Saturday, November 9, 2019

Ram Janma Bhoomi verdict: How Historic moments are defined by the Cosmos!

As we are passing through a rare Historical moment in Time and Space of restoring the Palace of Rama to Rama Himself, the celestial signatures in the sky must reflect the rarer of the rarest for this event to happen. This blog is written to record what it looks like when a rare event of Dharma re-establishing itself takes place.

We have for comparison two judgments separated by 9 years (half the cycle of the nodes) of which the second gave a decisive outcome paving the way for correcting a historical wrong. The first was given on 30th September 2010 at 3-30 PM. The plus and minus witnessed at the celestial sphere was discussed and recorded in this link.

For Dharma to manifest, the 9th and 10th lord in the Universal zodiac (starting from Aries) which are none other than Jupiter and Saturn and the 9th and 10th lords at the moment of the event must be associated with 9th and 10th houses and in auspicious connection. During 2010 verdict Jupiter and Saturn were in mutual aspect, but with Jupiter in retrogression in its own house. The 9th and 10th lords were in their own houses from the lagna of the event (judgement delivery begin time). In Navamsa though Sun exalted, Saturn was in inauspicious position in Navamsa. So what was achieved was a half way mark.

Momentous point of the judgement at that time was recognition of a temple below the Masjid. However the judgement sounded more ‘secular’ reflecting the mind of the government of the day by dividing the land among three instead of handing over the entire land to Rama, the rightful owner.
Now the final judgement has come out and one can see a huge leap in the way the heavens positioned themselves.

The Universal Dharma –Karmadhipati lords, namely Jupiter and Saturn have joined together in the universal 9th house owned by Jupiter. They are joined with Ketu, the signifactor of Dharma kind, a trigger planet for outcomes. The 9th and 10th planets of the lagna (judgement delivery start time) Sun and Mercury had joined together at 11th house, the outcome of the 10th house.
In Navamsa, the Sun (the 9th lord in event time and signifactor for Government) and Saturn (Universal 10th lord and signifactor for citizens) are exalted with Jupiter (Universal 9th lord) joining the Sun in friendly disposition. Mercury (10th lord in event time) is also well fortified by occupying its own house in Navamsa.

This gives a picture perfect combination for restoration of Dharma or manifestation of Dharma. It is indeed a combination that comes rarely. This kind of perfect combination didn’t exist on 2010 judgement day.

A curious question remains how the heavens looked when Adharma was reigning.

The Adharmic historical wrongs can happen when Saturn passes through Aries and Taurus or when it goes in retrogression in seven stars starting from Krittika. Saturn, the Universal Karmadhipati planet and the giver of fruits of action becomes weak in such transits. If we look at the time of destruction of Ram Janma Bhoomi, Saturn was transiting Aries in 1528 and entered Krittika in early 1529. When we look back at times of gory wars and destruction such as the destruction of World Trade Centre, Saturn was invariably transiting those signs and stars. When Mars also joins Saturn in those stars and signs, or transits alone, once again transgression of Dharma can be seen.

For an Adharmic act that destroyed Ram Janma Bhoomi, a strong combination of the Dharma- karma lords were needed to be positioned in right places to undo Adharma. Indeed this is vindication of the age-old concept of Dharma- Karmadhipati planets.