Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mangalyaan launch – the time is good.

Mangalyaan  launch on a Tuesday at
(1)    a fixed lagna with lagna lord in the 9th in exaltation,
(2)    the 9th lord Venus in 11th (9th from 3rd, house of longevity),
(3)    2nd lord Jupiter in purva punya sthan and aspecting the lagna,  lagna lord and the 9th lord,
(4)    Mars, as 10th lord in 7th aspecting the lagna and the 10th house,
(5)    Moon in the star of lagna lord Saturn, who is a karak for longevity
Are good signs for the success of the Mission Mangalyaan.

However there are worries in the form of 8th lord Mercury in retrogression in Rahu's star and Rahu and Mercury are in the same star within 3 degrees and a debilitated Saturn in the 12th house in Navamsa. The above factors make lagna lord Saturn on a strong wicket than the 8th lord ensuring a successful launch, but further success of the mission is a cause for concern. Rahu's interference shows some concern for electrical systems functioning.

My heart wishes for a JAIHO for MANGALYAAN!


jayasree said...

Mangalyaan had successfully entered earth's orbit. The big deal about the whole mission is that they had done this with a money that is a fraction compared to what NASA would have spent on such a mission. Viable technology with low cost is certainly a breakthrough in space missions.

Secondly, what this mission is going to find out which has not been found out by NASA missions earlier is not an issue, but how technology had been perfected at so low a cost would certainly throw new insights into these technologies and their future modifications. One example is that Apollo man mission used micro chips to reduce the size of computers in use in those missions. When they were used no one knew their applications in other gadgets. But today every gadget is dependent on such micro chips. Without Apollo missions, mankind would not have found a need invent such smaller versions. Once microchip became available, newer uses have been found out that had added to the quality of life in various ways.

Space is an unknown territory. Venturing into space means rendezvous with Nature's laws hitherto unknown. The way human brain thinks over the unknown laws which are only guesstimates and derivations and mostly never tested in reality gives rise a volley of possible ways to understand space and its laws and tackle the challenges thrown by those laws. As such every space mission like this comes up with newer insights into Nature and newer solutions which would benefit mankind sometime later.

Thinking on similar lines on astrology, a mission like this is an unknown territory for astrology too. Using the available techniques, we too have to interpret the kind of interferences and influences in the launch time chart to judge the success of the mission.

The launch time is good on many counts. The fixed lagna shows that the mission keeps going. The lagna lord being stronger than the 8th lord would ensure successful life for the mission. It is so at the time of launch.

Mercury's return from retrogression is a time of observation and worry. It ends ups retrogression in a couple of days (10th Nov) and crosses Rahu on 18th Nov. But by then the 10th and 7th lords (Mars and Sun) had interchanged their positions (in parivarthana) which is good for further push up stages. This parivartahna continues till 26th Nov exactly when 8th lord Mer will be crossing lagna lord Saturn. Anytime 8th lord should not be powerful than lagna lord. Around 26th Nov, I wish nothing untoward happens to the mission. These two planets (Sat and Mer) transiting Jovian star (Vishaka) at the time with Jupiter aspecting them within its orb is a good sign to strengthen the life of the mission at that juncture. As I said, astrology is also a search into unknown territories and my inference is that Mercury crosses Swathi and Rahu safely in this period.

vaidy.s said...

Well I have a doubt.... I beg to differ from your way of giving a astrological prediction for this Mangalyan missile..

All scientific laws have certain validity limitations and astrology is no exception..

Mr Parashara has created sutras that define planetary influences on a being/object which is supposed to stay grounded in our earth..

But this Satellite is going to escape our earth's influence, its going to come under the influence of various other heavenly bodies. Its proximity with other heavenly bodies (say for ex mars ) may definitely alter its fate..

So applying all the rules as such and making a prediction does not look logical for me..

May be this prediction can hold good till it leaves our earth's orbit..

It will after all escape rahu and kethu since its no more going to be under the influence of our earth's moon ! so lets hope a problem with electrical circuit is not in store for our India's mission of pride and purpose to mars :)

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Vaidy,

Any event that takes place on earth can be assessed by astrology for the success or failure of that event.Suppose a child is born in a plane, how would you treat that? Bhoo sambhandam is still there. So regular astrology applies. Suppose a child is born on moon or a probe is shot from moon's surface, we can not say anything with astrology.

Mangalyaam had left the earth the moment it was shot and therefore there is bhoo sambhandam. That moment of birth of the probe - if you may call it so - happened on earth. So it's life and death and health can be assessed by astrology, come whatever may be the position of planets and nodes after that moment.

I noted some dates of concern and all of them have been crossed. One more on 26th Nov. Let me hope it would pass off well. Overall the factors at birth of this probe is good, barring one concern that lagna lord Saturn is in debility in Navamsa. I am closely following the probe vis a vis astrology. This is a learning.

vaidy.s said...

Okay.. Let me jus accept I am beginner to astrology…So I accept what you say..

I started learning astrology getting impressed with the maths behind it… [I am unconcerned about my future ! ]

I am trying to use this vedic maths as a new logic for developing a more robust and compact data encryption model..

To tell you in a nut shell, We are able to associate so much of life details about a person by just assigning a single variable (Time of birth ) and by using planetary positions as the encryption key to reveal tons and tons of data about a person. I am just trying to reverse engineer this stuff and I am developing a approach where in, lot of information can be back tracked to a single variable using a mathematical model like the planetary movement model…

I am also trying to create a alternate approach for solving fuzzy logic problems using this beautiful vedic maths..

I am a PhD research scholar.. [Civil Engg].. I contacted few astrologers online they did not like my idea/ were not inclined to think this way..

If you feel you can guide me on this, I shall send you a detailed writeup of my proposal.. My id is vaidyanathan.civil@gmail.com

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Vaidyanathan,

Nice to know about your interest. Deciphering astrology is not an easy matter. First of all birth time is not a variable. It is fixed for all beings born at the moment. What makes their life different is the karmic baggage with which they are born. Karmic baggage by itself is fixed at the time of birth but when combined with birth time factor, becomes a variable. This is why no two people even born as twins have the same fate or life events. Every moment after birth comes with new set of karmas of three types - mano, vaak and khaya - and therefore this variable keeps changing at every moment of our life.

If you or some one can decipher the karmic baggage that works with birth time factor, and the further modifications, it is possible to do what you propose to do. Do you think you can do that?

vaidy.s said...

One more doubt.. You say, its the triggering of the event that is more important and that can be used to compute the predictions. (I asked you Mangalyan is supposed to stay in mars how this earthly astrological rules will work?)
If a mother gets conceived in India and delivers her baby in a foreign nation, then will it be same as conceiving and delivering at the foreign nation itself ? Logically it cannot be equal if so, how do you account for this if you were to cast a chart for this kind of situation ?

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Vaidya,

Birth with Bhoo-sambhandh comes under the purview of astrology. That was I explained in previous comments. The Mangalyan may have its life in space, but its birth was on earth at the moment it was shot. So its natal horoscope can be drawn and assessed. Suppose a space probe is launched from Moon, we can not apply astrology. But if a space probe is lifted from earth and transported to moon to be shot into space, then the lift-off time on earth becomes its point of birth. But if parts of a probe are lifted from the earth and assembled in space station and then shot into space from space station or moon, we can not bring in astrology there. Birth as an entity matters.

For the scenario you have asked now, the baby may have been conceived in some place but where it is born matters. Suppose the baby is born on moon, it does not come under the astrology that we have. If the baby is born anywhere on earth - even on a ship in the middle of a sea, the latitude of that part is the location of its birth. That is why three factors are important in casting the horoscope - time of birth, date (mnth and yr too) and PLACE of birth.