Friday, February 21, 2014

Release of Rajiv killers - Is Jayalaithaa wrong?

Jayalalithaa has stirred up the Nation’s conscience by her move to release the Rajiv killers! Before telling why, I wish to express my surprise at how people – including those in TV debates did not see some basic facts in this issue.

Technically speaking, all that Jayalalithaa did was to have seized upon the suggestion the SC verdict had given that the State Government can exercise its remission powers under Section 432 and 433 Cr.P.C. by following due procedure in law. Her mistake was that she didn’t follow the due procedures in securing the remission perhaps due to the fact the results of such procedures are not binding on the Government. Even now the SC in its note of stay on the release of the killers had not said that the killers must not be released, but only said that there are procedural lapses in securing the remission, thereby implying that once the due procedure is in place, the remission of the killers will not be a problem or cannot stopped. Whether this applies to 3 killers who applied for mercy or all  7 killers is another issue – but going by the trend in SC verdicts, the 20+ long years of incarceration of them seems to weigh in favour of their release.


Can Jayalalithaa be faulted for this move as being political and aimed at greater National role?

There is of course something political but not the way that media in rest of India thinks. The SC verdict came at a time when DMDK was making secret parlays to Congress that could result in an alliance between DMDK, Congress and DMK. This is certainly the most wretched alliance that must not be allowed to take any advantage in the hustling based on the supposed vote share of these parties. The best way to make it not happen is to make it difficult for DMDK to hobnob with Congress. This verdict giving room for the State Govt to release the killers, if done immediately would blow up emotional reactions which Rahul expectedly did, followed by his party men – least thinking of the support his mother had given long ago by asking for clemency for the killers and his sister had timed a visit to one of the killers (Nalini) in the prison to make up a pro-Tamil image. The rest of India and the media had forgotten all that.


Now with Rahul-led Congress crying foul over the release of the killers, the anger against Congress is growing further in TN and it is impossible for DMDK -Vijaykanth to side with Congress! With election schedule likely to be announced anytime now, there is no time for Vijaykanth to work out new strategies on alliances. His fate is almost sealed by this move by Jayalalithaa.

Jayalalithaa  knows pretty well that this decision will be challenged in court. Things are going as per her plan I believe. That is seen by the way she / her Govt was cool in responding that she would abide by the court! She would claim that she did not act on her own when she passed the order of remission, but on the court’s suggestion and now she would say that she would wait for what the court is going to say. Either way she had worked for “Tamil” cause far better and higher than anyone in the fray! But the real dividend lies in having isolated DMDK.

By now she would have gotten used to thinking on two sides for any one thing, as it has become a habit for the opposition parties to go to court for whatever she does. Tamil nadu ranks the highest in India in court cases against Govt decisions. That works to her advantage as she is by now very much trained in thinking way ahead of all others. The current issue is one such thought-out strategy. She knows that it will be challenged in court, though the outcome of releasing the killers had been perfectly legitimised by the court verdict in a succinct way. Why go through the procedure in the first hand when there is an opportunity in shattering an alliance before it is made? She did that and Congress reacted expectedly – resulting in a fresh snowballing of public opinion against Congress  that left less room for DMDK to align with Congress at least for now – or until this is in people’s memory.

To call this as though this is against the interest of the nation is selective memory or hypocrisy.

Suppose if DMK had been in power now, do you think DMK would be keeping quiet? Both DMK and Congress would have worked hand in glove to release the killers. Sonia or Rahul would have made the first appeal to release them.

Now they are not in power in TN to draw this advantage, Congress is making noises while  DMK chief is trying to take credit that he was the first one to have batted for the release of the killers long ago.

People must remember that the day before Jayalalithaa passed this order, supposedly for political gains, Congress has just done a real heinous crime of dividing a State for political gains. Is that not real danger to nation’s integrity? No court, no party and no one could stop that which is going to herald a new season of fragmentation of the country. There is proverb in Tamil “Maamiyaar udaitthaal maN kudam: maattup peN udaitthaal pon kudam” (pot broken by the mother -in -law is after all mud pot. But if the same pot is broken by the daughter- in- law, a big hue and cry will be raised as though she had broken a golden pot). Jayalalithaa is the daughter-in-law in the proverb!

Coming to this issue, Jayalalithaa was the least politicking person initially. She was sincere when she wanted to enforce discipline and work culture in Govt offices, but she was severely criticised for that. She had the guts to bring in anti conversion law, but no one backed it. She did something which only a Buddha could do when she banned animal sacrifices in temples. But she was highly criticised and was forced to retract. This country and its people didn’t have a conscience beating for these issues. The lesson is that one has to go in the way that others go. She learnt that in this tenure and as someone remarked aptly, she has only herself to surpass. She used it to break the evil axis of DMK-Congress-DMDK. 

I said in the beginning that Jayalalithaa’s action had stirred up the Nation’s conscience.

Yes, the collective conscience of what is good for the country was not heard when Congress was allowing voices for pro-killers or pro-LTTE to gain momentum, was allowing Elam Tamil issue to scuttle Indian foreign policy, was allowing Karunanidhi to play politics over all that, had Sonia pitch for clemency for the killers, had Priyanka pay a visit to Nalini in prison, and MORE THAN ALL THESE delay the mercy petitions of the killers for nearly a decade purely for political considerations. If this issue on Rajiv killers had come to this level, it is because of the way mercy petitions were sat upon or disposed only in accordance with political calculations of the Congress party.

The collective conscience of the country did not even seem to exist when the Congress Govt politically timed the execution of Kazab and Afzal Guru. In effect, emotions and politikings have been allowed to grow to the current level mainly due to the ways that Congress party had chosen for extracting mileages from whatever it does.

The Nation and the National media did not wake up on those times. But now they have woken up when Jayalalithaa did a thing. The Nation or the media did not even know that all life prisoners (murderers and criminals) were released every year on Annadurai’s birthday by Karunanidhi during his last tenure. Jayalalithaa too did it in her first tenure but did not repeat it in subsequent tenures. She only stopped karunanidhi’s order after she resumed office in the current tenure. The Nation’s conscience was nowhere seen on those occasions.

It’s good that it is woken up now. May that remain vigilant in all issues of politicking done by all parties starting from the oldest party to the latest entrant, AAP!



sury siva said...

I wrote in reply not fewer than 1000 words on the legality of the issues raised on the basis of principles of natural law and justice,but later decided not to send it.(perhaps i may send them to you in private, should you choose to inform me your email )
At the moment, the questions raised by you are answered by almost all the legal luminaries save one or two ,depending on the colour of the flag they have in their hands.
subbu thatha

Sheela said...

Dear Mam,

ofcourse its win/win situation for JJ

its an opportunity to seek answers for

- sonia's intervention in judiciary for nalini which has piloted all confusions in this case.

- why did priyanka meet nalini?

- why UPA -1 & 2 were keeping this
case in pendency? motives behind.

- should we encourage Gender biase,emotional approach for terrorist & terrorist supporters?

Its Congress treacherous game which has backfired.


Shekar Venkat said...

I am in 100% agreement with the author.. If people think that Jayalalitha does not know that this decision of TN Govt will not go to court , they are naive... It was a very well calculated and timed political move..If she does not do this Congress in connivance with the DMK will have done this.. It was Telengana for AP and Elam cause for TN ... that is their strategy.. She has done it cool when the SC had given the ruling... The author is right.. the move to ignore the procedure( if at all) is deliberate to flare up emotions and Congress fell in. As far Mr Karunanidhi, he has lost a golden opportunity; must be blaming SC why at all they give this ruling now?1

For all I can guess,she may not actually like to release them at all; She perhaps knows, it will not happen despite the decision, because of the likely SC intervention...

Shekar Venkat
A keen political observer.

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Exactly Ms Sheela.

The nation and the national media must sift through the entire period ever since the mercy petitions of the killers were sent - what happened to them and why they sat upon them for so long. Yesterday Arnab Goswami was reeling out the details on Kennedy assassin. He can not compare that with what JJ did. In Kennedy assassin case or for that matter in any offense, the USA, its people, its politicians and its media bow to rules of law and never make politics out of them. Does it happen here?

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Mr Surya Siva,

I am following all the details of justice or what not of this. My point is well repeated by Ms Sheela and found in my reply to her.

You are welcome to send your comments to the comment section- even if it is 1000 words plus. You can split them into parts and send. Sorry to say I don't entertain correspondence to my ID. I would keenly read blog comments than mails to my ID :)

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

I concur with Mr Shekar Venkat 100%
If JJ had not done this now, Cong and MK would have done it. JJ was too quick to give time to MK to make a "suggestion" to Cong and Cong agreeing to it! We would be then reading a poem penned by MK on Sonia as Mother Teresa! A graduation from Manimegalai! We would even see PR of Congress pitching for Nobel Peace for Sonia while the next Bharat Ratna would be reserved for MK.

How many in the so-called "National Media" know this? They are there to sing to the tune of Congress masters!

Unknown said...

JJ horoscope lagna is gemini and in cancer, saturn lord of 8th and 9th at cancer, in 3rd house of simha, she has moon and mars and in 5th sign Tula, she has ketu, in 7th dhanus jupiter lord of 7th and 10th being the kendradhipathi dosham causing planet is situated in ketu moolam star. in 9th kumbha, she has sun and mercury,in 10th sign meena she has sukran venus is exalted and in 11th mesha, Rahu is in bharani star.

she runs now 7th and 10th kendradhipathi dosha causing jupiter is running - from june 14 she will run with jupiter- saturn in sashtangam 6/8 axis and in gochara, jupiter comes to 12th sign in june and in dec 14 she will have saturn transit to 4th sign from 3rd. i am of the view that she will have disappointment in election results and face some health problems after june 14. kindly comment your view on my opinion. Earlier i predicted before almost 8 months before about modis elevation and his possibility to become the next P M in your website if you recall yr memory.

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

I have never said that JJ will become PM. The PM probable-cast is based on a methodology that I explained in my article. Per that Modi and JJ were ruled out though individually they would be doing well. As of today there is no proper model or astrological rule to say who will be the PM given the kind of multi party system we have in India. If you compare the horoscopes of JJ and Modi, Modi has more problematic period coming up. I will soon upload my recent article to the Astrological Mag Jan issue where I analysed terror features and cautioned some terror attacks in April- May. Modi has a greater threat to his life than JJ.

On JJ, one of the traditional methods is to see 10th house features from the 10th (Bhaavaath bhaavam). Per that 10th lord is in 10th from 10th and in 9th from 10th in some computations. This 10th lord Jup is in the star of Ketu which is 5th from lagna. In this combination the native will be ascending like a jnani and will be doing a mission of the birth. I have discussed it in my article on Steve Jobs

The defect of Jupiter as Baadhaka and adhipatya doshaka was manifest in her 7th house signifiance, viz, marriage and in 5th house significance as Jup is in 5th in debility in D-16

Whatever be the gochara, it can't act without other factors giving space. When AV bindus are high, the transits do not cause trouble. She has 4 points in Jup AV in Cancer and 5 points in Scorpio in Sat AV. Four and above 4 points are good.

If at all she has to get some trouble, it will be in the court case. But she does not have yoga / combination for incarceration.

harinee said...

Whatever happened before or was done before the release is irrelevant to the actual decision taken. I am big fan of JJ and want to see her as PM more than Modi. But I do not think its fair to all those people who died in the blast along with our former PM.Playing politics with terrorism will have its price. Some of us like JJ because she is unlike other parties and has always taken a stand against LTTE despite what majority thought. This is avery disappointing move by her,
Also Murugan is a Sri Lankan, how can you forgive a foreigner committing an act of terror against a Indian PM.Rajiv Gandhi may have had lot of faults but both he and MGR genuinely wanted to see a solution to the SL Tamil situation when they sent IPKF.
Yet I see lot of local parties make a villian out of him. Let us not forget we are Indians first then Tamilians.

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

//Some of us like JJ because she is unlike other parties and has always taken a stand against LTTE despite what majority thought. This is avery disappointing move by her,//

She ran a high risk to her life due to her stance against LTTE. The obsession with heavy bandhobasth for her at that time stemmed out of this risk. But once LTTE was decimated, she promptly scaled down the security around her which we can see in zero fuss when she goes to the Secretariat from her house.

On Murugan, the SL Tamil, why blame her? The entire range of parties specifically DMK, MDMK, Cong etc have pitched for him and the SL issue. She was forced to fall in line to stem out their impact. That is why even now no LTTE supporter trusts her fully as they see her present moves as "necessary evil" from her point of view.

JJ must be supported to weed out Karunanidhi and selfish and castiest elements like Vijayakanth and Ramadoss. This move (discussed in the article) by her is likely to sweep out them all besides rendering DMK weaker. Let a generation of people grow up without the influence of Dravidian, castiest and selfish politicians. For that JJ must be in the saddle for one more term and have a friendly govt in the centre.

It is unfortunate that no media in TN and outside project how meticulous she is in choosing the candidates, how good the law and order is, how sensitive the police forces are to people under her dispensation (I have a couple of personal experiences to narrate that happened in the past few days). Her Amma canteen was projected as an election ploy in some national TV yesterday. They didnt know that it was inaugurated long ago at a time when inflation touched its peak.

My observation is that the people at ground level are very well aware of who is who. The people are “TheLivaa irunkkaanga” (தெளிவா இருக்காங்க) –very clear about their choices. Only the educated people lack sense of judgement. In this context I would say that the TN BJP trouping with Vaiko and Ramadoss or even Vijayakanth would not go well with the voters. There is support for Modi and also for JJ. Where the BJP puts up the candidate, there is a chance for even JJ supporters to vote for that candidate, but they would not if a Vaiko or Ramdoss or Vijayakantha candidate contests in alliance with BJP. TN BJP is not aware of this ground thinking.

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

The above post of mine is published in Vijayavaani.
Read it here:-

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

The real danger is from AAP

Read this

Unfortunately for India, AAP horoscope and Kejriwal's horoscope show gains (of course short term) at the time of elections. The muslim vote bank is with AAP. India is heading towards a period of chaos and cacophony as I feared would happen in Moon Maha dasa of the India Independence chart (till 2025).

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Continuing to comment on Aravamudhan Gopalaswamy:-

Saturn is both 8th and 9th lord in JJ's horoscope. It is in vakra in the 2nd house in Rasi and in 3rd house in Bhava. The Bhava position makes it in trine with Jupiter. In other words Jup- Sat period will be that of Dharma karmadhipathi planets - Jupiter as 10th lord in whose dasa the 9th house planet's (saturn) sub period will be running. How would you rate this? As malefic?

At another angle - which is an old school of thought - a retrograde planet will be deemed to have gone to the previous rasi. That puts Saturn in lagna and Mercury (lagna lord) in the 8th. By this saturn will be in angle to Jupiter. This again is a Dharma karmadhipathi feature which will manifest in her Jup dasa - Sat antar dasa (Oct 2014 to April 2017)

At another angle, saturn and Mercury will be in parivardhana by this retrogression. The lagna lord and 8th having exchanged their houses. This will strengthen her health which can be cross checked with her life line in her palm. She does have health issues mostly to do with teeth, skin and nerve problems and prone to heart disease. She has been suffering for a long time and her retreat to Kodanadu is to do with that.

Unknown said...

Morally speaking, what JJ has done is wrong. But in politics there is no morality and gaining power is the only motto. In this case though what you say is plausible, my reading is that she wanted to preempt MK. If she had not done MK would have voiced and her position would have been embarrassing for her. Also DMDK, congress aligning with DMK was a remote possibility even before the judgement came. Today anyone aligning with Congress would be at a disadvantage and that is why DMK is distancing from Congress even though MK is inclined. Therefore, JJ has not done with a foresight to break Cong+DMDK+DMK alliance, but that has been a desirable bye-product for her. Unfortunately today as I read public mind, JJ is not in high esteem and so she will gain some seats by default.

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Just uploaded my article on probability of terror attacks at the time of elections.
Read here:

Also uploaded an article on Dhana yoga and Jnana yoga about which I exchanged comments with Ms Sheela sometime ago. I promised to write a blog on Moksha and jnana stuff in astrology but I could not do it until now. As I am racing with time in finishing my Thesis for PhD in Astrology, I would do that in the second half of this year. This article published in Sep 2013 might give some basics in Jnana yoga. It can be read here:

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Links to all my articles in scribd can be accessed here:

Sheela said...

Dear Madam,

threat for Modi increases by day, match is between Modi vs pseudo seculars & desh drohis.

Modi bhakth like me (as Sagarika ghose makes fun of Modifans) pray for his long life.


Unknown said...

Reg JJ horoscope,her lagna is gemini and hence she wears green color dress and party symbol is two leaves of green color to match " Twins" symbol of gemini mercury color. Mercury is in 9th sign in the constellation of avittam star owned by mars, the lord of 6th and 11th which aspects mercury from 3rd house. 6th lord indicates health issues and enemies.
In simha,the 3rd sign has both mars and moon with mutual aspects of mercury and sun from 9th. Due to the aspect of mercury ( in mars star ) and mars mutually, mars influences the mercury to great extend. Hence mercury gives trouble in health related to Skin, teeth, nerves ect which are related to health problems of malific mercury. She starts her election tour and first meeting on 3rd march from kanchipuram varadaraja temple car theradi to signify her jupiter dasa. To my knowledge jupiter being the kendradipathi dosha causing planet with 6/8 axis with saturn in second sign will not be much favourable to her expectation of election results.jupiter has done good thing in its own bukthi in the past 2.8 years the rest of bukthis have to be watched carefully.

reg modi, i do not agree with your version of life threat to him as his lagna lord mars is in lagna itself with moon lord of 9th. Both are in the stars of saturn lord of 3rd and 4th. 8th lord mercury is powerful.
( if lagna lord is weak or in neecha without any bhangam, and 8th lord is more powerful than lagna lord, i fully agree with you but in this case lagna lord mars is equally powerful and in saturn constellation and hence both lagna lord and 8th lord mercury ( exalted in its sign kanya ).Both are equally strong. Hence i am sure that he will make turn around to be the next P M of country with all planets in his favour as explained before in my posting.

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Aravamudhan Gopalaswamy.

On JJ, I explained already how it is not 8-6 axis. Bhava chart position is paramount and if it is different from Rasi chart, Bhava position takes an edge. By that Jupiter and Saturn are 10th and 9th lords in kona to each other. The ashtakavarga bindus in the transiting signs current and next to them for these 2 planets are quite high. She will make it well in the coming elections. But to say that such and such a person will become the PM, there is NO ground rule as far as Indian elections are concerned. In that case we take up Indian chart and match with individual leader's chart.

You super-impose Modi's chart on Indian Independence chart. What do you see? Moon and Mars in Modi's chart are in the place where Ketu is in the Indian Independence chart. Would you okay this in marriage matching? This is an issue which we must wait and see how it works.

Another issue is Kendradhipatya dosha. Benefics as kendra lords, if they occupy malefic houses, confer good. In some computations of JJ chart, Jupiter is in 6th house which is good. At another reckoning as a benefic, Jupiter in a kendra is good. For Gemnini lagna both Mercury and Jupiter are inauspicious due to this dosha. But a dosha planet in a dosha house cancels out the melefic ness. By this, if Jupiter is in debility for Gemini lagna, it grants good results. It is in debility in Shodasamsa (D-16) which is seen for final positional strength of a planet. There also it is kendra lord but in debility. If it (adhipatya dosha planet) occupies its own sign (a kendra) but is associated with lords of 6th and 8th it grants Raja yoga.

Saturn is both 8th and 9th lord. Even as per your judgement, saturn is 11th lord in 5th house from the 10th bhava (for which Jupiter is the lord). This connection + kona angle between Jupiter and saturn in Bhava confer Raja yoga. Please note she came back to power after all the court cases in March 2002 in Jupiter pratyantar dasa in the antra dasa of saturn!

As a Baadhak and Maarak, Jupiter would show these natures in sub periods of 6L, 6th sub cuspal lord and 22D lord in its Maha dasa.

As bhava lord for the 10th house, the analysis is done with 10th house as the lagna. For that Rahu is a marak, Sun, Moon and Mars will be spoilers by occupying 6th and 12th houses (from 10H). Mercury as a Baadhak in 12th would be neutral. Favourable antar dasas last till next term for her.


Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

(continued from above)

The next issue is Modi's chart. My source says that his lagna is Libra. Sun is the baadhak for Libra and as such his sun maha dasa was tumultuous due to Godhra issue. But it died down once Moon dasa started. If we take Scorpio as his lagna, then this can not happen because the present Moon dasa is a baadhak.

Where the baadhak effect will be seen is a question. Assuming that Modi's lagna is scorpio, Moon becomes the baadhak that happens to be the bhagya lord. JJ's Baadhak is wrt Kalathra, Modi's baadhak is wrt Bhagya and Karunanidhi's baadhak is wrt 11th house (both labha and more wives). MK fell in Baadhak dasa, lost all the name (whatever) he built up all these years and is never likely to recover. He will be remembered for his evil side.

JJ's Baadhak was wrt her kalathra. Please note that denial of marriage (legal) for her is indicated both in Rasi and in bhava. Some rumours were there about her personal life but whatever could have happened had happened in Mars Dasa before she joined politics in the 80s. Mars as husband factor for female is variously afflicted in her horoscope. Such an affliction will be acute if the running dasa was that of the Baadhaka lord. She had crossed that and her present Jupiter dasa as a baadhak is irrelevant.

Apply it to Modi. Moon dasa as 9th lord and Baadaka is not good. But take his lagna as Libra, Moon dasa is pretty good. That is why I have been saying that he has one more term - till moon dasa ends. But will be become the PM now is something I cannot say with certainty, though I want him to be the PM.

One reason is the Dasa bhukthi at the time of elections (Moon dasa- rahu bhukthi). Another is Saturn encroaching his janma and janma lord Mars (in zero degress). There are nill bindus in Scorpio in saturn ashtaka varga. Some problems are seen from this which would last till saturn crosses Mars in transit. Another feature is that Saturn is his 22D lord too. Both the dasa lord (Moon) and Bhukthi lord (Rahu) are in the star of saturn. This is making me think that he must be careful - though I dont foresee any fatality to him.

Finally Indian Independence chart is not rosy in the near future - a case that would not happen if Modi is PM. Yet another concern is BJP's chart which is good now but till 2018 only. On the contrary, Kejriwal and AAP are having strong times at the time of elections. I am worried that a repeat of Delhi election would happen.

Unknown said...

Looks like Venkaiah Naidu, Sushma or CBN if TDP is in alliance got a shot at PM

Unknown said...

Looks like Modi said that he will have a meeting in Andhra Pradesh (not Telangana) as all the people are angry/dis-satisfied by the way, the events turned out and the role played by BJP... they didn't announced the date yet... may be the congress crooks might plan something and blame it on the anger of the andhra people. Will post once they announce the date.

Raghu said...

You had said, ".. but they would not if a Vaiko or Ramdoss or Vijayakantha candidate contests in alliance with BJP. TN BJP is not aware of this ground thinking." Unfortunately, such an alliance is forming!

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Read my tweets