Friday, November 30, 2012

Hindu remedy for the increasing genetic mutations in European descendants

Read a thought provoking article on a study that says that people of European descent have developed a "huge batch of potentially harmful genetic mutations" in the last 5000 years than anytime in the past. (the article is reproduced at the end of this article). One of the reasons attributed to this is the advancement in medical treatment that saves many a person with bad or defective genes so that he lives long enough to pass on the defective gene to the next generation. This explanation is plausible for the recent times, say for the last century when medical science had made greater strides. How could this hold good for a period of 5000 years when medical science was not at all advanced as it is now?

In this context what I am going to say may not be liked by many people. But I would like to say it with the noble intention of why people must suffer at the first place and whether there are ways to avert such happenings.

To start with, we have to probe why such a quick deterioration happened in the last 5000 years.  Did such a thing happen with other populations, say the much larger Indian and Chinese populations?

In fact Indian population had been more robust in the past than it is made out now (about the past).  Ayur veda was available for quite long in the past and people followed a variety of means such as disciplined life, devotion, donation, worship, sacrifices, food control, physical work besides Ayur veda or nature cures, to lead a healthy and disease free life. It must be noted that the longest living man of Britain as of today had attributed his disease free long life to a potion he took from an Indian doctor when he was serving the British army in India. (news report:- )

Mr. Dean, The longest living man of Britain.

There was a great emphasis on healthy living such that when a person catches some debilitating disease it was considered better to die in a pyre than to fight that disease. A popular instance is that of Calanus alias Kalyana who helped Alexander.  His voluntary death in a pyre when he fell sick tells about the popular notion prevalent in India at that time that it is better to die by fire than to endure a disease.

The most important reason attributed to such a mentality is that it was considered that catching a disease – that too a debilitating one – is an indication that the person had committed a grave sin in a past life. Purva janma krutham paapam vyaadhi rUpENa peeditham – is the adage that tells that one's sins of the past lives come back to him in the form of diseases. So when a person was down with a disease, he will move into a repentance mood. Such a notion in the Hindu society formed a basis for inculcating morality and ethics in the people. Though a strict code of ethics was followed in India for Ages in food and life style, equal importance was given to morality in personal life and adherence to dharmic code of conduct.

These were missing in the regions to the west of Indus in olden days, say 5000 years ago. There is a narration in Mahabharata in Karna parva wherein Karna tells about a region called Aratta. The Sumerian literature talks about Aratta and also the female Goddess of that place called Inanna.  (   It was Inanna's decree that no woman must be a virgin at the time of her marriage. Her temple became the place for what was called  sacred prostitution. This cult spread throughout Europe and was there until Greeks and Romans put a stop to it. But by then the population got so used to going easy on sex and marriage relationships. Today that cult is being explained with all sorts of justifications by even quoting Hindu and Buddhist features which are actually mis-interpretations.

The important cross reference for the Inanna cult is found in the narration of Karna on what he saw in his travels to many places including Aratta. To quote from that chapter (Mahabharatha 8-45)
"In former days a chaste woman was abducted by robbers hailing from Aratta. Sinfully was she violated by them, upon which she cursed them, saying, Since ye have sinfully violated a helpless girl who am not without a husband, therefore, the women of your families shall all become unchaste. Ye lowest of men, never shall ye escape from the consequences of this dreadful sin' It is for this, O Shalya, that the sisters' sons of the Arattas, and not their own sons, become their heirs."
This clearly refers to the Inanna cult. This cult must have been the precursor of illicit and out of marriage relationships which seemed to be widespread in the Middle East and southern Europe. Take a look at the Code of Assura c.1075 BCE in this link:-
Most of what is mentioned in this link pertains to extra marital affairs. Such a thing was impossible in the Hindu society.  In ancient India, a man may have married many women but not another man's wife. Ramayana and Mahabharata occurred mainly because married woman was harmed with sexual intentions. Even Thiruvalluvar devotes a chapter on the dharma of 'not eying another man's wife'. In the case of women, it was complete loyalty to the husband.

Man - woman relationship is very important and must be guided not just by emotions but by brains due to its impact on progeny. The prohibition on same Gotra marriage in Hindu society must be viewed from this angle. Any violation of moral code in man- woman behaviour is bound to impact what is going to be passed on to the next generation. Arjuna's refusal to go on war with the Kauravas  at the last minute was more guided by his concern for what would happen to the war widows as they would become easy lays for other men. Such was the intense thought and concern given to the probable impact of immoral ways of sexual relationship.

The purport behind this guarded behaviour is precisely that the diseases that occur due to violation of Dharma would not occur. Jupiter was the indicator of Dharma, fertility and disease free progeny. It must be noted that the diseases mentioned in the study are all related to Jupiter's significances namely reproduction, cell multiplication and fat accumulation. Such disease would not occur if one follows a code of conduct of fidelity and single marriage.

To quote a note from Karma Vipaka which tells about which disease is caused by what  karma, blood cancer is caused by illicit relationship with a widow. This can be expanded in today's world to include rape and extra marital affairs and any kind of violation outside marriage bond. This karma is Jupiter related – that means connected with morality. When immoral ways are followed, they have to be cleansed by disease. The genetic defect that causes blood cancer gets into the person due to the karma he carries along.

Yet another medical issue of the people of the west is that they are more prone to auto immune diseases. Sun is the factor which is related to this. Until 3000 years ago, there was worship of Omphalos (Om- Phallus = Shiva linga) throughout Europe.