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Does Sanathana dharma prohibit me from commenting on politics?

The aim of this blog is spelt on top of this page. I have been thinking that I am adhering to this aim even though at times (frequently nowadays) I post articles on the ways of politicians and political analyses by others. Is this going against my set goal?  

When this question was raised by a reader recently, I was a little taken aback as I was thinking that dharma requires me to voice my concerns when some thing atrocious goes around me. (Dharma is defined as that which has to be sustained or that which has to be done in a given moment) It was around that time I received an article from a friend on how the Hindu religious leaders look away from the subversion happening to Hindu society and continue to preach spirituality for the self.

Are they (religious leaders) right in telling us to do meditation when Hinduism is getting severe beating from the powers that be?
What they preach is absolutely right when we think about the self.
Nothing is going to change by what we say or do.
There is an element of karmic angle in everything and what we do and experience is the result of what we did earlier.
Ultimately it is we who are going to experience.
So why not we make ourselves immune to all that which disturbs us? 

A similar situation can be cited from the Ithihasas. In Mahabharata Bheeshma narrates to Yudhishtira the incident involving King Janaka.
The king remained calm when there was a fire in Mithila.
Krishna also quotes Janaka in that situation, in Bhagavad Gita.
But that incident did not convey that Janaka remained passive or took no steps to prevent the fire and rescue the people. He did everything in his capacity as a king to restore the situation.
There was no dereliction of duty.
What actually happened was that he did not grieve.
He did not grieve that his possessions were lost, because there is nothing that can be called as one's possession.
Even if he were to be licked by fire, he would have told that his atman can not be licked by fire.
That is the ultimate Realization preached by Sanathana dharma.
That applies to one-self.
And that does not mean that he allowed his subjects to be devoured by the fire saying that their atman can not be devoured by the fire.
He did his duty as the King and restored order.

Janaka's episode shows that we have a duty in our capacity as what we are in the society on the one hand and also we have an inner side that shapes us to evolve with enlightenment.  
These two do not clash with each other.
Infact these two coexist together so that the duty does not hinder the mental evolution but helps in training the self unattached from what duty brings out.

Sanatana dharma defines duties on two levels, one as varna and the other as asrama dharma.
These two may not be exist now as it existed in olden days.
But we continue to be somewhere in these two structures even now.

In the present day varna system, those who are teachers and educate and counsel others are Brahmins.
Those who are in the job of safeguarding others' life and materials are Kshathriyas. Those who are engaged in supplying the goods needed by others are Vaisyas.
And those who are in service sector are Shudras.
All the people come under in any one of these categories.
What we see here is that no one is independent of some one else.
Each one depends on others or is influenced by someone from other category.
What happens to one category will have an impact on other categories.

Similarly the asrama dharma puts one under different stages of life.
Most people come under grahastha stage and stay there for very long.
The entire society is dependant on the people of grahastha stage.
Dharma, artha and kama are all taken care of in this stage only.
When we talk of these 3 issues, collectively known  as purusharthas, we are very much part of the society or country and whatever happens in the society or country will certainly have an impact on the way we live with our purusharthas.

These 3 are not just jargons but are real issues that stick to people of all ages. The way we earn or conduct ourselves must be in dharmic way (dharma).
What we earn must be safeguarded or used in the dharmic way (artha).
Our personal life must be of dharmic nature (kama).
If anyone deviates from dharmic way in any one of them, it means someone else's dharmic sense has been violated or some violation of dharma which is not justifiable has happened.

This kind of a situation is discussed in Shanthi parva by Bheeshma when he described Raj-dharma. In Chapter 67 Bheeshma describes the story of Manu who was installed as the Ruler to safeguard the people from violations and effects caused by violation by others. The ruler is rated superior among all the others because if he does not use the right sense of Danda neeti, dharma will break down.

The ruler is equated to 5 Godly entities namely, Agni, Adhithya, Mruthyu, Kubera and Yama.

( from chapter 68 of Shanti parva)
"When the ruler burns with his fierce energy the sinful offenders, he is then said to assume the form of Agni.

When he observes through his spies the acts of all persons and does what is for the general good, he is then said to assume the form of Aditya.

When he destroys in wrath hundreds of wicked men with their sons, grandsons, and relatives, he is then said to assume the form of the Mruthyu.

When he gratifies with profuse gifts of wealth those that have rendered him valuable services, and snatches away the wealth and precious stones of those that have offended him, indeed, when he bestows prosperity upon some and takes it away from others, he is then, O king, said to assume the form of Kubera on earth.

When he restrains the wicked by inflicting upon them severe punishments and favours the righteous by bestowing rewards upon them, he is then said to assume the form of Yama. "

When the Ruler does not discharge this duty in the right spirit and in all earnestness, dharma gets a beating.

Usually people think that Brahmins have been given the high status among the varnas. There is a discussion disputing this in Mahabharata. The King / ruler enjoys the high status in a society. It is because he only protects everyone including the Brahmins. If the king fails to be just, the entire society suffers.

It is on this basis, Bheeshma says that yugas are created by the rulers. He tells Yudhishtira "Whether it is the king that makes the age (yuga), or, it is the age (yuga) that makes the king, is a question about which thou shouldst not entertain any doubt. The truth is that the king makes the age". (chapter 69, Shanti parva).

The 4 yugas are made by the ruler depending on the way he delivers the Justice system. The Justice system is based on danda neeti from times of yore.
It is wrong to say that Manu neeti was the Justice system followed in this country. Danda neeti has been followed in Bharat for all times in the past.
When the British came to India it was in place.
Manu neeti was not the dharma book of Bharat.
Manu smruthi fulfilled the purpose of human resource development and optimum use of human resources.
It was not a book of dharma neeti.
But William Jones mistook it for dharma-book and propagated the idea that it was in vogue in this country.

According to the danda neeti, there was no discrimination among the varnas.
For example, this system specifies the combination of varnas in the council of ministers that the ruler must have. It says that the ministry must comprise of 4 Brahmins, 18 kshathriyas, 21 vaisyas, 3 shudras and one Sutha (charioteer).
The qualification stipulated for the charioteer far exceeds the collective capability of the 4 varnas.
It is also deduced that by including a separate entity as charioteer, the system was not varna based as we think today but based on the capability that persons of specific varnas exhibited.

Mahabharata clearly states that a system of Justice called as Danda neeti was in vogue at all times in the past and in future in this country.
From chapter 58 onwards, we can read about this Danda neeti and Rajadharma.
It covers everything under the sun.
It was originally given by Brahma deva to Lord Shiva.
He gave it in 16,000 chapters.
Indra received it from Shiva and rendered it in 5,000 chapters.
Brahaspati received it from Indra and rendered it in 3,000 chapters.
Shukracharya received it from Brihaspati and rendered it in 1,000 chapters.
This neeti sastra was prevalent throughout Bharat.
It covers varnas, asramas and every kind of act that people do.

The Danda neeti is in the hands of the ruler. This is similar to what our government and the justice system stand for.
Any deviation in the execution of Danda neeti will affect the people and the Sanathana dharma!
Only when the Ruler is just and carries out the Danda neeti in all earnestness, Sanathana dharma can survive.

Bheeshma takes the discussion on danda neeti further and says that Yugas are caused by the Ruler!

When the king carries out the Justice system (danda neeti) to the fullest, that is the period of Kritha yuga.

When he carries only ¾ of it, that is the period of Tretha yuga.

When he adheres to just half of the Justice system, that is the period of Dwapara yuga.

In the period of Kali yuga, the Justice system completely breaks down.

We in India, particularly in Tamilnadu are experiencing such a period of Kali in full swing.
The Rulers at the State and at the Centre are first rate robbers of the wealth of the country and protectors of wrong doers.
They do everything to subvert the Hinduism.
They are doing everything to undermine Hindu ways.
They are doing everything against danda neeti.
They are supposed to be the representatives of the people.
But they behave like despotic kings.

In these times of democracy of the kind followed in Bharat, Justice System does not remain with the rulers. We have to depend on Judiciary for getting remedy from the rulers. When rulers become thieves, the people have to do the policing. That is what we are doing. At times, even the Judiciary is not rendering Justice. So our fight has to continue relentlessly.

Just a couple of days ago, the Kerala High court wanted to investigate the makara jyothi miracle of Hindu belief. Would the court pass an order on the miracle of resurrection of Jesus or the miracles claimed by other religions? If the issue is around Hinduism, everyone has an interest in it. Perennially we have Asuras in various names to destroy Hindu systems.

Just a day ago the Union minister, Mr Jairam Ramesh spoke in his inaugural address of Saint Thygaraja aradhana that we Indians create myth around people whereas the westerners document the life of people properly. The minister wanted to highlight that a westerner has written a biography of Thyagaraja swamy, whereas we Indians are keen on spinning myths around Thyagaraja swamy.

We are not biography writers. But we take the message of the saints like him and see to it that it is carried on forever. Unless we or our ancestors had done that, no one would have known Thyagaraja swamy by now and this westerner would not have been anywhere near India to dig out the information about Thyagaraja swamy. We connect with Thyagaraja swamy through his music and the devotion his music has generated in us. His life history has stayed in our minds and that is why we remember him even now. But why does a minister say like that on the solemn occasion of Thyagaraja aaradhana? Why did he say that we spin myths around him?

On the same day I heard him speak like this, I received a mail that said that NASA'a spacecrafts suffer a black out when they cross Thiru nallaar, the abode of Lord Saneeswara. Some causes have been discussed about the phenomenon. What would Jairam call that - myth or science?

The current crop of politicians has no sense and sensitivity to what Hinduism does to the people.
 They see everything through western eye or vote bank.
The sad part is that the people are not aware that Hinduism is getting a beating due to their ways.
That is why we have to keep telling what is happening and how the rulers keep harming Hindu dharma.  
Gone were the days when the rulers protected the temples and maintained the temples by huge grants.
Today the temples are looted, the Hindu faith is ridiculed and the Hindu space is allowed to be exploited by evangelists.
The Justice system of the present day rulers work against Hinduism.

Hinduism is the life, breath and soul of this country.
If we remain quite in the face of increasing assault on Hinduism, it is like watching our own house burned to ashes.
In the immediate context, I find Karunanidhi and Sonia as the first rate enemies of Hinduism.
The danda neeti also says what kind of fate awaits persons like them.
But I must not sit quiet saying that they will be punished someday.
If there is something that I can do, I must do.
If I don't, I will not be spared by danda neeti which will see me as aiding and abetting the crime happening in front of me.
The bottom line is that I must do my best to protect this Dharma or else I won't be protected by it. .

So I will keep writing / posting issues or on persons whose acts are detrimental to Hinduism.
In the process of doing this as a duty, my inner self would learn to remain unperturbed – a feat that King Janaka achieved.  


Maheshwaran Ganapati said...

HI Jayasree
I agree with you. We need crores like you to uphold our dharmic principles. All the best for your endeavour


jayasree said...

Thanks to you Mr Mahesh

Unknown said...

Myself and my wife are regular visitors of your blog.You are doing a great service to the Hindu Dharma and you should continue to write about politics too.
Whats happening in TN and at center , shows that all conventions and constitutional authorities have been demeaned.There is corruption and nepotism and greater threat from this pseudo secularists.Your articles on astrology and religion are awesome and you are a treasure to this sanatana dharma.We visit your blog atleast once a day. Keep up the great work and we pray to the ALMIGHTY - Sreeman Narayanan to bless you and your family.
Srikanth & Chitra

surya said...

Namastay Mam,

In the Script of God, we are all characters.

Nothing wrong in you fighting with Adharma. May be some portion of your Character on Earth is pre-decided so. BUT some people feel "just go for self." Its because either they are timid or they will perceive the END of the Movie run by GOD and think why fight when it is all part of leelavinodam.

I think thats why GOD gave YOU some tools to fight in this life in favor of Dharma:
1. Astrology.
2. Ability to keenly observe the events and analyze them.
3. Knowledge of different sastras to support/confirm your thoughts.
4. Many more of which I do not know but believe many there.

So, I support you mentally in your efforts and wish the GOD bless you ALWAYS. I always will rush to see the END and feel happy to satisfy myself thinking that "this is all Leelavinodam of GOD", "why worry - everything gets settled," I am misfit for fight...but I like to read your spiritual articles because they are like "grandma narration of God's play" to me.

Thank you and Best of Luck,
NVS Prakasam.

jayasree said...

Mahesh said >>We need crores like you to uphold our dharmic principles. <<

I think all of us, the followers of sanathana dharma have a role to play in some way and are playing in some way. Even if one is not vociferous in denouncing the attacks on this dharma, there are many ways by which we are doing our bit to strengthen this dharma.

Recall Valmeeki's verse
"evametatpuraavR^ittamaakhyaanaM bhadramastu vaH || 6-128-121
pravyaaharata visrabdhaM balaM viShNoH pravardhataam |" (Yuddha khanda 121)

By thinking of Rama, by telling others the story of Rama, by chanting his name we are increasing the strength of Vishnu.
balaM viShNoH pravardhataam.

This sloka is there in the parayana slokas of Ramayana / Sundhara khanda. A similar one is recited in the sankalpa manthra. So every day someone is reciting this saying that Vishnu - balam is increasing.

Just by saying Rama Rama, Vishnu- balam increases in this world and protects the world and the sanathana dharma.

There is an astrological yoga which liberates one from rebirth. I will write that as a separate post. In this comment I will just say that it says that it does not require you to chant His name or learn slokas or go to temple. Just help people to conduct Vedic homas. That is enough. Help in whatever way you can to make a Homa / yajna be conducted. Clean the yaga shala or procure the homa materials such as ghee or help the people who conduct the homa or help in the upkeep of Veda patashalas so that more and more students join the patashala and learn vedas. If a person dedicates his life in such activities, he will be born in the next birth with veda-gyana and cross the ocean of rebirth at the end of that birth.

Even the smallest act we do to uphold this dharma or Vedas will go a long way in thwarting asuric forces from attacking this dharma.
In my opinion most of us are doing something in the protection of Sanathana dharma. May be we have to do more with awareness and determination.

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Srikanth and Mrs Chitra,

My humble namaskram to you. I am touched by your comment. I feel too energized by your blessings. Hope I will I will do my best in the service of sanathana dharma.

jayasree said...

Surya Prakasam wrote >>I like to read your spiritual articles because they are like "grandma narration of God's play" to me. <<

Hello my good old friend Parakasam.
You call me a grandma whereas I always think that I am a 20 year old at heart:)

You are lazy. You don't want to rise up but expect "Leela vinodham" to do things for you. You behave like a grandpa but call me grandma!!! என்ன வினோதம்!!

surya said...

Namastay Mam,

I thought you would understand in Indian context the word "grandma narration." What I mean our houses generally it is "grandma or grandpa" who will narrate beautifully and with some kind of Divine Purity the things related to GOD. So, I mean mentally you look to me as if you "matured to high level" in thoughts. Plz Don’t take negative view of that comparison.

And Mam, let me put my Laziness, Recliner Mentality, and Grandpa Behavior in few points:

1. All Christians are not United as well not All Muslims.

2. If they really so..then..America and Russia together with other so called Christian-dominated countries with their technology and mentality could have made "India" their slave country in just few days as our defense force in technology is 100% dependent on them and below their standards.

3. There are lot of Temples in the so called Christian Countries and many Foreigners are either "away from Christianity due to having gotten knowledge of negative face of their religion a bit" or "in favor Hindu methods due to these methods being scientifically correct one way or other"

4. By Fighting Against Adharma, we can only make Adharma more irritated and become mad at us. The BEST thing we can do is to explain Why Dharma is right and in how many ways we can check.

AND to my surprise, your comment in fact gives strength to my belief.

"I think all of us, the followers of sanathana dharma have a role to play in some way and are playing in some way....."

In this reply, you mentioned how to work for dharma (not fighting against adharma - both are different) is Important. That is what better stand is. I agree with you 100% of that comment where you mentioned everybody to take part is "keeping Dharma alive."

5. I think whatever you call "Ahdarma" is nothing but thoughts or comments by some Jivas on Earth who question the "Earlier generation greats" or "branded Hindu thoughts." Its the Nature of this Yuga. The Best way to Fight them is to explain How logically Correct the Dharma is. Thats Enough. Mental Doctor will not behave like Mental patient to correct a mental patient.

to be continued...

surya said...


..."You don't want to rise up but expect "Leela vinodham" to do things for you" ...

I don’t expect Leelavinodham to do things for me..but think that it will take place whether I expect it or not it.

I just want to do my Own Job and if part of MY job is to fight against Adharma, it will take place.....but in the heart it must be remembered that this is all Leelavinodham..otherwise, we may slip into a "well" that this is all reality, which is not, but a Dream.

I strongly feel in this Country a sincere Devotee of God or follower of Hindu customs silently has done better job than a RSS or Bajarangdal activist.

Dasaradha or Janaka did not fight against Ravana...but they silently did good deeds...that helped in heaping of positive environment, vibrations, or karma that led to the birth of Rama and death of Ravana.

Now, we don’t ridicule dasaradha or Janaka, why, because we understand that they just did their part in the God's Play. Thats enough for their part and praise Rama.

In the same way, some born to "fight" against Adharma and some are for sincere silent support to Dharma and this whole package is called "Leelavinodham" because both adharma and dharma are part of God’s play ...its not a mass commercial movie that we see in multicomplex...but we are part of it...this dream is real in being dream.

NVS Prakasam.
PS: I strongly feel Lord Krishna might have spent 17 days in teaching Bhagvat Geeta to Arjuna and in his name to all others on earth and killed the “adharma” in 1 day. In that way, we might have got more better and in-depth analysis and direction from Krishna about Life than hearing the artificial heroics of so called Pandavas and Kauravas, which knowledge is of not much use except for some action movie climax. In the same way Mam, I want to read more and more spiritual-related articles from you, but it does not mean I wont support when fighting against adharma. If I crossed any limits in my above explanation, pardon me. I am just a kid in understanding the world or maybe an infant even.

jayasree said...

Thanks for the detailed reply Mr Surya. But I am sorry to say that your explanation is not convincing. I wish you read the article once again.

The prime requirement for the survival of Dharma and this religion which we call sanatana dharma is that we must have good governance and rule of law (danda neeti). When these two are absent or vitiated, individuals can not stand by Dharma or follow their path of sanathana adharma. This is the essence of Raja dharma told by Bheeshma and outlined in this article. We in India and in Tamilnadu are in such a situation now.

I don't think that I am fighting this situation. What I am doing is what anyone in the current situation will do. I am one among scores of people who are outraged at what is happening around us. This sense of outrage is normal and is also expected from a normal being in the current situation. It is like someone is throwing garbage at your house. Would you you remain quiet?

In a situation such as the one engulfing our country where no one can function honestly and where sanathana dhrama is undermined by the forces in power, we can not remain quiet and non-responding. Hope you read my article on Vaali vadam. Vaali had no grouse against Rama. But Rama had a grouse against him because he did not adhere to Dharma. He did not rise in time to check the abduction of Sita nor took ranavna to task for what he did to Sita. As one who was in a position to do that and who as a king had a duty to do that, he had not done that. So Vali was punished.

This applies to every one in any situation where dharma is under stress. Sanathana rule is that if something wrong happens in front of your eyes, you should not be immune to it as though nothing is happening. You can be immune to the sufferings that you experience, but not to what others experience or when Dharma undergoes a beating.

Mr Surya, if everyone starts keeping mum thinking that it is enough he / she thinks about his own god, a time will come when one can not do his devotion to his God. If the society is not suitable for dharma to flourish, individuals can not stick to their dharma and devotion.

You said that Dharma and adharma are God's play. Yes. They both are God's play, but not our play. On our part we are supposed to stick only to dharma.

What is that dharma? Do what is required in a given situation that is good for many, not just you. That is dharma. This takes us to discuss sreyas vs preyas and I am not going into that as it can be read in my old post "Dharma, karma and dilemma". Even if a thing is unpalatable to you, if the situation requires that you do it, then you have to do it. That is dharma. That is sreyas. God as an embodiment of Dharma is a friend of Sreyas!

The ultimate teaching is that if you protect Dharma , only then Dharmna will protect you. I have given it in different way in the article, "The bottom line that I must do my best to protect this Dharma or else I won't be protected by it."

jayasree said...

This link gives an idea on how forces are trying to break India. Our cultural identity and Hindu identity are the targets. In the next few days I will be posting certain analytical articles from a friend on how the Tamil culture and Tamil identity are being destroyed by vested interests.

surya said...

Namastay Mam,

In simple words our opinions differ a bit due to following:

1. Fighting for Dharma.
2. Fighting against Adharma.

Both are different I think. I prefer 1st. But I wont mind supporting you because I feel, AGAIN, this is all leelavinodham :).

In looking at the world, I am using Gandhi's spectacles...and you are using Netaji's. Both are for timepass.

Anyway, Bravo.

NVS Prakasam.

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Surya,

Dharma and adharma do not exist as separate entities. Please read the chapters on Rajadharma in Shanti parva. There is a discussion on how they are fused and how what is dharma for one is not so for another.

We are living at a time and in a country where these two are fused. Today no one in India can claim that he has not done an adharmic act. Even while crossing the signal in Chennai, you can not follow the rules!! That is the situation in Tamil nadu in particular.

You can not remain mute to what happens around you. If you do so, then your place is something else:)

Just in case you can follow Tamil, listen to this video in which Cho talks:-

Tamilnadu is a gone case, if people fail to rise to the occasion.

Bala said...

Jayasree Madam,

After reading your excellent article on why you are writing about the deteriorating situation in Indian politics, we readers are left spell bound with your devotion in saving our culture and dharma. May god bless you with long life so that you can continue to enlighten us with such thought provoking articles in future.

My own response for the situation is being made in cricketing language since World Cup is round the corner.

When you said that Hindu culture is under attack from various quarters, I thought of the notorious "Bodyline" type of attack employed by the English cricket team captain Douglas Jardine in the “Ashes” series of 1932-33 in Australia to stop Don Bradman from scoring heavily and helping Australia winning against England.

This bodyline tactic was intentionally created by Jardine and others in the England team, practiced systematically in the summer of 1932 English season before travelling to Australia. Even in Australia the English team tested this tactic in a first class match before the first Test match and finding it "useful" for their purpose went ahead and employed it in all the 5 Tests, with the result that England won the series 4-1.

While Australian public, press and cricket lovers denounced the tactic as totally negative, English cricket followers responded by saying that the Australians were sore losers and making a big fuss about what they called as a "Fast Leg Theory".

The English team succeeded in restricting Don Bradman from scoring heavily as per his usual standards. He could manage only one century and his average for the series came to only around 57 as against his test average prior to the series of more than 100. All the other Australian batsmen failed to make any significant scores – only one other Australian batsman scored a century. Worse they did not know how to tackle this kind of bodyline bowling and floundered badly, with many of them getting hit badly on their bodies, head etc.

Bradman had to use unorthodox methods of batting like moving backwards towards square leg and hitting the ball towards the vacant off side since the leg side was packed with 7 fielders. He also had to employ tennis like shots to put off the fast paced balls from hitting his head, chest, shoulders etc.

In other words when the opponents use intentionally negative tactics one has to use whatever methods are possible so as to safeguard one’s own survival.

Why I gave this detailed narration about the bodyline tactics is to immediately compare it with the tactics used by dravidavadis to discredit Brahmins in particular and the Hindus in general.

Just as the English team used the negative bodyline tactic intentionally, the dravidavadis are intentionally using the non existing Aryan Invasion Theory and other fowl tactics. Similarly the other politicians are using various different negative tactics to denigrate Hindus in all possible ways.

So what tactics we Hindus should use to counter such negative tactics?

To each his/her own method(s), as long as they are positive. They should not generate hatred, ill feeling etc in others.

We can spread the values of Hindu dharma among our contacts, give the links of this blog to all our friends so that they can read and understand our culture and values etc. People with writing and speaking abilities can utilize their talents to good use also for this purpose.



surya said...

Namastay Mam,

Maybe You Are for sure Right.

I dont mind changing opinions as I feel everything is part of script.

If in fighting for Dharma I need to fight against Adharma, Maybe I wont mind doing it.

But as some of our opinions get influenced by the localities we live in, maybe my thought got influenced so. In my locality, I have seen christians and muslims following Astrology and Vastu to my surprise and they give very good respect to brahmins. A one particular person accepted to me in private discussions the cheating of his religious leaders and said he has to follow the new religion as he is getting paid.

Probably, the locality I am living has influenced me in building such thought that following dharma is enough and no need to fight against adharma, as adharma knows that it is adharma and will get terminated as a law of nature on its own. (Ravana got attracted, Ma Sita did not entice)

Also the fact that there are many good foreigners who are truthful and simple in lifestyles and many my fellow brahmins who with very limited knowledge in scriptures try to dictate terms and committ sins in personal life made me get to the conclusion that whatever religion you claim is your religion, if you do not follow universal or cosmic rule that is dharma, you cannot get the high level or pure mind. Thinking this way, I came to thought that fighting against adharma in ourselves is enf and sharing the knowledge of dharma with others, learning it, understanding it, thinking about it, and implenting to the best of our attempt is enf. Why open fight against Adharma is needed when we have adharma in ourselves is my point.

Anyway, the world I have seen is very small when compared to your level. So, maybe you are 100% right. I wish I understand what you said over a period of time and will try to read whatever you mentioned.

NVS Prakasam.

Unknown said...

Prakasam Mama, we need you to continually remind us not to be "too much attached" to any action - good or bad. And, also like Jayasree Mami to say "act when you need to". Totally some 4 people in that category. And, some 18 people to act vigorously - 3 like me to serve. If the masses had not acted, we would not have got the independence.

Stomach cannot digest good food when there is indigestion - so it is in society. Needs a thorough cleanse and detox - a lot of it on this planet earth. So, very much a time to act.

Situation now is of inaction - which Sri Krishna has himself asked Arjuna to shun ( Klaibyam - unmanliness of Arjuna). Or even Swami Vivekananda for that matter - from inaction to non-action through action Tamas -> Rajas -> Satvam.

So, time to act in little ways - like sign petitions, participate in rallies if possible - as in the case of fight against Bt-brinjal - at least sign an online petition - how much difference would it make? Give a donation to those actions that you believe can bring the change. If it does not bring the change needed, then put the overarching principle you have told "all in the game" - don't feel overwhelmed or attached even to a good action - but act we must.

He who has controlled his senses thereby his breath - the necessity to breathe in and out is freed from actions - that is what Sri Krishna says. Until he is able to reach that perfect breathing (or non-breathing), he will be forced to act - as he is still in the dual world.

RKV- said...

People like Jairam Ramesh seem to be utterly selfish in one way or the other..But their way of behaviour rationalizes their selfishness and gives some other appearance to it to many ordinary poeple. By selfishness, i mean, Mr.jairam thinks that appeasing the(materialistic)western way is something great and his mind considers himself to be great just because he utters about it in front of some people-some kind of foolishness or selfishness.This shows his agnana. Many poeple are like this.

I wish to quote Swami Vivekanda what he spoke in London.


jayasree said...

Dear Mr Bala,

Your cricket- example is fantastic. It helps us to easily understand that our responses must be suitably shaped in tandem with different issues.

jayasree said...

Mr Surya Prakasam,

I understand that you don't agree with me. Ms Vasundhara has written what I wanted to say. I hope her explanation is convincing to you.

So let me deal with this topic in a different way.

First of all do you think that you are not fighting against adharma?

I don't think so.

I have many comments written by you showing you anxiety over the Telengana issue!
Similar to how I am disturbed by Tamilnadu developments, you have exhibited your worries on Andhra developments. If you are concerned only about your devotion to God and not bothered about what happens around you, you would not have written every time Telengana came into news. So it worries you when your land is under unrest. Why should it worry you?

The reason is discussed in the article. When the rule of the land is disturbed, the lives of people get disturbed. When the lives are disturbed, you can not even do your regular prayers at home! In such a situation everyone has to and will do their part in whatever possible way to restore the rule of law. Even casting your vote at the polling booth to the right candidate who can restore the rule of law is a contribution to restoring dharma or fighting adharma.

Next thing I wish to tell you is what Rama held as His dharma. (I want to make a clarification. Whenever I say sanathana dharma, it means Vedic dharma or religion. When I say dharma, it means that which has to be done. When I talk about dharma and adharma, they are about what is good for all and its opposite.)

Sita tells Hanuman in Ashoka vana what Ram held as his highest dharma. It is "not to tolerate the sufferings of others'" (பர துக்கம் சஹியாமை)
Once Sita asked Rama what he thinks is dear to him. Rama replied - not tolerating the sufferings of people. Sita wants Hanuman to ask Rama if he does not consider her one among the 'people'. Why Rama did not rescue her from her suffering if he is genuinely concerned that he would not tolerate the sufferings of others.

This dharma or motto of Rama is enshrined as the foremost quality of a Srivaishnava. It is the theme of "vaishnava janatho" song which also says who a vaishnava is. What is dear to SriRama is also dear to his devotees. If one stands by this dharma, then he is not self centered. He has to reach out whenever he finds someone - another jiva - in distress. That is the jana samUha kadamai.


jayasree said...

(continuation from previous comment)

The best source for knowing jana samUhak kadamai is Taittriya upanishad. This was the text book in guru kula until Gurukula system was followed in our country. The first chapter of this upanishad directs the sishya what to do and what not to do.

The famous 'satyam vada, dharmam chara' comes in this Upanishad. What is dharmam in this context? Is it to give money in alms? And why they said 'chara'? Why didn't they say 'dharmam kuru'? (Do dharma)

Charathi means that which keeps moving. Dharma keeps moving from time to time and in accordance with the situation. Only 3 persons have known the intricacies of dharma. They are Bheeshma, Vidura and Yudhishtira. All of them faced tests (sodhanai) to their adherence to dharma.
Vidura did as per what the situation demanded.
Yudhsihtira had to do an act against the canons of dharma for the purpose of sreyas.
And Bheeshma failed to rise up. His worry was keeping up his personal dharma. When sreyas goes against your personal dharma, you can over rule your personal dharma. He didn't do that.
The core teaching of Gita is what to do when conflicts arise between personal dharma and sreyas. One has to side with sreyas is what Gita says.

From the lives of these 3 illustrious people, it is known that our personal life is not insulated from what happens around us. There comes a time when we have to do or say something about what happens around us. When such a situation comes, one must not retract. If one does so, that invites a retribution.

Finally, I want to address another issue you keep harping about - that it is enough that one fights the adharma in oneself.
True. But are we fighting it in the right earnestness?
Rajasa and Tamasa nature are easy-to -identify adharmic players within us.

In addition whatever one does by thought, word or action and does them knowingly or unknowingly and in such a way that it causes distress to some one else without our knowledge - all these also are part of adharma. This is a very tricky part of action (karma) and that is why Krishna tells us to do actions with the mindset of a sthitha-pragyan.

In this context, I have to address the other opinion of yours - that everything is predetermined. Yes, as per my current level of understanding I say that there is absolutely no freewill. Everything is predetermined. If you have really understood the meaning of it and how such an understanding must shape your action, you will not remain with non-action!

Here again Gita gives a valuable insight. It is through you, He gets things done.That is the import of 'no-freewill to us'. If you refuse to act, His Will can not be implemented. Whatever is required to be done in a situation will be done by you, through His Will only, if you keep yourself ready to act.

If you say that you will not bother about reacting to any situation around you saying that God's leela vinodham will take care of it, it means that you are indeed clinging to your own 'freewill' and are refusing to become the tool for God's Freewill. Every thing that happened to this world and mankind so far, including the freedom we got for India and the protection our acharyas gave to the tempels and deities when under atatck by muslims was because they readily responded to the situation in the spirit of carrying out the Freewill of God.

The bottomline is respond to the situation where your role helps in reducing the sufferings of others or in putting dharma in track. That has the sanction of God's Will. You don't claim victory or defeat in such acts. They are the things to be sacrificed (sarva dharmaan parithyagya) and not the action.

Hope I have conveyed.

jayasree said...

Ms Vasundhara and Mr RKV,
Your views add to our understanding of dharma. Swami Vivekananda's opinion reinforces the view that ours is infact "Rishi dharma" Rishis and Gurus are our connect to God. It is through them we know God and attain God.

surya said...

Namastay Mam,

Well..from my side, the topic is already over, I thought.

At first, I should not have commented on this topic. I 100% feel and believe everything is part of Script. Sometimes, I come out of that mode and land in discussing that and get into trouble.

If you read my first comment, it will be same line I maintained in the rest of the comments.

Reading my first comment is enf.

I agree with you. I say I agree with you 100% and say that "you" are maybe given particular character with several skills for fighting where as rest or other interested will be playing their own parts with different degrees of aim.

One of the Vanaras in army of Sugreeva may not have as intensity as Rama has to establish dharma or in your words fight against adharma, but my stand here is ....why the birth of Ravana has taken place....its due to curse he got from mahavishnu when he did not allow his dear and near bhaktas to the story started if I am one of the Vanaras with "god-gifted" knowledge of the story of bith of Ravana, I would still support Rama and fight, but internally (spiritually) laughing at myself for the character I am being given by GOD in his Movie as its all, again, my god you dont curse me!, l e e l a v i n o d a m.

and, You dont need to convince me mam. I am an infant in knowledge before you. Dont waste time for me. I have a high respect for your knowledge and we want to see you to write more and more on whatever issue you want and I will make use of your blog to see the reasoning behind some things that you give explanation for.

NVS Prakasam.
PS: Telangana!! Until I read the story behind, I felt anxiety, but now not any more. United AP or telangana both have their own + and - points. I accept any decision. I vote properly, pay taxes, follow traffic rules, thats it. I will do my Job and will leave rest to GOD.

R.Ramanathan said...

Hi Madam,
I am a reader of your blogs. We need more people like you. For my part i am R.Ramanathan. I am doing adhyayana of the yajur and the sama veda and wear a shikha. Even though i am working in a MNC. The problem is that westerners seem to respect this as our wish but our stupid indian people want to pull it, untie the knot, make sarcastic comments about it. I have my ears bored too. Can you give me a way to counter all these things?. What is your opinion on this.

R.Ramanathan said...

Namaste madam,
I am a avid reader of your blogs and have been enriched by it. By birth i am a Tamil brahmin belongin gto the kashyapa gothra and i am doing adhyayana of yajur and sama veda. I really now feel i missed out on doing proper adhyayana as per aachara prescribed for brahmacharis. Also i find that many yougnsters are taking up this even inspite of working in other jobs. I also sport a shikha for doing this. But i find people pulling my leg and in the worst case pulling off my knotted shikha. Can you write an article on this point of having a shika. I feel you are more knowledgable on this

Harihi om

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Surya Prakasam,

Don't say that you should not have commented. I know you are a regular reader and express your comments often. I value every one's comment. I learn a lot from the comments.

Each of us evolve in our own terms. So there is nothing like I an 100 % right and you are an infant. More than the scriptures, we learn lessons from life! Experiences mold our attitude towards life. They only stay on rather than what we read from scriptures.

Somehow I keep wondering if you were offended by my reply. If so, I seek your apology.


jayasree said...

Namaskaram Sri Ramanathan,

It is my humble confession that I am not qualified to give suggestions to a person like you trained in Vedas. Your teachers or elders must be there to guide you and also on Shika- reasons.

Ramanathan said...

Namaskarams Madam,
Thanks for your reply. I have a question in astrology. I am learning the basics of astrology as a vedanga jyothisa. But i find all the prediction part is not there. It is said that vedanga jyotisha is used for reckoning time to perform vedic sacrifices. Can you suggest me some texts where i can find the predictive portions of vedic astrology?.

jayasree said...

>>>Can you suggest me some texts where i can find the predictive portions of vedic astrology?.<<

Begin with BV Raman's books. Later on - that is after having an idea about astrology (bhavas, signs, planets and prediction methods) you can start reading books like Parashara Hora.

Ramanathan said...

Namaste Mam and Suryaji,
I feel that if the entire thing is scripted 100% as per what is being discussed, then the entire gamut of varnaashrama dharma has no valid purpose. To quote another example from the first anuvaka of the Chamaka prashna from the Krishna Yajur veda taittriya samhita

"May agni and vishnu grow in power by our chants"

So this means that actions too have a definite meaning and they do make an impact. Also 90% of the extant veda samhitas speak of actions which constitute karma kanda of the Vedas. Whereas the Jnana kanda of the Aranyaka portions of the vedas that contain the upanishads have a very limited audience. The people who took up such studies are the Vanaprashtas and the sanyasis. My vedic teacher used to tell me that to take up sanyasa was not a joke. The upanishads were really taught to people secretly who had the necessary qualifications after a thorough course of purification through the pravritti dharma, before entering into nivritti dharma. 90% of other people confined themselves to pravritti dharma, which is difficuly to follow perfectly in kaliyuga. As per manu a man is fit to take Vanaprastha after he sees first signs of white hair, he has grandsons and a son to carry on with the maintanence of the 3 sacred fires. Then after years of purification through panchagni thapas in summer(You have to meditate in the summer with 4 fires on four sides of you with the midday sun above your head as fifth). And shita thapas (Standing in rainy season in a river immersed till the neck with rain pouring on your head). After you become indifferant to pair of opposites Shita/ushna Raga/dvesha paapa/punya etc then you can take sanyasa which in itself has various grades. In the last grade called athivarnashrama dharmi, when a man has perfect realization of the self to the point where his normal state or sahaja avastha is brahmic consciousness, then only he is free of all karmas and actions related to varnaashrama. That is where your aham brahmasmi and tatvamasi apply to. Not to normal people. Examples are Janaka, Ramana, Shukacharya, Jatabharata, The 4 sanagadhiyars, Sadashiva brahmendra.

Anybody below the athivarnashrama dharmi stage is still tied to some karma(I mean sanyasis below the paramahamsa stage do pranava Japa as nitya karma.

To ask people to meditate on their self when they find it to do their nitya karmas is only misleading them and it results in karma brashtatva as per the Geetha. So action is needed and no part of the vedas proclaim that you should remain inactive because you feel it is scripted.

Even in the Ramayana it is said that a person is a fool who cries that he is a victim of destiny(Lakshmana to Rama in Kishkindha kanda i think. Forgive me if i am wrong).

So you need to act till you reach the athivarnashrama dharmi stage which is attained by a 1 in a yuga or 2. If any hindu guru asks the common man to meditate on the self and forget practicality then i should say he misguides them grossly. No insult intended to anyone here.

Forgive me for my strong language if i have used any. I have not intended to criticise anybody personally here.

Hariahi Om

jayasree said...

Thanks Mr Ramanathan.
A fantastic addition to our knowledge.