Saturday, July 2, 2016

Swathi murder – time for introspection.

The daring murder of Infosys techie Ms Swathi by a stalker has sent shock waves across the society. This murder has definitely sent a sharp tremor in our body as every daughter from our homes is as vulnerable as Swathi. Any girl going to school or college or work place faces the risk of an attack from a stalker having a monster inside him.

This murder had also shaken our conscience as everyone of us have to ask ourselves before criticising the onlookers at the site of the incident, whether we would have acted any differently from those present at that time. Is it apathy or fear and immunity to crime - which one is keeping us at our back-foot when such a gory incident is happening in front of our eyes?

The media as usual did its job of enough character assassination of Swathi while giving space for callous commenters to spin their own versions of Swathi’s past and their imagined lovers of poor Swathi.  It was so sickening to read them all even after appeals were coming from  Swathi’s relatives to stop such speculations.

Media’s insensitivity is equally condemnable in their coverage of the female folks of the killer’s family who are also distressed and shocked at the behaviour of their kin. Photos showing his mother and sister crying while hiding their face from the camera made a pathetic essay on the mindless behaviour of the media.

On the other side of the coin, speculation about the caste and religion of the murderer went to the extent that even a sensible and non-controversial Y.G.Mahendra craeted a flutter inadvertently. S.Ve. Shekar added pep to that.

Now that the killer has been identified and captured we can expect support for him from psychological analysts, human rights specialists and even some caste parties, while the real culprit behind the kind of behaviour of the murderer will be having a gleeful day in having got a wonderful plot.  If you have guessed it right, I am referring to the movie makers!

Someone from that fraternity may even be discussing Swathi’s case right at the moment to make money and fame out of it. The ideas on how to stalk a girl, tease her, please her and bring her around by some ways are there for anyone’s take from the Tamil movies. A hero who looks completely unsuitable for the heroine will be using all kinds of ways of clash and bash to win the girl. If things don’t click, revenge is always there. If revenge is not there, the hero would quit but not without making all nasty comments about the girl.

There will be ‘situation songs’ for these moments and they will be instant clicks with our youth. Take a look at a sample of those songs I picked out from Chennai Times of 29th June 2016.

The worst part of it is that those who inspired the vulnerable youth with their roles in movies are preaching good behaviour to the public. I am referring to actor Kushboo who was making expletives to stop such incidents and accusing the bystanders at the scene of crime. Did she pause for a second to think what impression her role in Chinna Thambi movie would have created on vulnerable minds of both genders?  In that movie she was the youngest sister of a rich family who fell in love with an unlettered but a creative singer who didn’t even know what marriage means. That movie was a hit but no one knows how many impressionable minds were inspired / affected by that movie.

Her husband has an instant appeal with the young and particularly the C class audience with his outwardly comical movies. But thinking about them after seeing them, it is certainly disturbing to note that the plots and scenes are in effect polishing the lower instincts of those viewers.

For instance in his recent movie (Muthina Kathirikai) which was produced by Kushbhoo herself  and acted by her husband Sundar.C, the hero (Sundar.C.) was aping to hook a girl who was 15 years younger than him. It turns out that he has loved the mother of the girl in his younger days. Now that he is in love with the heroine, her mother (his lover once) can be seen making glances at him (jollu) which received loud applauses from the audience in the theatre. While such scenes looked obscene, the instant reception for such scenes from the audience was truly shocking. What right Kushbhoo has to speak like an activist of women’s right and advice people while she continues to be an inspiration for negative behaviour through the movies she makes and acts and has her husband acting?

Kushbhoo is not alone in this mission-inspiration for vulnerable minds. I brought in Kushbhoo’s name as I read reports on her talks on Swathi murder. Almost every other Tamil movie that is being released nowadays provide enough fodder to vulnerable minds to mistaken civil talks as signs of love and get into love traps of unmatchable kind.

Movie makers may resist this accusation, and defend their movies saying that they have only portrayed real life incidents. True, such incidents may have happened in real life, but they are rare. By showcasing them into movies, a justification for such behaviour is made in many minds. Even one among them indulging in crime will snatch away life from another Swathi.

It is time the movie makers also do their part of introspection in the name of Swathi – a rare pearl who will be remembered every time we see off our daughter to school or work place.


Venkat said...

Completely agree with you ma'am. Media analysis must be more hurting for the family than the tragedy itself.

jayasree said...


Glorifying stalking and violence, when will Kollywood end this Kolaveri?


Sowmya Rajendran| Sunday, July 3, 2016 - 11:04

The police has, after an intense manhunt that lasted for a week, arrested the prime suspect in the techie murder case that sent shockwaves across Chennai. Swathi, a 24-year-old woman, was hacked to death by a man (now identified as P.Ramkumar) at the Nungambakkam railway station at 6.45 am on the 24th of June. There are conflicting reports about what happened and why, with an eye-witness even claiming that Swathi was slapped by another man a few days prior to the murder. From what the police has said so far, it appears that the suspect was in love with Swathi but that he couldn’t take it when she did not reciprocate. He, therefore, decided to end her life. And they say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Sounds cinematic? Because it certainly is. The storyline is the wet dream of any Tamil film-maker who is looking for a soul-stirring tragic love story, the sort that will have at least one song with the drunken hero and his bros abusing women for being such bitches or sluts or innocent heart-breakers. The drunken men are fondly called ‘soup boys’, a term popularized by Dhanush in ‘Why this Kolaveri di?’, the gaana that broke the internet five years ago. Wait, what was the song about? A white-skinned woman with a black heart who rejected our man and ruined his life. Right.

In a society where there are so many rules for falling in love (No.1 being that you don’t), it is not surprising that our ideas about love are so warped. Good girls and good boys don’t talk to each other. They are strictly heterosexual and marry the person of their parents’ choice, carefully selected after matching caste, class, education, complexion, height, salary, and horoscope. In the movies, romance is the selective disruption of these factors. The hero is an aspirational figure, the go-getter who overcomes any number of obstacles to ‘win’ the girl. And many a time, the obstacle on his path is the girl herself who calls him a ‘porukki’ or tells him in no uncertain terms not to follow her around. By the end of the movie, however, all her nays magically turn into a coy yes and everyone goes home happy. True love has won, consent be damned.

It is amazing to take a cursory look at Tamil cinema and discover the sheer variety of ways in which stalking is celebrated as romance and violence against women is openly encouraged. By now, everyone agrees that songs like ‘Adidaa avala’ (Mayakkam Enna) are a bit much but the plot of the average Tamil movie is reluctant to move away from misogyny. In fact, in “Paayum Puli”, Vishal plays the role of a cop who stalks and threatens a woman (Kajal Aggarwal) to fall in love with him and never for a moment are we supposed to think that this is anything but romantic. Or unlawful. “Nanbenda”, starring Udhayanidhi Stalin, is yet another stalker-lover movie which, as an added bonus, also teaches the audience how to find out if a woman checking into a hotel with a man is his wife or a sex worker. And oh, this film is U-rated. In “24”, Suriya plays the role of a typical gas-lighter, playing games with the heroine’s mind, dressing her up to suit his tastes without her knowledge and so on. So cute ya.


jayasree said...

But it’s not just this new crop of films that have done this. In “Sethu”, a critically acclaimed film that made Vikram’s career, the hero is a college goon of sorts who falls in love with a meek girl. When she rejects his advances, he kidnaps her and threatens to smash her head with a rock if she doesn’t accept his ‘love’. The hero’s long speech in this truly appalling scene is everything that is wrong with how romance is celebrated in celluloid. And of course, the template isn’t particularly original. Remember Kamal Haasan in “Guna”? His deranged ‘Abirami-Abirami’ chants ought to chill our spine but instead, we weep into our popcorn and hum ‘Kanmani anbodu kadhalan’ to our loved one with great emotion even now.

Actors like Dhanush and Silambarasan have turned stalking into an art – the loser boy who has nothing in life going for him but can still aspire for the fair-skinned girl. Who wouldn’t want to be like him, eh? But if you thought the problem was with only these men who play ‘low-class’ characters in their films, you’d be wrong. In “Vaaranam Aayiram”, Suriya follows his love, Sameera Reddy, all the way to the US! After she has said no. With his father’s blessings. Apparently, this isn’t in the least creepy…it’s romantic, bro! In “Minnale”, Madhavan goes one step further and impersonates another man altogether to win the heroine’s heart. Phew.

In a society like ours where a woman’s sexuality is tightly controlled, everyone’s consent but her own matters. This notion is repeatedly reiterated and magnified in cinema. I’ve lost count of the number of times a hero has proudly declared onscreen that his sister is not ‘that type’ and that she will marry anyone he asks her to. And if a woman is to express her desire openly, why, she becomes a Neelambari whose only way out is death! Or, of course, she may do an item number and gracefully disappear.

It is simplistic to blame everything on cinema but one cannot deny that movies transmit cultural codes and behaviours. For instance, right after Swathi’s murder, a Facebook user, who belongs to a star’s fan club posted a comment saying women like Swathi deserved to die – ‘…pasanga lyf ah spoil pandra girl evala irundhalum matta pannanum’. Any girl who ‘spoils’ a boy’s life by rejecting him deserves to die, is this noble man’s thought. In a land where romance is so fraught with difficulty and moral policing is routine, we often take our cues about how to make the next move from our favourite people onscreen. The college boy who lusts after the girl-next-door does not see himself as the lecherous villain who is assaulting her…he sees himself as the righteous hero who is giving her what she deserves. He has learnt it from the men we cheer for in the darkness of a cinema hall, with the background music manipulating our minds and telling us exactly how we’re supposed to feel about what’s happening.

Misogyny is not exclusive to Tamil cinema certainly. A while ago, a woman named Annapurna Sunkara had made a Youtube video about how women are portrayed in poor light in Telugu films. The backlash and abuse she faced from movie stars and their fans was unbelievable to say the least. So no, misogyny is not limited to Kollywood but I honestly cannot remember the last Tamil film I watched in which women were not called ‘figure’ repeatedly. This objectification and reduction of women to their bodies is so normalized that it doesn’t even make us uncomfortable any more. We sit passively in our seats, with our kids, watching the hero and his machans take a piss on the women in their lives and laugh at the comedy that this is supposed to be. But enough is enough, boys. It’s time we had this conversation. You may not be guilty of this particular crime but you are guilty of perpetuating a culture that condones it. We all are.

How, then, does one make a good romance movie, you ask? I’m not convinced alcohol would help but start by seeing women as real people with minds and opinions of their own. And I’m sure you will ‘figure’ it out.

Anonymous said...

Good evening Mam,

I was expecting some reaction from ur side in this gruesome murder. It was indeed a horrific, spine-chilling murder which even a routine offender would never think of to make. The media fortunately did not circulate her final picture which after seeing made me sleepless till today. It was very pathetic to see the boy's side of the family. I do not know what made him to commit such a crime as he is having 2 sisters in the house and a mother. He is the only son and his parents would have toiled so hard to make him an engineer.

From what i could gather, this boy befriended swathi on facebook months before he moved to chennai. He started to like/love her and was living in his own delusional world. After knowing that she is in choolaimedu, he chose to stay near her location and got a cheap mansion. His facebook photo was indeed bright and he might have taken it when he was in higher secondary school, both photos were indeed different from what he is now. This girl might have thought that he is an engineering student and continued friendship in facebook, but when he directly went and met her she would not have liked him much but still continued to treat him as a friend till he proposed.

No one can justify this horrible act. She is in chennai and he is in nellai. So some force had made them friends to become losers in the end. I do not know whether she is destined to leave this world by his hand. Everything happened very quickly, their friendship in a span of 2 to 3 months and it took just 3 minutes to finally kill her. He attacked her from the back without allowing her to collect herself and gather momentum. Some force would have driven him out of his nondescript village and he became yama for her. The irony is he stroke her with a single blow but he could not kill himself even after slashing his throat multiple times.

His date of birth as per newspapers is June 20, 1992 not sure of his time. An arbitrary time of 9 a.m. on that day throws a chart which has 4 planets in single rasi of midhuna of sun, mercury, venus ketu. Mars and saturn in own house of mesha and makara and moon in kumba and rahu in dhanus. Three planets are in own house and jupiter aspects moon, so unable to deduce the violent mentality from his moon and mars from this chart.

We shall pray that no one gets this tragic end and let her soul rest in peace.

jayasree said...

I share your anguish Mr Nandha.

For constructing his horoscope, adjust the birth time between 5-50 am and 6-50 am, Moon joins Saturn in the 8th. 6.50 am is more closer I think. Conjunction of Mercury and Ketu indicates affair. Venus - Ketu conjunction indicates strange passion. Note Venus and Ketu are in deep conjunction in the star of Rahu which is in the 7th.

These conjunction are happening in lagna which is 6th from Moon sign. This is one feature of enmity arising from affair. Moon is in the star of 6th lord Mars which goes into debility in 6th navamsa. Moon joins Saturn the 8th lord which is in Mrithyu bhaga. This indicates death penalty in the sub period of Saturn - Mars perhaps. Saturn is in Martian star.

Jupiter dasa is now running for this birth time. Jupiter is kalathra lord and is a Baadhaka positioned in 3rd - indicating relationship with a friend or near-by person. The time of murder happened in JUp- Jup- Rahu - Mer. Mercury the lagan lord is in the star of Jupiter. That shows the obsession with the kalathra issue.

On the karmic issue which you have outlined - of the two people from two different backgrounds getting pulled towards each other - or one to the other to be precise and committing this crime on the other:- It is enmity repeated which I dont want to elaborate at this juncture. Those who know how Karma works will know. A little change to your prayer - let there be peace everywhere. Let the Almighty help people discover the vasanas that ail them and help come out of it. Let there be peace peace and peace.

Unknown said...

I am surprised you have seen so many Tamil movies! to write about them. I can hardly watch any Tamil movie even if the hero is Rajnikanth or Kamala Hasan. Their films also are bad, violent and obscene exposing women.

jayasree said...

Ha ha ha! We should know what is happening in movies as they influence the likes and dislikes of people and our kids. You call up somebody on mobile and you get to hear some film song which is mostly a romantic number. You sift across the TV channels, only movies and dance sequences are there to see. Though I don't see movies either on TV or in theaters, I keep up a reasonable level of GK on what is happening in movies by reading reviews. Chennai Times also helps to keep yourself updated. Personally I like to watch comedy only. Going to theatres is very rare, may be once in a year or 2. As Sundar C films are most talked about for comical sense. I evinced an interest and saw 'theyaa velai seyyanum kumaru'. It was a little sickening as it is a complete note book on ways of stalking. But towards the end, the characters are shown to repent for that. That is acceptable.

Last week I had a few hours left inbetween 2 works between 2 different places of chennai. To wile out the time I looked at the theatres in the way and for the first time noticed the name "Muthina kathirika' in the banners. Found it to be Sundar C's and decided to see it. I wrote in the blog the 2 irritating things in the movie. Infact when I left the theatre, I had a bitter sense over the jollu nature of the mother of the heroine who was once in love with the hero.

There are of course good movies to see which we miss out many times. One such movie is "Dhoni notout". It is a must see movie. I saw it in some TV channel some time ago. It gave a lot off introspection, soul searching etc for any person in whatever capacity he is. There was scope for some relationship issue in that movie, but it was handled very diligently.

jayasree said...

Geeta Ramseshan's article speaks about movie - effect on stalking. Read in today's TOI

She has given another GK input on how revenge related to stalking was done on a Movie star in the US. In Swathi murder case, the murderer has had movie dreams. We can gauge the effect of movie storylines and scripts on his mind.

jayasree said...

A reader pointed out something from Sun Music. Sun Music channel (Tamil) runs one line sms at the bottom of the songs. These messages are invited from viewers to 'connect' with people anywhere in India. Most messages run as 'I love so and so'. The channel invites the messages that are charged Rs 3 per message. I checked the channel after I came to know from the reader. In the 10 minutes period that I watched the channel, except one message which said so and so loves India, everything else were love messages from some guys. What kind of 'service' is this that Sun Music is doing?

Anonymous said...

Thank you madam for ur input. The time suggested by u at 6.50 a.m. might be correct if this is true date of birth and all events happened do support the constructed chart. There was a problem with Jhora at that time and just constructed the chart through other site.

The other significant thing that I observed was mandi is in lagna in the same degree as lagna degree. To my knowledge, people having mandi in lagna curtails life. Also the lagna being dual sign and 8th house a movable sign also supports alpayu for this chart. The SAV for the 7th house which is sagittarius has the lowest score of 16 when compared to all other houses. All these supports ur fact. I think he has crossed rahu dasa due to beneficial aspect of jupiter on kothanda rahu.

I have a doubt regarding position of saturn. Saturn in 8th house gives sarala yoga but since it is retrograde is this yoga cancelled? The exact position of saturn in capricorn for this chart is given as 24cp20'35.34" but MB for saturn is 14 degrees in capricorn, so which number u need to take as degrees in the above position?. I wish u shed some light on this.

Thanks in advance mam.

Raghu said...

The inevitable has started happening - someone is backing someone else to argue that Ramkumar did not do it and is being victimized to shield someone. God save our country!

jayasree said...

Mr Nandha,

Sorry for the late reply as my laptop was given for service and could not access the horoscope of the murderer, Ramkumar.

Coming to the points you have written, yes I agree with you on all points except Mrithyu bhaga. Mrithyu bhaga for Capricorn is 25th degree. Please check Dr BV Raman's book 'Hindu predictive astrology' page no 66 for Mrithyu bhaga degrees. I follow that and have used them in my research and found reliable. The Jhora degrees of Mrithyu bhaga are different. Saturn, the Ayush karaka which must give ayush by its presence in the 8th house loses that power when it is in the Mrithyu bhaga. By its retrogression in the 8th house, once again this power to grant life is curtailed. Saral yoga is something which gives auspicious results related to the 8th house. The foremost auspicious result of the 8th house is longevity. That is affected by retrogression, presence in Mrithyu Bhaga and conjunction with Maraka moon which is in the star of 6th lord Mars.

jayasree said...

@ Mr Raghu,

Yes the expected things are happening. But it seems people want to make hay out of this sensational murder. The lawyer who claimed that Ramkumar has not committed the murder is said to have withdrawn. The women's group have to up the ante or else the human right activists will steal the show. But is the judiciary all reliable is the question after hearing the judges on Perumal Murugan case on his controversial book 'Madhoru baagan'.

Anonymous said...

Thank you madam, once again for ur patience and replying to the query. Even after finding the suspect, swathi murder does not get erased from the minds of people as the topic comes through talks in some form or the other.

There are certain unanswered questions from the police like who slapped swathi on June 10th and who is Surya Prakash who introduced ramkumar to swathi, etc, etc. Hope it will be cleard by police soon, but in the mean time mischievous mongers must refrain from doing character assassination on the deceased. Even yesterday a photo of some different couple was going rounds in media which after seeing anyone can tell it is not swathi and ramkumar, but they have captioned as shocking video of ramkumar and swathi and we do not know what happiness they are getting from this fake video.

While the media was covering on her 10th day rites, the anchor mentioned the term narayana bali and when I searched about it, I was redirected to ur article in 2010, "Stone binds energy" where u have mentioned about it in detail about the soul of unnatural death persons etc. From there to other articles and importance of sethu, etc, etc. Really all ur posts are highly informative for young people like us. Please continue ur esteemed service and enlighten us on all these intricate subjects.

Once again thank you madam

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Nandha.
The unanswered questions that you have raised were indeed media creations which were doing rounds since the time Ramkumar was caught. Ramkumar is in custody, has not spoken to anyone other than the police and the police have done briefing, where is the scope for these stories except from 'fertile' minds? These media had already shown their true colours during election time. Except Dinamani & Kumudam if the story comes from any other source don't believe it. Swathi is not there to accept or reject whether she was slapped or not. It is grave injustice to her to write, speak & spread such stories.

jayasree said...

On Narayana bali. It's done in unnatural deaths. When the exit of the jiva is not natural and smooth it does undergo some struggle. Only in Hindu Thought ways and means are there to calm down the jiva and attain its natural state of self awareness (wisdom). However her astral body (which we call oona sariram in Tamil) will bear the scar on her mouth and face. And this will appear as birth marks in her next birth. Guru / Jupiter related prayers and donations by her near and dear might perhaps wipe out this from her oona sariram.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this write-up. I agree that many people in Tamil cinema today, especially Khushboo, cannot claim the right to pontificate on this issue.

Will you please consider supporting our petition #CallingOutStalking in Tamil Films? Please sign this and share it on social media:

jayasree said...

It is a good effort on awareness creation Ms Iswarya. Best wishes for the success of your efforts.

harinee said...

This obsession with white skin is also another factor. No hero wants a dark heroine but the fair skinned heroine has to look beyond the hero's pathetic looks and love him. When guys see this nonsense they feel they have a moral right over whoever they find white and attractive even though their looks are nothing to write about.
The hypocrisy of having extremely fair skinned heroines like Tammannah, Hansika,Amy Jackson and so on against dark skinned heroes like Dhanush,Vishal,Sivakarthikeyan,Surya and possibly every hero except Ajith.
Casting a Amy Jackson a caucuasian for a Tamil girl has no logic except the obsession with fair skin.
Almost every Dhanush movie has a plot of him being useless and chasing a white working woman.Tamil cinema has to be more responsible and come out its hypocritical attitude to women and pre-independence mentality of white superiority

jayasree said...

Exactly Ms Harinee. I heard that Dhanush has done it more than other heroes, with even flinging filthy dialogues on the heroines for repulsing his advances. I think Simbu also joins this crowd in bullying the heroines. Even mothers of the heroines are shown to be cool with the guys / stalking. I happened to see for a few minutes in TV yesterday a scene from Udhayanidhi stalin movie in which the mother of Hansika (is it she?) was coolly asking two guys who among them were following her daughter.

In contrast we come across a number of real life instances of resistance to love affairs in many households particularly in Tamilnadu. I think there are a good number of low budget movies on such themes. But still the hyped ones starring glossy heroines seem to attract the gullible minds.

logeshwaran said...

I am surprised to see horoscopes being used to define the character of ramkumar. But to the irony, ramkumar is himself a victim of a huge conspiracy by huge political party. Wanna know? Stay tuned on my blog as in 2 weeks i will be putting up a write up based on the evidences collected till now by media itself. In the meantime watch youtube urself for more info. U all were too quick to judge ramkumar as if u were an eye witness to that murder. Sad!!

harinee said...

Are u a eyewitness ? Is media an eyewitness ? Media was more interested in the caste of the victims and attacker than the actual case.All the conspiracy theories started once the accused was known to be a Dalit. If every police investigation is viewed with caste and political angle and every Tom,dick and Harry thinks he knows better than police then why have a police force?

jayasree said...

Good retort Ms Harinee. I have expected these casteist elements to rise their heads and mentioned it in the blog.

logeshwaran said...

oh really. u all believe what the media shows you, right? then why are we accusing media as presstitute? did i really mention about caste anywhere? i mean seriously? u wanna believe everything that media shows u and stop urself from going deep into the hidden facts? if police had been always good then why do we criticize them by making films like "Visaaranai". police are swift and good at many times but they are evil at times. if we have the cctv footages and evidences like blood stained cloths and knife with police then why are they taking this much time to give the verdict. Ramkumar has been remanded and is not sentenced yet, remember? if am someone among Tom, Dick and Harry then don't forget that you are also someone who belongs to the same category. this article was written on July 4 that is a week within the murder and police was yet to find who was behind it. I am writing my thing after nearly 2 months and have thought more of what might have happened and gone wrong. but i bet you all will think twice after reading the write-up. stay tuned folks coz' its gonna hit hard. am not an eye-witness but am a thinker and understand things from all aspects. adieu!!

logeshwaran said...


harinee said...

You didnt even get the gist of what I mentioned. Also courts give verdict not police. Never mind one has to pay the price of freedom of speech in democracy sometimes.

logeshwaran said...

What a poor soul you are. I feel sorry for you.

harinee said...

No Mr.Logeshwaran you are the one who should be pitied. An girl's life was snuffed out for no reason but all people like you can think is how you can achieve short fame by coming out with wild theories and publicising your blog. You are more interested in what you think and what you can milk out of the situation rather than feel real grief/horror at what the victim had to go through.
Please dont bother replying.

logeshwaran said...

Ms. Harinee. Well, I do bother replying. I really feel sorry for the victim. Now the murder has happened and it is an irreversible thing. All that is left is punishment for the "real murderer". Let's say. A dairy company is adulterating its products which on anyone's opinion would harm the public's health eventually. People are unaware of the fact and continue buying that company's milk. Now a person finds out what is going wrong in that company and tries to get it to the public. What would you call that person; A rebel or a fame-seeking person? If am being famous for speaking truth then be it. But don't forget I AM THAT REBEL. You just don't wanna hear the real facts behind it, do you? And on the other hand, believing what others say. Atleast I have been given a Brain which i utilize. Oh, and did you see my blog? I had publicized 24 posts and none of them contains anything eventful for me to become famous, nor do i want one. I write my opinion. I couldn't stop myself from commenting when i read this article and found that people are judging Ramkumar by his Horoscope (don't say no, I know you did). That'll be such a ridiculous thing to write on. Don't whine about what has gone wrong. Kindly think of what has to be set right. If don't mind you reading by blog on 1st October, 2016 but the near truth is always there. Oh, and recently do you know a guy named Piyush who got arrested for being truthful to the society. What would you call him? Rebel or fame-seeker? Ask your conscience.

harinee said...

Just one comment on above Mr.Logeshwaran. I don't own or run this blog. I have not commented on the astrological aspects or horoscope of the victim or attacker anywhere in the entire page.I cannot comment on Astrology as I have no knowledge.For the rest of your comments I have already responded and don't want to keep repeating myself.

logeshwaran said...


jayasree said...

If Mr Logeshwaran's issue is to do with horoscopic analysis of Ramakumar, let him know that he cannot comment on a subject which he does not know anything about. His comment shows his limitations on his knowledge of the scope and science of horoscopy and astrology. For him it may be ridiculous but for many others it serves an academic purpose. Therefore it does not require any reply / explanation from me to that comment of Mr Logeshwaran. Moreover he could not even understand the difference between deducing Ramkumar as the culprit from his horoscope and looking for clues in his horoscope for the alleged murderous act he has done. And the horoscope - derived from his date of birth - does indicate the propensity for such an act. There ends our interest in Ramkumar.

But Mr Logeshwaran's interest is something else which I too noticed like Ms Harinee. Everyday someone leaves a comment in one of the more than 1000 blogs here by leaving their blog name hoping to attract some readers. Usually I used to delete those comments that do not convey some idea (for or against or anything else) on the blog post. Mr Logeshwaran was clever enough to make me not to do that to his comment. Good. Continue with your "visaranai" Mr Logeshwaran. Presstitudes would certainly read your blogs and may even quote one from them like they did during Chennai rains. Don't worry about our horoscopic analysis of Ramkumar. Your bete noire police people won't take our analysis as a proof to implicate Ramkumar!

logeshwaran said...

And what else Mr. Logeshwaran isn't aware of? C'mon, I'm eager to hear more.