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Gurumurthy on Dayanidhi Maran.


One after the other the DMK men are getting exposed for their corrupt acts. As expected Dayanidhi Maran has now come to occupy the centre stage of attention. From the revelations that are coming one by one, it seems that Maran is competing with Nixon for the prime slot in the list of the most corrupt who misused their official position. Dr S. Gurumurthy's revelation (reproduced below) is a different one, but not a surprising one for anyone hailing from Tamilnadu who knows the ways the DMK men had perfected the art of corruption ever since the DMK came under Karunanidhi.


On my part, the curious question is how the horoscopes of  all these DMK men can have a similar penchant to be corrupt and get caught also (at last)! The unfortunate thing is that we do not have the exact birth details of these people. Their birth date is available in their MP declaration, but the time of birth is not known. So it is by a guess- work, we have to pin point the 'defects' that could indicate scope for being caught and imprisoned.


Kanimozhi's was one such horoscope (05-01-1968, Chennai) which has Jupiter and Sun in exchange of their houses between Leo and Sagittarius. This looks auspicious but if such an exchange happens between 6th, or 8th or 12th lords and other lords, then it is definitely unfortunate. The probable dasa- bhukthi currently running gives a clue to the affliction of the dasa and bhukthi lords and by placing them in malefic houses / combination with respect to probable lagna, I deduced that she must have been born in Pisces lagna.


While arriving at the probabilities of incarceration, humility, wrath of the government or judiciary in passing adverse judgments on a person, Jupiter plays a major role. Jupiter represents the One Supreme Being and if it is favorable, then all deities are favorable and if it is unfavorable then all deities are unfavorable (Prasna Marga).


In Kanimozhi's horoscope, Jupiter can not have been in a favourable position though it is seen in exchange with Sun in favorable trine position. If we assume Pisces as her lagna, then Jupiter becomes lagna lord and the also 10th lord in the 6th in exchange with the 6th lord. Her current dasa Mercury is a baadhak and thus we keep developing the causes for her troubles.


Interestingly, in Dayanidhi Maran's horoscope, (05-12-1966, Kumbakonam)  his Jupiter is in exaltation but in retrogression. His Jupiter dasa must have just begun. An exalted planet in retrogression is as good as a debilitated planet. Particularly those with exalted Jupiter in retrogression will have scant regard for ethics, justice and human rights. A prominent example is LTTE Prabhakaran. They will be ruthless and will have no sense of remorse for the outrageous things they do.


That Maran must face the heat in the just begun Jupiter dasa shows that it must be placed in a dusthaana or its lordshop must be that of a Dusthaana. The most probable lagna must be Cancer, for his Rahu dasa had been highly successful. Rahu is placed in the 10th from Cancer in the asterism of Venus. For this lagna with 6th lord Jupiter in retrogression in Cancer and the corresponding Navamsa lagna in Libra, it will be troubles all the way for him. So be it.


The most interesting information is that the DMK patriarch also is suffering from the bad luck of Jupiter. It is my understanding that all the 'Dravidian' politicians who have built their empire on hate agenda against saatwic people, Gods and Hinduism will have Jupiter in adversarial position in their horoscope and will have their progeny also born with the curse of Jupiter. Let their life be a model for others on how one should not be.


Given below are the articles by Dr S. Gurumurthy and an old article on Mr Arun Shourie  on how he rang the bell on Maran's misdemeanors much earlier. Also given are the links to Tehelka story on Maran and their reply to Maran's response.







Minister steals a telephone exchange, loots BSNL


S Gurumurthy


Express News Service

Last Updated : 02 Jun 2011 09:45:01 AM IST


CHENNAI: Indeed a shocking, daring robbery. A telecom central minister from Tamil Nadu got the BSNL to connect 323 telephone lines to his home, not in Delhi where he had work, but in Chennai where he had none. He got all the 323 home lines listed not in his name but in the name of the Chief General Manager BSNL Chennai. These lines virtually constituted a telephone exchange in the minister's home. It was exclusively used for his family business by laying 3.4 km long secret cable along public roads to connect the lines to the business premises. This had caused huge loss to BSNL. Who was that enterprising minister? The infamous A Raja? No. It is the famous Dayanidhi Maran; Raja's predecessor, now the central Textile Minister. The CBI, which probed the fraud, wrote to the Secretary Telecom on 10.9.2007 recommending action against Maran for the fraud.



Dayanidhi Maran was obviously not playing marbles with 323 telephones. He got the BSNL to lay separate and exclusive underground cable from his Boat Club home to the SUN TV office at Anna Arivalayam in Anna Salai and fraudulently linked the 323 home lines to his brother Kalanidhi's SUN TV network. The first 23 of the 323 lines bore numbers '243722 11' to '24372301' and the next 300 lines bore numbers '24371500' to '24371799'. Since the first four digits '2437' were common for all 323 lines, the lines constituted a home telephone exchange. The Dayanidhi home exchange was operational in the SUN TV establishment for at least months from January 2007 through the fraudulent cable connection from Dayanidhi's Boat Club home. They were no ordinary telephone lines, but costly ISDN lines, which could carry tons and tons of TV news and programmes faster than satellites to any part of the world. These lines, the CBI says in its report, are "normally used by medium to large commercial enterprises to meet special needs such as video conferencing, transmission of huge volume of digital data of audio and video" – precisely the facility that SUN TV would need for its telecasting operations. For this, the SUN TV would have paid huge cost. But it got it all free, at government's cost.



The Maran home exchange, says the CBI, was "programmed in such a way that no one other than the authorised BSNL staff were aware of the existence of such an Exchange created for his [minister's] exclusive use". It added that by linking the minister's home and SUN TV office by the stealthy cables, "it would appear as if the lines were used in the residence of the former minister, but actually the cables laid facilitated SUN TV network to utilise the services of BSNL provided at his residence".  Google map shows the distance to SUN TV as 3.4 kms along the main artery roads of the area, which were dug up to bury the illegal underground cables from Maran home to SUN TV office! It was not one of those secret White Collar frauds, but a crime committed in the open roads.



What could be the probable loss to the exchequer by this fraud? On "a sample study", the CBI says, "it is learnt that 48,72,027 units of calls have emanated from [just] one Telephone No 24371515 in the month of March 2007 alone, which is indicative of the massive multimedia transfer in the underlying connections". Just one of the 323 lines accounted for over 48 lakh call units in March 2007 alone – Yes almost 49 lakh call units in one month, through one of the 323 phones! Assume that each of the 323 connections was put to use as efficiently as Marans had operated the Number 24371515; the total number of call units SUN TV would have unlawfully robbed the BSNL during January 2007 to April 2007 [Maran resigned on May 13] could be as high as 629.5 crore call units. With the prevailing rate of 70 paise per call unit could the loss to BSNL be as high as `440 crore? Only a thorough investigation can reveal the true loot. But, the story does not end here. SUN TV's print cousin 'Dinakaran', too has got its share of the loot. Says the CBI: "It is also learnt that similar service connections with ISDN facilities have been provided at the office of Dinakaran, a Tamil Daily, belonging to the group of SUN TV Network at Madurai, though specific phone numbers are not available". But how did the CBI get to investigate the fraud and where is its report now? It calls for a brief flash back.



Maran, a grand nephew of Karunanidhi, was the central telecom minister from June 2004 to May 2007. Perhaps the only Hindi knowing family member, Maran was Karunanidhi's eyes and ears in Delhi and his connect to Sonia Gandhi. The 'young' and 'dynamic' minister was amongst the most powerful in the UPA government of which the DMK was the most critical partner.


Telecom Ministry sitting on CBI report for over 44 months


Need an illustration for Maran's reach then? Not only could he threaten Ratan Tata to part with a third of Tata DTH shares, but he also could threaten him not to reveal that he had threatened him! But suddenly, Maran fell from the cliff into the pit, thanks to a costly slip by Dinakaran, a Tamil daily owned by Dayanidhi's brother Kalanidhi Maran. On 9.5.2007, Dinakaran carried an opinion poll that had trashed Karunanidhi's son Alagiri as non-entity in Tamil Nadu politics. Alagiri's angry supporters burnt down the Madurai establishment of Dinakaran on the same day, snuffing out the lives of three innocent staff. Karunanidhi sided with his son Alagiri against his grand nephews, the Marans. Result, Dayanidhi was instantly out of the DMK and the central ministry. It was then that the CBI probed the daring fraud. And now back to the main story.



The CBI had recommended action against Maran as early as in September 2007.

But the CBI letter is obviously sleeping somewhere since then, and for the last 44 months. The CBI letter had specifically asked the Telecom Secretary to bring the matter "to the notice of" Raja. So the case against Maran of DMK was to be approved by Raja also of DMK.

With the 2009 elections approaching, as was expected, warring nephews and sons of Karunanidhi patched up on December 1, 2008, with Karunanidhi saying, "my eyes grew moist and heart was content." The CBI letter was perhaps used to make Marans fork out generous terms for peace. After the 2009 elections, Dayanidhi, who got elected, attempted again to make it to the Telecom Ministry, but could not.


He became the Textile Minister instead; and he is so even now.

With the family feud subsiding, the CBI letter against Maran began gathering dust somewhere in Telecom Ministry.


Haunted by the 2-G scam, Raja resigned in November 2010 and Kapil Sibal took over. Sibal is sitting on the CBI report since then.


And Maran, as Textile Minister, is sitting in cabinet meetings along with Sibal.


And despite the CBI advice for action against Maran sleeping for over 44 months, now Prime Minister promises to Baba Ramdev that he would tackle corruption with "seriousness" and "without delay", while he himself is still sitting with Maran in cabinet meetings. It seems as much a comedy as it is a tragedy.







Maran tweaked telecom policy, says Arun Shourie

Fri ,Feb 25, 2011

New Delhi :  
Former Telecom minister Arun Shourie was questioned on Thursday by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) during which he alleged that his successor Dayanidhi Maran had tweaked the TRAI guidelines in 2005 to benefit some operators.

Emerging after a three-hour long question session, Shourie told reporters that he had cited several instances to the investigating officers of alleged irregularities during Maran's tenure before A Raja took over as Telecom minister in 2007.

"Maran was the Minister. What is Raja being accused of? Giving these 122 licenses without spectrum, when there is no spectrum with the Government. But it was in Maran's time that one sentence was put into the guidelines that there shall be no cap on the number of operators in a circle," he said.

Shourie said such a change could only come as a Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recommendation.

This (change) comes in the guidelines of 2005 whereas the TRAI did not recommend it till 2007. So by what horoscope under Maran was it decided that yes we can anticipate this recommendation before two years and start. That is how some operations were planned that could not go through and Raja acted on them," he quipped.

He also advised Raja to turn approver for the agency and spill the beans about the beneficiaries of this scam.

Shourie, who reached the CBI headquarters in the morning, was questioned along with the then Department of Telecom Secretary Vinod Vaish.

He said he had requested the presence of Vaish and some other officials because of their technical knowledge about the issue.

"I told them (the investigators) what were the circumstances and how individual decisions (regarding spectrum allocation) were taken that time (during his tenure) and that there was not a slightest departure from TRAI recommendations. There was not a slightest departure from the Cabinet decisions," Shourie said.

Handing over a 50-page note prepared by him on various issues relating to 2G-spectrum allocation policy appearing in the media, Shourie said he was ready to appear again if called by the agency.

The eminent journalist said he informed the CBI that TRAI did not do anything "surreptitiously" during his tenure and all the decisions were taken after open consultations.

Not one of the 28 licenses was given for any lucrative area. They were given for the areas in which nobody was going.

The objective of the Government was that in the North east, Bihar, Eastern UP and Jammu and Kashmir, mobile telephony should be extended and we achieved that," he said.


Tehelka report on Maran's complicity in Telecom scam:-

Tehelka's response to Maran's Press note and legal notice:-


ASHISH said...

DMK is not emboldened to engage in plunder without the tacit approval of Congress.

Could you pls throw light on whether some Congress leaders would come under scrutiny and incarceration.

If karma theory entails that minor group engaged in the loot gets punished while the bigger beneficiary go scot free, then it is a disullsionment.

Ashish Raje

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...


I will write a separate article on karma and how it operates.

graghave said...

Dear Madam,

you have stated "Exalted planet thats in retrogression behaves like
debilitated planet"

Does it apply for malefic planets like saturn too ?

how about saturn that will get exalted at this year end, will it be considered debiliated since it is in retrogression, OR is this the opposite of retrogression, where basically it should have been in virgo, but has fast forwared to libra ?

If anybody is born during this time, will saturn be exalted for them or debilitated ?


Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ graghave

It applies to any planet. A planet in its sign of exaltation, if it retrogrades, will give reversal of the trends attributed to it. The reversal is determined from the signs such as debility and friendly signs.

In natal horoscopes retrogression is seen in 2 ways. A retrograde planet tribbles the longevity given by the planet. But its behaviour is oppsoite to the sign where it is posted and interpretation must be done in accordance with the bhava.

In gochara, a retrograde planet heightens its nature and as per lordshi. One example is what Rajinikanth is undergoing now. He is currently running saturn dasa (8th lord) and moon bhukthi (marak). Saturn in a friendly sign (virgo) had turned retrograde and is currently transiting Hastha - the tri-janma star to his birth star Shravana. In such a retrogression in friendly sign, Saturn becomes unfriendly. His ailment must have started right from the time saturn statred regressing and / or when it entered hastha. In corroboration, his annaul Tajaka also has adverse position of sahama lords. The cumulative effect got him a marak effect which will come down once saturn turns forward.

In a few months, saturn will enter exaltation sign. A person born with this exaltation has a chance to be highly spiritual, particularly with Jupiter opposing it from Aries in a freindly sign. But its position from the lagna determines whether this exaltation will actually give him spiritual mind or not. If saturn goes into dusthanas, such positive features will not manifest.

Again its position from the sun tells whether it is in retrogression or not. MK has exalted saturn but in retrogression. I think MK's life and beliefs tell us how exallation fails to give its original effect.

graghave said...

Dear Madam,

Thank you for your reply..
Next year in feb/mar saturn is in exaltation and is retrograded. Would anyone born at that time, would they be spiritually inclined ? ( based on position from lagna of course )

or would saturn being retrograded, nullify it totally ? OR would jupiters drishti makes it behave in a spiritual manner ?


Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Raghu,

Don't worry about the yet to be born horoscope. I sense that someone dear to you is going to deliver a child at that time. Please don't panic. In interpreting natal horoscopes, we have to see the navamsa position and D-16 (Shodasamsa) position also to asses whether the planet will behave as exalted or not. The vargoththama position also will strengthen the planet.The bhava lordship also matters, so also the ashtakavarga points of Saturn in sarvashtaka and binnashtaka. So we can not jump into conclusions just like that. To cite an example, Lord Rama had saturn in exaltation which also happened to be retrograde. In what way Rama's spiritual prowess was lessened by that saturn? That is why I say that we have to see the whole horoscope to assess how a planet will behave. That is also why I don't post general phalan for transits.

Anonymous said...

maran's horoscope must be good as even after six months no action is taken and he is free . CBI chargesheeted him but he is stilll enjoying his freedom. how this is pssible and whether he will go scotchfree as per his horoscop?

Anonymous said...

as long as jupiter in Aries, nobody can touch Maran. Because jupiter in 9th place in 100% favourable.there is one proverb in tamil. two persons went to steal some thing and one was caught and other escapes. the persons who caught had saturn in 8th place (asthama sani) and he who escapes jupiter in 9th place. It applies Kanimozi and Dayanidhi.

Anonymous said...

Please clarify whether 15th aug 1947 was auspicious. Bharat Mahan is being looted left,right and centre and Bharat Mata is being molested for more than six decades.

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Indian Independence is not auspicious. According to the horoscope of Indian Independence Hindu dharma will be under attack and divisions within India escalate post 2015.

However for anything, there is a limit to withstand. I hope a rethink on constitution will come up in a decade and we will opt for Presidential form of governance. The current multi party system with its divisive potential must be given up for a more united approach to regions and people. I also hope that such an adaptation of a new constitution will be introduced on an auspicious time and not like the one we had on the fateful mid night of Aug 15th.

Mukundan said...

Madam, Please take a look at this site:

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thanks Mr Mukundan for the link.

The Independence chart only works for India. In many places in this blog I had written on the future particularly in the decade starting from 2015.

The author has employed western astrology to make predictions. What he has said tallies a greater extent to Indian astrology predictions.