Sunday, October 18, 2020

Modus Operandi of Nilesh Nilkanth Oak to tackle anyone who critiques his 'research'

Earlier written to a commenter in my video

The following is the template used by him. When people like me start questioning his version point by point this is what he uses. The most recent to get this treatment was Dr S. Kalyanaraman.

Step 1- Claiming that he is ready for uncut, unedited live debate, but the opponent ran away. Step 2 - Calling us to come on debate in sangam talks, jaipur dialogues, followed by the official handles of those sites calling for debate, at times abusing us. This proves that they are all his men. Step 3- If it doesn't work, he will take up jalpa, vitanda talk Step 4- He will show some slides with material challenged by us, but promote them by adding jargon from Nyaya concepts Step 5 - Flaunt a page showing his books that his reply is there, notwithstanding the fact that the book has been challenged Step 6 - Block us or mute the tweets. (In my case he asked me to unfollow him if I don't accept his version. It was he who asked me to challenge his book (those tweets are there in the open. I have not deleted, dont know about his) and I took up the challenge and released the book. Once the book was released, he started the attack on me instead of responding to my critique. In academia we write critiques and counter critiques, but know that he is not an academician) Step 7 - Now enters his accomplice with her one and only simulated movement of A-V which no man can see but can be seen in the simulator Step 8- Then starts a barrage of re-tweets and likes for Oak's and his accomplice's tweets with some of them abusing us. Debate successfully over. Now in my case two more steps. Step 9- People like yourself knowing nothing of all these start asking me 'why not you debate' When the very date is wrong, what is there to debate? What would you tell a person who 'researched' to 'find out 'that India got Independence in 1990? Same here with his Mbh date. Step 10 - Abuse my Phd background. Step 11- Runaway from defending his 'theory' critiqued by me and turn the tables saying that I ran away. Now start from Step 1 Waiting to see if any more to be added in this template. // UPDATE on 12th sep 2020. (Step 11 added) Read Nilesh Oak's response to why he didn't reply to my critique.

Check this link to read his tweet on why he didn't rebut, or in other words, didn't defend his 'theory' as against my critique. First he wrote, " I have read the book. It is utterly nonsensical. " On being reminded there are no rebuttals from him he wrote, "Rebuttals are done for things that are either worthy of critique or have strategic value. This one, at least at this time, has neither. Let there be more tweets, videos made by her (she stopped at only 6 or 8, very sad) more folks reading that book, better it is." So he has read my book that critiques his entire book, but didn't defend his book. The obvious reason is he cannot! It is he who had run away. He ran away without defending his book but abuses me that I ran away from the debate. If he doesn't find anything worthy of critique why does he call me for debate and claim that I ran away. So his template is now complete. Step 11- Runaway from defending his 'theory' critiqued by me and turn the tables saying that I ran away. Now start from Step 1 // End of update. At times a few people enter the 'debate' with him. He will then say "I give my presentation, you give your presentation, we agree to disagree" The moderator will be Oak's man, mostly leftist turned rightist who openly claims that he supports so and so because that so and so supported him. Once the debate is over, it will be cut and released, but Oak would begin his abuse talk on the debater. At times the video will never see the light of the day, like it happened for Jijith Nadumuri., because Jijith did a clean job of sweeping him out. So what is happening? It is an Eco-system promoted by him and funded by himself and NRIs. Nilesh Oak is primarily a marketing man and he is able to sell even a bad product, that is what he is doing. Nothing can be done about him. Delhi based senior author and historian wondered why so many 'Indic" sites are there, most of them promoting outside-India based people who have no basis in Indic texts and suddenly becoming Mahabharata researchers. She suspects some terrible reasons. I suspect some destabilizing design by Western AIT-ians having intruded by funding and promoting unscientific dates of Oak of the two Itihasas so that when they gain wider acceptance among Indians, they will axe us with scientific facts, like how Oak's Ramayana could not have taken place when Ice Age was still running and how his Mahabharata date is wrong because A-V theory is wrong as science has established them to be on gravitational coupling of a cycle of 7,50,000 years! So you Indians have no scientific acumen, you are all living in mythical world promoting mythical Rama and Krishna. Game over. Oak has foolishly played his part. We will come back to square one. People like you are paving way for this end by cheering up this hoax.

My case is a warning to anyone who critiques Oak's 'research.'
SM Goondaism is in full glare of everyone. No Indic researcher is ready to face it.
That I stood up is making him target me, instead of my book.



Self confession of Nilesh Oak that initially those who were willing to publish his book 'ran away' after reading his papers and book - tweeted in Nov 2019


Update on 25th October 2020

To show the readers the quality of the person hiding in the garb of a 'researcher':-

Nilesh Oak read my tweet about the above blog and acknowledged a tweeple with a Namaste. That was on 24th October.

On 25th October, he tweeted as though he was not aware of my tweet until someone brought it to his notice and he wrote the following. Look at what he has written. Have we ever seen any genuine researcher write like this? No reply to my book, but only this kind of abuses.


His most repeated comparison is with dogs. 
Here is a sample that recently appeared in my notification.

For this Update more abuses are going to be flung at me.

My response is going to be serial publication of excerpts from my book to caution people to know what he has written. If needed I will open my ebook for free.

UPDATE continues

As expected abuses are coming, but I want to highlight one among them.

The abuser had created the twitter ID only in September 2020. Not following anyone, but made a comment, 'my saree on fire'. Any idea who was the first one to like it? 

And this person is from ex-Pakistani army, says his profile.


  • UPDATE on 1st November 2020

This update is necessitated by the detection of a pattern in troll culture.
The moment I tweet my article or someone's, critiquing Nilesh Oak's date of Mahabharata, immediately minimum three persons retaliate with the same, familiar words and ideas, 
  • why I ran away from debating, 
  • why I am not debating
  • debate at Jaipur Dialogues as though they are their agents 
  • I should know / establish  the 'Shashtrartha' or the debating 'tradition' of our country.
Interesting part is all of them happen to be following my twitter handle. 

Why should someone follow someone's handle?
We think it is to know or learn what that handle says.
Since I generally write and tweet heavy, intellectual stuff, I find limited followers only, but those keen on knowing the topics I write.

If these trolling tweeples had started following me for that purpose, by now they would have been reasonably convinced of what I am writing, particularly on Oak's date of Mahabharata. 

By their reactionary tweets (sample below) it becomes obvious that they are following me, only to bully me every time I write on Oak.

When I tracked them, I found another hint. 
This one wants counters to my counter from Oak (!!!!!) and come to an agreed period - without even knowing that there is an agreed period through all the millennia in our country which is NOT what Oak is promoting. 

The matter is now taken to Oak's court. Within 24 hours I can expect a barrage or tweets and retweets of the same troll stuff from his and his troll army.

So what do we understand from this?

We learn how to develop and manage a Troll army.

Plant your men in the guise of followers for your opponents. Their only job is to troll the opponent if he or she writes about Oak. This will be conveyed to Head Office, and then another group would be pressed into 'service' of another kind.

This is also a kind of Media management!

These followers never bother to use their own brains, to know what I write.

For them Shashtrartha is very important - I mean 'artha' - payment.

Or else why these guys project themselves as bereft of brain cells?  

By now I have developed a data base of the tweeples who follow me to troll me, not follow but retweet the select tweets of Oak, and simply retweet and like the pinned tweet of Oak every time my case is taken to the head office.


End of this Update

Now further reactions added.
This is from one who could not see the 'meaning' in the counters in my book, but stuck with 'artha'!!
Head Office reported!


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Unknown said...

ஒரு தீய சக்தி மிகச்சரியாக தோலுரிக்கப்பட்டுவிட்டது.

Seeker said...

Is this Oak turning out to be another Devdutt Patnaik who was innocently admired first till his true colors came out and today he is well understood as peddler of twisted versions of Hindu Puranas.
How long these blue colored foxes will continue to fool ?

Rakesh said...

I has heard about Jaisreeji but not read her works extensively because Jayasreeji is not known much beyond Vindhyachal. In fact, Nikesh Oak influenced me and I looked upto him for indic references. But deep down, I had some doubts regarding his methodology but had no source to cross check. Thank you Jayasree di, I'll now study more of your research. As a media man, I need pure, authentic material for my own broadcasts.