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Triple Eclipse - facts and real worries!

The Triple Eclipse is making news nowadays with a spate of predictions connected to it.

I wish to state the following in this connection.

In fact 5 to 7 eclipses happen every year globally. The so-called bad effects of 3 eclipses in 30 days are applicable only if they are all sighted in the same place. As far as India is concerned not all the 3 are seen in India. Only July 22nd solar eclipse is seen in parts of India.

Triple eclipses were sighted at the time of Mahabharata war. But then the triple eclipse alone did not cause the war and destruction at that time. There were other indications too, terrestrially, in the atmosphere and celestially. The indication then was of the nature of a massive meteor -hit that affected the entire globe. The Deluge was global and not localised at Dwaraka or in Tamilnadu, south off Kanyakumari. There is a finding that a meteor hit somewhere near Poland about 5,000 years ago. That coincides with post Mahabharata deluge.

When the war started, there were other omens witnessed in the atmosphere and in the terrestrial life. Such things happen at the closure of an Epoch (Yuga antham).

The triple eclipse of the coming days is not of that type. As far as India is concerned, not all the 3 are seen.

But I am worried about the planetary combination at the time of eclipses
. Mars will be transiting Rohini during the eclipse period. The transit of malefics such as Mars and Saturn is called as Rohini Sakata yoga. When Saturn was transiting Rohini in Dasaratha's times, a famine ensued. King Dasaratha (Rama's father) prayed to Saturn with Sani sthuthi which pacified Saturn. Saturn changed the course and did not cut across Rohini. This is an important information for space scientists to check whether Saturn deviated from its course in the past near Rohini (Aldebaran) in Taurus.

Rohini is the star of growth and prosperity. It is responsible for growth dependant on water. When Rohini is free of afflictions, crops grow well. When malefics cross her, crops fail. Rohini is described as looking dull if cut across by malefics. In many places in Ramayana the suffering of Sita is compared to Rohini that was made dull by either Saturn or Mars or by the nodes. The afflciton of Rohini comes with famines, hunger and destruction.

Writing on this Rohini sakata bheda, Varahamihira says, "When Saturn, Mars or a comet cuts the wain of Rohini, what shall I say, alas! For, the whole world will perish, being plunged in the ocean of misery." 'Men with their children will suffer from hunger and weapons"

The last time Saturn cut across Rohini, WTC was attacked. Indian Parliament was ambushed and J&K Assembly was attacked. In the previous sojourn of Saturn through Rohini, World war II was on.

Earlier when Mars cut into Rohini, atom bombs shattered Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Presently Saturn is not transiting Rohini but glancing at her by 10th aspect from the fiery sign of Leo while mars will be transiting Rohini between 17th July to 6th August.

Mars and Saturn will be in mutual aspects too, tormenting Rohini in the process. Mercury will be caught in strategic location during this period showing terror attacks on vehicles.

One month ago, the Air France Plane crashed. Mars in Aries and Saturn in Leo cause destruction by accidental fire. A month later - that is, just a day ago another plane crashed with Mars in fiery Krittika and Saturn in Leo. The LPG train derailment in Italy also is attributed to this combination. In the last month alone, many instances of destruction caused by fire were witnessed. Whenever this combination of Mars and Saturn occurs, it happens.
A month from now, we can not rule out a disaster - but of a man made kind.

The combination that is coming up after 17th July (even that day itself has a foul combination of planets) shows man-made disasters. Bombs, weapons and fire power will cause hardship to innocent people. When Mercury joins Saturn in Leo from July 30th onwards, the escalation in troubles will be more. Mercury, the kaarak for transport, if placed in the 3rd from Natural 3rd house (Gemini) and is afflicted by Mars and Saturn, there will be destruction through / of vehicles. There is a likelihood that some underground train is targeted. I am worried about this period only.

Since Rohini is the reigning star of Kashmir, I am worried about J & K in India. People are going to pay for the current Indian policy in Kashmir.

Globally, Ireland, Iran, Poland, Asia Minor, Cyprus, France, Italy, Philadelphia, Chicago will have to beef up their security while India has to be vigilant in Mumbai.

The more disturbing period is the lunar eclipse just before New Year 2010 starts. The planetary combination at that time is also not good, showing a vulnerability for disasters in 2010. Saturn in Virgo and the nodes in Sagittarius and Gemini will see a fall in food production globally and rise in prices. Traders will have a tough time ahead with this combination.

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Defender of India said...

Good work keep it up.Do also check
Shri K N Rao website.

jayasree said...


Vinita said...

Very good article.
What about the transition of Saturn into Virgo - what "Mundane" (Global) effects will that have?
Also, Juniper goes low every 12 yrs. and it will be low till I believe Dec. 29th, 2009. Is that true and how will this affect everyone?
The partial lunar eclipse is on Dec. 31st, 2009.
Do you do personal astrology? :)

jayasree said...

Thanks madam.

Replying to your queries:-
What about the transition of Saturn into Virgo - what "Mundane" (Global) effects will that have?

The prediction on transition of planets depends on sign, the significance of the sign, the planetary relationship of Saturn to the lord of the sign and the avastha etc. In Mundane astrology, the traditional practice is to see the Varsha lagna and Jaglagna of a country and see the transit of the planet from those lagnas.

The varsha lagna is the lagna at the time of Sun's entry into Aries as seen for the capital of the country. This is applicable for the year until the sun enters 0 degrees Aries again.

The Jaglagna is the sign assigned to each country / Kingdom as found in Varahamihira's work. This sign is fixed for any country.

Nowadays we use the natal chart for countries based on the time of creation of the country. In today's world the olden divisions of country are no longer there and democracy has set in with new geographic boundaries in a discernible time. The charts for these countries are analysed like individual charts and experience shows that this works.

The transit is thus analysed from different angles.Added to this are trouble points arrived at by the calculation of ashtaka varga. Certain stars are identified on this basis and whenever malefics transit these stars, trouble spells.

In addition we follow tajaka annual chart and now a days Thithi pravesha chart to gauge the nature of events beforehand. In Tajaka, the transits play an important role for finding out the period of relief etc.

Your next question must be viewed from this angle only
Also, Jupiter goes low every 12 yrs. and it will be low till I believe Dec. 29th, 2009. Is that true and how will this affect everyone?

Jupiter retrogrades in its sign of debility soon. The retrogression is as good as exaltation. Any further interpretation must be on the basis of individual charts where the ownership of Jupiter, its natal connections etc must be taken into account.

To say in a single sentence, no generalsitic statement must be given for everyone.

However, in mundane astrology, we do find some axial connections between planets affecting mundane affairs. For instance after the transit of Saturn and the nodes in a few months, they (the 3) are going to be in mutual squares with each other in dwiswabhava rasis. Usually when the malefics square within themselves, vulnerability of strife increases. It must also be decided on the basis of the natal charts / lagna of the individual countries.

Do you do personal astrology? :)


jayasree said...

Just an information on Saturn in Virgo. This will affect food production globally with a mixed trend. Not a good time for the US domestic market and comforts. Gemini is the sign of the US and is going to have Ketu in lagna (Gemini), Saturn in the 4th and Rahu in the 7th.

Raghavendra said...

Excellent predictions again Jayasree ji,
i see in the news that there's been a plane crash in iran now exactly in the region you had predicted.

Fantastic job !

jayasree said...

oh no Mr Raghavendra. It is too dreadful to think of all that..

Till 17th July, whatever you hear will be accidents due to man or machine failure. But from 17th onwards, its all man made attacks.
After 1st August when Mer joins Saturn underground traffic system becomes targets of attack. The terror problem subsides by the end of first week of August when Mars leaves Rohini.

The only probable natural disaster I foresee is earthquake which might take place anytime between 22nd Amavasya (eclipsed) to sashti- this is per the past charts on earthquake of 10,000+ toll. But this time one solace is that Rahu is not exactly aspecting Martian sign, thereby reducing the intensity and death toll.

We should watch for an earthquake whenever Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Sat come in malicious association within themselves with Mars and Rahu aspecting or posited in Martian signs. In addition if the dwiswabhava earthy sign (Virgo) receives the asepct of malefics, the earth will not be stable.

At present Rahu in earthy sign in constellation of Sun which is in jala rasi + Mars asepcting its own sign (mars karak for bhoomi)+ Ketu, the karak for unnatural deaths asepcting Virgo + solar eclipse of long duration in jala rasi + the four malefics in mutual aspects or 2-12 or 6-8 axis = all these have existed in previous worst earthquakes. The jala rasi connection adds to tsunami fear. May what I foresee is proved wrong!!

Vinita said...

You mention probability of earthquake from "The only probable natural disaster I foresee is earthquake which might take place anytime between 22nd Amavasya (eclipsed) to sashti"

Can you give calendar dates please?

jayasree said...

26th and 27th July are vulnerable days. Particularly 27th having Sashti thithi (6th day from New moon) and moon in the asterism of Hastha. Going by past earth quake horoscopes, there exists 75 % similarity with previous ones with that day. Moon in the earthy common sign in Virgo aspected by Ketu, Mars and saturn in mutual aspect with Mars aspecting its own sign and Rahu in another earthy sign.

The main difference is that in earlier earthquakes, Rahu or Ketu was directly afflicting Aries or Scorpio (Martian sign - Mars for land. Now they are not so. But Rahu is in the constellation of Sun which is aspecting Rahu in earthy sign. Ketu is in the constellation of Saturn which is aspecting Taurus, another earthy sign. So keeping fingers crossed. If we go by eclipse affliction, the place to the east of India and the eastern parts of India are coming under the affliction.