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Hindu students have a bleak future in India.


The political conspiracy against Young India


OP Gupta, IFS (Retd)

THE Congress Party aided and abetted by communists and socialists has been steadily enacting rules and regulations to harm and hurt educational, employment and economic (E-3) interests of all Hindu youth. Recommendations of the Sachar Committee and the Ranganath Mishra Commission are on one hand based on total falsehood, and, on the other hand, are violative of Article 16(4) of the Constitution of India with aim to fulfill the core anti-Hindu agenda of the Congress Party to reduce percentage of all categories of Hindus in government jobs, educational institutions and in trade and commerce.

In furtherance of this conspiracy Hindus were under represented in composition of these two entities so that data could be easily cooked and manipulated.

As representation of Hindus in the Sachar Committee and the Rangnath Mishra Commission were below their demographic strength, it is obvious that like the infamous Simon Commission these too lack democratic legitimacy and democratic weight.

Newspapers are reporting that Hindus' percentage in job sector is falling but still many Hindus are not taking note of it. As per Hindustan Times of December 24, 2008 the Parliament was informed by the Congress Government that as a result of special efforts made by the UPA Government such as the Sachar Committee, PM's 15-Point Programme etc. the share of minorities in central sector jobs increased from 6.9 per cent in 2006-07 to 8.7 per cent in 2007-08. It increased from 7.6 per cent in 2006-07 in the financial sector (Banks, FIs, RBI) to 10.2 per cent; in the Armed Forces from 5.5 per cent to 8.9 per cent; and in the Railways from 2.7 per cent to 6.3 per cent during the same one year period.

In a full page advertisement in the Hindustan Times (February 18, 2010) the Ministry of Minority Affairs claimed credit for increasing trend in recruitment of minorities in government and public sector undertakings from 8.23 per cent to 9.18 per cent in 2008-09 as a result of the UPA guidelines.

These reports prove that percentage of Hindu Youth in job sector is declining and that the core agenda of the Congress Party to reduce Hindu percentage in government and public sector undertakings hook or by crook is materialising that too with help of Hindu voters.

When I bring following facts to notice of educated Hindus most of them express shock on their being ignorant of these facts, and, blame media and Hindu politicians for this betrayal. But in my humble opinion Hindu voters are themselves responsible for this plight of their own and of their children who either abstain from voting or vote in favour of anti-Hindu parties like the Congress Party, JD(S), NCP, Communist parties, DMKs, TDP, Mayawati party, Mulayam Singh Yadav party and Lalu Yadav party etc.

(1) Harm to serving Hindu civil servants and Hindu aspirants for civil services
First let us look at the harm which the Misra Commission Report would inflict upon all serving Hindu civil servants and all those Hindus who aspire for civil service careers.

Para 16.2.16 of the Misra Commission reads: "Since the minorities- especially the Muslims-are very much under-represented, and sometimes wholly unrepresented, in government employment, we recommend that they should be regarded as backward in this respect within the meaning of that term as used in Article 16 (4) of the Constitution-notably without qualifying the word 'backward' with the words "socially and educationally"-and that 15 per cent of posts in all cadres and grades under the Central and State Governments should be earmarked for them"

The Misra Commission and Sachar Committee have made false claims that Muslims are under-represented in services.

Supporters of Muslim reservation say that Muslims are about 13 per cent of population but in IAS etc their representation is about four per cent so there are under-represented in services so there should be reservation for them.

Vide its own table 3.6 Misra Commission reports that graduation percentage of Muslims is only 3.6 per cent and as only graduates can aspire for public services percentage of Muslims in services at four per cent is fair and already more than commensurate to their graduation percentage. So claim of Muslims under representation is totally false.

The Constitution of India as well as the Supreme Court have laid down that "social and educational" backwardness are essential to become eligible for getting reservation under Art 16(4). But Muslims as a community enjoy better literacy rate than Hindus in 11 states and better literacy rate than SC Hindus and ST Hindus on national level (Para 12.3 of Mishra and page 53 of Sachar) so they are not entitled for any reservation as they are not educationally backward. Muslims cannot be allowed to claim to be socially backwards as their ancestors ruled over India for many centuries.

According to the 2001 Census, the Sachar Committee and the Misra Commission (table 3.5, paras 12.3, 18.5 etc) Christians have higher literacy rate (80 per cent) as compared to other religious minorities as well as the national literacy percentage of 65 per cent. Christians have higher literacy rate than Hindus. Christians have higher per capita income too. So Christians too cannot claim to be backward in any sense and thus Christians are debarred by Article 16(4) for any type of reservations.

All the Hindu officers serving under the Central Government or any State Government should take note that the Misra Commission has recommended reservation of 15 per cent of posts for religious minorities in all cadres and in all grades under the Central and the State Governments. Ten per cent will be solely for Muslim officials/candidates and five per cent for other minorities.

As per Hindustan Times report quoted above Hindus still held 91.7 per cent of jobs in the Central sector in 2006-07 but after the Misra Commission Report is implemented Hindus' promotional avenues will get restricted to 85 per cent of posts so the pace of their promotions will get further slowed with worsening stagnations. But minority officials who constituted only 8.3 per cent in 2006-07 in civil services will fill up 15 per cent of posts in the central sector i.e. pace of their promotions will become much faster than their Hindu batchmates.

It is said that Muslims are about four per cent in services or wholly unrepresented but 10 per cent jobs in all cadres and grades are proposed to be reserved for them by Congress Party. It means that Muslim officers will have much faster pace of promotions vis-à-vis Hindu officers and will also occupy senior positions for longer periods than Hindu officers.

Under para 16.3.5 the Misra Commission has recommended to confer Scheduled Caste status on what are known as dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims. If Muslims and Christians are added into SC quota they would take lion's share because of their higher literacy rate further disadvantaging SC Hindu candidates leaving SC Hindus more high and dry.

(2) 15 per cent Shrinkage in educational seats for all Hindu students
The Misra Commission Para 16.2.7 reads: "As by the force of judicial decisions the minority intake in minority educational institutions has, in the interest of national integration, been restricted to about 50 per cent, thus virtually earmarking the remaining 50 per cent or so for the majority community-we strongly recommend that, by the same analogy and for the same purpose, at least 15 per cent seats in all non-minority educational institutions should be earmarked by law for the minorities."

As and when it (Mishra Commission) is implemented, Hindu students with marks better than minority candidates may start getting admissions refused even in Hindu institutions managed by Hindu organisations such as Vidya Bharati, DAV Colleges etc. Till now Hindu students with better marks than a minority student are getting admissions refused only in minority run institutions.

At present, out of every 10,000 professional seats in non-minority institutions OBC Hindu students get 2700 seats reserved for them, 1500 seats for SC Hindus and 750 for ST Hindus. After Misra Report is implemented by Sonia Gandhi-Rahul Gandhi-Manmohan Singh 1500 seats would first get reserved for minority students, 27 per cent of remaining 8500 seats i.e. 1250 seats will be available for OBCs and 630 for STs. So mathematically speaking there shall be reduction of seats for all sections of Hindu students and all Hindu students irrespective of their political affiliations would suffer.

(3) Merits of all Hindu youth ignored
Hindu students with better marks are being denied admissions into nurseries, schools, colleges and universities run by minorities, whether aided out of taxes collected from we Hindus or unaided.

Hindu youth are generally under-represented in the staff of minority institutions, and, posts of Principals etc. are generally reserved for non-Hindus. For example, the rule of St Stephan's College Delhi stipulates that a Hindu cannot be its Principal and Vice Principal though it receives annual grant of crores of rupees from the Government out of taxes collected from we Hindus.

Hindu candidates with better CVs are generally denied jobs in these institutions.

The minority institutions quote Supreme Court decisions to justify the second class treatment of all Hindu youth in matters of admission and employment. According to the Supreme Court Article 14 of the Constitution is not uniformly applicable everywhere and gets superseded by Article 29 and 30 in minority institutions. This is a flawed interpretation of Constitution by the Supreme Court which should be overturned like the Shah Bano case.

(4) OBC, SC and ST Hindus denied Constitutional rights
The Articles 15 and 16 guarantee 15 per cent reservations for SC Hindus and 7.5 per cent reservations for ST Hindus but they are denied these constitutionally guaranteed rights in admissions as well as in employment in all minority institutions.

OBC Hindus have been given 27 per cent reservations in academic institutions but the Manmohan Singh Government has framed rules in such a way that OBC Hindus are denied this constitutionally guaranteed reservation all over India in all minority institutions.The point is that as the Constitution is in force on every square inch of India so these reservations must be available to SC, ST and OBC Hindus in all minority institutions all over India.

(5) Student loans to Hindu students at higher interest rates
Hindu students get student loans at higher interest rate of about 10 per cent per annum but minority students get student loan at three per cent per annum from the National Minority Development & Finance Corporation under the Union Ministry of Finance. For confirmation and more details please visit

(6) Commercial loans to Hindus at higher interest rates
Hindu youths get loans from commercial banks to start a new business at 15 per cent to 18 per cent interest and have to arrange 'margin money' of 15 per cent to 40 per cent of project cost from private sources, balance comes from the bank. But a minority youth has to put in only five per cent of project cost as margin money from his private source, other 35 per cent is given by the National Minority Development & Finance Corporation at three per cent interest, and remaining 60 per cent of finance is given by commercial banks at two percentage points less than general lending rate for Hindus.

On March13, 2007 the then Finance Minister Chidambaram had told the Rajya Sabha that of the total priority sector lending, loans to minorities had increased by 33 per cent to Rs 45,490 crores on March 31, 2006 as against Rs 34,654 crores when the UPA Government took office in May 2004. In a full page advertisement in the HT, February 18, 2010 the Ministry of Minority Affairs informed that Rs 2,31,223 crores was advanced by public sector banks to minorities under the priority sector lending during April 2007 to December 31, 2009.

Annual rate of growth of bank loans to minorities is much higher than growth rate of bank loans to Hindus. Hindus invite such ill-treatments of their own by giving their notes and votes to Sonia Gandhi-Rahul Gandhi.

(7) Hindu students pay more fees at IITS, IIMS etc.
The UPA Government has directed that all minority students admitted into 70 top institutions of India like IIMs, IITs etc will get their total fees paid by the Government but Hindu students, whether leftist or Rightist, whether North Indian or South Indian, whether member of NSUI or SFI or ABVP have to pay their full fees.

If a minority student decides to join any coaching centre to prepare for admission into colleges or Public service examinations or jobs in government and private sectors he gets total fees of coaching centre paid by the government but a Hindu student or his parent has to pay the fees of coaching centre. Details of various schemes may be seen at www.minority

In a full page advertisement in the HT, February 18, 2010 the Ministry of Minority Affairs informed that Rs 20.75 crore was released for free coaching of 14,966 minority candidates during April 2006 to January1, 2010.

(8) Hindus debarred for many posts under the state
It may come as total surprise to many Hindus that there are many posts under the Government which are paid out of taxes collected from we Hindus but a Hindu howsoever liberal or Marxist he may be, he is legally debarred from holding such posts such as posts of the Chairman of National and Provincial Minority Commissions, Principals of St Stephan's Delhi (and similar minority institutions running into thousands and thousands all over India) etc.

Section 4 of the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions Act 2004 passed by the Manmohan Singh Government stipulates that only persons from minority communities shall be eligible to be appointed as Chairman and members of this Commission. Hindus have been totally excluded from this Commission. It is like another Simon Commission.

(9) All Hindu students living in rural areas disadvantaged by Congress Party vis-a-vis minority students
In pursuance of the 2004 Congress manifesto, on March 10, 2006, the Lok Sabha passed the National Commission for Minority Educational (Amendment) Bill according to which the provincial governments will have to give no objection certificate within 90 days of application for setting up an institution by religious minorities, or, else the government will have to specify reasons for refusal. The aggrieved party will have right to approach the Commission which, in turn, will take a final decision in consultation with the State. However, if no reasons are given by a State government for not giving the NoC within 90 days, it would be deemed as the approval of the State.

The Act also provides for the right of minority institutions to seek affiliation to any university of their choice listed in this Act. So, a Muslim or Christian institution in a far off place, say, Jhumari Talaian in Bihar can demand affiliation to any named central university of its choice and its students will get degrees of that central university and, thus, will enjoy better marketability in the employment market than Hindus as a Hindu student of the same region will have degree of a provincial university having less marketability in the employment market.

(10) Communal DPCs
To reduce percentage of Hindus and to increase the percentage of minorities in government sector the UPA government has ordered inclusion of minority members in all Selection Boards and Departmental Promotion Committees. All selection panels recruiting ten or more vacancies must have one member belonging to a minority community. This circular instructs to give special considerations to minorities in all appointments, so danger bell is ringing loud and clear for all Hindu job seekers whether they are leftists or rightists, whether upper caste or as in the Selection Panel there is at least one member with clear mandate to favour minority candidates.

It is thus clear that as far as Hindus are concerned the Congress Party is actually the naukri-chchinwa party robbing all Hindu youth 15 per cent of jobs and educational seats.

Hindus who do not want to harm career prospects of their own or of their children and grandchildren must never cast their votes in favour of Congress Party or Communist parties or any Jaichandi party.


Jai Sree said...

I agree with the conclusion that voting for Congress and Communist is dangerous for the country be it any age. But to view issues from religious angle would not properly address the issues. I am a follower of Sanatana Dharma and a admirer of Vedic Culture. I do not like to call our religion Hinduism because it was a name give to us by conquerors. Our culture encourages us to go beyond the physical designations and attain bliss whatever paths one chooses. Agreed that abrahamic religions are a curse to this world but the reasons for our survival has been sticking to the spiritual paths and enlightening our fellow beings. Greed affects everyone. Sanatana Dharma acknowledges people by their higher consciousness than by their birth.

Author does not address the issue of caste-ism. The identity that we are Brahmins, Yadavs, Reddys, Kammas, Lingayats etc etc dominates more in our favors when undergoing our responsibilities. We are slaves of currencies. The issue to tackle would be to getting back to the roots of our Vedic Culture.

Jai Shree Ram.

jayasree said...

The writer of this article has focused on the impact of minorityism followed by the Congress party on the Hindus at large. I think this impact is swelling out of proportions.