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Kali or Durga and their sub-deities as indicated by planets.

The following was written by me in the comment section of the previous article

Sai Baba – Shankaracharya controversy.

I am picking out the part on Kali or Durga and the sub-deities and posting here for easy search and reading. The source is Prasna Marga.

Image of Kali from Colonial records.


In the signs of Venus, Sun represents Yakshi in Taurus and Bhadrakali in Libra.
Sun in Saturn's sign of Capricorn represents Ayyappa.

It represents hunter's deities in Pisces, the sign of Jupiter. Hunter's deity is Mahishasuramardhini. Read my blog here:


In the Martian sign of Aries, if moon is posited, it represents temple God Chamundi.

In Scorpio, it represents the same Goddess worshiped by low class people. If weak in these signs, both types of deities.

In the sign of Venus, Moon represents Yakshi in Taurus.

In the signs of Mercury, Moon represents Vimana Sundara in Gemini and Vimana Sundari in Virgo.

In Leo, Moon represents Bhagawathi worshiped by others.

In Pisces, Moon represents Akasa Gandharva female.


Usually Mars signifies Subramanya in odd signs and Chamundi and Bhadrakali in even signs. Further fine-tuning can be explained as follows with specific reference to Kaali- group deities.

In its own sign of Scorpio, Mars represents Narabhojini, Balaprabhakshani etc.

In Taurus and Virgo, Yakshi.

In Cancer, Bhagawathi and Chamundi.

In Leo, vana devathas in addition to Shiva Bhuthas such as Aghora.


In Leo, Mercury signifies Naga kanya.

In Sagittarius and Pisces, Chamundi charged with mischief by an angered Brahmin.


In the signs of Venus, Jupiter represents Yakshi in Taurus and Yaksha in Libra.


In its own houses (Taurus and Libra) Venus signifies Annapurna.

In the house of a benefic, it signifies Lakshmi.

In Leo, it indicates temple Yakshi.

In Pisces, Durga Bhagawathi.

In other signs, Yakshi.


In the signs of Venus, it signifies Yakshi in Taurus and Ayyappa in Libra.

In Gemini, Vana devatha.

In cancer, devathas worshiped by low class people.

In Leo, devathas worshiped by hunters in addition to temple Sastha and Kirata.

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Ravichandran M. Kaushika said...

Very nice article. I was looking for this information - I suggested Kali puja starters (listening to stotrams) for someone with Mars in cancer (makara lagna). didn't know whether the odd or even had to do from aries or from the lagna.

Odd from Aries = subramanya
even from aries = kali variations.