Thursday, April 7, 2011

Corruption is eating Tamilnadu even as Anna is fasting!

If the swelling support to Anna Hazare' fast is an indication of people's anger against corruption, the absence of even a whimper in Tamilnadu shows how deep the roots of corruption are in Tamilnadu. It has been openly told in today's Thuglak ( a magazine edited by Cho Ramasamy) by way of a question raised by a reader. The reader has said that the DMK has given to the voters of Thiruvarur constituency from where Karunanidhi is contesting, a cooker, a set of silver anklets and cash of 1000 rupees per vote to all the houses. This is not an imagination. He has said that his relative residing in Thiruvarur has received all this.

The DMK's  distribution spree is happening in unimaginable ways. A news report says that the DMK men are approaching the shops that sell provisions, dress materials and utensils etc besides the pawn brokers and are settling the dues held by the people. Ask any milk distributing boy or the paper boy of any locality in Tamilnadu. They know what is happening at the grass root level. Even in my locality which has many middle class and educated people, money has gone to lower income households. They have finished most of distribution by now. That is why we are suddenly hearing MK and others claiming today that their victory is certain. A couple of days ago PMK Ramadoss claimed that a wave in favour of DMK is going to come. He has apparently meant this.

A few days ago, Justice Elipe Dharma Rao of Madras High Court took suo motu cognizance of the news paper reports of Karunanidhi's outbursts on strict ways of the Election Commission and questioned the EC on its ways.
Where is he now?
Why is he not taking suo motu cognizance of this allegation reported in Thuglak?
Not only Thuglak,
one of the leaders of the ADMK partners made an open allegation of how the villagers in his constituency have been given money.
Dr Sethuraman of Muventhar munnetar kazakam told this in the open meeting of the AIADMK Front in Coimbatore yesterday.
Why can't the judge take note of this and initiate case against Karunanidhi and the DMK?

The EC has ample evidence as early as Thirumangalam bye elections on the way the very basis of democracy is being stripped by the DMK through cash for votes. Though the EC is doing its job well, DMK has excelled in ways of distributing money to the voters.
I wonder why we should have an election in TN at all?
We can as well ask DMK how much money it is ready to shell off and allow it to rule.
At least we can save the election - expenses by that.
The disgusting fact is that all these are happening with the knowledge and support of Manmohan Singh, Sonia and her coterie. They deserve to be sent to hell for assisting and abetting the crime of the DMK.

No National TV is taking interest to peep into Tamilnadu, except Burka Dutt. We know her level of integrity; Expectedly she did an interview with Karunanidhi without any hard hitting questions. If the National televisions expose Karuna's election tactics, perhaps there will be some go –slow, for, Karuna has never shown guts to take on the National TVs.

Another entity who can arrest the deteriorating situation in TN is the Supreme Court. If only it asks why Kalaignar TV was not seized, it would dramatically change the perceptions at the grass root level.

Updated on 09-04-2011

The Election Commission has said that starting from yesterday there must be no current cut at night time until the day before the poll. This order is aimed at discouraging  money distribution under the cover of darkness. 
But the current-cut has happened yesterday in places where there used to be no current-cut at those times.
The cash for vote has started in full swing from yesterday onwards. 
In the Mofusil areas the amount is as less as Rs 100/= by the Congress and Rs 200/= by the DMK. In star constituencies it is Rs 500/= 
In VIP constituencies it is 1000/= plus some gifts. 

Updated on 11-04-2011.

In Kulaththur where MK Stalin is contesting, his offer rate is Rs 2,000/=
People are waiting for the power cut tonight!! 


Suresh Kumar said...

Koi Bhi Desh Perfect Nahi Hota,
Usse Perfect Banana Padta hai
Police mein Bharti Honge,
Military Join Karenge,
IAS Karenge,
Politics ka Hissa Banke Iss Desk ki Sarkar Chalyege,
Ye Desh Badle ga Hum Badle gaye Is Desh Ko.
No Country is Perfect, You’ve got to make it Perfect! Very much true indeed.

But if only we think Now or Never, who knows we could change atleast few of the politicians in the name of this Bill!!

Srinath said...

Would you mind if I use this blog post on my fb note? Just to popularise the issue of corruption....

Karthiga said...

I'm in Madurai.Even people around me expect cash to vote..but i don't think many people'll vote for money this bus stops,hotels,any public places i could hear the anger of the ordinary people against DMK,they say they want money frm DMK,but they 'll vote against them.if the DMK loses even aft distributing money,they'll stop doing that.EVEN ORDINARY PEOPLE SAY THAT DMK MUST LOSE ALL THEIR SPECTRUM MONEY THIS ELECTION,BUT MUST LOSE.

jayasree said...

Yes, we hear people telling that. at the same time money distribution is also happening. Remember the last time in 2009 lok sabha elections, same situation prevailed. The opinion poll on the last day of the campaign showed that JJ would sweep. But the exit polls showed a different mandate which was actually seen in the results also. In the last 2 days before election at that time, massive money distribution happened. Keeping that in mind, the EC has ordered that there must be no power cut at night from today onwards.

I remember the day before election in 2009. I was traveling in an auto in Chennai around 9 pm on that day. Suddenly power went off which was unusual. The auto driver said that they were giving money.

We have people who have no idea about the value of vote or country or what democracy means. They are being targeted by the DMK. This time the amount is very less as 200 rupees thanks to EC's strict ways. Perhaps the hoarded money of the local vattam, maavattam is being pumped. I guess the male voters understand better. But the womenfolk have no qualms in taking money and voting for the party as told. Jaya TV is showing the video clippings of money distribution every now and then. Watch it.

jayasree said...

@ Bulletmaster

//Would you mind if I use this blog post on my fb note? Just to popularise the issue of corruption....//


esh said...

yeah i saw those videos in jaya tv... but who will watch jaya tv if sun tv and kalaignar tv dominate the media??.... they mislead the ppl with their ads. in bangalore we find volvo almost everywhere.... but in chennai its very few in numb but still the gr8 cm is claiming credit for it as if he introduced it with his family money!!... its the job of govt to build public amenities

jayasree said...

@ Blaze,
EC had woken up late to the ad effect in the TV. These ads are given out of Govt money which is objectionable. The EC has said it will curb it. Late action but some action. May be in the next elections they can enforce it early.

esh said...

but as i had mentioned in one of my blog posts.... we need a change in the mentality of the ppl... let alone the politicians... if the ppl are good,honest,sincere and patriotic they will understand the situation and will ensure that ppl like karuna wont survive in TN...but ppl r interested only in their materialistic desires to come true in the form of tv's n laptops... not as a nation... if dmk wins now.. we can say that ppl hav dug their own grave....!!

jayasree said...

Yes People's mentality must change.
But why did the people start becoming like this?

Thamizaruvi Maniyan said in a speech that DMK is responsible for that. DMK's misdeeds are 3-fold :-
(1)It is corrupt by itself,
(2)makes others corrupt who join then and
(3)makes the people also corrupt as it has started doing through cash for votes.

DMK has no fear of God or retribution or law. It is trying to inculcate those tendencies in the people also. If DMK wins, it is a blow to democracy. There will be no meaning to democracy and there is no reason we should call ourselves as a democracy. My question is should we, a larger section of people be made to pay for what the poor and the vulnerable do to their votes?

Unknown said...

If ADMK wins it will be a even more worse blow to democracy. Jaya is no alternate to DMK, may be a coalition government with DMK at the helm will pave a bright future to Tamilnadu, it will also help wean the influence of Dravidian parties in TN.

jayasree said...

@ Bhaskar
Jaya is a leader on par with Modi. ADMK under her can not be called as a Dravidian party. First of all the word dravida is a farce. Read my Tamil series on Thamizan dravidanaa?
May be I will post an article on MK brand of Dravidianism.