Tuesday, April 23, 2024

My talk in Sri Ramanavami function on Ramayana evidences (sponsored by Viveka Bharathy)

I was invited to talk on Ramayana evidence in the Sri Rama Navami function conducted by Viveka Bharathy on 21st April, 2024.

The news report about it in the Dinamalar newspaper the next day.

Topics covered:

*Rama's birth in 5114 BCE

* Solved the yuga issue.

* Vanaras as human beings in disguise to escape Parasurama.

* Ravana striking a peace deal with a Pandyan king found in Chinnamanur copper plates and Raghu vamsam as well.

* The identity of that Pandyan king was Nedum Kon, the last Pandyan king of the first Sangam age that ended 7000 years ago. Thiruvalluvar was a poet in his royal court.

* Lanka in Adam's peak as per Mahayana Lankavatara Sutra.

*Vibheeshana also known as Utpala Varna in Srilankan literature was located in Keleniya (Kalyani)

* The genetic origins of Yaksha-s and Ravana.* Valmiki's contribution to Tamil literature. His verse in Purananuru and Tamil grammar.

* Valmiki as a Siddha and his life history found in 'Bogar 7000'

* Valmiki who brought out Rama through his work was born in Purattasi (Kanya maasa) Anuradha, according to 'Bogar 7000' - In current times the man who brought Rama to his Janmasthan was also born in the same combination.

Is Sri Narendra Modi, Kali yuga Valmiki?

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