Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nariman Ramayana!

Valmiki Ramayan was the contemporary work of Rama’s times

and as such it has been accepted by scholars

as the authentic version of Rama’s life.

Nowhere it is mentioned in valmiki Ramayana that Rama destroyed Sethu.

Nowhere it is mentioned that

he destroyed it with the intention of stopping anyone coming from Lanka.

What Nariman has said is contrary to notions mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana.

After Ravana was won,

coronation was done immediately to Visbheeshana

in the presence of Rama and vanaras.

At no time enmity was reported between Vibheeshana and Shugreeeva (vanaras).

Instead they had been good friends

and were present with Rama when Rama was preparing to leave for his Celestial abode.

On hearing that Rama was planning to leave for Parama padam,

both the vanaras and rakshasas headed by Shugreeva and Vibheeshana

arrived at the scene at Sarayu.

While Rama agreed to take Shugreeva along with him,

he asked Vibheeshana to stay back with the gift he has given to him

(Kula dhanam, the image of God worshipped by Rama)

and rule Lanka as long as his (Rama’s) name lives.

Any destruction of Ram sethu by Rama

is not found in Kamba Ramayana

nor in Padma purana.

Once having left the Sethu shore on Lanka side,

Rama directly climbed the Suvela hills

and went ahead with his war plans.

He did not return to Sethu

nor the shores of the Lanka or Rameshwaram.

Both Kamba Ramayana and Padma purana

mention that Rama flew back from Lanka

in the Pushpak vimana.

He showed Sita the places he visited including Ram sethu,

which he praised for its greatness as a Kshethra

for propitiation for the people of 3 worlds.

'Cho" Ramaswamy's rebuttal given below in the news item.

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