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Vijaykanth's NDA entry suits Jaya's Big Win in Election 2014 - says TSV Hari

In 2009 Lok sabha elections, Vijayakanth split the anti-DMK votes that helped DMK /UPA to net 25 seats. In 2014 elections, he is going to split anti-Jayalalithaa votes to help her make a clean sweep, says Mr TSV Hari who is familiar to Thuglak readers in his pseudonym as Venkat.

This line of thinking seems to be what Jayalaithaa also tows. She was averse to Vijayakanth aligning with Cong-DMK for, that would become a formidable anti-Jayalalithaa combination backed up with heavy money bags from the Congress and the DMK. She did not hesitate to use the Rajiv killers -issue to create a fresh bout of bitterness against the Congress at a time when Vijaykanth almost finalised a deal with the Congress. That helped in successfully stalling the conglomeration of a strong anti-Jayalalithaa front. 

Jayalalithaa's further moves were directed at making it impossible for Vijaykanth to join the Congress –(which would rope in the DMK later). The initial two days of her campaign – i.e.,  until it was declared  that Vijayakanth had entered into a pact with BJP – Jayalalithaa was fiercely attacking Congress in her election speech. A good part of her speech was directed at listing out the misdeeds of the Congress. It looked odd and wasteful given that Congress is already a dead horse in Tamilnadu. But watching her recent speech in Nagappattinam and Mayiladuthurai – after Vijaykanth had entered in to the BJP alliance, there is a glaring difference. The rhetoric against the congress is less - as if it is no longer needed to keep reminding people how bad the Congress is and how bad it is to vote for anyone who aligns with it. It seems she thinks that the threat factor is gone with the DMDK- DMK- Congress alliance not taking off.

Now with Vijaykanth aligning with the BJP, the 'grand' DMDK – BJP- PMK- MDMK alliance is going to split anti -Jayalalithaa votes so that pro-Jayalalithaa votes would be more than what each of two opposing formations are going to bag. By aligning with these parties, the TN BJP is doing a big disservice to the country and itself. The harm to the country is that it is giving re-birth to the parties that are already consigned to the dustbin – the right place where they have to be for the benefit of the State at large. The harm it is doing to itself will be felt by it in the coming days. Within 3 months of aligning with Vijaykanth, Jayalalithaa regretted for having aligned with him. The TN BJP need not wait for that long – already they must have had a taste of it in the past one month of 'talks'. His foul mouth is going to spoil whatever chances that may be needed in the post poll scenario for the BJP.

Beyond all this I have a question. Usually people accuse Jayalalithaa as being arrogant, stubborn and not treating her allies well. What would one say for the diatribes that Vijayakanth is making in the past one month and in his on- and-off alliance talks with the Congress and the BJP and at Singapore with the DMK? It is an open secret –something written in leading Tamil news papers – that one of the issues to settle for the alliance talks was  money that he wants from the BJP (or any party that wants to ally with him – be it Congress or DMK) to fund the election expenses of his party. Why the EC is not taking a serious view of this? Why no one in the media questioned this? Why no one had taken him to court for this? Is this what the media people want us to believe as "Dance of democracy"?

- Jayasree

Hilarious political cartoon images

Hilarious political cartoon images



Vijaykant's NDA Entry Double-Edged Sword Cut To Suit Jaya's Big Win In TN Parl Seats?

Will Vijaykant's impending entry into the National Democratic Alliance pave the way for the bigger Vijay of Jaya from Tamil Nadu and/or Paraajay [defeat] of Modi's quest for the prime ministerial post?

Serious discussions are underway between the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam [DMDK] a political party headed, owned and operated by a washed up Telugu speaking thespian of the Tamil screen – Vijaykant alias Vijay Raj, a.k.a. Captain a.k.a. Amritraj born to Alagarswamy Naidu and Andaal in 1952 and the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party [BJP], the national outfit's Tamil Nadu boss Pon Radhakrishnan a.k.a. Ponra told reporters.

Ponra shot himself on his tongue when he began by saying in Tamil that the negotiations are on between his party and the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam.

After the press do, someone was heard snidely remarking: Does Ponra want a post-poll alliance with the DMK and is he hoping that his endeavour of talks with the DMDK will reduce the number of seats that the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam wins? Is that why the word Munnetra slipped out?

The talks are being conducted on the DMDK side by Sudhish, the brother-in-law of the actor-turned-politician.

Sources told Southern Features that main bones of contention from the side of Vijaykant are: [a] Vijaykant is announced as the leader of the alliance in Tamil Nadu; [b] a Rajya Sabha seat for Sudhish; [c] the maximum number of seats to go to the DMDK; [d] the financing of the contest of all the 40 constituencies – the solitary one being Puducherry – to be done by the BJP; [e] the choice of seats to be left to Vijaykant; [f] equal billing for the actor alongside Modi and [g] the BJP will operate all its national media assets to get to sing Vijaykant's praises to help him attain a countrywide stature.

Sources within the BJP and the DMDK indicate that the alliance is national in character.

"The first names in both the parties are a clear indication. "Bharatiya" means 'all-India' means 'national'. The word 'Desiya' exactly translates into English as 'national'. This front is the only one which has a serious prime ministerial hopeful and national character as two of its mainstays have the name national in them," the top BJP source began saying.

The source made fun of the possibility of Jayalalithaa being catapulted to lead the 3rd front.

"Those who say Jayalalithaa will be Modi's challenger, are living in a fool's paradise," the source said laughing at this scribe.

Are you meaning to aim this comment at me?

My question was on the basis of what I had written earlier. It was met with derision.

"Anyone who says such asinine things are to be only called as residents of cuckoo-land. And their imaginary leader today is one Mamata Bannerjee who is facing a revolt from her own party over the choice of India's football star Baichung Bhutia in the Gorkha-dominated Darjeeling, bypassing her own party cadres' claims. Because it is Mamata who said she would support Jaya for the post of prime minister," the source further said.

"The simple fact of life is that the BJP is becoming stronger while all the other parties are weakening in Tamil Nadu. The realistic main opposition Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam has virtually split between the two sons of Karunanidhi – one being MK Azhagiri – currently suspended from the outfit and the other is MK Stalin. The DMK has some 24% of the popular vote. Madurai downwards Azhagiri would ensure the defeat of all official DMK-led front candidates. In northern TN, Azhagiri's supporters will actively work to split the anti-AIADMK votes. One can even expect sources close to Jayalalithaa to finance such a move on the part of Azhagiri and even go easy on the case concerning granite export that involves his son and the more visible partner PRP – that runs into a huge sum well beyond a million crores of rupees," another source - this one from the a leader of the MDMK - part of this front, averred.

Congress was given a short, derisive shrift.

"The Congress is a goner in TN. But, knowing its leaders' love for money, some of them would contest and hope to split whatever number of votes they can and seriously hope that it would net some money from those candidates of the winnable AIADMK and/or the BJP-led front. The maximum money if any will come from the AIADMK chaps who have the money and ruling power," the source pointed out.

Other constituents of the possible BJP and/or DMDK led front did not matter at all according to a different source.

"Vaiko's Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam [MDMK] and Pattali Makkal Katchi [PMK] of the politically discredited Ramadoss have failed to make any impact during the last assembly elections. They are actually going to soak whatever money is available from the BJP – knowing very well that chances of their winning a single seat is lesser than nil. Let it also not be forgotten that not too long ago, Dr Anbumani Ramadoss had shared a dais with Uttar Pradesh CM Akhilesh Yadav in TN. Nothing came of it because Akhilesh was unwilling to spend money and the PMK was unwilling to spend its money.  And then, there are other some nameless parties of educationists like the Indhiya Jananayaga Katchi [IJK] who may be expected to bankroll the outfits in a big way, but why would someone like Dr Parri Venthar, who does not even pay salaries to his employees fund someone else's victory? And if the Venthar hopes to be given a Rajya Sabha seat simply because he rubbed shoulders with Narendra Modi in February during a convocation ceremony, he is sadly mistaken," the source close to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, miffed at the turn of events within the BJP argued citing the chances of the Chancellor of the SRM University.

"All this would only help the AIADMK which could spring quite a few surprises to Narendra Modi – regardless of the NDA winning big or small. Unless the BJP wins a majority on its own – which is highly unlikely – all the convulsions in Tamil Nadu will only suit the machinations of J Jayalalithaa. And that is why she even jettisoned the left. If the two parties levitate towards Karunanidhi, well they would be living in a bigger foolish paradise than the one cited earlier. The future of the DMK is finished. The left does not spend big money on elections. The DMK would hope to soak in the left votes in as many parliamentary constituencies as possible to show that Stalin is still relevant. That would only ensure bigger wins for the AIADMK nominees. Instead of accepting what had been offered, by opting out of the Jaya-led front, the 2 left parties' leaders in TN who also confirmed leaving the front have placed pistols into the palms of their feet, shoved both into their mouths and pulled the trigger," the source observed, tongue in cheek.

"In the final analysis, if the Modi magic does not work nationwide as expected, Jaya would be the compromise candidate proposed and supported by those who hate within and beyond the confines of the BJP. If that happens, the BJP would try to give the southern madam the same kind of ulcers she had given Vajpayee in the 90's. Else, it would be vice versa for Modi as Jaya will want quite a few concessions to support his candidature for the post of PM as she would command at least 35 MPs from TN, some 30 from AP bringing the tally to 65. Further, Jaya has a decent friendship with Navin Patnaik of Orissa and Mamata has acknowledged her support to the southern lady. Perhaps, in a strange secenario, Jaya may even herd Mamata into the NDA camp if it is ever worth it," the source added.

Here is the Vijaykant dossier from my earlier blog.

Vijaykant heads what is known as Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam [DMDK] that translates into National Progressive Dravidian Party.

Born in 1952 in Tirumangalam village – located in the outskirts of Madurai city, Vijaykant has seen a sedate climb to stardom.

He is the only son of his mother Andaal but has 7 step siblings.

The man who gave him a break first gave him the screen name Amritraj was director MA Kaja – in the 1979 film Inikkum Ilamai [sweet youth]. The name soon changed to Vijaykant. Some say the second half of the name was appended to the first following the resurgence of the movie career of another dark-skinned actor called Rajnikant who was born as the Marathi-Kannada speaking Shivaji Rao Gaekwad in Karnataka.

Neither Rajnikant nor Vijaykant can properly pronounce the Tamil letter  [zha] even despite having been leading lights in Kollywood after a career spanning 35 years plus.

Vijaykant was dropped from his debut 1978 film –En Kelvikku Enna Badil [what is the answer to my question] as those who made it felt the actor's Tamil diction was god-awful. A few years before the birth of Vijaykant, another actor was jettisoned from his first film by the director on the same grounds. His name was Marudur Gopalamenon Ramachandran [MGR], who had gone on to become the CM of Tamil Nadu.

Vijaykant calls himself black-MGR an anecdote snidely used today by Kollywood insiders who quickly point out that MGR wasn't a great deliverer of lines either.

Between 2001 and 2010, most of the movies starring Vijaykant had bombed at the box office.

He had begun the DMDK in 2005. Rumours about the DMDK 'donation fee' for a party ticket indicate the price range between Rs.5,000 and Rs.10,000.

Tamil Nadu's population in 2005 was roughly 5crores. The rough average for one each local representative per 100 persons. 

Thus, contests happened for some 500,000 plus 'elected' positions. If one goes by the most conservative estimate of Rs.5,000 per ticket – the math produces the unlikely result of Rs.250 crores in one go in the DMDK kitty in one go! Certainly Vijaykant never was paid that much.

No actor could have ever imagined earning that kind of money in an entire career even if he/she had delivered only super hits.

The money and a carefully selected assembly constituency Vriddhachalm helped Vijaykant become the sole legislator from the DMDK in 2006. Vijaykant has since changed his constituency to Rishivandhiyam.

The Karunanidhi-led Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam [DMK] or Dravidian Progressive Party in a clear minority in the state assembly with a little over 100 members managed to capture power in 2006 with the help of the 35 Congress legislators [none got a ministerial berth despite repeated demands] did something unthinkable.

Under the alibi of widening a highway in the northwest outskirts of Chennai, the regime partly demolished a marriage hall owned by Vijaykant's family. The actor termed it 'a vengeance on his personal property due to political rivalry resulting in untold misery and huge monetary losses.'

In the 2009, Vijaykant's DMDK contested in all the 40 parliamentary constituencies [the single being in the Union Territory of Puducherry] and polled the difference between victory and defeat in 25 of them. In other words, out of the United Progressive Alliance 29 seats [if one discounts the Sivaganga seat which Jaya claims had been lost by P Chidambaram the total works out to 28] won during the parliamentary elections of 2009, 25 were achieved through the machinations of Vijaykant Naidu.

The DMDK had abused all the parties – DMK, Congress, AIADMK and even the left. Besides, all the television channels in TN – under the instructions of the ruling DMK and the Congress had featured Vijaykant as an equal to Jaya, Karunanidhi and the Congress.

Therefore, it was of little wonder that the 2009 parliamentary results show that DMDK had garnered some 13% of the votes cast without winning a single seat.

The DMK leadership which immensely benefited from this soon forgot Vijaykant. When rumours began circulating about Vijaykant getting monetarily gratified, DMK top brass stopped taking calls from Vijaykant and from journalists on that subject.

This resulted in his hooking his bandwagon on to the AIADMK during the assembly elections in 2011 that resulted in his becoming the Leader of Opposition, a position he still enjoys, despite the majority of the opposition legislators being opposed to him.

Hence, Tamil Nadu has the dubious distinction of having had a minority regime that lasted the full term and later electing a minority leader of opposition.

Before finalizing his seat-sharing [there are many who call it shearing] arrangement with the BJP, Vijaykant had been saying that he would fight the parliamentary polls in the company of a party that would accept his leadership in Tamil Nadu.

In the unlikely prospect of this netting Vijaykant anything serious, many in his party believe that the move would improve his national stature and eventually make him the CM of Tamil Nadu, a fact the faded actor keeps repeating. And Modi would have the mortification of seeing Vijaykant getting a bigger billing than the BJP poster boy.

The math that points to the AIADMK romping home:

AIADMK with 32% of the popular vote-share is now contesting all the seats after the left has announced a break-up. Other smaller parties may hitch their bandwagon to give 1% more – i.e. 33%.

Vijaykant + BJP + Vaiko + PMK and other flotsam and jetsam outfits total some 20% of the popular votes – if one believes that the BJP gets 3% due to the Modi factor.

The DMK has a vote-share of roughly 24% - which may be split somewhat unevenly between the supporters of MK Stalin and Azhagiri.

The Congress claims an 8% share. The others could account for another 3%.

The contests will be 3-cornered. In the best case scenario, TN may see 80% polling in the parliamentary polls.

Of this, the AIADMK would expect to get its 33% in one block.

The rest would be split as 24% [DMK front], 20% [DMDK-BJP front], and some 11% to the other front comprising the Congress. This count would account for 55% - of the anti-incumbency vote against the AIADMK. Simply put, the arrangement benefits Jaya completely.

In my earlier blogs, I had claimed to have written the obituary of Vijaykant's political career.

I had pointed out the following:

Vijaykant had ensured that the United Progressive Alliance won 25 seats in 2009 parliamentary elections by going it alone and splitting roughly 13% of the votes in favour of the Congress-DMK-VCK alliance.

In 2011, by uniting the anti-DMK-Congress votes, he ensured that Jaya romped home to be CM and he became the Leader of Opposition.

The unconfirmed report is that Vijaykant brushes his teeth with an intoxicant early in the morning and stays sozzled throughout the day.

In Tamil Nadu, in the name of opposing the 'oppressive rulers and ushering in change' the heroic Captain Vijaykant would help his so-called political foe Jaya win big in the parliamentary elections – thus paving the way for her to bargain with the BJP after the elections.

It will not matter to Vijaykant that he may bag next to nothing during the parliamentary polls now because his advisors may be smugly thinking that he would be the next CM.

Sadly, that is one thing that may not happen at all as politically inebriated Vijaykant's antics will only boost the visibility of the BJP that stands to gain big in Tamil Nadu with the fading of the divided DMK and the fading Congress.

One of the bitter truths is that MGR had never married Vaikom Narayani Janaki following advice from some astrologers that women married to him would never remain alive for long.

Despite Jaya exposing this sordid fact and even accusing Janaki of poisoning MGR to death, it was Janaki who gifted her part of the AIADMK to Jayalalithaa before passing away.

The 'revolutionary leader' MGR had shaped the political career of Jayalalithaa by flaunting her on his shoulder.

The Indian Express had carried a very famous photograph of MGR and Janaki flanking MGR at the 1983 Asian Games held in New Delhi.

Jaya's 'closeness' to MGR had led to Jaya becoming CM – after her face-off with the late Janaki Ramachandran – who had been the longest live-in companion of MGR.

Vijaykant often enjoys his party workers referring to him as the black MGR.

The closeness to the fair-skinned MGR made Jaya CM.

Will the black MGR aid Jaya indirectly in becoming the PM by ensuring that the former actress's candidates manage to win very big in the ensuing parliamentary polls by splitting the anti-AIADMK votes just as he had helped the UPA to win 25 seats from  TN and Puducherry?  


Unknown said...

Most the BJP leaders are still in the grip of nightmare to remember their bitter experience with Jaya during the tenure of vajbayee.Hence they do not trust jaya easily and the alliance with Vijayakanth/ramadoss,Vaikoo are unholy but they will be used to project Modi to impress upon the voters to vote for BJP. The gain will be only for BJP and not for those parties who think they could gain some seats under the banner of Modi ( Not Bjp). i feel Jaya has many undercurrent angry against her government particularly on water and electricity issues in villages and small towns. This will give some negative votes and her aim to get 40 seats will be demolished and most moderate figure anticipated is around 20 seats max
with which she can not make road to delhi for P M post.

More over astrologically jupiter is coming to 12th sign which indicates losses and also Saturn is transiting to 4th sign by dec 14. Also with jupiter-saturn in 6/8 axis dasa-bhukti will demolish her hopes this time.Jupiter dasa never elevate a person to highest level in life as guru is always "contended" in everything and will not help anyone to achieve their ambition but only give moderate wealth ( not like windfall roof crash luck like rahu and sani give during their dasas )so we have to see whether this happens as per the astrological forecast based on forthcoming transits of Jupiter, Rahu and sani during 2014.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

JJ's snub at Vajpayee BJP: Didn't see Arnab's interview of JJ before Assembly elections? She said something that only a balanced leader can say. JJ has come a long way after the Vajpayee episode, BJPians know it , Modi knows it.

On Jup and saturn position, they are favorable to her at the time of elections and election results.

SN said...

In a three possibly four cornered contest the ruling AIADMK will rope home easily with 32 to 37 seats. All is not well in seat sharing in BJP's camp as of today. DMDK which won 17% of the 41 MLA seats contested in state assembly elections, should get only 7 MP seats in a strong alliance. but it is demanding between 16-14 seats which is amusing BJP. Now BJP alliance has two partners who claim northern districts are their stronghold, it is going to be very difficult to campaign smoothly.
Due to alliance arithmetic the winning margin may be close in some seats.So i feel the following result possible for this 2014 election.
AIADMK camp = 32-37
DMK camp = 3-8
BJP camp= 0
Other camps NIL

My analysis for last elections in this blog is at

Unknown said...

Ref yr email, please note that jupiter transit will give its results of its next transit to favourable or unfavourable sign before 2 months onwards while the saturn will reflect the results of its next sign transit just 4 months before onwards. So election day and results announcing date position of planets will not be taken in to consideration. In the case of jupiter it transit to JJS 12th sign on 14th june and results are within one month before this transit. similarly for saturn 5 months before it would give its next sign results. so we have to watch this aspect while making predictions. i feel that it would be a mixed results for her with some disappointment to her initial expectation.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Aravamudhan Gopalaswamy.

I know your hatred for JJ and love for Modi. But that must not come in the astrological analysis. You speak about before-hand start of Gochara effect of Jupiter for JJ. But why don't you see the Gochara effect of Sani for Modi?

On Gochara what is the percentage of effect of Gochara on events in one's life? Is it Gochara alone or other factors too that influence the events? Among all those factors where does Gochara stand by its level of capability to influence? Which one of those factors take precedence above all others? Where is the data or even literature to ascertain these?

Assuming your take that Gochara is primary and invincible factor in deciding the event, what to say for Gochara Vedha and Vipareeta Gochara? For Jupiter in 12H, if there is a planet in 2H, the inauspiciousness of 12H Jupiter is cancelled. Mars will be in the 2H for JJ's Simha rashi to cancel out 12H effect of Jupiter well until a month after Jupiter makes the transit.

Moreover in Gochara, there are so many other issues to see and also not just from Moon sign. Some time in future I will publish a statistical analysis of the level and limit of Gochara.

Unknown said...

You see Jayasree Madam, Your readers know you are one of biggest J sychophants. Your views are always biased in her favour. You refuse to see her follies. It is laughable when you term Mr.Aravamudhan's views are not balanced. Dont you think it is like pot calling the kettle black?

I am sure about one thing which you must also agree! Jupiter and Saturn has no bias or sychophancy and they are not obliged to give results based on anyone's wishful predictions!!

Your Nara Sthuthis, predictions, assumptions, writings, wishes, lopsided views in one's favour will fall flat on your face. Time will make everything clear. Wait

Jayasree Saranathan said...

I dont want to reply to comments like this. But writing to clarify in two points. One, I never said that JJ would be PM. Check my article in scribd section where I did an objective analysis of all the leading politicians.

Two, if gochara is to be the deciding factor of events, then nearly half a billion people (of the roughly 6 billion people on earth) must be having same kind of good or bad happening to them at any moment. Elsewhere in this blog I wrote on gochara based prediction of the so-called moon sign astrology as highly unscientific. Simple way to check it is to collect horoscopes and check for marriage time for which Gochara Jupiter aspect is famous. You will get mixed result!
There are so many other factors coming into play.

On JJ, call me whatever, but show me a person in TN politics today who excels in her in any way for governance. Personally there may be ups and downs in her character, but as a common man, I find her works, thoughts and attitude very much needed in the current juncture. JJ for Tamilnadu and Modi for India is the best combination needed today. Her so- called follies have no relevance in the larger picture of Govt and common good for the state.

Unknown said...

Madam, your reply to me is totally out of context as we discuss only the realistic, practical and astrological point of view. I neither hate JJ nor love modi and even your reply too.I am looking in to the astrological aspects only for both. Reg modis shani sati, this is his second round which is said to be "pongu sani " to elevate one to top position and give more responsibility and hard works. His lagna has 9th house moon in saturn star and langa lord Mars in its own sign at jupiter star.4 planets in his horoscope in the constellation of saturn and 3 planets in suriyan star . That is why he has mass support from public due to benefic saturn and sun. In his horoscope saturn is a benefic and in the house of profession 10th sign simha in sun star. So this saturn transit will be good for him and jupiter currently in 8th sign transiting to 9th place will favour him.

I find you earlier predicted that Sushma has got chance to be elected for P M candidate and Modi has no such chance.His good time starts only after june 14 and i foresee from the astrological point of view that he has good chance for elevation to P M post.

i regret that your predictions for JJ is totally biased and exhibit your political leaning towards her without considering the astrological aspects in mind. i too prefer JJ for T N and modi for P M like any sensible person.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Four PM probables were identified in the analysis done by me:

Unknown said...

Mr. Aravamudhan:

1.) As far as I know, the first round of Sade Sati is called 'Mangu Sani', second 'Pongu Sani' and third 'Marana Sani'. NaMo was born in the year 1950 and Saturn was in Leo at that time. Since then, Saturn has crossed Leo twice and currently in Libra, His sign of exaltation. I wonder, how you call this as 'Pongu Sani' for NaMo. Generally, 3rd round of Sade Sati is believed to give troubles, not necessarily maraka. You should clarify this.

2.) "Like any other sensible person, I too support J for TN"

Do you mean to say those who don't support J are insensible?

I do not support her. Your statement is outrageous. You must clarify in what way you are more sensible than me.

Many Vaishnavites like Mr and Mrs. Saranathan, this blogger, think J belong to their league and blindly support her. But when they are asked to list her achievements and substantiate her goodness, they will conveniently keep quiet. They may say they don't want to reply to such comments or they may well do not publish such comments with inconvenient truths which irk them. Their thoughts are diabolic and they don't seem to realize how vicious they are.

Kudanthaiamudhan said...




Unknown said...

From the comments i have seen in this blog, i feel JJ is being favored despite her follies!! It seems many people who wrote here supporters of TASMAC, Freebie Culture and want people of TN to remain Lazy...!! If JJ is a strong efficient leader (as is being portrayed here)then why she is unable to abolish TASMAC, FREEBIES, LOOTING OF NATURAL RESOURCE(i.e SAND ETC)....ITS OPEN CHALLENGE TO EVERYBODY HERE....DOES JJ HAS THE GUTS TO ABOLISH THE ABOVE MENTIONED THINGS??? NEVER....AFTER ALL JJ & MK ARE TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN....!!! MAY BE JJ IS SLIGHTLY BETTER THAN MK...BUT JUST BETTER AND NOT THE BEST...!! JJ IS NOT RAJAJI OR A KAMARAJ....I JUST HATE THESE TWO KAZHAGAMS....WE NEED A BETTER ALTERNATE THAN THESE TWO....IN THIS ENSUING ELECTIONS, I'M INCLINED IN FAVOR OR BJP ALLIANCE IN TAMILNADU....

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thanks Mr Jeyahar for getting me this opportunity to me to write at this moment just few days before the elections in TN. I was actually toying with the idea of writing a separate blog with the title “Modi has campaigned for Jayalalithaa in TN”

Yes Modi has strengthened the resolve of the constituency that decides the winner, to vote for – ADMK!!!

He made two mistakes.

Mistake no 1:-

Meeting Rajini at the thick of the election campaign. He could have met him any time before or after elections, but the timing is ill- conceived or ill-advised. Following this, his meeting with Vijay made even the educated middle class to squirm. TN has come a long way having gone through the travails of filmi influence on voters. It is time we move on from filmi influence. But Modi is trying to resurrect it! Should we need it any more?
Earlier TN BJP cobbled up an alliance with all the self-seeking leaders who deserved to be shunned. BJP gave them life by this alliance. But people quipped it as a TN BJP affair in trying to get a foot hold for itself in the melee. But as a tall leader, Modi must have been guarded in his actions. His meeting with Rajini and Vijay is ill advised. Does Modi want the TN voter to be influenced by the film stars in voting? Even educated people did not like this act of Modi. Modi praised kalam in a meeting. Had he met him that would have set a high standard that is expected of him. But he was after select film personalities. Disgusting.

Mistake no 2:-

Usually Modi had not spoken on specifics in poll meetings. It used to be a general oration. In the same vein his equating of ADMK with DMK and blaming them as doing vindictive politics shows once again that he is not on his own in thinking but led by others.

Within 24 hours of this speech in TN, the same Modi said that he would probe the corruption cases of Congress Govt and get them punished within a year after assuming office. Is this not vindictiveness? What he accused ADMK and DMK, he is himself saying that he would do.

If ADMK had not done anything for the people, as he said then, why did he praise JJ Govt in Hyderabad a few months ago, saying that if people are not willing to see Gujarat model for growth, they can look at TN model that has done very well for growth. Was he wrong then or now?

The effect of these two mistakes is that JJ retaliated and gave out statistics on how TN is ahead of Gujarat in the most crucial human indices. The next day TOI made it a headline with more info on how TN is well ahead of Gujarat. JJ has started asking pointed questions for which BJP can not answer. This turn of events is well noted by the core constituency including middle class who had to choose between ADMK and BJP. They are very clear at this moment, with less than a week to vote.

Who can get things for TN, JJ with 40 seats or JJ with 25 seats? Can Vaiko or Sudheesh get Cauvery water or Mullai periyar water to TN, when a dispute arises? They would perform worse than the DMK in such a situation as they owe their seats and status to the BJP and will be towing the BJP line. Good or bad, JJ has earned a name as a strong willed person, as a go-getter and an unflinching fighter. Now that she has been forced to talk these issues, people are reminded of what she can do which others can’t. This is consolidation of support for her. JJ has shown that she would not even bother if it is Modi or anybody when it comes to getting the benefits for the state. Brain washed persons like you cannot grasp this. But an average person on the street has been reassured of these specifics from JJ.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Who are these average persons that I am talking about?

All of us are speaking from the safety and comfort of our lives and sitting in front of the computer. But do you know the reality check at the streets, at the millions of homes of the lower middle class and the poor for whom the impact of DMK and ADMK may mean a world of difference?

You parroted the most common comment that we must not have the 2 Kazhagams and must have an alternative. The same dialogue was spoken two terms ago and Vijaykanth (VJ) sprang up with NO specific goals of public welfare but only with personal goals. When people realised that he had to be shown the door, BJP had given a new lease of life to him. All the elements that have to be shunned had been befriended by the TN BJP. On the day this alliance was inked, many people made up their mind on whom not to vote. Let me tell you that even BJP sympathisers won’t vote for these parties. Even the opinion polls that give 3 or 4 seats to BJP alliance, does not give to any of the alliance partners including Vaiko. Ground level workers know this. What you are reading is paid news. Politicians make mistakes, TN BJP made the mistake, even Modi made mistakes, but people at the ground level don’t. Only you and others who would be crying hoarse on me for this comment, would be voting without forethought.

The core voter base is watching all the news - what Modi says, what JJ says and what the coterie of BJP says and more importantly what OPINION POLLS say - all thanks to the first freebie given by MK, that is Television.
The opinion polls say that JJ would get 25. Who would get the rest? It is DMK according to opinion polls. You and others would gloat over the fall on projected seats for JJ, but the common man on the street sees the other message - that DMK is rising! He cannot and would not sit quiet at this projection. Talk to any common man anywhere in TN. Once he starts trusting you he would tell why this news is bad for them and why they all have to vote for JJ to keep off DMK.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

JJ in power means 2 main things to them which we are not at all bothered about. They are (1) police that does not harass but is easy to approach and quick to respond to their problems and (2) End to rowdyism. If JJ is weakened, these two would go averse which would affect their life from all sides. In the last term of DMK these two adversely affected even the middle class people. Even earlier too the lower and middle class were aware of the dangers of DMK and efficacy of JJ in checking DMK. But they were confused then by the kind of justification that you are giving now ( no dravidian party but go for a third alternative). That is why last time, DMK was able to form a govt, though a minority one. For a decade now, JJ has proved to be a vital check against the issues that affect the lives of these people. So they won’t mistakes any longer now.

Every time an Opinion poll says, that JJ would get less and DMK would get some, their resolve increases that they must stop the surge of DMK. That is happening now in TN. I have my sources at the ground level and I myself keep enquiring with this core bloc.

In this scenario, what does Modi offer? I was asked this question? If these people vote him by voting to Vijaykanth or Vaiko or even a well known BJP leader like La. Ganesan, can they assure them what they now enjoy under JJ. What is the guarantee that Modi / BJP would not ally with DMK and offer berths to Dayanaidhi Maran or Balu? An auto driver asked me this. Past history is like that. Murasoli maran was made a minister by Vajpayee. It is from Maran, the DMK kept growing in fine-tuning corruption, which was ultimately followed by Congees in UPA 1 and 2. By now aligning with fit-to-discarded parties, BJP had shown its prowess and readiness in aligning with DMK if it needs. But ADMK is the only party that would not align with DMK at any time!!!

Can you believe in BJP after seeing it holding hands with VJ after all his running after DMK + Congress and all talks of suitcases? Do you think people simply forget all these tamasha and believe that VJ is sanitised after having aligned with BJP? May be you and others believe that VJ, Vaiko are great after joining hands with BJP. We are padiccha muttal (educated fools). But they (core voters) are unlettered wise people. Only educated fools could bring out an outcome as was seen in Delhi assembly polls.

Few of them I chatted with said a salient point. They said today they may be toiling in the street to make a living. But their daughters are getting education. (Generally the people I talked to, talk high about their Daughters – something you can see in TN and not even in Gujarat as I find this as a sign of better treatment of females – something Modi fared very badly in his personal life. The male-female sex ratio is above the national average in TN.) The girls read everything and tell them who says what. (May be boys don’t read newspapers / magazines and don’t bother to discuss with parents). You say Modi wave - Modi wave. They asked so what? What do they get by voting him in this poll when they are already getting what they want from JJ. They are not for upsetting the present peace or trying new options. JJ has sent clear signals in every speech on what she can give. The confidence that she has given was not given by any other leader in TN.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Coming to the points you have written:

The first culprit is MK. Once the liquor started flowing, it is not easy to control it. No party even BJP would control it. The data in the current poll scenario is that one peg, money (Rs 100 to 300) and chicken biriyani are the deals per person to attend the poll meeting of leaders. On the day of a meeting in a particular place, the tasmac sales shoot up high. The reason is obvious. A survey was done by TOI noting down the increase in sales in tasmac in and around the area of the venue of meeting. Do you know who leads the list? It is Modi’s meeting in vandalur, the first meeting he spoke for this polls. The increase was 5 crore rupees on that day in Tasmacs in and around Vandalur. The next slots are occupied by – you know very well- Vijayakanth’s meeting venues. Then comes Anbumani. JJ comes last with just 11 or 16 lakhs increase. One reason for this low in JJ’s meeting could be that more women attend the meeting than men! Now tell me who are using or misusing Tasmac?

Here also, MK was the first culprit. When JJ was almost comfortable in coming back, MK announced free TV and was seconded by Chidambaram and the results turned topsy turvy. This was unbelievable at that time. But JJ realised the potential of DMK in using this, and she did not leave out anything to be used by MK in the next (last) elections. Hers was a sequel and not original. If only DMK had made any worthy freebie, he would have stolen the results from her. So blame MK, blame the people before training your guns on JJ. But then JJ was clever in converting many of them as productive capital. Cattle and goats are really a good investment as we could see immediate surge in quality of aavin milk and aavin profits after that. That is a very good economic recycling. For your information the USA gives many free allowances from birth to death. Even college students have to pay heavy amounts as part of their tuition fees to pay for old age pension scheme of the American Govt.

JJ is not a Rajaji or Kamaraj. But a Rajaji could not control MK when he opened the liquor in the State. JJ had been the only leader after MGR, capable of stopping MK. As long as MK is there, JJ must be there to stop him, or else the State would suffer. VJ had no qualms in joining hands with MK. Even BJP would go to him just for the sake of power.

Today the core constituency is well aware of who is who and who is to be strengthened. The more they hear about surge of BJP or DMK, the more resolved they are in keeping them out. They say that throughout TN, this would happen. They may not tell this if someone asks. The initial reaction is that they vote for DMK! That is because of the fear of dada-giri. They would not tell so easily unless they trust you.

Even TOI carries out a survey of the people who attend the meetings. During poll times, it is busy time for them all. Money + booze + biriyani is the remuneration they get. No discrimination in doing this work (attending meetings) among political parties. Nowadays they expect Mutton biriyani instead of chicken biriyani as it is costly and therefore not affordable by them. They are ready to attend any meeting and shout slogans. But ask them to whom they would vote. They have their own choices – not influenced by the meetings they attend. They have already made up their choices on sound logic which you and I cannot think from what we read from the computer.

Before closing, I want to comment on your comment on – JJ’s follies. Tell me what her follies are. Check whether those follies are really follies that would affect the welfare of the people or the State.

Unknown said... i said before, Its your comments and i just replied with my own comments...May be for you JJ may be a GOD...and its your thoughts and i have nothing to comment on that...for me, i stand by my points that 2 Kazhagams are just waste and making fool of the people...I agree that MK is bad, and he started the freebie culture, liquor etc...but that does not mean its the right path to follow him....If someone does a bad thing, the alternate should not do the same bad thing...A thief can't replace another thief....for your info, i'm not a BJP follower nor a sympathizer....unfornuately in India, its the quantity that matters not the say that Illiterate people vote in a better way than educated people....yeah that is why Tamilnadu is cursed from 1967!!! Well Vijayakant / Vaiko / Ramadoss may not be the best solution to TN....but then we are speaking of Parliament elections not the Assembly elections!!! It will be a joke that JJ by getting 40 seats will make Cauvery water to flow in TN...!!! Do you thing Karnataka will oblige her?? Even if she wins here in TN....and she has a great say at the centre....she can't win the rights of can't do confrontonist approach with have to use your cards wisely and in an amicable way to win your rights....Even a supreme court rule can't win your rights as far as cauvery issue is concerned....Unfortunately in India, we are blessed with bad politicians especially starting from the 1960's....we don't have much of choice...we have to choose either a looter or a pickpocket...and i feel India at this juncture needs a Nardendra Modi type of person....Yes...Narendra Modi is not the panacea for our ills nor is he a GOD....he is a man just like others with some drawbacks.....but then definitely he is better than other alternates including JJ....Do you say Mixie or a grinder or a Fan is a productive freebie?? Hahahaha....well you must be kidding!!! I hope TN deserves better person than a JJ....I agree MK/VJ/Vaiko/Ramadoss are bad....I hope a new leader comes in the horizon who stands for the truth...On the education topic....I don't quite agree on your point....Education in TN is a serious business....poor people who can't afford big money have no other option and have to go to only Government schools or colleges...the most unfortunate thing is that almost all the politicians in TN run an Engineering college....those who have money and can afford private colleges go to it...the poor people just remain where they are...

Unknown said...

Well...i hope on April 24 people would choose wisely and let us wait till May 16.....I stand by my points...We need a better alternate than the 2 Kazhagams....Honestly i dislike the rise of DMK....i feel that DMK's rise is not a good omen for TN people....DMK has to be buried in the pit....and should be finished once and for all.....MK introduced all the ills and evils which has prevented the Tamilians in realizing their full potential....the unfortunate thing was that even JJ is trying to out-do MK on these (TASMAC / FREEBIES / SAND MAFIA ETC)....Instead of giving Freebies to all and sundry the money can be better utilized for building Hospitals, Primary and Higher Educational institutes (Private Educational institutions are not the answer where only the money bags can go)....infrastructure....and the most important of them just pains me that Agriculture is slowly dying in TN...and ground water has fallen....I remember that JJ in her earlier stint was pursuing Rain water harvesting....which they have discarded now....Hmm....may be i'm a brain washed people and fools...i appreciate your judgement...let you be the most intelligent people and JJ be the GOD for you....

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Jeyahar

Spell out the follies of JJ and don't divert.

No one supports the freebies, not even JJ if left on her own. She did it to check MK.

One think I tell you. Talk to the poor, go to their house, know their aspirations, You will know how these freebies are liked by them. They see others enjoying gadgets and themselves struggling in poverty. These freebies have come as a great leveler between the haves and have nots. I would say that we, who can afford must excuse ourselves from taking the freebies. I didn't take the colour TV freebie and gave in writing that I am not taking it. Let people like us refuse these freebies which are basically meant for the poor who can not afford.

On kavery water, certainly BJP wont do anything as they have stakes in Karnataka. In that context only JJ would stick to TN's benefit. She has proven that and people have understood it.

In 1967 a greater chunk of people including Rajaji believed DMK. But today the so-called educated people need to think better.

At the national level, I do support Modi. But at TN level only JJ must be given the numbers. Make an assessment of what would happen if JJ is weakened. If she is weakened, Thamizh naatai Modiyaalum kaappatra mudiyaathu.

Sheela said...

dear madam,

its Jayalalitha who is responsible for giving life to Vijayakanth/Vaiko & Ramdoss.

BJP's first choice has always been ADMK and out of overconfidence she ignored BJP to pose a secular.

all general elections JJ has been making wrong choices in striking alliance. TN is the loser overall under ADMK & DMK. i am JJ supporter for TN but for this election she should have stood by Modi on larger national interest.

Wish BJP gets majority and not to rely on Mamta & JJ the unpredictable ladies.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Rain harvesting clause in building plan is still there, but people don't comply. Presently Solar water heater is a must in building plan approval. Those who put lakhs of rupees on house, can put a few thousands on solar heater. It all depends on how the people also cooperate.

For anything, there is a limit. Some time better sense must be pushed through. Such a thing happened in reservation sector. JJ ushered in 69% reservation but tactfully avoided reservation in the recruitment of doctors for the new hospital (converted from MK's assembly). If that hospital has to be on par with AIIMS, it must have the best and meritorious doctors. She is hiring them on contract basis where reservation can not be applied. MK had taken it to court. But it was only she who had the guts and even capability to bring out things like this for the larger good. At the basic level reservation had benefited many people. But it can not go on higher levels. If getting a chance she would even do away with creamy layer. She has exhibited clear understanding of the difficulties and needs and struck a balance between them.

I agree with you Mr Jeyahar that you are certainly brainwashed as you are not aware of the stats or even the status in agriculture under JJ. If you take time to browse my blog, you will come across a series on 'rainfall prediction' through astrology. It was read by professors from some leading colleges in TN and passed on to the officials in govt. I was told that since JJ is keen on promoting indigenous methods of agriculture and irrigation without damaging the land, ecology etc, my series may be studied and assessed whether it is possible to check its veracity as college project work throughout TN. Mr Jeyahar, truly you dont know what is happening within.

I have lot of sources and people from all walks of life coming to me for counsel. I get the information from them. One of it is that JJ does not tolerate men who make their family and womenfolk suffer. I am sure you are aware of why Sengottaiyan was removed. She is in the know of family background and what the family thinks of the people in crucial govt posts and does adequate of care of the family when an adverse decision had to be taken on the govt servant. All this is unpublicized, but many journalists know. They wont talk about it as most of them are Tejpal-types only. They all hate JJ because they can not get away with a misdemeanor. That is why you are reading all hate-write ups on her.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Sheela,

PoovOdu sErntha naarum maNakkum - this is the status of TN BJP if ADMK had aligned with TN BJP. There is nothing to gain for ADMK by aligning with TN BJP. JJ chose to go it alone because she sensed that BJP is not going to get a simple majority. If in that scenario, she is aligned with BJP, it would be a handicap. So she thought it is better to keep equi distance from Congress and BJP. As such today she is the only regional leader with no baggage to carry. That would give her acceptance in any govt that is formed in the centre.

But she chose not to criticize BJP until Modi made wrong moves and wrong talks. I wonder whether he was led to do that so that it would make JJ to keep off, if Modi was to be PM. In that scenario Sushma or Advani or Jaitley would get better chances to project themselves as PM candidates acceptable to JJ.

Btw, do you think that BJP is going to cross the 272 mark? Or BJP and RSS leaders are not doing over work to keep off Modi in Govt formation???

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Mr Jayahar said,

//the most unfortunate thing is that almost all the politicians in TN run an Engineering college....those who have money and can afford private colleges go to it...the poor people just remain where they are... //

True. One such politician in whose college even middle class people can not enter without shelling out lakhs is contesting this election as an ally of BJP and in BJP's symbol. Check the brain-washing you had received:)

Unknown said...

Hi..i will reply later...Yes, i know the guys who run such institutions, actually there are two of them (not 1 as mentioned by you)...One is SRM Pachamuthu who is contesting from Peramabalur and another one is A.C Shanmugam who is contesting from Vellore....Yes...i'm against both of them....No doubt about that....But i feel, JJ could have aligned with BJP if she wanted to secure TN's right....but then her personal ambitions took precedent over National / TN's priorities. She thought she had a chance of becoming the PM...rather than aligning with BJP....For me this is a war akin Ramayana....and Modi has to win just to keep away the corrupt congress (and Italian Mafia) away from Power. And like Ram of Ramayana who gave Vibishana his blessings though he was from the Evil dynasty of Ravan....Modi has no other choice but to pardon(i.e align) with Vaiko/VJ/Ramadoss to defeat the congress, since JJ was aiming for the PM gaddi on her own....If JJ wanted to secure TN's right, then she could have struck an alliance with BJP and swept the elections and could have got more benefits for TN,,,why she has not done the same?? Well...there is nothing wrong in JJ aspiring to be PM...but then the chances are bleak...and it would be laughable that BJP (or Congress) which are bigger parties with more stakes in all the states have to support a small regional leader....I think India can't afford another Deve Gowda/Gujaral types again....I know you would be arguing what's wrong in a small player like JJ in aspiring for PM post...nothing wrong with that....if that argument is taken at face value, then what's wrong in VJ / Vaiko / Ramadoss aspiring for the CM's post?? If the previous argument holds true then the second argument also holds true....No think in this way....If JJ has put Nation's / TN's interest above her own personal ambitions then she would have chosen to side with BJP...but then she has not done a person who can't even sacrifice her personal ambition and how can a person like me can trust her....?? You may say its politics...but then think of everybody doing like this i.e common man....then what will happen....One has to put nation before self....and JJ has failed in how can one support her?? After all BJP would have been too happy to get 5 or 6 seats from JJ and settle for an alliance....then who turned them away??

Sheela said...

Dear Mam,

Its quite obvious rise in voteshare is for Modi and not for Advani or anyone else in BJP

Just because BJP is nil in TN, they cannot stay inactive if JJ ignores.

I accept ur views of Poovodu serndhu naar in reverse for BJP allies in Tamilnadu with their interactions with Modi. TN badly needs a change in political thinking & local leaders broaden their vision for good of country.

Modi has a liking to reach across people/personalities anywhere. meeting Rajini or Vijay (as he met few Bollywood & Tollywood stars)is also a part of strategy.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Mr Jeyahar

Again diverting from the topic and taking up JJ's PM ambitions. Did she say that? By your own logic on Vijaykantha et al aspiring for CM, if Modi can aspire to be a PM why not JJ?

You said
//If JJ has put Nation's / TN's interest above her own personal ambitions then she would have chosen to side with BJP.//

Tell me what interest of the nation or TN did JJ put behind or sacrificed to ape for herself to be PM?

All heshyam.

Well, let me tell you one thing. I have the BJP propaganda material for La Ganesan. Hope you would have had it if you are in a place where BJP stands. Just check it out what they had written as achievements of Modi. You dont even have to compare with TN scenario, because the so- called achievements are too obvious to be nowhere with what TN had achieved. I am sure JJ or some ADMK people would have gotten this material, but JJ would have addvised them not to make an issue out of it.

Until now JJ has not made any wrong move or wrong speech. She is the only leader in the country who had not made any direct or indirect appeal for vote on caste or religion basis. This was glaringly seen in her campaign in Triplicane day before. Anyone in her place could have been tempted to talk appeasingly to Muslims who are 30% of the electorate there and who congregated in large numbers in that campaign. She did not talk anything for muslims there which was well noted by the muslim residents themselves. Tell me is this not the right way to take on the country forward? Name one leader who had not spoken on caste or communal lines.

Those calculations are of course there in choosing the candidates for all parties. But JJ had kept up the campaign above all these things until now.

She has been guarded in her response to BJP all along. Even when the Tauheed faction of muslims left her and offered their support to MK on the pretext that JJ had not spoken anything on BJP, she did not speak against BJP. She did not even stop them. But only after Modi tweeted that he was going to meet rajini that evening, she took up the kavery issue in the meeting that evening shortly before Modi met Rajini. Modi had vitiated the atmosphere unnecessarily and mindlessly. I strongly doubt that he had been advised so by vested interests to drive a wedge between him and JJ.

See today Advani too aired the same opinions on Kavery water issue and fishermen issue. But it was guarded and not directed at JJ.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Sheela,

TN BJP is perfectly right in trying to cash in on Modi's popularity to broaden its base. I have consciously mentioned TN BJP in my comments. Even JJ did not bother about it. But as a tall leader Modi must have been guarded in his actions and speech.

My grouse as I have written in comments above is that he has given in to filmi influence which TN has suffered too long and needs to shrug itself out of it. Principled stand is what Modi signifies. He must not give room for that.

To tell you the fact none in BJP or RSS approved of that. It was La Ganesan's idea which he expressed beforehand in Thuglak interview. When we are talking about Modi wave, Modi goes to seek star power of Rajini. The glaring result of that hurried visit to Chennai to meet Rajini was that the hurriedly arranged meeting at Meenakbakkam where Modi spoke had only 3000 people in the crowd. That is the Modi wave in TN. Leaders know and Jurnos know, but poor readers don't know as it was not reported except in TOI.

Unknown said... coming to JJ's follies:-
1) TASMAC. I know liquor can't be eradicated in one day...but then it can be reduced and brought under control over a period of time. In my area (which is residential) they opened a new outlet a few months ago. Everyday i can see hundreds queueing up from the morning. People who are drunk lie flat in nearby places and make a nuisance. I know liquor was started by MK...but then IF JJ is iron-willed person, she can definitely make a start by reducing the outlets and the timings. I know she can't reduce or abolish Liqour with Distilleries being run by MIDAS (the ironic part is that whether DMK or ADMK in power, the distilleries are controlled by DMK & ADMK people. Irrespective of the party in power, they get the contract!!!)
2) Freebies. In this case too, freebies can be given only to down-trodden and poor people only. Now its distributed to everyone of them, which is huge drain on exchequer. Even freebies can be given in a productive way rather giving useless things.
3) Looting of Natural resource. Well...sand mafia is an issue and there is only one contractor who controls the sand for all the state. They took some step on the Granite looting but then it was exposed by Sagayam and since it got exposed, they could not cover it up...but i can see that the initial enthusiasm has waned away...and there is not much happening on this
4) Failure to follow-up Rain water harvesting. Ground-water depletion and agriculture being affected. I would like to say that from my personal experience and my colleague who still undertakes agriculture that nothing has improved. I know that some efforts are taken by mostly individuals who pursue organic farming...but then it remains only a private initiative.
5) Pardoning Rajiv Gandhi killers and setting them free. I did not think this is right move, the issue is here, Supreme court has not ruled that they are innocent. It only reduced the sentence on technical grounds. JJ has been doing flip-flop of Srilankan Tamil issues. In 2009 she justified the War by Srilanka. Actually that's right move. LTTE is a fascist organization and it has to be destroyed. No doubt on that. Srilankan Tamil and LTTE issue has to be dealt differently. But i feel sad that JJ has sought to free the Rajiv Gandhi killers by mixing up the issue. You may argue that its on humanitarian grounds/or politics, but then remember that people who died with Rajiv Gandhi on that fateful day are also innocents. What is the justice for them?? Have the killers of Rajiv expressed their remorse for their act?? They have been saying from the beginning that they are innocent!!!
I'm just giving some main follies..and not all of them...and in the same way i would like to say her strength also:-

Unknown said...

1)Strong-will: She has an iron-grip on her party and never takes non-sense in the thing which is close to her heart
2) Focus & EGO: In politics you have to be focused and hard-nosed at the same time...she is definitely has a plus on this
3) Knowledge: She has got an excellent knowledge on many things

Apart from this, many people would criticize her for the following:-

Handling Electricity problem: In this issue i will not blame JJ entirely. MK bungled on this and JJ is trying her best to resolve this issue. But then she is lagging behind in solving this issue. Blaming others and alleging conspiracy theories show her in poor light. That's not the right way.
Price rise & corruption: I would not agree on this. Price rise can never be controlled only by an State government alone. Price rise can only be moderated it can never be stopped. Even a super-human can't control price rise. Nor can anyone stop corruption. It can only be contained. I will NOT fault JJ on this.

All said and done, JJ is much better than MK...but then MK is at a low...its like comparing a person who score a ZERO(MK) and another one who score TWENTY...and that will be audacious. I want a better Government which focuses on developing infrastructure, agriculture, education, health sector and encouraging people to stand on their own by appropriate policy measures. Actually reservation is necessary only to people who deserve it. And it can't be given perpetually. You have to use a carrot and stick approach. You can't correct a wrong with a wrong.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

I hope you know the history of it. If not, google search to know it. Initially no one was for it. But MGR had no option but to bring liquor trade under govt control. Even then the liquor lobby and cartelisation was powerful and it grew up as a moneyed mafia. On the other side Illicit liquor was thriving to cater to poor people. I very well remember those days when a family in Dharmapuri died after consuming illicit liquor. The pathos was such that mothers fed illicit liquor to babies to beat hunger. They all died. In the early 2000s I myself came across a couple of businessmen who wanted to get into liquor trade, approaching me for astrological counsel. I advised them not to go for it. I am saying this here to drive home the point how liquor trade was growing in a pace as to engulf entire State.

In that scenario, to arrest indiscriminate growth of liquor trade, liquor mafia and fleecing of people, JJ stopped retailing by private people and brought it under govt control. That is how the present Tasmac was born. Making profit out of it was not the purpose of the govt when it was started. But the number of outlets proliferated in MK’s period such that the shops were set up near schools and temples and at every bus stop. It was MK who used the Tasmac money to pay for the freebies. The freebie culture started by him could not be stopped in the next term (present) and it won’t go over to next term as there is nothing to offer!! Freebie has reached the saturation and Tasmac money would find other uses in future.

Only if awareness level increases in liquor consumption, Tasmac growth can be reduced. There is always the danger of illicit liquor coming in and liquor barons growing up if the Govt closes Tasmac. Without check on these two, it is not possible to close it once for all. They can be reduced and are getting reduced now. There is a court order too not to have them on highways. Like this the number of outlets must be reduced while taking care that no one resorts to illicit distillery. This is the background. Who owns the distilleries is something which no one can isolate someone to blame.

Tell me who will resist the temptation to take up the freebie. I didn’t take it. But I didn’t see anyone not taking it. Why even well off people took the TV? Its all in man’s greediness. Basic human nature even among educated class is such that. Then we can’t blame the poor for whom it is something worthy. But once MK exists, things like this will largely be out of place.

If JJ had not given the list of freebies, MK would have taken up some and garnered votes. It was a necessary evil that JJ had to do. In the previous election she didn’t do it. But even now she is going in a measured pace in distribution. But I have one thing to say. I do see poor people really benefited by the things. I myself have helped two poor families by paying for the education of their daughters. I could see how their lifestyle improved with the freebies. In their families the mothers had to toil at work and at home. One of them is working in a garden and another as a sweeper in panchayat. For the kind of physical work they do, the freebies are definitely a boon. It is up to us, others, who can afford those items not to claim them. One can do if they choose to. If JJ makes any conditions on freebie distribution, hell will break loose on her, insinuated by Mk and other politicians.

Looting natural resources:
You see, we are going by new reports. There are conflicting reports on all these issues including Sagayam too. But JJ of the current times, is above personal goals. There is absolutely no need for her amass wealth by dubious means.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Rain water harvesting:
Don’t blame JJ for it. She was the architect of it. It is there in govt offices. It is insisted in building plan. Lot of maraamath works are also happening. On agriculture, water sources, irrigation – JJ is doing whatever can be done. If you are blaming her, you are ill-informed.

Rajiv killers:-
You can read my opinion here:- Today even judiciary thinks that after a certain long years in jail, if there is good behaviour, they can be released. On Dharmic side (for which readers come to my blog to know my views), no one is permanently condemned for an offense. If so, there is no meaning in prayers, in seeking pariharas and prayaschitthas from our paapam. Even God is known to pardon sinners who have suffered in retribution and reformed. If we are to suffer for our sins wholesome, our lives would be very unbearable. It is by prayers, good conduct and repentance we are leading better lives – even though we are not aware of it.

Whether Rajiv killers expressed remorse or not:-
I think you are not aware of their role in the conspiracy, the court charges and subsequent bungling in the case of Perarivalan.

On SL issue, JJ was dead against LTTE – which is 100% justified. But once LTTE is no longer there, she started giving voice for SL Tamils.

On electricity:-
What a phenomenal problem it was when she took over! How can it be solved entirely in 3 years? I think you are following the details of what she did and the status of power generating units. She is not doing nothing as MK. Even if Modi is in her place he could have only what she has done. One difference with Gujarat is that Modi is not offering free electricity, but in TN nearly 30% of the consumption is given free. When something is free, people tend to over use it. Free electricity was started before JJ. Once something was given free, it is not possible to withdraw it. People’s and political parties’ cooperation must be there. Another thing, electricity charges in TN are lower than in Gujarat and many other states.

When Modi said in the last before previous election in Gujarat that he will not give free electricity but give 24 x 7 electricity, no opposition party opposed it or instigated the people against it. Would any opposition party do so in TN if JJ makes a similar announcement? If we do away with free electricity, we also can have 24X 7 electric supply.

You wrote about blaming others. There is nearly 25% support base for DMK in TN which is intact. It was reported that it is possible that if someone (from them or congress loyalist) working in the generating units wants to stall production, he can just add a bucket of water in a particular unit to stop production which will take a month resume. This was reported in newspapers. The nature of problems in some units point out to such sabotage, it is told by engineers.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Price rise:-
Amma eateries are one of JJ’s efforts to protect the poor from price rise. This is something great according to me. We see scores of construction workers – particularly women – taking a Tiffin box with rice cooked the previous night for work. This eatery is a boon to them all. We coolly say ‘thani manithanukku unavillai enil jagaththinai azhitthiduvOm’ – but do nothing to anyone to fill their stomach. As per Hindu way of life each family must feed atleast one stranger before taking their meal. We don’t do it. Many of us who do it, give food for an exchange of some work. In Tamil Sangam litt we read about Pasi-p-piNi marutthuvan Pannan who was praised by a king in that song. Such mentality helped to eradicate hunger in those days. We, people also have a responsibility to society and as such we must feed at least one person a day without expectation. In the absence of this culture, amma eatery is a boon.

You said
// All said and done, JJ is much better than MK...but then MK is at a low...its like comparing a person who score a ZERO(MK) and another one who score TWENTY...and that will be audacious.//

This mentality is wrong. You don’t want to show mercy to Rajiv killers who were in jail for 23 years. But want to go soft on MK who spoiled the mentality of 3 generations of people besides spoiling many traditions of our culture and ushered in the culture of corruption. Assess yourself for how much of thinking capacity you are endowed with (no offense please).

On reservation, I quoted earlier on the recruitment policy for new hospital. People are not yet ready to move on. I am personally in the know of many ills happening in govt institutes due to ill-fitting people who have come to occupy high positions due to reservation policy. It is a menace for all of India.

Sheela said...

Dear Madam,

i cud u/stand ur concern on vote split resulting to DMK win. JJ is better and she would hv achieved more if she had continuous terms. but her attitudes have been misunderstood by many and ensures her opponents gain. in Jan opinion polls showed 35 for Admk which has now reduced to 20 to 25.

major evil is congress and allignment with BJP would have been a winning combination. inspite of all her secular face putup muslims will not vote for her. she should have been seen a brave face if with Modi and honest indeed. i have seen admk workers in my area telling people votefor admk is vote to BJP which is very cowardly.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

No Ms Sheela, lot of churning had happened in the last one week. ADMK vote bank is solid at 32% or above 30%. Lot of paid news doing rounds. Modi was careful all along but has rubbed on the wrong side with JJ and on Muslim issues of late.

Togadia, Giriraj, Bhagawad and Naqvi's comments reported today and yesterday are shocking but follow a trend by which sudden hype in anti muslim mood is whipped up. When Modi had been carefully projecting the idea of good Governance, where from this polarization cropped up. Would this not stiffen the stance of muslims at this nth hour? I get a feeling that Modi's rise is being arrested at this last hour by those within BJP & RSS itself.

Prabhu Chawla and mark Tully must be listened. They see a Muslim polarisation against Modi. Added to this is the prospect of AAP emerging as the bet for Muslims and capable of hurting BJP in 50 seats atleast. Things look difficult make 272 for BJP.

Sheela said...

Dear Mam,

yes togadia belongs to 160 (Delhi) club of BJP who are happy to be a controlled opposition party.

Times now/cnn ibn/ ndtv can keep ranting as if Togadia is idealogical Guru of Modi. But people are also aware of these non patriotic News Traders & NGOs, AAP & Delhi club BJP.

One of my daily prayers include MODI to win inspite of all these hurdles


Jayasree Saranathan said...

This morning Modi tweeted against these people (whom I mentioned in my previous comment yesterday night) and warned them not to vitiate the theme of the campaign. I tell you Ms Sheela, there is real hidden work going against Modi's ascent to power. Once after it is made sure that BJP is going to be the single largest party, work is being done to make sure that the tally falls short of simple majority. This is aimed at stopping Modi to claim PM post. That is why I am saying that Modi had been ill-advised by some to meet Rajini and accuse JJ which in his own mind, I dont think, Modi would have done. Why should they work against Modi is a question for which I have answers, but dont want to say until results are out. It is an open secret among many people in the know of things and even the media people.

Today Modi has no friend from any regional party of stature. Unnecessarily he had spoiled the equation with JJ. All that he can have is the seats in Hindi belt where BJP and Congress are face to face with each other. Heavy polarization of Muslims against BJP is happening in the until now conducted elections. Muslims are doing tactical voting.

We in TN also must do tactical voting to keep off DMK. Love for Modi would harm TN, please remember that. Somehow BJP led or BJP backed govt would be formed in the centre. But don't throw mud on our heads in TN. Which ever govt comes in the centre, JJ would join it. She must be in commanding position in that set up if we have to get benefits for TN.

In TN, the opinion polls are a farce as we saw a different result in Exit polls in the assembly elections which was opposite of what people actually voted. The people for whom the elections matter (ADMK or DMK) would not speak out their mind but show in the ballot box. Even as I was writing my comments yesterday, JJ had spoken same thing in South chennai. She opened her speech with a declaration that she did not speak on caste, religion or such things but only on issues through out the campaign. That is a well noted point by many sections of people but not reported in the press. The Tauheet Muslims and others have pledged their support to her so also many groups in the last couple of days.

Notable is the visit of Pujaris sanga to meet JJ at her residence yesterday. This sanga has 35 to 50 lakh members who are pujaris of all the village temples in TN. This sanga is promoted by none other than VHP, presided over by Togadia! Me Sheela, you are thinking very casually of Togadia's ranting and the TV news. The silently happening thing in TN is that VHP that has control over all temples of TN through the Pujaris is not supporting BJP and its alliance partners TN. They have pledged their support to JJ.

Two reasons for it. (1) Hindu temples and issues around Hindu temples are safe under JJ. If JJ is weakened, all the work that is going on to revive Hindus, Hindu temples and Hinduism in TN are going to be affected. (2) Togadia - Modi who were best buddies once, parted when Modi aspired for national ambitions. Read today's TOI to know the background. You may trust Modi, but many insiders do not trust Modi but think something different of him.

Let me remind you a basic reality. India's problems can not be solved by a single man or in a few years. Modi is projecting himself as a single man govt! Of course Modi is a sincere person and we believe him. At the same time he does not have solutions to many problems. As far as TN is concerned, he did not even assure anything on electricity or on cavery issue. Only the TN govt has to do them - of course with a friendly central govt. Any govt under any one that is to come in the centre would heed to TN's hopes and demands only if JJ has numbers. Look at our home before looking at Indian scenario.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Another issue in this elections is the role of Azhagiri. Azhagiri met all and all met azhagiri seeking his support! But his man, Rithish left him and joined ADMK! But no hue and cry for that from Azhagiri camp. This looks strange.

Rithish stood by Azhagiri along with Napolean when Azhagiri was suspended from DMK recently. While many chose to be on the side of Stalin, Rithish stood by Azhagiri. That shows some close bond and understanding between them. Such being the case, why did he join ADMK? Why not even murmurs were raised by Azhagiri for what Rithish did. For the kind of situation that Azhagiri finds himself in, it is expected that he must be seething with anger against Rithish for deserting him. And there is no benefit or reason for Rithish to move over to ADMK at this juncture. All these seem to tell a different story.

The absence of any fuss over this shows that without the blessings of Azhagiri, Rithish had not defected to ADMK. Why then he defected? Was it to assure a signal to JJ that Azhagiri would split DMK votes in favor of ADMK so that DMK under Stalin fares very badly. Remember Azhagiri keeps telling that DMK is going to finish 3rd in the elections. If he does that (drubbing DMK), will JJ help him develop into a force or alternative to Stalin DMK. As long as MK is alive, I dont think Azhagiri would split the party. But once MK is gone he would split DMK and there will be Stalin DMK and Azahgiri DMK. Has JJ been approached by Azahagiri to help him in this route. There are of course reports that azhagiri wanted to meet JJ twice but turned down. Perhaps JJ did not want to invite new headaches now before elections, for MK would be furious if Azhagiri sided with JJ at this time. Perhaps the defection of Rithish was a signal to JJ that Azhagiri would comply by the unwritten understanding that he would make his supporters vote for her in this elections, in return for which she would tacitly support his rise with his faction in Madurai.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Check this recent article

"Tamilnadu must vote for Jayalalithaa"

SN said...

Pls refer to my comment posted on Mar 10 and today at 3.45 PM the lead/result for TN elections stands at AIADMK camp is 37 and BJP camp. I believed DMK will get some and BJP wont get any. But it turned out to be BJP+ is 2 and AIADMK stands by my prediction