Friday, November 30, 2012

Hindu remedy for the increasing genetic mutations in European descendants

Read a thought provoking article on a study that says that people of European descent have developed a "huge batch of potentially harmful genetic mutations" in the last 5000 years than anytime in the past. (the article is reproduced at the end of this article). One of the reasons attributed to this is the advancement in medical treatment that saves many a person with bad or defective genes so that he lives long enough to pass on the defective gene to the next generation. This explanation is plausible for the recent times, say for the last century when medical science had made greater strides. How could this hold good for a period of 5000 years when medical science was not at all advanced as it is now?

In this context what I am going to say may not be liked by many people. But I would like to say it with the noble intention of why people must suffer at the first place and whether there are ways to avert such happenings.

To start with, we have to probe why such a quick deterioration happened in the last 5000 years.  Did such a thing happen with other populations, say the much larger Indian and Chinese populations?

In fact Indian population had been more robust in the past than it is made out now (about the past).  Ayur veda was available for quite long in the past and people followed a variety of means such as disciplined life, devotion, donation, worship, sacrifices, food control, physical work besides Ayur veda or nature cures, to lead a healthy and disease free life. It must be noted that the longest living man of Britain as of today had attributed his disease free long life to a potion he took from an Indian doctor when he was serving the British army in India. (news report:- )