Monday, September 6, 2010

Soundarya’s marriage – some thoughts on Rajinikanth.

I am the least interested in commenting on the marriage function in the household of Rajinikanth. But the kind of scenes that are seen around the marriage convinces me that I must write what I think.

The presence of the Karunanidhi parivar with the local Satrap Azhagiri & co gracing the function on the previous day and the Emperor with his entourage on the day of marriage draws an inevitable comparison with the recently held marriage of Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of the former President of the USA and the present Secretary of State. What was striking in the marriage function of Chelsea was the absence of President Barak Obama. Mr Obama was not invited for the marriage!

Though Obama has extended an offer to hold the marriage in The White House in their capacity as former tenants of the White House, he was not invited for the marriage function because the main player, Chelsea had not known him. It was her marriage and she wanted the presence of the people she is associated with. But that her mother is currently an important associate of Obama was not a sufficient reason to invite him. Everyone accepted that and Obama also did not make an issue out of that.

But look at how things are happening in Tamilnadu. There was some murmur even at the time of Soundarya's engagement ceremony on the invitation extended to Karunanidhi. Would Karunanidhi pardon Rajinikanth if he conducted the marriage like the Clintons and not invite him on the pretext that his daughter was in no way connected with him? 

But who could question Rajinikanth, if he did not invite Karunanidhi for the marriage? If he says that it is Saoundarya's prerogative, what could Karunanidhi do about it? Why should this Hindu baiter who criticizes Hindu way of marriage be invited for this  marriage that was conducted in the Vedic way? Do Soundarya and her husband need the blessings of such a person? Marriage needs the blessings of well wishers who gather around and experience the joy of seeing the couple unite in marriage. Only such people who share the warmth with the couple must be present.

Inviting people for a show of Who is Who and for prestige, kills the very spirit of why people gather for the marriage. Thinking of Chelsea's marriage, Karunanidhi is no Obama, but he is Muni who has to be propitiated. If you don't propitiate the Muni, it would hit you. This is the situation  in Tamilnadu. 

If a Rajinikanth himself is not immune to Muni's anger, who else could be? If the supposedly fearless Rajinikanth can not conduct any affair of his life without an imposing figure of Karunanidhi towing him, we can understand why others are competing with each other in falling at Karunanidhi's feet.

Within 2 days of Soundarya's marriage, Karunanidhi sent a salvo to Rajinikanth while attending the marriage of Vairamuthu's son. Karunanidhi has said that he knows want Rajinikanth has told Vairamuthu but does not want to speak about that. What does he mean by this? He was all praises for Vairamuthu that he never conceals anything from him (Karunanidhi) and has leaked to him what Rajini told to Vairamuthu as confidential. What is that some thing that Rajini had told Vairamuthu but would not want Karunanidhi to know? Is this a veiled threat to Rajinikanth? All this looks like a third rate masala movie. Check this link for the news item on this in today's Dinamalar.

Of all the film personalities, Rajinikanth commands respect among different sections of the public. He is seen as one not swayed by money or popularity. His opinions are keenly observed by the public. He has demonstrated fearlessness in voicing opinion on political masters and political issues. But nowadays he seems to be caught in some dragnet of Karunanidhi. It seems that Rajinikanth has been 'bought' by Karunanidhi by hook or crook. If Rajinikanth himself suffers such a fate, what can we say about millions of people who are bought with freebies and cash for votes?

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