Wednesday, June 4, 2008

God and I - by Vani Ganapathy (from DC)

For me, spirituality is a way of life

By Vani Ganapathy

I’m both religious and spiritual. I’m not a very ritualistic person. I do go to my puja room, but if I don’t have time to do so, I will not feel guilty about it. I pray to God asking for a problem-free day and thank God for what I have. For me, spirituality is a way of life. It’s about doing good for people, trying to be a good human being, being sensitive towards other people and showing care and affection.

If I celebrate any festival, it’s not because of the religious connotation, but it’s because I believe in tradition and culture. When I moved to Bengaluru, I didn’t know a soul and now I have created a niche for myself. All this is not because of my hard work, but because of the presence of some supernatural being. When you’re out of a relationship and have fallen apart, the one above guides you throughout.

I have been helped and guided the same way and have had someone to fall back upon. God has given me the strength to go on. Even though I used to dance when I was married, it wasn’t that much. But the same dance came back to my life and created a vocation for me. This is like my second innings. Dance is like a religion, a form of yoga, a way to express emotions and an element of spirituality in my life. It connects me with God and also connects me with people and the soul. I’m not fanatical about religion. I don’t go by one religion and I respect all religions.

I cannot segregate spirituality and religion; both spirituality and being religious are intertwined.

The writer is a renowned Bharatanatyam dancer

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