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Does Charak Samhitha support eating beef?


Beef prohibited by ‘Charak samhita’ !

Countering statement of scientist P. M. Bhargava regarding beef

Scientist (?) P. M. Bhargava’s statement that ‘Beef is a remedy on many ailments as per Ayurveda’ is half truth. Characteristics of beef are given in ‘Charak Samhita’ and its use in ailments is also given. We shall see these references as they are; but before that, it is necessary to understand the condition prevailing during the ancient times. 

·         During ancient times, a student studied ‘Dharma-shastra’ before Ayurveda’, therefore, he knew that beef was not to be consumed : Earlier in ancient times, ‘Ayurveda’ used to be taught in Gurukul. Before taking admission to study Ayurveda, a student had to study ‘Dharma-shastra’ and Hindu Dharma-shastra teaches that ‘Killing a cow was a big sin and consumption of beef was prohibited’ in different contexts.

·         Ayurveda is a science and it has reference of characteristics of every substance: Why characteristics of beef were mentioned in ‘Charak-samhita’ should be thought about with context to the then period. ‘Ayurveda’ is a science and it is said ‘Sarvam Dravyam Pancha-Bhautikam Asmin Arthe’ (Charak-Samhita, Sutra-sthan, Adhyay 26, Shloka 10) which means even substance made of ‘Pancha-Bhautika’ is a medicine. It is the principle of Ayurveda and science based on it explains characteristics of every substance; therefore, characteristics of beef are also explained.

·         Bhargava has told half facts misguiding people which is vicious on his part : A Saint has said in his discourse , “If you want to go to hell, drink liquor !” Now, if someone says that the Saint advised to have liquor, it would be vicious. Similarly, Bhargava’s statement is misleading.

·         Bhargava’s statement is illogical : Few ailments, which have been stated to be cured by consumption of beef, have several alternate remedies explained in ‘Charak-Samhita’; therefore, will anyone advise to consume beef instead of other medicines as prescribed in ‘Charak-Samhita’ ? So, those making statements for cheap publicity based on half knowledge of ‘Charak-Samhita’ will only consume beef’ and should be treated as an exception. 

·         It is first explained that beef is not good for health and then the exceptions are explained as beef curing certain ailments. It is like the saying in English ‘Exception proves the rule’. Bhargava stated exception; proving that beef should not be eaten which is the rule.
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