Friday, January 9, 2009

Rain in Chennai on Vaikuntha Ekaadasi.

Residents of Chennai were taken by surprise by the sudden spell of rain on the day of Vaikuntha Ekaadasi. Usually this is a time of dry spell with chilly mornings and a dull sun during the day. Rainfall is generally not expected during this month.

As one observing the days in this period of "garbOttam" (embryo formation for rainfall), I am eagerly awaiting for the day that comes after 195 days from Vaikuntha Ekaadasi. The embryonic indicators at the three levels, terrestrial, atmospheric and heavenly / planetary levels are not all that promising. Particularly at the planetary level, the crowding of most planets in Sagittarius and and Capricorn are not good for rainfall embryo - though it is said that combustion of planets at the solstices is good for rainfall after 195 days. But the up coming eclipse will mar all that effect. Eclipse and earth quakes will abort the rainfall-fetus, says Brihat Samhita quoting sages.

But it is not totally a gloomy rainy season in the coming year.
The symptoms had existed all these days and those on Vaikuntha Ekaadasi need a special mention. The rainy season next year will however begin well.

Atmospherically, the rain on Vaikuntha Ekaadasi was accompanied with positive features of embryo formation - a glossy sun seen through the clouds, bulky white clouds surging in the east and an over-all pleasantness felt in the day - are good for rainfall formation. But the rains must be mild, not wild accompanied with winds.

In my place we experienced pleasant and mild rains, indicating a torrid rainfall on the Krishna paksha Ekaadasi in the month of Shravana. On that day rains can be expected at night from the Western direction.

The rationale is that the embryo formed on a day in the months starting from Maargazhi, will fall as rains after 195 days (6 & 1/2 lunar months) . If the indicators are seen in the day, the rains will be at night. If formed at Shukla paksha, rains will be in Krishna paksha. If clouds are seen in the east, rains will be from the west. The happenings will be in the opposite of what was experienced at the embryonic stage.

I am sure the day of Vaikuntha Ekaadasi showed signs of GarbOttam - embryo formation for rainfall.

But the coming days are not good for GarbOttam. The planetary position and the upcoming eclipse will mar embryo formation. After a torrential rain in Krishna paksha Shravana, we can expect a dry spell. But for further rain-prediction, we have to watch the days in the next 3 months.

Terrestrially, Maargazhi in Chennai showed good signs for embryo formation. Even though Paavai nonbu is not done these days, movement in the pre-dawn time can be seen with fresh faces going to temples. We must thank the Iyappa devotees whose number is increasing year after year. The Iyappa devotees have filled the gap of Paavai nonbu- conditions!!

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