmata by Sonia and her company without much ado.
Ashish Raje

jayasree said...

@ Sheela.
//is mer/sat dasa - bhukti so dreadful.//

This is for Kani's horoscope with Pisces lagna. Please don't apply this as a general rule. For Pisces lagna in her horoscope, mercury is baadak and Saturn is 12th lord. Mercury is combust in the 10th and aspected by saturn and ketu. The 1st and 6th lords are aspected by malefics. This happens only with Pisces lagna in that horoscope which is manifest in baadak lord's dasa and 12th lord's bhukthi.

For Kanchi acharya, his 6th lord was Mercury in the 6th with the nodes and lagna lord saturn was retrograde in the second.

jayasree said...

@ Jessy,

I don't fault Dr Swamy, but I have noted that not at all times his talks are acceptable. He is a little mischievous too at times.

On 2G, I must say the full credit goes to Mr Gopi Krishna of Pioneer who brought this out. Even Dr Swamy relied on Gopi's revelations.

It is a 3 member effort that brought the 2G trail this far. Gopi dug out the story. JJ kept harping on that right from the time Gopi started publishing it. JJ chipped in at the right time with a political tone in her interview to Times Now which saw Raja resign his minister ship. Swamy is did the final rites at the court of law.

If there is someone else who really deserves credit, it is Dayanidhi Maran. If I remember correctly it is he who tipped at 2G scam when he was at cross with MK. I think Gopi took cue from his accusation on Raja. It is surprising why Daya is not yet questioned. It is he who neatly laid the platform for the loot and favoured Ambani at the expense of Tata. If not for him, Tata would not have got himself to the mess that he is in now.

ASHISH said...

Jayasree Madam,
I correlate one of your comment at your blog viz
“In the 2nd half of 2012 when Rahu and Saturn will be crossing each other in Libra, some important political leaders of India will face trouble “ with the subjective prediction of P Chidambaram at your current post viz “P Chidambaram will face incarceration in that lagna.”
The great pain inflicted on Bharatmata by P Chidambaram, Pranab Mukherjee, Kapil Sibal and their likes who act as stooges of Sonia Gandhi, it is wishful to think that they think of the nation.
They have been willingly used by Italian mafia viz. letting Swiss and Italian bank of disrepute to set shop in India, mega projects by dubious foreign entities through forcible land acqusition called SEZ for mega robbery, legitimising Swiss bank loot through Participatory Notes, protecting siphoners, swindlers, terrorists, to inflict telling wounds on Bharatmata by attacking her territorial, financial sovereignty and the damage the great ethos of Bharatvarsha through predatory conversion funded by rogue west, subverting education through quixotic reservation, delinking merit from admission to competitive schools, the preconceived aim of elite being dumbing the society through mediocrity.

ASHISH said...

Continuing my post:
In this context readers of this blog please read a mind numbing article by M D Nalapat titled “Osama's hidden supporters in India: UPA protecting the culprits of terror on India (Org.)” available at his website
But why blame the Elite, could not the Indian voter see through the Congress game of imposing a dynasty on this nation to perpetuate an autocratic and remorseless regime.
My bigger question is to voter of India, does one have to burn more than ones fingers to learn painful lessons. Agreed we did not have a sound alternative in 2004 & 2009, but walking willingly into subjugation reminding one of colonial imperialism, destiny is cruel to ignoramus and a spectator mass.
The interregnum 2004 – 2009 could have been utilised to build Bharat Swabhiman Movement letting BJP ruling the roost , admitting they would commit blunders but not sell the nation, and who does not commit blunders, no patriot can vouch that he has never committed blunders in life.
Vaipayee vis a vis Sonia –cheese & chalk
Leave aside grand brigandry through 2G Spectrum, CWG, schemes supposedly for welfare of masses viz. NREGA have been used by Congress for siphoning. One of court has very recently directed a CBI investigation into misuse of funds allocated for NREGA scheme.

ASHISH said...

There are undesirables in every facet of life, one could have to make do with it till masses were sufficiently emboldened to challenge the ones in authority.
The biggest difference between Congress & BJP is Congress blatantly stiffles dissent, nationalist aspirations, brands nationalists as anti nationals, protect terrorists, swindlers, scamsters, BJP had not tasted power for long to be emboldened for such ventures.
Though BJP had indulged in offences which are like traffic offence compared to the Brigand acts of Congress.
The current predicament of Bharatvarsha is tell tale of Indian elites educated in Western Schools totally cut off from their roots to their country, subservience to an alien agenda, let mother nation go to hell.
Let me reiterate that I am not a His Masters Voice of BJP
Ashish Raje

jayasree said...

@ Jessy

It is in the name of MK, in service of MK all the loot has happened all these years. Today destiny has put him in a spot where he knows very well why his daughter is there in the mess. I did an article earlier wondering if MK would own up responsibility thereby absolving his daughter. As a father will he do that?

No he won't, because it means that he is destroying all his efforts of all these years which he built to promote himself. But if he does, most of his sins will be washed off within this birth itself. If not it will carry over to a minimum of 3 births.

As I am writing this I am reminded of how he was 'considerate ' to prisoners. He improvised Puzal jail and released them on Anna's birthday. Imprisonment is a way of shedding off karma in the present birth itself. By making things better for them , when they don't deserve, the residual karma will be carried over to the next birth. But then we can also argue that destiny is giving them a chance to undo the bad karma in the new lease of life they have got.

To be hassle-free, it is always better to be straight forward in all dealings in life. Straight forwardness is dharma.

jayasree said...

@ Asish

//“In the 2nd half of 2012 when Rahu and Saturn will be crossing each other in Libra, some important political leaders of India will face trouble “//

Yes during the 2nd half of 2012, rahu crosses saturn in the 4th house of Indian moon sign (Cancer)There will be some head rollings in political spheres. But ultimately all those will make India better. I have not yet analysed that period with horoscopes of popular personalities. I will do that sometime later. BJP's sun dasa starts at that time (May 2012) which will be beneficial for it politically. I think the BJP must start strengthening itself from now itself to appeal to the masses at that time.

Anonymous said...

Madam, I have been following your blog for quite some time, close to an year now..Have read most of your blog archive as well. Iam as much a critic as you are when it comes to MK, Sonia & co. etc. and I am as much a believer in Sanatana Dharma as you are. I cannot stop admiring when I read your blogs on Astrology, Science, Philosophy with Karma theory etc. I cannot agree with you more on many issues which you have discussed here.

Having said that, I have one question for you. I don't know if this will grab your attention, and even if it does, I am not sure if you will answer..

I have seen you heaping praises on J in your blogs as if she is an angel. Do you think the arrest of Kanchi Acharya is justified by levelling baseless allegations and by throwing mud and dirt on the much revered, adored,His Holiness. Do you agree here that her karma will catch up with her soon?

jayasree said...

Thanks Mr Nagarajan for reading all my posts. But you have not read all my comments. For the question you have raised, (JJ, karma, Kanchi acharya etc)I have already given a detailed reply in the comment section of the article "Don't underestimate Jayalalithaa". Please read them.

Another clarification. I have not written about JJ all along, but only at the time of elections for, I think she is the best choice at the current juncture. She has short comings, like any human being, but she is not self serving or self seeking. She is maturing with age and experience and is seen sincere in her efforts. Her horoscope also bears testimony to that. The accusations against her, if weighed from how they came about, will show how prejudice had partaken the people in casting aspersions on her.