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Do not become a martyr in this country – Kavita Karkare

I received the translated version of a poem by Mrs Kavita Karkare through e-mail which I am sharing here. The following salutation by Dr S. Kalyanaraman ( who is working for saving Sethu and restoring the lost glory of Saraswathy civilization) reflects what millions of people like me would wish to say.

This poem of Kavita Karkare is an epitome of the state of the nation. It verily defines rashtra dharma. The rashtram which does not know how to honour her heroes is an adharma nation.

The rashtram which knows how to honour her heroes and
patriots who have laid down their lives in defence of the motherland is a dharma nation.

Kavita ji, you have rendered a great service to the rashtram.

is a wake-up call to every bharatiya as Hero Hemant Karkare's aatman has attained the paramapadam of the paramaatman.

May paramaatman give
you the strength of will to take the rashtram to great heights. Do not despair. People of this punyabhumi bharatam will not let you down.

Hemant's dharma will protect you, your family and all the
citizens of Bharatam. For the sake of the children of Bharatam, don't despair Kavita ji. Be brave, like pujaniya Hemant ji. Dharmo rakshati rakshitah."





Kavita Karkare’s heart-rending poem which she read out on the occasion
of the Marathi edition launch of `To The Last Bullet’ on December 22,
2009 in Pune should pierce the heart of every conscientious citizen of
this country.

Title: Do not become a martyr in this country


Mrs Kavita Karkare

Do not commit the mistake of becoming a martyr in this country

Your image will be tarnished by being called as `Headless Chicken’ or
`Dumb Ass’

Hence, never commit the mistake of being a martyr in this country.

Why has the martyr being adorned with `Ashoka Chakra’?

Is what they will argue aimlessly and insensitively

Even the `Ram Pradhan Committee (meant to give justice) will hang the martyr

Hence, never commit the mistake of being a martyr in this country.

While fighting terror, why didn’t help come in time? Why were the injured

lying for 40 minutes without help?

As a martyr’s wife in this country, never ask such questions.

Firstly, never commit the `crime’ of being a martyr in this country.

Nowhere in the world is a martyr tested for alcohol, but in this
country this humiliation is also not spared

Never try to understand the politics behind this irrational demand.

Never commit the mistake of being a martyr in this country.

Which senior officer switched off his mobile during the hour of terror?

Or which senior officer twiddled his fingers on a terrace?

Never pick up courage to point such fingers.

Never commit the mistake of being a martyr in this country.

We have been reminded a hundred times about compensation to martyrs

As also the money we got as their `Leave Encashment’ and `Provident Fund.’

If that was not enough, we were reminded they paid us Rs.15,000 for
our husbands’ funeral,

Never commit the mistake of being a martyr in this country.

By being in the government service

Never make the mistake of being a martyr in this country

In this country, the crime of murder is pardoned

The corrupt released from the prison

Walk in public, with their head held high

But if you become a martyr, you are ostracised from society

Never commit the mistake of being a martyr of this country.

Should the martyr be hanged?

Or should he be kept alive?

You will decide that

We have set aflame the torch,

Which you will keep it burning.


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mosurh said...

This is so apt at a time when Rajiv Gandhi assasination accused are being made into heroes by the publicity given. While I dont want to see Periavalan hanged but must we be so blind to the feelings of the 28 odd people who died for no reason of theirs, they were martyrs. Whatever Rajiv Gandhi did right or wrong the 2 foreigners(Sri Lankan Murugan and Santhan)are accomplice to a crime on Indian soil. How different is it from what Kasab did?
I am yet to see a channel which shows the victims of this heinous act other than Rajiv Gandhi.Is being human more important or being Tamil?