Monday, August 18, 2008

Are Tuesdays good for surgeries?

Are Tuesdays good for surgeries?


Going by kaarakattwa (significance),

Mars controls everything from injury to surgery.

Mars is the signifactor for any cut or wound or anything to do with blood spilling.

At one extreme Mars indicates the wounds that hurt.

At another extreme the same Mars signifies the wanton cutting

that is done to cure a disease.

That is why Mars is the karaka for disease and

lords over the 6 th bhava, the bhava for diseases.

A well placed Mars ensures that a person does not get major illnesses

or is protected against illnesses.

This is the rationale.

On this rationale only, it is being said that

Tuesday, ruled by Mars is the best day for conducting surgeries.

But the other factors in terms of thithi, star and horoscopic indications must be there.

For instance, Tuesday with Shashti thithi is a good combination for surgeries.

But such a day must not have any one of the 12 stars that are not suited for surgeries.

Those stars are

Bharani, Kritika,

Arudra, Ashlesha (ayilyam),

Magam, pooram,

Chithra, Swathi,

Vishaka, Jyeshta (kEttai),

pooradam, Poorattadhi (poorva bhadrapada)

From among the others, the star having tara balam for one’s birth star must be chosen.

If that coincides with Tuesday and shashti,

it will be a good combination for a successful surgery.

Pancha pakshi also plays a role in surgeries.

Most Drik Ganitha panchangas ( I use Srinivasan Drik Ganitha panchanga)

display Pancha pakshi and how to see the favorable time and day.

Except for those born in Ashwini, Bharani, Krittika, Rohini and Mrugashira,

Tuesday is good for others.

These star- persons must avoid Tuesday for surgery

as it is the day of ‘padu-pakshi

and a void time for them in both the paksha (shukla and krishna paksha).

For others, the favorable times as per Pancha pakshi sastra

can be known from the almanacs.

Beyond all these, if the dasa – antar dasa is not favorable or

if Mars is malefic in the horoscope with respect to diseases,

one can not expect success in surgery on any day, including Tuesday.

But remedial can be done by japa, mantra, dana, homa etc

and a benefic time is chosen taking into account the above factors.


Shrinivas Tilak said...

This is very useful information with detailed input from the shastras. I wonder if the medical community will invite surgeons to schedule surgeries as recommended by the shastra to verify its claims. I have also heard that nails (and hair?) should be clipped on a Tuesday, which probably is based on the same rationale.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thank you.

I have known through my surgeon-daughter that many surgeons in Tamil Nadu follow astrological inputs. Many are believers of astrology and are traditional in outlook.They don't do brain surgery on Amavasya days. For caesarian they used ask the family to choose the date as per astrology.

For cutting nails and hair, many avoid Tuesdays and Fridays. Many Tamils don't make payments with liquid cash on these two days. The belief is that one can acquire not give out on these two days.