Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eclipse effect on Mantralaya floods?

It is really sad that a flood had ravaged Sri Raghavendra swami's abode.

Astrologically, I will attribute this to the much talked about Solar eclipse that happened at sun rise on 22-07-2009.

The effect of that eclipse was that there will be a fury of the waters and the affected persons will be religious ones, hermits, hermitages and spiritual people.

The effect will take place within 3 months of the eclipse as the eclipse happened in Chara rasi.

Let me explain this in detail.

The result of an eclipse in our system of astrology is analyzed in two ways –

(1) The eclipse is divided into 3 parts - the beginning, the middle and the end of the eclipse. The effect of the eclipse is judged from the part of the eclipse that is seen in a country. If an eclipse starts in a country, the result will be sufferings to the people. If the eclipse attains its fullness or maximum in a country, there will be destruction in the country. If the end of the eclipse is seen in a country, the people will benefit. The people who experience these effects are judged by the 2nd point given below.

(2) The day is (ahas – between sunrise and sunset) is divided into 7 parts for the solar eclipse and night into 7 parts for the lunar eclipse. There are groups of people who come under each of these 7 parts. We have to see in which part of the day / night, the eclipse starts in a country. The group of people for that part of the day / night will receive the results as per the 3-fold classification mentioned above.

The groups of people for the 7 parts are –

  1. People who work in temples & worship, who do homas and fire worship, Brahmins, priests (agni-hotri), hermits, engineers, people whose work uses fire like goldsmiths, inmates of Ashrams.
  2. Farmers, Agriculturists, traders, Police and defense personnel, warrior class and army chiefs.
  3. Artisans, artists, shudras (cleaners etc), mleccha (including foreign visitors /dignitaries) and ministers.
  4. This is middle part of the day. The central head of the country or the centre of the country or the Capital of the country will be afflicted. The king (head of state), Prime minister or prominent leaders will perish.
  5. Weaker sections, ministers, women folk, workers in king's palace / government and doctors
  6. Downtrodden people, destitutes, slum dwellers.
  7. Robbers, unethical elements in the country border, thieves and political opponents.

The solar eclipse of 22-07-2009 happened in Cancer, a watery sign and a chara rasi.

Watery sign shows heavy rains, cyclones and floods.

Chara (movable) rasi shows that the effect will take place within 3 months from the eclipse.

The eclipse began in India.

As told above, if it begins in a country, there will be sufferings to the people.

The eclipse happened in the first part of the 7 part classification.

That means the affected persons will be among the people who work in temples & worship, who do homas and fire worship, Brahmins, priests (agni-hotri), hermits, engineers, people whose work uses fire like goldsmiths, inmates of Ashrams. Usually mutts, hermitages, Acharyas, Mutt heads and temples will be affected in this case of eclipse seen in the first part of the day.

In addition there were other indicators on that day of eclipse.

Jupiter signifying temples and mutts was in the junction of signs on the day of Solar eclipse.

It was at 0 degrees 58 minutes Aquarius which was the 8th sign from Cancer.

There is Balya-avastha degenerating into Marana – avastha at that point for Jupiter which was retrograde. That is an additional indicator of something not good for temples, mutts etc.

Now about the critical point of locating the place that is affected by the eclipse in this way:-

We go by two methods.

(1) The direction of the sign – starting from Aries, the directions go east, south, west and north continuously.

(2) The star sign of the state / local unit.

The eclipse in Cancer was in opposition to Capricorn. Capricorn was receiving the full effect of the eclipse.

North (cancer) and South (Capricorn) of India would face threat of floods from this eclipse.

The effect took place in the solar month of Virgo which is South in direction.

The floods ravaged the temple / mutt and Goshala when Moon was in Revathy – the star of Andhra Pradesh and opposed Sun in Virgo.

The eclipse took place in Pushya, the star of Saturn.

When all the 3 (Sun, moon and Saturn) got together in opposition to each other, the tragedy struck.

Jupiter was in the constellation of Mars at the time of eclipse.

At the time of floods, Mars had 8th aspect on Jupiter and also had 4th aspect on Virgo, where sun and Saturn were posited in opposition to moon.

Beyond all these astrological vulnerability to Mantralaya, the much revered place by all, there must also exist some chronic or self-ingrained factor to make this Abode suffer like this. One probable reason has been cited by the people of Mantralaya.

Some senior citizens at Mantralaya and Raichur believe that the devastation has something to do with the shifting of Manchalamma temple last year. Manchalamma is the "Grama Devatha" and provided place for Sri Raghavendra swamiji's Brindavan. Till date, a temple has not been built for Manchalamma which could have something to do with the devastation, believe these residents.

This factor must be solved immediately.


Anonymous said...

Almost all astrologers analys events and explains why they have happened. It is just post martem
and what is the use other than showcasing the storage of knowledge of the writer?

jayasree said...

Hello, this mail was an old one, written and posted at the time of floods. There was some glitch in my blog and readers complained that the article could not be opened. You will find such comments in the next post (at that time) in

I also noticed some difficulty in opening that page and so re-posted it yesterday.

Coming to your charge, mundane predictions are vast and yet to be taken up exclusively. It is because most of the time we are busy with individual's horoscopes.

The knowledge of predictions on natural calamities are so varied and have to be done through extrapolations. In addition we don't have authentic details of time of occurrence of natural calamities for verification. Only in the last couple of years, we find details on earthquakes that occurred in the last 50 years, on the internet. For every other natural calamity, we don't have much of past models to check and verify. We have to only go by theory. If you read my earlier post at the time of eclipse (when the fear of triple eclipse was there) you will find how I treated the subject.

I for one, am concentrating on the indicators of terror attacks and formed models for prediction. I am working on earth quake prediction and collecting ancient wisdom on this and am in the process of verifying with past earthquakes. My next project is predicting rainfall day- wise for which I have to observe and work on all 365 days in a year and for a minimum of 3 years.

The theory and knowledge is given by rishis. We have to work on them. I for one, am keen on working on them. I expect an intellectual and corroboratory analysis in this endeavor rather than caustic comments.

The post mortem analysis happens in all branches of science too, as what we know is just a handful.
Showcasing writer's knowledge is the impression you have, but I know what a long way I have to tread - and how I can not claim to master this science of astrology in my life time.

Unknown said...


In this arrticle, I read as follows : Revathy – the star of Andhra Pradesh. Then what is the star of Tamilnadu. Also please read out me the fate of tamilnadu in future from 2017 onwards. You might have known why I ask this question to you. I am little bit worried of Tamilnadu on the present situation, every where turmoil, agitations, fear of future among the people, unsatisfied mind of the people over the ugly politicians, uncertain environment, becoming of desert etc. What may be the position prevailing at the present, will it be a good one in the future ? Positive needs...

eagerly awaiting your response at the earliest..

jayasree said...

@ erode rc,

Please read my comments to this article -

I have discussed the rasi of TN and its future in that comment section. I presume that Kanni (Virgo) is the rasi of Tamilnadu. I have written all that there.