Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why Kaliangnar TV not indicted in the charge sheet??

Expectedly A.Raja was indicted in the charge sheet filed by the CBI yesterday.

But why is there no mention of Kalaingnar TV in the 80,000 page charge sheet?

This raises some doubts whether certain forces are controlling the CBI to shun or go slow on the Karunanindhi angle in the scam.

Elections are a few days away in TN.

Everyone knows that Karunanidhi and his Congress friends are banking on lavishing the ill gotten money on the electorate to win their votes.

This is obvious from the anger and frustration expressed by Karunanidhi and P. Chidambaram on the way the Election Commission is checking the movement of money.


This money is not their hard earned money.

It is the money that they made from scams and particularly the Spectrum scam.

They won the 2009 elections using that money. They themselves are clandestinely admitting it now.

You know how?

After the release of a spate of election surveys which unanimously declared landslide victory for Jayalalithaa, the MK bandwagon including actor Vadivelu keep saying that they would win like how they won in 2009 during which time also  the pre-poll surveys showed a massive victory for Jayalalithaa and accorded a single digit number for the DMK- Congress alliance.

But what made the change is folk lore now!!


Just a couple of days before the elections money were distributed to the previously identified pockets that had vulnerable poor people. Even a 2 to 4 percent swing aided by this money was enough to tilt the scales in many constituencies.

The DMK – Congress is banking on this 'success formula' that they effectively carried out in 2009.


This time also they are in the alliance with expectation of winning by this 'formula'.

If only the CBI had indicted the Kalaingnar TV in its first charge sheet filed yesterday, the continuing misdeed using the scam money could have been checked.  

There is every chance for the Supreme Court to have given a directive to seal the Kalaignar TV. 

That would mean sudden stoppage of all programmes of Kalaignar TV.

If that had happened, the people in every nook and corner of Tamilnadu would have awakened to the fact about the money behind  Kalaignar TV.

That would have given them the determination not to accept money or to vote as per wish in spite of taking money.

The poverty and greed of the people are being exploited by DMK – Congress combine.

A golden chance to reform the people and to make them aware of the true value of their vote is now lost.


My question is whether there was any pressure on the CBI not to include the name of Kalaignar TV?  

A few days before the filing of the charge sheet, the CEOs of Cineyug and Kusegaon who actually transferred the money to Kalaignar TV were arrested.

It gave us a hope that Kalignar TV's name would be included.

But that didn't happen.

Did the CBI take an order to that effect from the Congress regime?


Another doubt is why the secondary charge sheet is appearing after the elections?

Kanimozi and Dayalu's names are tipped to be included in that charge sheet.

Did anyone tell the CBI to delay the indictment of them until after the elections in Tamilnadu?

The difference in time of the two charge sheets means a lot now.

By this delay, a grave harm is going to be done to the people of this State.

The voters should not be allowed to be sold out to these scamsters with the scam money.

Or should the SC ask them why they didn't indict at least Kalignar TV in the first charge sheet?

I may be accused of being partisan for saying this, but I have a reason to make this accusation.

Everyone knows what Sadiq Batcha death means to the current probe.

Everyone expected the CBI to fly down to Chennai on the day of his death itself and take charge of the probe.

But it did not happen.

The CBI waited until the SC raised the issue yesterday.

After being asked why they didn't take up the Batcha-case, the CBI told that they were ready to take it up!!


They want to be told by the SC at every stage!!

Do they want to be told by the SC on Kalaignar TV also?

Perhaps that is how the CBI has been instructed by the Congress high command.

The Congress wants to see that minimum damage is done to itself and the DMK.

So it would not want the CBI to do any job proactively unless told by the SC.


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Suresh Kumar said...

but doesnt the supreme court raise all these questions to CBI or to any damn political party, that a person with some common sense can understand?