Thursday, December 21, 2017

2G verdict: a shot in the arm for Congress!

Shocking – is a milder term if we consider the just delivered 2G verdict. Here after we can use the term ‘2G-ised’ when we come across the kind of verdict we got on 2G corruption case. And it is doubtful whether we will ever come across a repeat of 2G corruption – because such cases, even if they are far greater (or worse) than 2G corruption, would never see the light of day given the kind of nexus in which the political hand is a big suspect.

The biggest gainer is not even the DMK, it is the Congress! Congress has been acquitted of any corruption image as 2G was made out to be face of corruption of all times perhaps. Now we see everything so so good of Congress. It is a corrupt free party. It is secular embracing all religions, Christian, Muslim and now Hindus also. Look at how Rahulji is making temple visits. How Rahulji is younger than Modiji in age and maturity. How Rahulji has not even married for the sake of service to the country. How Rahulji is caring about his mother and women and everyone. Is there anything that is not in Rahulji that you find in Modiji?

What a wonderful template has been handed over to Rahul to help his baby steps make giant leaps! Is the BJP aware of image make-over that Congress has got from this verdict? No one would believe the theory that the court has delivered this verdict without a remote control behind it. If in the coming days BJP sings paeans on the DMK, if Dr Swamy opens his mouth praising the DMK as a Hindu party with which BJP can align and if corruption cases are filed against ADMK leaders, know that a remote control has indeed worked.

Elections are fought in this country on ‘anti’ platforms. BJP gained in the last elections due to anti-Congress vote. Congress was perceived as a corrupt party (thanks to 2G case) and also an anti-Hindu party. Rahul had taken care of latter as was seen in the just concluded Gujarat elections. Now the 2G verdict has wiped out the corrupt image of the congress as a zero- corrupt party. On what plank the BJP is going take on the Congress in 2019?  

Food for Thought from Mahabharata:6-9.

Sanjaya to Dhritharashtra:-
“Brave kings conversant with virtue and profit have become covetous of Earth. Endued with activity, they would even cast away their lives in battle, from hunger of wealth...Desirous of enjoying Earth, the kings, O chief of the Bharatas, have become like dogs that snatch meat from one another. Their ambition is unbounded, knowing no gratification”.
This is the state of Bharat 5000 years ago, and continues to be so even after monarchy has given way to democracy.


Manivannan said...

Dear Madam,

Yet again it is proved that we cannot convict DMK in any corruption cases. One last case where MK could have had death blow if it went against DMK. But luck is with him. Agree with your observation that Cong will come back with this verdict. It was difficult for Modi govt to provide necessary evidences as most were destroyed / tampered by UPA earlier.

Alas, question now is what is dharma for kali yuga. May be DMK / Cong is dharmic and we are adarmic.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Strong nexus between politicians, beauracrats and business people did in. Circumstantial evidence shows that this was part of TN plan of the BJP.

harinee said...

This was expected when PM Modi made a visit to DMK Leader's residence.And the smiling faces of the chargesheeted individuals was further proof that they will be acquitted. The justice system in India has become a joke thanks to Salman Khan case and now this.
People should save their energy and not vote at all.Its completely a pointless exercise

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Two crucial events related to PM' visit to MK. Chennai was on the brink of a flood and Stalin was missing in town. Seen in middle East. But the day Modi appeared, he was also back at home. Grapevine is that even local BJP was not informed of his visit to MK till the previous night. Was Stalin informed well before so that he could land in Chennai in time? Second, 2G court was supposed to give verdict or date of verdict the very next day of Modi's visit. But it announced postponement which continued to happen a few more times. Circumstantial evidence points out that BJP wants to align with DMK. And some corporates also would be saved if the verdict goes this way. But I think a conviction would have certainly sounded a death knell for DMK. And with no party on credible terms in TN , BJP could have built up its stock well. But all that is mirage now.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

The under 30 who happen to be first or second time voters will find Rahul impressive than Modi and they are more in numbers. There is absolutely no baggage for Rahul now and any more redicule as Pappu would only push these voters to Rahul.

sg said...

Bjp has done sontha selavala sooniyum. This is the beginning of the end of this incompetent party. They just want to be a copy of congress. Maam what does this indicate for India astrologically.

harinee said...

S Ve Sekar clearly hinted at an alliance with DMK if 2G acquittal happens. Height of hypocrisy their whole rise is in the name of Ram and they have no problem aligning with a party which has done everything to disparage his name.

Unknown said...

This is India, unfortunately! If a Kumaraswamy could be there for Jayalalithaa, there is a Saini for Raja, Kanimozhi, et al in DMK! I was in government service and I know how, for very small mistakes done with good intentions to benefit the government, many senior officers had to face enormous punishment and abuses. Here, a blatant irregularity is dismissed with unsatisfactory reasons. A court is not merely to judge the arguments but also should put full efforts to bring out the truth! In this case, the verdict has given a severe blow to Supreme Court which initiated the trial! But as late Sri 'Cho' Ramaswamy said in 2014 that he did not expect much from the trial underway on the 2G scam and he even predicted none would be punished. The greatest loss is to the public and strengthens the feeling that dishonesty is only victorious in this country. "Asatyameva Jayate"!

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Sir. My thought after reading your comment. Did Modi govt want to spare the indicted beauracrats from getting punished as that's what could have happened if raja- kanimozhi were indicted? May be he is sending a message to beauracracy by this that they could be bold and not cowed down by political bosses and this is the signal?

Unknown said...

Dear Madam, What I wanted to convey was that beauracrats get punished even for small offences deliberately done for benefit of the government, while politicians escape even for criminal offences! That is why many beauracrats never give bold opinions in the file. But I do not know whether this judgement will in anyway improve executives' independent and bold notings in files!

Jayasree Saranathan said...


Sheela said...

Dear Mam,

this verdict gave a hopeless feeling for sometime but let me put it this way, real sharks in congress are cool outside why should pawns raja n kanimozhi get convicted? Only regional satraps like jayalalitha/sasikala or Lalu will get convicted. But sharks will escape be it Bofors or 2G. Finance Ministry access to PC is right from Mid Ninties except the period of Vajpayee. still moles are out there & Modi cannot control . Collegium Judiciary is still in control of Lutyens which proves in many cases. We are to witness more of filth in years to come till 2019 elections.


harinee said...

I don’t know why we are still making excuses for PM Modi. Very clear Admk has no future in TN so the smart thing to do for a center party is to align with it. The only hurdle is that the stain of 2G cannot be visible on so-called clean image of Modi and also too many corporates(friends of BJP) will get implicated hence the verdict.
Unfortunately the man has been the biggest disappointment, gas subsidy has not been deposited for a year now for everybody I know including some extremely lower income groups.The other alternative Kerosene also unavailable from ration shops.Smart card distribution a disaster , demonetization overnight destroyed so many small scale industries and impacted daily wage earners.GST revised and revised as and when it suits their political needs.
Gold above 2 lakes needed a PAN card and this policy was removed right before Gujarat elections.So much for the black money drive.A multicrore investment on an outdated technology like bullet train announced in a route which is already short again months ahead of elections.The world is moving to Hyperloop we are moving backwards with bullet trains a extremely old technology.Zero action taken on the JJ death investigation or the RSS lynching happening in Kerala.
We have been made a fool by Congress for 60 years and now BJP is making a fool of us.

harinee said...

Correction “align with it” meant “align with DMK”

Anonymous said...

Jayasree madam,
According to Astrology,
Will Dinakaran become CM of Tamil Nadu ?
Will he be able to win most MLA and MP seats in 2019 in the same way he did now in RK Nagar By-Election ?
It seems like people will also forget what Sasikala did to JJ and she also will be forgiven soon.

Raghu said...

The verdict, especially after PM's visit to MK, only leaves us to believe that the Centre has decided to ditch ADMK and align with DMK, and the verdict was delivered to wipe the stain of corruption. While this may or (mostly) may not prove a successful idea for BJP in TN, the overall national image of the party has taken a severe beating. I have always said that if justice is delivered only on the basis of arguments, we don't need judges at all! If muscle power and money power are the deciding strengths, we should only call ourselves a democrazy!

Jayasree Saranathan said...

To all of you addressed,

Lot of questions in my mind at the moment. Is there any design behind the evolving scenario in TN starting from 2G verdict to RK nagar? Was Dinakaran purposefully allowed to have his way without checks? What is the impact of Dinakaran's win on ADMK? Will ADMK merge with Dinakaran or have definite division, one headed by Dinakaran thereby getting the vote share of ADMK broken completely? Won't that give DMK a definite edge in the next election? Even if BJP doesn't align with DMK, won't it have control over DMK by keeping 2G case alive by appeal - so that as per convenience, the 2G verdict in appeal could be timed to trip DMK if necessary? What is clear is something is happening - or just not happening, i.e., going out of control.

More than all these how come the entire electorate of RK nagar voted unanimously as if they have consulted each other well before voting? The core DMK wallahs also opting to vote for Dinakaran is a point to think. Did they think they can shun DMK for this one time as nothing is going to be gained if they voted for DMK. Though money had decided their votes, I dont think the DMK vote bank would betray the DMK in Assembly or local body elections, where the number of seats matter.

In the final analysis, only ADMK looks like a destroyed house. And Jayalalithaa finally died at RK Nagar - perhaps the last and biggest betrayal done to Jayalalithaa.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Anonymous.

Don't have authentic horoscope of Dinakaran. One thing I can say. The current Dasa- Bhukthi for India is not good. From Feb 2017 to August 2018, India is running Rahu Bhukthi in Moon Dasa. Rahu infuses criminality in the minds of all in this period. Perhaps we are seeing this all around, all over India.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Continued from above.

I wish no decisions are made within this period wrt Ram janma bhumi. It might be harmful for Dharma.

Anonymous said...

Jayasree madam, Thank You for replying to my query regarding Dinakaran becoming CM. So India has tough times till Aug 2018. So we will see more of similar election victories like RK Nagar in coming months in places where elections are held. (Karnataka has Assembly Elections in 2018).

It was heart breaking to see this person get elected by such a majority in RK Nagar bi election.
TTV Dhinakaran has lot of support from many people like Subramanian Swamy etc.
Just see Subramanian Swamy's Retweet
Subramanian Swamy Retweeted
TTV Dhinakaran Verified account @TTVDhinakaran 15h15 hours ago
@Swamy39 Thank you so much for your support and kind words, sir.

The important thing to be noted is RK Nagar people are completely loyal to Mother Lakshmi. They received the money. They bowed down to Mother Lakshmi and helped the person win.
Nothing matters to most people before Money.
People have forgotten Apollo hospital, Jayalalitha madam her suffering etc. Now she does not matter to any one. It will not be surprising if laws are twisted in a couple of years to make the lady in jail as CM of TN.
With the unaccountable Crores of Money MM has and the loyalty people have towards Mother Lakshmi Dinakaran and his team can win all the MP seats in 2019 in TN unless Lord Dharma and Lord Satyam decide to interfere and save everyone in the State and ultimately in the country and do some miracle.

harinee said...

I think you are right Madam. This win was not for TTV but for DMK-BJP combine to ensure ADMK is totally annihilated.When cash was given in last round the election was stopped, why not this time when equal if not more cash was distributed? I don't blame the RK Nagar people for accepting the money, its tax payers money which is coming back in this form.