Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gopalpuram turns into a tinsel town, so what - asks Karunanidhi.

இந்த மாதிரி ரசிகர்கள் இருந்தால்,

இப்படி ஒரு சி.எம் தான் கிடைப்பாரு...

CM remarked that there is nothing wrong if Gopalpuram (where he resides) turned into a tinsel town.

CM defends his family

The audio of Murattu Kaalai, a yesteryear remake of Rajinikanth's blockbuster of the same title, was launched amidst fanfare at Sathyam Cinemas on Saturday (18-09-2010). This movie, which is produced by Chief Minister Karunanidhi's grand nephew Gunanidhi Amirtham, has Sundar C. essaying Rajini's role. Sneha has been cast opposite him.

While addressing the gathering, the CM remarked that there is nothing wrong if Gopalpuram (where he resides) turned into a tinsel town.

"Producing cinema is not an easy job. It is acceptable by all and there is no wrong in my family members taking it up as a profession," said the CM while defending criticism that most of his kith and kin seem to be dominating in the film industry.

Chiyaan Vikram received the first set of audio from the CM. Deputy CM Stalin, A.V.M. Saravanan, Ramanarayanan, Guhanathan, director Selvabharathy, Vivek and Suman were among others who took part at the glitterati function. Sneha was conspicuous by her absence.


PRAY FOR SUCCESS Rajini fans climb hill on knees for Enthiran

Being young or old does not seem to make a difference if you are a fan of Rajinikanth.
This was proved by a group of Rajini fans in Sholingur who climbed the 1,305 steps of the famous Arulmighu Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Thirukoil at Sholingur on their knees to pray for the success of Rajini’s yet-tobe-released movie Enthiran.

Over 100 diehard fans of the superstar in Sholingur town in the district — aged between 14 and 60 — took up the starstruck three-hour spiritual endeavour on Saturday. All they want is to see their hero’s movie have a “magnificent opening” and run for a record 1,000 days. 

With Enthiran fever spreading across the state, Rajini's fans here were excited to see their superstar in his latest avatar.

"We are not bothered about the difficulties involved in climbing 1,305 steps on our knees. All we want is the grand success of our beloved superstar's movie Enthiran. We want the movie to create a world record by running for 1,000 days,” said N. Ravi, district treasurer of Rajini’s Fans Club of Vellore.

They also raised slogans in praise of the hero all the way to the summit. When they reached the temple, they performed special pujas for Rajini and the film.

Fourteen-year-old Raju, who was re-christened Shivaji after the release of the Rajini-starrer Shivaji, also prayed for the early release of the movie.


rk said...

Oh, when will the people of TN wake up? It makes me sick to see these pictures. I can understand this if they are doing it for a good cause.But, for the success of a movie? God forbid! Rajnikanth is just an actor and nothing else.Hero worshipping him by climbing the steps will only break their knees and I say, deservedly so.As long as muttals are the majority in TN, rogues like MK will rule the roost

kppradeep said...

Mr RK,
Rajinikanth might be an actor for you but we all love him for what he is. Acting is his profession but every person is first a human being. I like Rajini sir for being such a fantastic person. He is humble and any person who have known him would vouch for it from "CHO Ramasamy" to Amitab Bachchan.
He does tell his fans to do all these things. He is such a blessed person that the people just love him.
Give any ordinary person some money/fame/power/position and the you can see the "ANIMAL" in him come out. But Rajini though he has been in the number one position since 1980 does not throw his weight around. He who does not allow success/fame/money/powerreach the head must be a super human. Rajini does not have any ego and i just love him. If God willing and if my past karma is favorable i too would be able to emulate Rajini sir.
Proud to be a Rajinterian

kppradeep said...

I would also like to point out that Rajini is the only actor who has not conducted any maanadu which was a fashion some time ago and he sincerely advises his fans to take care of their families first. He is the only actor who had to say please do not visit me during my birthday as he is a saintly man who does not want anybody to be affected.
Proud to be a Rajini fanatic

kppradeep said...

A small correction
Rajini does not tell them to do such things
"not" was missing