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The twin eclipse- effect.


The twin eclipse of the current times has not attracted much attention as the Triple eclipses of last year.

The Triple eclipse was not a triple from astrological point of view as they were not seen continuously in the same place.

Only when they are seen in succession in a place, they attract astrological attention. As such the upcoming solar eclipse on 15th January immediately after the Lunar eclipse on 31st December, 2009 merit our attention as Twin eclipse.


The sequence of solar eclipse following a lunar eclipse is not that good, compared to lunar eclipse following a solar eclipse. In the present one of solar eclipse succeeding a lunar eclipse, the predictions point to dissensions among men and an increase in discord within families or in divorce rates.


In contrast we had a lunar eclipse following a solar eclipse in October 2005. It was followed by good rains and Chennai received a record rainfall after that. That was the highest ever received in Chennai and there were no flooding of houses and streets which are a norm nowadays even with half an hour of rainfall. The prediction for such a twin eclipse is that mankind will be happy and the religious rites will be properly done. A good rainfall ensured a satisfactory period of water supply and crop production in the following year. Jayalalithaa was at the helm at that time and needless to say that temple austerities were done in earnest spirit and crime rate was well under control.


The present Twin eclipse foretells increasing conflicts and war of words between people and sections of people in the country. There will be an increase in the number of divorces, domestic quarrels and domestic violence.


Thinking of domestic quarrels, somehow the First Family of Tamilnadu comes in my mind. It is because both the eclipses occurred in mid heaven, stretching to the 5th part of the day showing that not all is well with the 'princes'. Today we think we have no monarchy, but in Tamilnadu we do have sons of the leaders as princes.




The day or night is divided into 7 equal parts to locate the movement of an eclipse, solar or lunar.

The lunar eclipse of last fortnight occurred for most part in the 4th division and there is not much of a worry.  In such timing, only central regions will suffer and by and large people will be happy with fall in price level. But that was a short eclipse.


The solar eclipse of Friday is long and spans completely through the 4th and 5th part of the day.

While the 4th part ensures some fall in price level, the 5th part when the eclipse is at its maximum foretells some trouble in the households of ministers!!

Milk production will come down and traders will suffer losses.


The commencement of the solar eclipse from south west also confirms losses and sufferings to traders and business men.

The occurrence at Capricorn further confirms that political-sons and the womenfolk in their houses will have bad times.

We may also hear of the demise of or some sufferings to skilled magicians, physicians and old soldiers.


The lunar eclipse of last fortnight also foretells bad times for 'princes', powerful chiefs and learned men.


Both the eclipses foretell some sufferings to the people living in the Middle province – in the stretch between Delhi and Allahabad and from Himalayas and vindhyas in the north-south directions.


The month- based prediction of the twin eclipse is hardship to people by way of famine and scanty rainfall.



Annular eclipse:-


The Madhyatama grasna (annular eclipse) again reiterates some sufferings to the people of Middle province as stated above.

Mankind will suffer from stomach pain and fear will grip the people.


Outbreak of an epidemic or a disease is noted form the Jag lagna of India as the solar eclipse happens in the lagna of India at Capricorn.

The lunar eclipse occurred at the 6th house from this lagna and the solar eclipse at the lagna itself.

Some health issue is foretold from these.


Another corroboratory connection also is found in these twin eclipses.

If snowfall or heavy fog occurs within 7 days of an eclipse, diseases are foretold.

Following the lunar eclipse of last fortnight, unusual and untimely fog and snow fall was experienced in India.

India must keep a watch on health issues in the coming months.


In a nutshell,

Dissensions among people and between partners,

A low for the traders,

A low for ministers and their sons and the womenfolk in their families,

And an outbreak of a disease can be expected.


For the individuals:-


Lot of people are worried about the eclipse effect on them.

Going by traditional wisdom of the Greats like Varahamihira, there is no need to worry about eclipses for individuals.

Eclipses are related to huge landscape, climate and natural occurrences that have a bearing on people's life.

When it is said that people of the Madhya desa or central provinces will suffer, it means they will have to face the wrath of Nature in terms of the signs signified – Capricorn for earth and Gemini (lunar eclipse) for Wind. Saturn, the airy planet aspecting the lunar eclipse and Mars, the firry planet aspecting the solar eclipse from a watery sign must be taken into consideration for deciding the source of suffering.

The result could probably be an excessive melting of Himalayan glaciers flooding the Central provinces, preceded by a dry windy spell. Both these are enough causes for widespread health problems in that region.


The sufferings to individuals depend on their individual fate.

Those in whose star the eclipse occurs need to do propitiation.

According to Varahamihira, the 19th star from this star also is afflicted by the eclipse. They also must propitiate.

If the lagna or moon sign is the sign in which the eclipse occurs, those people also have to propitiate.

Those born in the stars of the sign in which the eclipse occurs also must do the same.


If the solar eclipse occurs in the sign in which one has sun in natal chart, the father's side will have some setback. They must also do propitiations.

Similarly, if lunar eclipse happens in the sign in which moon is placed in one's natal horoscope, one's mother's side relatives will have trying times.


If the eclipse happens in 3, 6, 10 or 11th house from the moon sign, it is generally good. If in other places, the result will be in tune with the nature of the house.


All those coming under any of the above categories have to fast before and during the eclipse.

There is no restriction on seeing eclipse as per astrology.

The one desirous of learning mantras can learn at the time of rising eclipse.

For propitiation, one must take bath and start meditation or japa once the eclipse starts declining.

Those afflicted by eclipse by way of birth star, 19th star and sign stars can do Mruthyunjaya japa at the time eclipse starts declining.

Ancient seers have recommended donation of cow and gold at that time.

Any righteous act such as donation, giving succor to people, meditation and worship will give manifold results when done during the time of eclipse.



This was misconstrued by the Nizam of Hyderabad who released life prisoners on the day of Total Solar eclipse of 1898.

Such a mis-placed sympathy is found in the Dravidian leaders of today. Fortunately they don't consider eclipses and the Hindu practices connected with them as a time for exhibiting their benevolence. So any malevolency predicted by eclipses is not of the politicians' making. Isn't that a small solace??



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