Thursday, April 2, 2020

Arundhati (Alcor) had never gone in front of Vasishtha (Mizar)

The etymology of the name Arundhati and the associated symbolism of that name attached to the real life character was such that Arundhati never crossed the path of her husband Vasishtha. This made the Vedic sages single out Alcor-Mizar pair in the celestial constellation of Ursa Major as representative of the sage couple. The strict tradition of the Vedic system is such that if ever Alcor was found to have moved in front of Mizar, the pair would have been discarded and replaced with some other pair of stars that continued to represent the real life pair of Arundhati behind Vasishtha. 
The video addresses these issues in the light of Vyasa's nimitta that Arundhati (Alcor) kept her husband (Mizar) at her back.

To know about the etymology and  concepts of Nimitta and why Vyasa mentioned Arundhati deviation as a nimitta, read the chapter captioned "Nimitta is non-falsifiable" in the above ebook. The sub headings of that chapter are given here to get quick idea about this.

Nilesh Oak’s Nimitta concepts.

1.     The A-V observation is not a unique nimitta and it is just one among many.
2.     Nimitta is a non-regular, non-ordinary phenomenon, but scientifically explainable.
3.     Nimitta is a sign and must not be confused with ‘Bad omens’.
Evaluation of Nilesh Oak’s Nimitta concepts.
1.     Nilesh Nilkanth Oak is consistently inconsistent in his explanation for nimitta.
2.     Nilesh Oak has no respect for traditions and the “Indic minds” that stick to tradition.
3.     If omens are testable, why didn’t he test other omens?
4.     Why A-V observation was not at all mentioned by others as a nimitta if it was around for more than 6000 years?
5.     Can Nilesh Oak show any other omen that ran for 6000 years as A-V did?
What is a nimitta?
Mahabharata, peak time of Nimitta knowledge.
Nimitta is a concept of Astrology.
Non-regular appearance of Arundhati to be treated as nimitta – says Mahabharata.

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