Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Srivaishnava by birth?

No one is born a srivaishnava.

But irrespective of caste, creed, language and gender,

one can become a srivaishnava,

if one worships Vishnu and his many forms.

In fact technically every being is a srivasihnava,

as everyone and everything of this universe

has sprung from the womb of Narayana.

So all are Vaishnavas by birth

but become Vaishnavas by awareness and choice in the course of their life.

Ramanuja guided people for attaining this state.

This guidance is with us a ready-reckoner

in the form of sutras and works given by acharyas.

In this post let me quote the words of

Sri Pillailokacharya in his 'Mumukshupadi' (sutra 116)

on what srivaishnava must do

and how he must behave.

1. He/she should leave all other wishes along with vasana because if not,

at some time the worldly pleasures will again pull him.

2. He/she has to accept Emperuman (Narayana) as his soul refuge.

He should not consider anyone else (other devatas or other manushyas)

or even himself to be his refuge.

He has to realise that only the Emperuman can save him and

He alone is responsible for everything.

3. Be confident that due to acharya and bhagavat krupai you will surely
attain moksha.

Alwar says “vaikundam puguvadu mannavar vidhiye” and “maranamAnal
vaikundam tarum perumal”

A srivaishnava should have a great confidence in these words.

4. He/she should realise that all the worldly things are temporary and
that only bhagavat kainkaryam is sasvatam(permanent)

so we should have a urge in our minds to attain the thiruvadi (feet) of bhagavan

as soon as possible by getting away from this samsaric world.

5. For the days we stay in this leela vibhuti we should stay in divyadesams,

which were the places adorned by alwars and acharyas and

spend our time listening to the divine bhagavat vishaya kalashepams

and doing various kainkaryams to Emperuman.

6. The most important thing a Srivaishnava should do is

to respect the Srivaishnava who has all the above qualities.

He/she should stay in the satsangam (community) of such Srivaishnavas.

7. He/she should know the importance of Thirumantram and dwayam

and should recite it along with the thinking of the meaning always

8. He/she should have a strong devotion towards his acharya.

9. He/she should be grateful towards Perumal (God)

and his acharya who has imparted the divine knowledge to him

and thereby washing his sins to make him a clear soul.

10. He/she should always stay in the company of a Srivaishnava

who is filled with jnanam(knowledge),

vairAkhyam(detachment to anything other than bhagavan
and bhagavat vishayam) and shanthi(peace).

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