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The fraudulent caste politics of India.

There is a mixed response to the proposed inclusion of noting down caste of the citizen in the Census of this decade. The opponents think that the politicians would use it to further their casteist agenda which is in a way true.

But what we must also see is that there is an advantage in enumerating the caste in the census. First advantage is that no one can simply produce a caste certificate - which is quite easy now – if his or her name is entered in the name of another caste in the Census.

The census must become a reference for caste and income group. Every caste certificate or every claim to belong to a caste must be cross checked with the Census data.

Today we have a crisis in the form of ration cards in Tamilnadu where the number of ration cards had exceeded the population of Tamilnadu! I for one am not able to get a ration card for nearly 2 years since I shifted back from Karnataka. The reason is that they are yet to weed off bogus ration cards in my locality. Where there are a lakh families, there are now 3 lakh ration cards, they say. I don't know when they will clear all these and issue me one for which I have all proper documents of transfer from Karnataka. This is in stark variance to what I experienced in Karnataka when I shifted to that state in 2003. I could get my ration card within 3 months of applying which I got transferred from TN. This was inspite of my total absence of knowledge of Kannada at that time and not knowing any official of the office issuing ration cards. Everything was straight.

But Tamilnadu is a different place.

This applies to getting caste certificate too.

Any average citizen of Tamilnadu knows that caste certificate can be got for some 'payment'. If you don't get a certificate of your desired caste, it is because you don't know whom to pay and how much to pay.

I have seen people who boast off their superior caste, having no qualms to change a small word in the certificate to make it BC or MBC. There are few castes such as Vellala coming with variations that can make you a forward or backward or most backward. The only people who have not changed the caste in Tamilnadu are Brahmins – Iyers and Iyengars. Most of others who claim themselves as forward have caste certificates. These are the people who don't even employ people of certain castes as domestic servants. And they accuse Brahmins of being casteist. I may sound to be too accusative. But it is true.

We all know that there is absolutely no need for reservation in colleges, PG courses and in jobs. In the absence of income criteria, only the affordable ones are grabbing the seats.

Look at this year's PG dental seat allotment. As has been in the past, this year also there is no OC (read forward) candidate entering PG course in Madras Dental College.படப்


















































In the above allotment there is a huge scandal which no one cares to talk about. This allotment was done on the basis of entrance test which was written by 1000 s of candidates by paying Rs 1,200 /- for the application. But the the number of seats filled were only 16. This list includes service candidates too. Upto 10 marks are added just like that for the number of years since passing BDS. So the seniors always get the chance.

This year no other dental college in Tamilnadu offered their seats. The government which clinches a formula for engineering colleges does not care about PG dental seats. The reason is obvious. No minister has yet started a dental college in Tamilnadu. Those who have 'connections' had already converted their colleges into private universities and they don't offer seats to Govt-pool. Everyone is a Ketan Desai in this field.

When the government knows that it can not offer seats from a pool of colleges, why did it conduct entrance exam in the first place? Is it for making money?

Now look at the appointment of Medial officers.

There are only 2 forward class candidates selected as Medical officers among 106 appointments. What for reservation exits in our country? To exclude Forward class people (read Brahmins) from getting employment in government jobs and getting education in prime colleges?

The list can be read in this link.,DGO,DCH.pdf

Reservation politics must die out someday. Only BC and MBC are getting the top ranks. Today the trend is changing. When they are allotted in the order of OC, they want to avail the seats given through caste categories. In the recent allotment of IAS postings, the BC and MBC coming in the OC did not want to take up what is offered as per OC rank list. They wanted specific postings as per caste allotment. This issue will grow big in the coming years. All this makes the reservation a laughing stock.

In this scenario, I think recording one's caste (the entire family will be of a caste by this) and income in the census will become a check point for every caste certificate that is shown to avail reservation. This also makes sure that people can not change their castes in the subsequent census recordings. The recording of one's caste must become irreversible and unchangeable in future census recordings.

We can know the level of economic development of a caste from the census and remove those castes from reservation category. Today the politicians may not do anything in these lines. But someday better sense might prevail when reservation policy will become totally unmanageable. At that time we will be in need of some data to assess the situation.

Therefore we need to record the caste and income level in the Census.

- jayasree



When traitors seize power

This decision of Congress — taken without any consultation with Indian citisens — will put the very existence of India and Hindu society at stake. Instead of unity, it will create division and weakness, to the benefit of this political party which is nothing but an extension of the British rule.

This "caste policy" was introduced by the British as a way of social engineering after the 1857 revolt. Their objective was to fragment Hindu society into water-tight compartments and ensure that they remain in a state of mutual hostility . But such a policy being adopted by an Indian party after independence is nothing but treason.

Notice that while Hindus will be asked their caste by census commissioners, no provision has been made to ask Muslims and Christians which sect they belong to — Shia or Sunnir or Ahmadias; or Protestants, Catholics or Seventh Day Adventists. This shows the agenda of Congress.

The presiding deity of Congress, Sonia Gandhi, is a shady character with foriegn linkages. Seeing her recent desisions, I am convinced beyond doubt that she is a plant into the Gandhi family and is taking orders from the Americans and the Church to further their interests in India to the detriment of the pagans. Infiltrating christians into pagan ruling families is an old Christian trick that was well played in Europe when it was being Christianised through force and deception.

The Congress courtiers are scared of Hindu consolidation which the BJP is trying to engineer. Hindu unity is anathema to Congress — its entire existence depends on taking support of Muslims and Christians and promote their interests against the Hindus. This "caste in census" move is the Congress' response to that strategy by dividing Hindus into bits and peices which can then be played against each other. All artificial identities of the Hindus created by the British and the missinoaries will now be formalised by the Indian state. The result will be chaos and weakening of the Hindu society, which is exactly what the Congress and outside powers supporting it want.

Since Gandhi's time, Congress has been taking support of Muslims to rule over the Hindus as their proxy. Now, with massive conversions going on by the church in India, this party of rootless Hindu opportunists has included Chrisitans into the mix. So it is essentially Hindus and BJP on one side, and Congress, Muslims and Christians on the other. But Congress will keep winning as some mentally blind Hindus keep supporting it without realising the long-term consequences of what they are doing to their own future security in their own homeland.

This latest step of Congress proves it is a party of race traitors. What is particularly galling is that it is winning not by public support, buy massive EVM fraud through Chawla, another shady character.



Caste as British Creation

I have always believed that the so-called "caste system" as it exists today is essentially a creation of the British. I am glad other people think so too. To realise how British created modern caste system through their census, read Arun Shourie's "Falling Over Backwards." It has shocking revelations about British mischief. They were determined to divide Hindu society into various mutually hostile castes, reality be damned! The instructions to census commissioners were directly coming from the Viceroy's office. However, the census agents in the field were sending contrary reports — they were saying most Hindus have no idea what their caste is. To this the Viceroy replied that simply mention their occupation as their caste, but at no cost should the caste column be left blank. I am outraged at the nonsense that has been dished to us about the so-called caste system.

I was always curious as to why the Indian history before the British is silent on the alleged caste system. Mughal records or even ancient Indian literature does not mention castes at all. As late as in 19th century, over 2/3rd of Indian kings were from the low or middle castes. There have hardly been any Brahmin kings in India. Neither have Brahmins ever been known for their wealth. So how come the caste system came to be called as an integral part of the Hindu society with Brahmins as the main oppressors of everyone?

There is major psyops involved in fooling Hindus about this issue. Most such accusatory scholarship about caste has only one origin: Christian evangelists in the guise of historians and sociologists. Indians should research their ancient and medieval literature themselves and bring out the truth about the caste system so that this mischief of Westerners and church finally comes to an end.

Indian caste system created by British: Hindu group

An umbrella group of Hindus says prominent British members of parliament who want legislation in Britain to protect against caste discrimination are being "misled by Christian groups".

The Hindu Council UK (HCUK), which is opposed to religious conversion, said in a new report that caste discrimination does not exist in Britain – and that caste, in any case, was created by the British in India.

"Today, we are putting the record straight. We are also naming and shaming those who spread misinformation about Hinduism and its relationship to caste in an ill-disguised attempt to vilify the Hindu people and cause division within our community," said HCUK general secretary Anil Bhanot.

Bhanot claimed in his foreword to the report that ruling Labour Party MPs Rob Marris and Jeremy Corbyn, "who are lobbying the Department of Communities and Local Government to legislate against caste discrimination, may have been misled by Christian groups who want, quite simply, to 'save' people from the 'falsehood' of Hinduism and convert people to Christianity."

"Caste has been the subject of ill-informed comment for too long," Bhanot said in a statement on Thursday.

The report's author, Raj Pandit Sharma, added that the caste system had been created by the British during their colonial rule in India.

"It was the British who single-handedly formulated the caste schedules that remain in place today," Sharma wrote. "The evils manifest in the current form of the caste system cannot be ascribed to the Hindu faith. The current adulteration of the Hindu 'varnashram' system is a direct result of generations of British colonial bureaucracy."

The group said the report was the result of several months of research by Sharma, a member of the HCUK's executive.

Accusing some anti-caste groups in Britain of "seeking government legislation and government funds to tackle this supposed problem", the HCUK said: "Caste, as described in the Hindu scriptures, is not determined by birth."

"It is no joke to have to ward off concerted misinformation campaigns from UK parliamentarians who really ought to know better," Bhanot said.

While Corbyn is a prominent left-wing campaigner for human rights and race relations, Marris was among several ruling party MPs who attended a Diwali function hosted by Britain's longest-serving Asian MP Keith Vaz in the House of Commons last year.

Caste, the group said, is "assumed by most non-Hindus to be always a gross form of unjust discrimination, an alleged feature of Hinduism so maligned it justifies attempts by Christians to convert Hindus here in the UK, in India, and elsewhere."

It, however, acknowledged and condemned what it called the "abuse of varnashram" in India.

These British MPs should be rebuffed with the contempt that is reserved for White racists and Christian fundamentalists, for that is what these people are. They are working in tandem with the church and always have one eye cocked toward coversion efforts in India. The moment a state government in India passes law to curb conversions through bribes and force, these people start making a noise in the British parliament. These red necks should be shown their place by the Indian government and they be clearly told that meddling in the social system of India is not their birth right and this behaviour of theirs will be tackled with extreme prejudice. These MPs still have their minds frozen in the early 20th century. It is about time they were woken up the reality that Hindus have become independent.

Here is an article about the role of British in creating the caste system of India through their census. It is written by Kevin Hobson, a Canadian historian of the British empire.

It is a great failing of nationalist historians of India that they have been unable to do more research into this and expose the true facts to the world.

The Indian Caste System and The British
Ethnographic Mapping and the Construction of the British Census in India
By Kevin Hobson

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