Saturday, November 26, 2016

Why MMS could not give a fraction of what Chetan Bhagat could on Demonetisation?

As I was planning to write on Manmohan Singh’s admonition of the Demonetisation process (Full text here ) in the Rajya Sabha, I happened to come across a brilliant piece by Chetan Bhagat which is reproduced at the end of the article.
Though at the outset MMS seemed to be critical of the demonetisation drive of the Modi Government, he actually did not find fault with the motive of this drive. He did say that “Prime Minister has been arguing that this is the way to curb black money, to prevent growth of forfeiture currency notes and also to help in control of terrorist finance activities. I do not disagree with these objectives.” What he found faulty was the execution plan which he characterised as ‘monumental mismanagement’. It is unfortunate he did not and could not come up with any one suggestion of how to make the execution process better. As an economist and a banker, he must have given some better suggestions in the nature of corrective steps which however were found in the simple ‘take’ of Chetan Bhagat! After reading his, it looks obvious that it does not need an economist’s brain to give those suggestions. It is all common sense and some clarity in thinking that tells what is lacking in the execution process and where. It is a pity that MMS could not demonstrate that clarity or was not allowed to display it.  
Perhaps the party he belongs to must be held responsible for it. For, there is on record a quotable quote of his party under the leadership of the mother in law of his leader forfeiting the responsibility of wiping out black money in the country for narrow political reasons. In a brilliant article titled “Demonetisation Demythified” the economist Bibek Debroy recalls the conversation Y.B.Chavan, the then Finance Minister had with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
So, political considerations came in the way of economic reforms for the so-called Iron lady of India. While everyone knew that something must be done to check black money and that something is going to be more painful for the politician in terms of risks and political costs, isn’t it laudable that we have at least in our times a iron- willed politician who thinks above politics?
Looking at the hue and cry made only by the political parties – for obvious reasons of having lost their unaccounted wealth at one stroke – which is what MMS perhaps referred to when he said that demonetisation is a “case of organised loot, legalised plunder” (of politician’s wealth), we need intellectuals come forward – with Manmohan Singh on the lead - with ideas to better the process and reduce the inconvenience to the honest people.
I make a specific reference to honest people because going by the figures quoted it seems that a vast majority of those coming under non-salaried class are not honest by having unaccounted money that forms a substantial part of the black money. They have to fall in line and become law abiding. They are the losers in this demonetisation drive and they are the ones who are actually affected by the so-called ‘inconvenience’ and ‘sufferings’. This reform is meant to reform them.
But it appears the desired results have started setting in. The following tweets by Rahul Kanwal say a lot about them.
This drive followed by a series of measures in sequences make it difficult for people to make shady dealings. This is not a medium or long term effect but an immediate effect which is set to continue as long as vigilant and control systems are in place and working. In that sense Economics of Modi which I wish to call as Modinomics is a new revolutionary theory of economics of modern times aimed at curbing black money and cleaning the economy and people’s mind as well.

There was a time when economy was totally free of State control. But State interference was advocated – particularly by Keynes (who was quoted by MMS “in the long run all of us are dead”) to uplift the sagging economy from Depression. Since then all the countries are doing what he had said (Keynesian Economics). But times are such that social behaviour also plays a part in economics. 

Greed, cheating, currency terrorism (floating fake currencies done by Pakistan), aiding terrorism by fake and unaccounted money and even winning polls by unaccounted money have become the order of the day. Preaching and teaching good behaviour are obsolete in this situation. Some master strokes with a volley of measures and counter measures to check the newly coming up challenges to derail the process have to be innovated to tackle the situation. This is what Modinomics is doing in the current Demonetisation drive. To put it more exactly, a concept of Modinomics is evolving now which would be written as a theory in about a decade or two’s time.

The whole world is watching as this is the problem in many countries. The success or otherwise of this drive would tell the theorists how well this can be codified as a solution to the socio-economic ill-behaviour of the present and future world.

In this context the quote by MMS from Keynes that “in the long run all of us are dead” looks like a mis-quote. The actual context of this statement by Keynes is to dismiss the criticism of his detractors on the long term implication of his theories. His take was that none of them would live that long to see the expected negative implications of his theories. But in the case of Modinomics, we had started seeing the so-called long term effects in the immediate short term which is what is revealed in Rahul’s tweet above.

With digitalisation getting ushered in and continuous monitoring-cum- corrective steps being taken to check black transactions and the proposed Benami transaction reforms as a follow-up of the current drive on demonetisation, a new situation is arising where Long term is short term and Future is not far away!

- Jayasree


My Take on Demonetization
Many have asked me to give my views on demonetization, suggest any positive ideas and explain the benefits and issues in simple terms. Since it is not possible to do it all in a few tweets. Here is my take on it., both the MOVE itself as well as the EXECUTION of it.


1) It shows government’s seriousness to tackle black money. This signaling effect alone is a huge benefit to the nation where many evade taxes.
2) It will ensure a significant part of the black money gets back to the government. It's not true that nobody gains from the money burnt/thrown away. (See next point)
3) The old money not swapped in banks is effectively the government's Profit. Say 17 lakh crs of total money existed in old notes, and only 13 lakh crores comes back. For remaining 4 lakh crores, the government can print new notes, and keep it themselves. Hence, the government does stand to make a lot of money in this (which can be then used for people)
4) It's nice to see a PM who works, has innovative ideas and wants to make a change. We have had leaders who sat quietly and did little. It is good to see a man of action.
At the same time, like any policy, there are some issues.


1) Execution of such an exercise in India is no joke. We just aren't technically ready to do this in a smooth manner. (That is why we are facing some execution issues, which I get into later.)

2) There are some tricks still people can use to swap black money into new money. It will reduce the amount of black money recovered.

3) There is a huge cash economy in India. It isn't 'black'. It's just cash. To suck up so much liquidity will lead to a slowdown and losses for a lot of people, for no fault of their own. The slowdown in economic activity will cause lower profits, and in turn lower taxes for the government.

4) A potential crash in real estate prices. While some want property prices to fall, a huge drop can cause an economic shock, reduction in bank collateral values etc., again leading to a recession.

5) The exercise by definition involves everyone swapping their money after showing their 
credentials. In effect, everyone has to prove they are innocent and have clean money. This is somewhat invasive to citizens, and while there is no other way, it remains an issue.

6) The exercise would be expensive, and that cost needs to be taken into account.

7) It's a jolt to our stable monetary system. Doing it again and again will cause people to lose confidence in our currency. It's really a one-off, and even that destabliizes things.

8) The tax department may use it as an excuse to harass people later, with endless questioning about the extra bank entries.

Net Effect:

Overall, demonetization is a good move. Given the extent of black money in the country, and the tiny taxpayer base, something had to be done. It had to be drastic. It has been done now. We should now do what it takes to make it succeed.


As important as an idea is it's execution. There clearly have been execution issues, causing pain to a lot of Indians who have wasted a lot of productive time in queues. While doing things for the nation is good, one need not have to suffer because of bad planning or someone not thinking things through. The good and bad of the execution are:


1. It's happening, and still the country is chugging along. Banks across the country are slow, but doing their bit. There is no mass hunger, or calamity so far. Thank God.

2. Government is taking steps to ease the pain. The change in limits helps. The banks are also devising ways to manage the crowds.

3. People in India are on the whole, taking it well.


1. Someone didn't plan the logistics well - it is one thing to make an excel spreadsheet of number of bank branches and the people involved. It is quite another to when you deal with India's reality on the ground. There are bottlenecks galore in this exercise - whether printing of notes, uncaliberated ATMs, or limits to the number of cash vans. One can say whatever about the secrecy required, but it seems that while finance professionals sat and spoke up in the meetings, industrial engineers and operations research experts probably did not to the extent required. We are seeing the fallout now.

2. Citizens do not have to take so much pain. Inconvenience is one thing, suffering quite another. To say bear it in the name of patriotism is not listening to the issue - the execution is not efficient. It is the same as how people say - "Oh, the temple is dirty, bear it in the name of God." Sorry, God had nothing to do with it. The temple management didn't keep the temple clean. Same ways, patriotism has nothing to do with the fact that someone didn't plan the ATMs better or didn't make the new 500-Rs note available early.


In final analysis, we should support demonetization, but keep reminding the government to iron out the execution issues. Some ideas:

1. Online appointment booking for banks.
2. Easy forms, which can be pre-filled. Faster check-outs at banks.
3. Hiring interns at banks for short term, supervised by existing employees.
4. Opening banks 24 X 7 after new hires come in.
5. Supplying enough notes to banks as fast as possible.
6. Fixing the ATMs
7. Declaring one or two holidays (not for banks!) for people to get their finances in order
8. Removing withdrawal limits as fast as possible.
9. Having empathy for people in lines, from the highest levels of government.
10. Giving an incentive to people to come to the bank. A meal coupon would go a long way too.

I hope the above helps you understand demonetization better. I also hope you focus on the making the exercise work, which means supporting the idea and yet demanding better execution. It also means not to get sucked into any propaganda or political drama.

Do share with others if you think this will help people get some clarity on what is going on and what needs to be done.

God bless.
Thanks, love and Jai Hind,
Chetan Bhagat


Shanks said...

I agree with you completely. The need of the hour is to come up with constructive solutions. Well written. Thanks

jayasree said...

Thanks for the comment Mr Shanks. The next few days are going to be more trying days as month-end / month beginning cash / money requirements have to be met. I hope the govt and RBI are a prepared lot. I believe that majority people are also ready to brave whatever inconvenience comes in the way. Even in villages people understand the motive of this drive and though look inconvenienced, are nonetheless supportive of this drive. I think this message from across India had made Mamata change her stance on Bharat Bandh.

Unknown said...

Dear Mami,

Congratulations on the correct prediction of Trump! It was really amazing to read. And, yes, we are reading your articles - may not be commenting as most of it is already either asked by others or answered by you.

There are some astrologers predicting that this will not be successful - although I did read in your other post about this announcement coming at the right time when Mars was exhalted. There are also some astrologer opinions that this govt will not last its entire term. Would like to know your predictions on the same.

jayasree said...

Welcome Ms Vasundhara. Reading your comment after a long time and happy to know that you are still in touch with my blog. But I felt this comment could have been written under Trump post:) so that readers and commentors of that blog would get to read your question and my reply. As far as I can understand from his horoscope, the just began Jupiter Maha dasa would not derail him. He doesn't have such falls indicated in his horoscope or in the palm lines. In contrast, Hillary has difficult combinations for a trial which I have added as an update in that article itself.

Unknown said...

I agree with you on your observations about MMS speech. All Congress people are bonded labourers without any backbone to stand up and voice against eradiction of corruption and black money. Today I read some news that the Government is worried that only Rs9 lakh crores have been deposited in banks against the circulation of Rs16 lakh crore. But when I read Chetan Anand article, I wonder why government should worry, as the non-deposited money is government's and it will swell its treasury to that extent!

jayasree said...

Welcome Mr Saranathan. Seeing you after a long time:)
Yes I read that news in TOI and also in Tamil newspapers. But inside the news item there is nothing to suggest that the Govt is worried! The media is trying every trick to demonise and demoralise the demonetisation drive.

Unknown said...

Thank you Madam!i am one of your ardent fans! I respect your scholarly views and so I regularly watch your posts. I returned from USA a few days back and so I was a bit confused as to how the people are reacting to Modi's action on Black money. Your views are inspiring and by God's grace, I hope the Financial sector would be cleansed.

harinee said...

Do u still think our CM will make it? The prayers seem to be failing ;(

jayasree said...

@ harinee,

Man proposes, God disposes.

A collective karma of all - TN people, MK family, and JJ are working. Lets see how it works.

Lalita said...


The news looks bad. What is your political pediction on Tamil Nadu? One can not be precise in such moments. But your views would be helpful. I am nervous that this will give MK renewal.

harinee said...

Completely unfair that the evil survives and the right is dying. Astrology has failed this time.

Unknown said...

Dear madam

U had said earlier that she has burnt her karmas and there will be no rebirth.

Pray this becomes true no other solace
At this situation

skm said...

Dear Madam,

Can you kindly perform an analysis on her Punya chakra.

harinee said...

When prayers at such a large scale fail how can you believe in anything anymore? Every astrologer said she had a long life. She herself was so devout despite all the hardships in her life. And yet no God saved her I am sure we will have some fancy explanation of karma etc but this is a monumental failure for a believer.

Unknown said...

Prayers cannot fix what is already ordained. If it is that simple then no one will die. One cannot expect all prayers will be answered. Thats why Lord Krishna says in Gita - Do your best and leave the results to me because you have no control over results. This is a good example that all power, money etc is temporary. Having said that she is a good soul and may her soul reat in peace. Now we need a strong leader who has better interests of the state at heart, and spiritual one too. Lets see how it goes.

jayasree said...

@ Ms Lalita,

I was very worried about Tamilnadu's future until I saw Modi's non verbal messages at Jayalalithaa's funeral today. Modi's acknowledgement to the crowd, hugging of Panner selvam, having a word with Sasikala and even Natarajan (sasikala's husband) gave a kind of assurance that he is well in the know of inner dynamics and is capable of putting people in their place. The presence of Natarajan was atrocious and JJ would not have liked his presence. But he appearing from nowhere in her funeral gives rise to lots speculation on what is cooking. La. Ganesan tried to catch Modi's attention to Natarajan many times and this was repeatedly shown by Thanthi TV. And Modi did catch up with that sign and spared a word with Natarajan. This shows that Modi was already in the know of shady things around Natarajan and when required would snub him. On the whole his many gestures gave a feeling that things would happen in the way that Modi decides. Any mischief by Sasikala - Natarajan gang and any drift to aid DMK back to power would be checked. JJ brought TN to a stage where the DMK has been kept at bay. Modi would carry ahead with further ridding TN of DMK and cleaning the system of the likes of Sasikala- Natarajan.

With Modi at the helm in Centre, I think TN can feel safe.

jayasree said...

@ Ms Harinee,

For your comment that evil survives and the right is dying, a mundane response (I think) is that in a democracy people get what they deserve. A philosophical response is that evil does not have permanency and the right does not suffer for no reason.

On your next comment that astrology has failed, no it is not true. Astrology does not fail, only astrologers fail. I failed to see the trigger combination on Dec 4th with relevance to JJ's horoscope when Mars, Saturn and Jupiter were in exact degrees of 23- 24 degrees in alternate signs. This causes an intermingling of rays with Jupiter (dasa lord) and Saturn (Bhukthi lord) exerting on Mars (disease lord) which was aspecting natal lagna and 2nd house (maraka).

The maraka lord (Moon / 2L) and Vyaya lord (Venus / 12L) Venus joined Mars in the natal 8th house receiving the 3rd aspect of 8th lord Saturn (posited in the natal 6th house) with whom it had exchanged natal houses in transit. This is a trigger combination which was more critical than Mars entering natal degrees of natal Jupiter (Badhaka / dasa lord) at which time JJ collapsed on 22nd September. Though I thought of checking Martian transit in Capricorn as that means exchange of malefic natal houses with Saturn besides, exerting influence on natal 2nd house where Saturn was located in the natal chart, I somehow overlooked it.

Exactly at the time this coupling of rays between Mars, Saturn and Jupiter happened with natal 2L and 12L joining Mars, JJ suffered cardiac arrest which was irreparable. As her critical period of Rahu sub-sub was still running (which was to last till 23rd Dec), this trigger had taken its toll on her.

Thinking of it now, I was emboldened by her long life line in both her hands which ensures nearly 15 more years of life. That has been cut short now - perhaps due to the fact (1)her prarabdha karma was over by now and (2) she herself was caught unawares and as she almost thought that her ordeal with disease was over.

Recall her words in a press release during recent by-elections, that she had taken a rebirth and would take charge soon. When a person says like that he / she would almost be relaxed that he/ she had overcome the ordeal and all is well from then onwards. She was unprepared in her will when she was struck with cardiac failure. I think Kala deva sneaked when she least expected him.

(3) There are instances when one's plam lines such as life line gives mistaken signals. I will write them in a blog on JJ soon.

Lalita said...

Thank you Madam. I really hope you are correct. We can not have the DMK at any cost. Hope Modiji would help.

God bless you always. Good night.

harinee said...

Thanks for your response and explanations. But this is a monumental tragedy for some hardcore JJ fans like me to swallow. It will take time to believe anything for now.

jayasree said...

@ Ms Harinee,

My responses to your comments are not yet over. I went for dinner and am back to reply to you now.

you said //When prayers at such a large scale fail how can you believe in anything anymore?//

Prayers when done for others and selflessly or for a common good, do gather mass and alter the nature of the issue under consideration. There are scientific researches on how thought force and prayers greatly alter the DNA of the person (self) and this goes to apply to others on whom prayers are concentrated. It did the miracle in the first attack of lung problem and sepsis in JJ's case. JJ also had the will to fight it out and it worked. She herself called it a rebirth.

But with that, all of us became relaxed. It was reported that it was left to JJ to decide when to go back home. It seems she no longer needed hospital care in the last few days. All that she was doing was physiotherapy for sitting and standing. In all likelihood, JJ would have wanted to come back home sitting in the front seat of her vehicle flashing the V sign. With that one episode of karma was over. But at a time when she needed to be under the protection of more of such thought force / prayers, she was without it when she crossed the next trigger force. She would not have expected this as she must have been confident that she was out of danger. The trigger struck her when she least expected it. This is one kind of explanation on why prayers could not save her.

Another explanation is this. By praying for her, everyone of them who prayed, discharged their part of karma of voluntarily wishing well for some one else and thereby cleaning their Self off some bad karma. So this is more of betterment of one self than of helping some one else by their prayers. Even where the prayers had not given back their dues, remember Geetahcharyan's word on Karmani eva adhikarasthe. We have control over what we do, but not on the result of that. The result may come later or may be used to wash off some bad karma of our past. But the result would definitely be there as it is as scientific law. So one must not confuse it with our belief in karma (here prayers). Whether we believe it or not, the prayer would have its result but only that we don't know in which form or when it would materialise.


jayasree said...

You said //Every astrologer said she had a long life. She herself was so devout despite all the hardships in her life. And yet no God saved her I am sure we will have some fancy explanation of karma etc but this is a monumental failure for a believer.//

Yes she had a long life. and whatever is remaining must be gone through in a new birth. I will write about it in a blog on JJ. A person is supposed to come across 9 Gandam in his life. Many of those phases / times might pass off eventlessly. But when death strikes, it could have happened in one such gandam / difficult period. Why should one cross other gandam phases peacefully is a matter of his / her prarabdha karma.

JJ was devout and that must have helped her. Without that faith, her life could have been more miserable and terrible. So how can we know that her faith did not help her? The hardships she faced. Yes they were terrible and continuous, meaning occurring one after another. She herself has said that at every stage 'Vidhi" was playing in her life. That means she has had a terrible prarabdha karma which was difficult to overcome. But her faith, good thoughts and deeds did tamper down the effect of the prarabdha karma and manipulate it to make her climb in the ladder of Paramapada. I would write them in a blog as I understand from her life events.

Did God fail to save her as you think?
How can we know the mind of God or whether he saved her from some more trouble by taking her off from the earth? Moreover death is inevitable and saving her from death is not an act of benevolence of God. And by taking her back, it is indicated that her purpose on earth is over and her prarabdha karma assigned for this birth is over.

It used to be said that when a huge tree falls, the earth shakes. That is being felt now in JJ's departure. Similar feelings were felt by me when Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were assassinated. There was shock and fear all around at those times. I have gone through those feelings in their death. And now also in JJ's death. But past experience shows that water would find its level and things would realign. For you, this is perhaps the first time you are experiencing this shock. As time moves on we will learn to come to terms. But a loss is a loss. We can rest satisfied that she did stop MK from coming back in a rare feat of breaking anti-incumbency and that she herself was a very satisfied person after winning the recent Assembly elections.

Only one thing is pending. That is the appeal case against her in SC. I very much wanted her to see the day when she would be acquitted. But alas her Prarabdha karma did not give her satisfaction of seeing that day in her life. To that extent the prarabdha karma that caused her that ignominy was severe. Perhaps if she were to live long without this disease, she would have faced a slap from that case. Perhaps her prayers and good deeds saved her from getting that slap. I am saying this, for, I was much worried about the case getting prolonged. The judgement is due but could have come anytime now before the year end. If it were to come in the present period, I was worried that it would be negative to her. That would be death-like to her. Perhaps a part of that trauma was underwent by her in this period in the form of disease and she was saved by Almighty from an ignominy by plucking her off gracefully with all the love poured on her all around. This may be a fancy explanation but could be true as nothing happens without a reason.

If these explanations are convincing to you, you wont think that you faced a monumental failure as a believer.

jayasree said...

@ Ms Sheela,

//U had said earlier that she has burnt her karmas and there will be no rebirth.
Pray this becomes true no other solace
At this situation.//

I am revising my views as I think that JJ died before the maximum possible life that she is destined to lead. That means she has to live through the remaining years. And there are 2 issues pending. (1) she would not have liked to leave the world without getting a clean chit from the appeal in DA case in the SC. Certainly in those hours after clinical death (after she suffered cardiac arrest) she must have been arguing with her handlers in the other world that she did not want to leave without getting her name cleared. And this very much gave her the scope to come back to revive heart beat, but she must have been convinced to leave for better reasons.

(2) After the 'rebirth' from the lung infection and sepsis, she was yearning to start her chores on governance, if reports were to be true. But death struck her unexpectedly. If her thoughts were so at the time of death, the Atman would not rest. She would be born again to live the rest of life that is in her credit now and even more depending on her wishes, even if she is well fit for moksha. I will write them in a blog soon.

jayasree said...

@ Mr skm,

No idea of Punya Chakra. But I used to correlate one's life events and astrological features with probable prarabdha karma. For prominent people at the helm whose actions affect masses, it is possible to identify past karma and relate it with present events and from that future prospects. I have done such analysis for JJ, Modi and MK. Though I am hesitant to write about them, let me see how far I can write for public consumption in JJ's case.

jayasree said...

@ Mr Prakash,

It is true that prayers can not fix what is already ordained, but they can temper down the effects. In the short span of time, it would look as though destiny can be altered, but in large span of time (bird's eye's view of many births) even this tempering down is pre-destined.

You said // Thats why Lord Krishna says in Gita - Do your best and leave the results to me because you have no control over results. //

Ver much true.

//This is a good example that all power, money etc is temporary.//

Yes. It would be good if MK and DMK people get this learning:)

// Having said that she is a good soul and may her soul rest in peace. Now we need a strong leader who has better interests of the state at heart, and spiritual one too. Lets see how it goes.//

Yes. She is a very good person. Lets hope that TN continues to do well.

Unknown said...

Madam, Jayalalitha's passing away was totally unexpected and has shocked everyone. It will take a long time for the state and people to recover from this tragedy. I pray that Lord Sri Ranganatha will protect Tamilnadu from falling into the hands of unscrupulous elements. One thing that I have read online is that the hardship that Jayalalitha had to face - 75 days of hospitalization, illness and eventually passing away could be due to her hastiness in arresting Jayendra saraswati - shankaracharya and causing him mental agony. Is there any validity in this line of thinking?

jayasree said...

@ Ms Sujatha,

There is a dictum, "Purva janma krutham paapam Vyadhi roopEna peeditham" -It means the sins done in previous birth comes as diseases in this birth. So JJ's illness has no connection with what happened in Kanchi Acharya's case but with a past / prarabdha karma. If she has incurred sin in Kanchi Acharya's case, she would be getting a matching reply in the present birth or future birth. But in my opinion the Kanchi Acharya episode was not a new karma but a result of her past karma. Means, she had to inevitably do some actions that affect Kanchi Acharya which were the resultant of her past karma. I will write them in a separate blog. Meanwhile you may read my thoughts on how to view the karma angle in Kanchi Acharya's episode in my comments to one Mr Jayaraman written in my old blog "Don't under estimate Jayalalithaa" in this link

Unknown said...

Madam, thank you for the explanation. One question about your previous comments

//I am revising my views as I think that JJ died before the maximum possible life that she is destined to lead//

How is it possible that someone can die before the maximum possible life they are destined for? If birth and death are fixed, how can we say she died before? It is confusing to me? Can you please clarify, ma'm?

Unknown said...

I think it would do justice if you do a separate blog post on J or karmas etc., It would be immensely enlightening for all.

Setting aside J for a moment, did you get a chance to analyze on what would happen to the future of TN next? current cm's horoscope, etc.,? And the future lf dmk admk parties?

Unknown said...

Dear mam
On prayers @ essential slipped
Fate played well when apollo has removed puja site barricades n parked ambulances considering as nuisance

jayasree said...

@ Ms Sujatha,

//How is it possible that someone can die before the maximum possible life they are destined for? If birth and death are fixed, how can we say she died before? It is confusing to me? Can you please clarify, ma'm?//

Let me first explain like this:
Destiny acts like quantum physics; it looks defined as a particle and also manipulatable like a wave. At the point of observation, it looks as though you control it or manipulate it, or else there is no meaning in doing corrective steps like prayers and pariharas. From a distance in time - or what you may call hindsight, it looks that it could not have behaved differently - meaning, whatever elbow room you seem to have had by way of prayers was actually part of the fixed system.

When you have exerted some manipulative karma, then the intended end result must get manipulated - either it would get deleted once for all or get modified. In both these cases, the further course of destiny would also get corrected or re-aligned. Under bird's eye's view (or Maha Kala), all these modifications are fixated, but we won't perceive so at the point of time (Kalakrama). This is Maya which make us behave as though we are exerting freewill at the point of time, expecting results for it as a reaction to this exertion. But in the overall canvass this is also pre-determined.

Coming to JJ's case, one should not think that prayers and manipulative karma would cut short life. JJ's is a rare case where both her hands show uninterrupted long life but cut short in reality. Those photos were taken a few years back. At present, that is, once the re-alignment of karma has started giving results, she could have developed some aberrations / cutting lines / descending lines in her lifeline at the present age showing a severe dent in life line.

As I wrote earlier in this comment section, one comes across as many as 9 periods of such gandam like combinations. When the exit is inevitable it occurs in one of the gandam periods. In JJ's case she was crossing that gandam period between 7th August to 23rd December 2016. Within this period 2 trigger transits had come. In the 2nd trigger time, she lost her life.

In fact her troubles started from Jup-Jup- Rahu period in Sep 2014 when she was convicted by Cunha. From then onwards, she must have suffered heavily mentally, however strong willed she may be. From then to now (Jup-Sat- Rahu) her life had been one of severe humiliation, mental stress and also personal and collective prayers. All these put together gave her 2 things (1) the deterioration in health that was fast in this period and (2) highly satisfying and record making victory in the recent elections. In an alternate scenario, if only the continuous stream of assault on her by the DMK and media and in the form of cases had not happened right from 1990s, she would have lived long, but not with the fame. The continuous stream of stress made her strong in mind but weak in body and the trade-off she had with the 2 results mentioned above resulted in re-alignment of her life on earth.

Suppose there is a scenario in which JJ quit politics after the first arrest by the DMK (I am sure MK would have sent feelers asking her to exit or else face the consequences), her life would have been different. Some compromise and permanent retirement from politics would have enabled her live long and healthy too, but that is not what her destiny is supposed to be as we, the people of TN also have had a link with her destiny.

Ms Sujatha, dealing with your question for ordinary folks like us, the change in term of life sometimes get manipulated by the karma of those close to us. We do come across people where the destiny of one say, the child, affecting the life of mother or father. Though such destiny may become more defined after the birth of a child,in this example, the one who is affected must be running a gandam period at that time to get the result.

I have a personal case of one such person whose life ended due to cross-cum- collective destiny.

jayasree said...

@ Mr Prakash,

This topic of karma comes in different contexts. That is why I have not written as a single article so far. I will write a blog on JJ along with some issues of karma.

I don't have horoscopes for TN, DMK and ADMK. From the description of countries defined under Kurma Chakra by Varaha mihira, I think we can take Virgo as the sign of TN. But I have not analysed so far.

harinee said...

I very much look forward to your post on JJ.Thanks for your long response. Rajiv Gandhi's death was a shock but this is agony. Yes you are right even I feel on reflection after spending such a long time in hospital she would have had lot of medical problems which would have made it difficlut to administer and prolonged her suffering.Ultimately her peace and happiness is more important than our longing and grief.
I think what did her in was the company she kept.No one seems to know why she continued to keep company with people who tried to harm her earlier.I wish centre would open a investigation to understand what really happened that lead to her hospitalisation. I don't know about others at least I will get some peace if I know it was a natural death.Also Rahul Gandhi and Congress guys laughing at the burial was the ultimate insult to TN people
Cho Ramasamy following her feels almost like a divine event.

jayasree said...

@ Ms Sheela,

Ok. Now Mr Cho also has departed, did the violation you mentioned happened recently? But I think such violation would affect the fortunes of the hospital.

jayasree said...

@ Ms Harinee,

After seeing Natarajan in the scene, I also think that JJ must have been cheated till the last moment. Only if he had been in touch with Sasikala contrary to what she promised to JJ, his appearance and his involvement in the after events could not have happened. Now I started feeling that it was in JJ's destiny to trust someone who cannot be trusted at all, till her death. I believe that Modi has plans to deal with her. It was odd of him to have gone to Sasikala and touch her head - something I have never seen Modi do to women, he was not seen touching women as he did to sasikala. His gestures seemed to convey a message. I am sure he would not allow TN to slip into sasikala or DMK's hand.

I saw that scene of Rahul laughing when burial was taking place. I was watching the entire sequences in TV. I felt sorry for Rahul for, he and the people around him did not seem to be aware of the happenings around them and were in their own world. Rahul needs to be aware in public places that many eyes are watching him. That scene was avoidable.

It was really a surprise that Cho also left soon after JJ. As usual I am tempted to build a 'fancy' story that Cho and JJ have some bonding that goes beyond births:). Though Cho was a main player in wrecking JJ's political career in the 90s by supporting DMK, somehow they were able to mend the rift and renew their friendship. They seem to have a deep bonding with each other.

harinee said...

Can astrology highlight suspicious deaths? Getting so many whatsapp messages which point to some fishy business and unnatural death.Centre should probe this complete curtain on what happened last 2 months

jayasree said...

Ms Harinee,

Don't depend on whatsapp and social media forwards. The same DMK people who were writing foul of JJ during Chennai floods are doing it again. Read what the Apollo team had said about her stay. It has appeared in 3 magazines today. I am giving The Hindu link here

JJ was well and conscious till end.

harinee said...

I find some of the queries quite credible. I am not someone who believes every forward.Thanks for the article. Honestly I find it questionable that considering she was extremely serious most of her stay and was breathing through a tube from her neck how could she have had so much interaction.
The CM of a state is hospitalised for 75 days and not one dignitary is allowed to meet her and not one photo available even after she was supposedly cured. And why not move her abroad like MGR if she was so serious in the first place.Why do the swearing in of the new cabinet even before she has passed on?
I have faith that God will do justice and show us the light.

Unknown said...

Madam, I think there might be some merit in what Ms.Harinee is saying. We heard that even Governor was not allowed to see JJ. Not one picture is available. Do you see any suspicious angle based on the horoscope? I wouldn't be surprised at all if Sasikala and her family indulged in serious foul play. But, at the same time, if this happened, the central Govt. must have known about it. If so, why would Modi keep quiet especially given the warm and cordial relationship he shared with JJ

Raghuraman said...

I echo what Ms.Harinee is saying. If we look at Cho sir hand, we can see the scar due to drip. But look at JJ hand. Nothing seen and she must have been in drip. Also look at her face. Very clear and does not look like someone was in low diet for 75 days. Also her legs are hardly visible and not proportion to her trunk. If you read an article in Vikatan, it talks about how Sasilaka family was celebrating at Poes Garden when JJ was very critical.

jayasree said...

Dear Ms Harinee and Ms Sujatha,

The news item on condolence meeting by Apollo staff is consistent with the what Apollo had been saying through press releases and what the ADMK spokespersons have been saying right from the beginning. She was on ICU for a long time and was treated for sepsis and lung infection which required her to be in a kind of quarantined state. She was in such condition initially. The Governor visited her in such a time. Once she was taken out of tracheotomy she was given speech therapy. This was stated in the press reports then. The Apollo staff have clearly said that she had regularly met bureaucrats - Sheela Balakrishanan was always present in the hospital and it was she who was guiding the govt in those times and always even when JJ was around. Sheela was the most trusted official of JJ. The staff have also said that some ministers had met her and so also Sasikala.

But why no photograph of her appeared is something that had fueled speculations. I think that was mainly because, JJ would not have wanted it. She was one such person who would not like to appear as weak and disheveled in public. Try to recall any pic of her in a way different from how she appears before the public, you wont get any such pic. She would have liked to come home sitting in the front seat of her vehicle and flashing the V symbol.She would not have liked to go home in an ambulance. She would not have liked to show an image of her in hospital fatigue.

That is why her return was delayed though Dr Pratap Reddy had said a couple of times, that she can go home, but it is up to her to decide when. As per the news report by the Apollo staff, she was able to get up on her own and sit in the wheel chair on her own. But she would have lacked the endurance to sit for long which she needed if she were to travel back home in her car. The physiotherapy done by way of throwing balls was perhaps to strengthen her hands to lift up which she would do to acknowledge the crowd. JJ was one who would have never liked to show herself as weak and weary. She would not have liked to meet any visitor in such a condition.

On the idea of going abroad for treatment - I think that is best left to the doctors. From the news report is seen that she had complete trust in the doctors. And she would not have liked to go abroad unless there was really a need. Basically she was fiercely a nationalist and would not have liked to create an impression that facilities are lacking in her own state. Moreover whatever help from foreign land was needed, was procured. From the report it is known that she kept herself informed of the kind of treatment, the need for it etc. JJ can not be taken for a ride so easily. Only in one matter she was taken for a ride which went on till her death. That was her blind trust on sasikala. The presence of the Sasikala clan around her body, whom she had thrown out of her house, is a clear signal of the breach of trust sasikala had done. But that was how JJ's fate was designed which I will write in the blog.

When it is known that the CM is no more, there immediately rises a constitutional vacuum. So even before the last rites are done, the next CM or interim CM must be appointed. When Indira Gandhi died, the same thing happened. There was no time for Rajiv Gandhi to grieve. Only after getting appointed as PM, could he continue to do the needful for the rites. So what was done now in TN was absolutely correct. Since OPS was already leading the cabinet, there was no need for an interim CM. He was appointed as CM.


jayasree said...

JJ must have gone into critical condition on Sunday night itself. Though she was put on ECMO, there is some limit to ascertain whether her heart would revive. When that did not happen by next morning, they had made all security arrangements to handle the situation. Once everything was in place and Doctors also had lost hope in continuing on ECMO and succession was finalised (which it seems to have had the Centre in the loop with Venkaih Naidu doing the liaison), the decision to remove the life support (ECMO) could have been taken by the doctors and subsequently announced. Even when deaths happen in the commoner's life, a multi pronged preparation is needed to be done. In the case of the death of a monumental figure such as Jayalalithaa where the reverberations would be felt throughout the State, lot of things had to be done in faster pace.

I don't suspect any foul play in the current illness of JJ. But I strongly think that Sasikala had successfully conducted a life long deceit on the unsuspecting JJ. It was in JJ's Prarabdha karma that (1) she must be cheated by one whom she trusted and that (2) she could not have the last rites as per the Kula smapradaya of her birth. These two issues plus, (3)her departure without clearing her name in DA case, plus (4) her feeling of despondency that she could not live a normal life of a girl with normal aspirations on education, family and kids would give her another birth. I would write all that in the blog that I am planning to write. It would be a long article with many angles of analysis. That is why the delay in writing / posting it immediately.

Modi must be following the events in TN. He would not allow ADMK to be split now or allow Sasikala to take hold or allow any situation in which DMK would get an advantage. Gradually he would try to bring TN under BJP. In the present context, I would say the demonitisation could be a big boon in saving TN from slipping into DMK's hands. There is not much money to lure people / MLAs. Even sasikala would be hard pressed for money to influence anyone. As such demonitisation had come at the most appropriate time as far as TN is concerned.

Given here the links to the article on what Apollo staff have got to say

TOI article on the same topic -

jayasree said...

@ Mr Raghuraman,

Vikatan is the mouth piece of DMK and owned by Maran brothers. Please dont read / depend on Vikatan stories any more.

jayasree said...

The deterioration of Cho's health exactly at the moment JJ's burial was done and the subsequent departure of Cho within hours makes me stunned. Are we seeing a rare case of 'Kopperum Chozhan- Pisirandaiyar' type of friendship where one would not live when one's friend dies, or was there a bonding between them coming from a previous birth, or did Cho and JJ had a collective karma that necessitated them to depart at the same time as the give and take trade off between them got ended in this birth?? Though I am discussing about it with my family members, I am wary of putting it into writing...

jayasree said...

Reproducing here the narration by Apollo staff for the benefit of readers.


For medical team, loss of a witty, considerate friend
Ramya Kannan

Nurses and doctors of Apollo Hospitals narrate tales of Jayalalithaa’s 73-day stay when she revealed a little-known aspect of her personality

In over two months that she stayed at Apollo Hospitals, the staff grew to see and appreciate a never-seen side to Jayalalithaa. She dazzled the nurses, doctors and the hospital administrators alike with her intelligence, wit and consideration for others.

As with every other patient, they would have liked her to go home, but as they got back to work a day later, those who worked with her intensely over the 73 days, seemed to feel a vacuum on the intensely buzzing hospital premises.

‘King Kong’ nurses
Everyone nearly has a tale to tell about their time with Ms. Jayalalithaa, and they don’t need any coaxing to tell it. A team of 16 nurses, working in three eight-hour shifts on rotation took care of her right through, till the end.

Three of them, however, were extra special. “She called these nurses, Sheela C.V., Renuka M.V, and Samundeeswari ‘King Kong’, and would ask for them, keeping track of their duty hours,” explains Sunitha, nursing superintendent at the hospital.

“We were so privileged to work with her. And to think the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu trusted us and smiled to welcome us every day, that’s another feeling,” says Sr. Sheela. “She was really nice to us, she’d say, ‘You tell me what I have to do and I will do it.’ When she was tired, she would ask us if we could do something a little later, she would not refuse to do anything.”

When physiotherapy was started, she would apparently make a game of knocking little balls around, chucking them at the nurses. “And when we started oral feeds, she would say each spoon she took was for a nurse, mentioning them by name,” Sr. Sunitha chimed in. She would play old Hindi and English songs from a pen drive, and moments of nursing care were filled with songs.

“I cannot forget anything that happened these last 70-odd days,” says Sr. Renuka. “When she could write, she would write down her menu, and seemed to be fond of pongal, upma, curd rice and potatoes. We even had a separate kitchen, where her own cook was brought in sometimes, to make the food.” She would tease them sometimes about the food and invited them to Kodanad for the ‘best tea’. The nurses even got an invite to the Assembly, when she returns to work.


jayasree said...

Banter with doctors
This bonhomie spilled over on to doctors, especially female doctors. Medical director at Apollo Hospitals Sathya Bhama shared one such anecdote. “Once she told a doctor that she should change her hairstyle, that it would look better on her. And then, followed it with playful banter: ‘I’m the Chief Minister, I’m ordering you.’

Of other women doctors, she would ask about their families, if it was not getting late for them, wonder how they came to work early, and tell them to take care of their health and skin. Her stay here was filled with such moments.” Despite her circumstances, irrespective of how she was feeling, she would ask her doctors to be seated, though she did demand that they seek her permission before entering.

“She would always ask us why we were doing something to her; how it would help her and if there was any other procedure they could follow,” says Ramesh Venkataraman, one of the critical care specialists who attended to her. “Sometimes, she would tell us to adjust the settings of the ventilator to a particular specification when she was feeling uncomfortable. She followed everything we were doing very intently.”

“I’m the boss”
There is another story that is now legend in the hospital involving the London-based consultant Richard Beale. It is said Dr. Beale gathered together the younger staff who were completely in awe of her in her room one day and advised them in her presence that in the hospital they would call the shots, even if their patient was the Chief Minister. “Though she was unable to speak then, she gestured to Dr. Beale: “No. Here, I’m the boss” with a beaming smile. Everyone burst out laughing then,” recalls Babu K. Abraham, critical care specialist.

These are just a few tales, there are many more. Surely, these are going to be told and retold, again and again, in lunch rooms, wards, sterile corridors and nurses bays for a long, long time to come.

Unknown said...

Mam, I am afraid whether this govt.will go to the hands of corrupt people who have been deceiving our beloved CM. As per your astrological observations,what will be the future political and social scenario of Tamilnadu?

jayasree said...

@ Mr Vasudevan,

Everyone is worried in some way upon JJ's absence. Her constituency comprising the poor, women and loyalists are the worst hit. Today's Dinamani cartoon best describes the mood. See it here:

I have not come across a horoscope for TN. But I believe that Modi and Amit Shah would be watching the developments and see to it that TN does not slip into DMK's hands. Looking from another angle (karmic angle of JJ), JJ has finished her Karmic mission of reclaiming TN from Dravidian maaya. Solid 5 years are there for ADMK. I don't think anyone would wreck this advantage. Now what is left are the corrupt groups - Sasi on this side and MK clan on the other side. Now it is Modi's mission to reclaim TN also from corrupt elements as he is bent on doing the same at national level.

Hariharan Parasuraman said...


You have mentioned that JJ palm lines tells about her 'long' life. But 'long' is a relative term, isn't it? Long for one person could be 100, for another can it be 70?

JJ has mentioned that all her family members never crossed 60. In that context, don't you think she lived 'long' life as per her palm lines?

Sheela said...

Dear Mam

many foxes are ready to pounce for their piece of flesh. God save TN!!

i still could not digest the final rites of a practising Hindu a brahmin lady. noone to raise voice for her.

I am sure this should definitely be against her wish!! may be as you said few more janams are there to facilitate this burial is another compulsion.

She could not find one good confidante to deposit her will? is another tragedy

Raghu said...

Sri Kudanthaiamudhan had correctly predicted in May itself (excerpt from a response on this blog itself): "However winning this election for both JJ and MK is going to be a rude shock and surprise for everyone. Astrologically whoever wins and comes to power either JJ or MK, they can not stick to power beyond mid 2017 and big changes await later. it could be anything from hung assembly or related to the longevity of government or to its leader whoever or whatever it could be. Early/mid 2017 or even before this year end, many changes in political sphere of tamil nadu will take place."

harinee said...

@Sheela Completely agree. I also found it unbearable that even in death these people didnt fulfil her beliefs.And I think its because they wanted to avoid property disputes.Such a hardcore Hindu getting buried is the cruellest thing they could have done to her soul.

jayasree said...

Dear all,

Posted my views in Jayalalithaa's demise in a new article titled "Travails of Jayalalithaa in life and in death – a Karmic angle." The link is