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Diseases caused by poorva janma karma - Part 1

Diseases caused by Purva Janma karma

In the previous post we saw how Mrithyu reaches one by means of disease. Any disease does not spring up suddenly one day. The death – causing disease is ingrained at birth itself in the form of some weakness and vulnerability. When the respective planetary dasa or bhukthi runs, it triggers the blow-up of the disease.

Though the cause of a disease is traced to a deficiency or some such factor, the kind of suffering one experiences can not happen unless a related karmic reason is there as a causative. Ayurvedic system traces such causes for certain diseases so that in addition to medicine, the related propitiatory remedy can also be suggested to reduce the impact of the karmic cause. The book called 'Vaidhya Chinthamani" traces the acts in previous birth that follow one in the next birth and gets manifest as a disease. In other words, certain acts (karma) are identified as causatives of certain diseases. Such karmic diseases have to be treated with remedial measures in addition to medicine. The wisdom of Vaidhya Chinthamani is given below as a table.

Previous karma
  • Deceiving the master
  • Disobedient to elders
  • Harming Brahmins
  • Intercourse during eclipse
  • Donation of cloths
  • Recital of Vishnu sahasranamam
  • Fire sacrifice with Aidragni hymn
  • Murdering a Brahmin
  • Intercourse with the wife of master
  • Black marketing medicines
  • Poisoning followers and others
  • Kushmanda homa
  • Donation of idols of sun and ox
  • Worship of Shiva
Eye diseases
  • Looking at women with passion
  • Causing injury to eyes of others
  • Feed blind people with pudding made of rice, pulses and milk
  • Donation of idol of kite bird
Ulcer in genitals
  • Contempt of master
  • Donation of an idol of elephant
  • Hatred for Brahmins
  • Donation of sacred thread.
Fits / unconsciousness
  • Killing master / guru
  • Killing employer
  • Japa of Ashtakashari for 5 lakh times
  • Donation and worship connected with Mercury and Jupiter
  • Cutting trees
  • Stealing vegetables
  • Donation and worship connected with Moon and Mars.
  • Donation of pearls and corals weighing 6 carats
  • Obstructing others from doing worship or good deeds
  • Donation of idol of Vishnu
  • Spoiling the good deeds of others or food by deliberately putting hair or insects or allowing to be touched by crows and dogs
  • Donation of rice and ghee
  • Feeding 50 Brahmins
Chronic cough and phlegm
  • Stealing
  • Stealing poor man's money deceitfully
  • A penance is recommended.
  • Helping the poor
  • Illegal affairs / contact with women
  • Donation of gold
Throat diseases
  • Theft
  • Robbing public property
  • Worship and donation connected with Mercury and Venus

General remedial for
  • Fever – Worship of Rudra
  • Chronic diarrhea – Rudra and Varuna hymns
  • Ear diseases – Hymns of Sun / Adhithya
  • Dumbness / speech difficulties – Donation of idol of Saraswathy & worship and donation pertaining to Mercury.

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Unknown said...

Hi jayasreeji,

Please let me know the obesity causes..

Please also provide any book which shows remedy for the same..



I had a problem of poorva janma papam. And I have a black mole in my right ribbs, a swamiji said that it will cause sex problems in entire life. What is the best pariharam
for that.
Thanking you

Unknown said...

Can you give the causes for diabetes and its remedies as well as black marks on the legs and its remedies as well?

R Balasuramanian said...

Jayashreeji,Pranam! What is the remedy for Parkinsons disease at an early age.Also for Hyper tension due to Tri-glicerites.These are not subsiding inspite of best medicenal cures.Help me.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

I will write part 2 of this topic soon and post the link here. The basic texts for that part will be Prasna Marga by Neelakanta and Karma Vipaka by Veerasimhavaloka. There are Nadi texts which also reveal the Karma vipaka of diseases for the individuals.

Though all diseases are caused by some karma of purva janma, not all are specifically related to specific acts. Those that are specifically related to a past karma is given in the above article. Part 2 also will deal with such specific acts.

The rest are found out from individual horoscopes by analysing the 6th house, its Navamsa dispositor and the sign lord in Rasi of that dispositor, the 8th lord and the related planets to 6th and 8th houses. The diseases for which no known causes are seen can be known from Baadhaka lord and 5th lord and 5th house. A whole-some analysis must be done to know the planets that cause the disease and based on that the past karma is deduced. This varies from horoscope to horoscope. It is a tough task too and there is no way to know the authenticity of the derived conclusions. But the specific diseases listed out in the above article and that are to be written in part 2 are based on olden texts and developed by sages. Any reader of this article is advised to keep this in mind.

@ Jayaprakash Reddy
I have mentioned the names of texts above. Remedies must be decided on the basis of individual horoscopes. Karma vipaka remedies are given in the article.

@ Durai Raj

Please consult the same swamiji to know more. Usually any skin related disease of long standing and debilitating nature that makes the native to feel embarrassed, is related to some karma in matters of sex. It could be anything like, illegitimate sex, rape, sex with others while wife is alive, ignoring the wife, multiple partners, adultery and all the like. The only kind of sex that does not attract any karmic retribution is being to loyal to one's own wife. Based on the degree of the offense in every other kind of sex, the resultant karma will certainly have a disease related to the skin and some embarrassment on account of it. One Nadi text said that a man got leprosy due to ignoring his wife and desiring another woman. Another Nadi text said that a man (king's family) in a previous birth who had affairs with many woman had uncured itching problems in his next life. Generally the planets associated in these cases of skin related ailments are Mercury and Ketu. They must be propitiated. You said right ribs. Check the 3rd and 4th house, their lords, the signs Gemini and Cancer to arrive at the afflicting planets and remedies from them.

@ Indira Gajadjar.
Diabetes is a karmic disease. It is known as Prameha. One of the karmic causes is illicit and illegitimate sex in a previous birth. Other causes are stealing food, mis appropriation of agri produce of others etc. The logic is that if one makes an offence in the food to be taken by others, one's own food will not be absorbed by his body. Karma vipaka remedies are gifting water and food, gifting gold and cow. Chanting of Varuna mantra. Google search for Varuna mantra.

@ Bala subramanian.

Parkinson's disease is not found mentioned as such in texts. But the nature of that disease shows that it is very much a karmic disease. Since brain and nervous system are affected in the disease, the related karma vipaka could be that of having caused immense damage or suffering to brain related faculties of others. You can derive any number of such offences starting from poisoning to deliberately hampering the chances of others in achieving the fruits of the efforts of brain (thought, deed and action). The planets involved are Sun (brain / head) and Mercury (nervous system). Others must be deduced from the horoscope. Do remedies for them.

For hyper tension, the karma vipaka texts speak about Raktha pittham or blood related pitta. usually the karmic cause is unscientific preparation of medicines or careless treatment of people with diseases (in previous birth). Propitiation of mars is one remedy.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Part 2 of this series has been posted now. It is on diabetes and can be accessed in this link -

Unknown said...

For chronic low back pain

Jayasree Saranathan said...


//For chronic low back pain//
Mercilessly extracted work from others, people and / or animals. If disease onset and suffering period associated with Saturn and / or Ketu, harm to teachers, temple property and servants indicated.
Remedies: Propitiate Saturn, Ketu and Sun. Donate cow to Veda pata shala. Offer food, shed to both cows and buffaloes.

Jeevan kumar said...

I'm suffering from meneiers diseases, hearing loss due to nerves numbness in left ear.. what is remedy/ solution madam

Unknown said...

Mam, can you please elaborate on alopaecia aerata . I was searching since long time as to what bad deed in previous birth us causing this

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Immunity issues and excess male hormones are the causes for this, if I am right.

Just link the testosterone behaviour on the excessive side. Offence committed due to that results in premature or disease kind of hair loss. If the cause is immunity issue, the offence is of the nature of destroying the basic resistance features in others. Like administering certain medicine or food deliberately to cripple someone. Generally the disease is directly related to the causative feature that's done to others in a previous birth.

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