Monday, February 6, 2017

From Sasikala to BJP – everyone is taking TN people for a ride.

Entire Tamilnadu is seething with anger at the moment. Even the opposition leader Stalin who must be feeling elated at the developments in the ADMK, looked genuine and disturbed  when he said that Sasikala’s elevation is anti-people and that people did not vote for her but only for Jayalalithaa. The sad part of discourse among Tamils is they have started trolling him that DMK voters voted for Karunanidhi and not for him, without realising that there is a point in what he has said and in what they are saying as a retort to him.

As far as ADMK is concerned, a vote for any candidate of that party and a victory for him / her is actually a vote / victory for Jayalalithaa. In the recent Assembly elections, both Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi made a statement that the voters must think that they are voting for them only (Jayalalithaa / Karunanidhi) when they are casting their vote for the candidate of their constituency.  The difference as it is applicable now is that Sasikala was nowhere near the electoral scene whereas Stalin contested the elections. So when a DMK voter cast his vote he knew pretty well that Stalin is in the reckoning to claim the legacy of his father, whereas no one knew that the vote they cast for ADMK would one day bring Sasikala into CM”s chair! That is where we the people who have been given the right to choose our leader feel cheated when Sasikala made her bid to the throne with all the MLAs conniving with her.

Drohis with Mega Drohi.

As such what the MLAs have done is nothing short of back-stabbing Jayalalithaa who had given them the identity as the MLA. If only we had known or got the slightest inkling that Sasikala is going to usurp the throne, many of us would not have voted for the candidate standing under ADMK banner.

Why we didn’t have an inkling of that? It’s because one of the main planks on which Jayalalithaa sought our votes was that we must not bring in the rule by one family – meaning that of Karunanidhi. Secondly Jayalalithaa gave an appearance that Sasikala would remain what she is – a maid taking care of her personal needs and that all the other members of Sasikala’s family would be banished for ever – which was true until Jayalalithaa was alive.

That she was no more than a maid taking care of Jayalalithaa was reiterated by Sasikala herself in her first ever speech we heard where she said that she spent her life asking Jayalalithaa what she would have for eating and when she would leave for the Secretariat. It looks obvious that Sasikala was not an intellectual friend or a friend with whom Jayalalithaa could share her thoughts. That sharing might have happened in the past, but once she was driven out of her house (and taken back later),  Jayalalithaa must have grown cautious in what she could share with her. But a monster is a monster and how well one may have succeeded in bottling it up, its tendency is to break open and come out to wreck the havoc. That has happened now.

With the entire group of ADMK MLAs having revealed their true colours and cheated not only Jayalalithaa but also the people who voted for them, it further remains a shocking truth that no sane voice is being heard from the powers that be at the centre

On the day Jayalalithaa’s body remained in state, the entire State was crying like an orphan. The sight of Mannarkudi Mafia around her body sent shock waves among the people. But the tall leader on whose arrival people screamed to let out their sorrow, gave a consoling touch to Sasikala and acknowledged Natarajan’s presence. Though most of us were shocked at that sight, we had none other than ourselves to console that it was after all a gesture at a sad moment.

Why this gesture?

But are we right in our guess or are we being taken for a ride by selfish power mongers whom we thought are saviours of our nation?

The ‘Porki’ fame Subramanian Swamy seemed to endorse Sasikala’s elevation when he tweeted that if Sasikala becomes CM she must control the porkis. Does he not feel enraged at such an elevation of Sasikala - he as one who worked hard for removing Jayalalithaa? Or is Sasikala  a plant by him as she was supposed to have been introduced to Jayalalithaa by his friend Chandraleka? Swamy’s silence on Sasikala speaks volumes of his endorsement of her for the post.

What this man is doing with Natarajan?

For Venkaiah Naidu, Sasikala’s selection by MLAs is still an ‘internal matter’.  It is an internal matter of ADMK when she was elected as General Secretary. But once she is set to take up Chief-minister-ship, it is no longer internal matter. As that impacts the entire state, that cannot be ignored as an internal matter or something within permitted law. If the law permits such an elevation of a person, then such law is flawed.

But behind these hands-off impression created by the BJP, what looks obvious is that the BJP is working with an agenda in TN particularly with reference to ADMK. As Sasikala’s elevation is fraught with a possibility of ADMK breaking down sooner than never, the BJP is waiting for that moment or wanting that to happen. This could bring in DMK in to power, and BJP does not seem to be averse to it. Perhaps the acquittal of Maran brothers was part of a grand plan. The plan may be to destroy one party (ADMK) now and if possible the other (DMK) later.  

But would that all end up with giving BJP an edge in TN? Should we undergo a travesty of Dharma now so that someday a party that mouths expletives on Dharma would come to rule us?

Isn’t Dharma something that must be upheld at all times?


SG said...

Dear Maam,

BJP will come as the biggest loser in this whole episode. They have lost all credibiity. Modi's silence on issues in Kerala, WB and TN makes him look bad. 2019 is a goner. All bjp supporters are losing faith in modi.
Is there any horoscope for Tamilnadu ?

Feeling Bad,

Unknown said...

Dear Mam, I am feeling very bad, hopeless, helpless, angry.. Things are going from bad to worse since kaveri problem..JJ hospitalization... Apollo silence.. JJ death.. Sk betrayal.. Vardah cyclone.. Jallikattu fiasco.. oil spill and the worst of all SK becoming CM.. Any predictions for Tamilnadu ..Do let us know..


harinee said...

One thing all these politicians seem to conveniently forget is the CM seat was not Jayalalithaa's private property for her friend or niece to inherit. That seat belongs to one chosen by the people of TN and cannot be willed away by ADMK based on closeness of JJ to anyone.
No actor has yet spoken up . Time TN came out of the hallucination effect of these actors who are emotionally manipulating them for their own selfish needs by dropping political hints as and when it suits them. Yes there are exceptions.

Unknown said...

From Chakra

BJP is trying to look nonpartisan. So far, it has remained with a hands off approach.

If BJP meddles, same population can rally around AIADMK/Sasikala and portray BJP as the Evil Northie. Emotional people from TN are difficult to predict. Even if BJP's meddling breaks AIADMK, TN (including DMK) will blame BJP.

If AIADMK breaks, it will be of advantageous for BJP. BJP is hoping that present Dravidian Politics fades on is own.

People of TN needs to decide what do with Sasikala. Yes, SC can tilt the balance if it decides against Sasikala in DA case. Let's see what happens.

The problem with a very strong personality like JJ is they leave a vacuum - not leaders. In their absence, any outsider can snatch that post, just by bribing / intimidating.



harinee said...

I don't agree this is the time for BJP to show it cares for TN. Local BJP leaders should protest, silence shows only opportunism. It's now or never. Frankly am losing all respect for BJP after its recent actions.This is the vacuum which is seen as an opportunity by true leaders. JJ rose to the top when MGR's death created a vaccuum,unfortunately for all the positioning by wannabe MGR film stars ,they are all proving to be oppportunistic empty rhetoricians.

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Chakraborty,

Some times non-action is action that can cause havoc. That is what the BJP is doing though it has clearly given some hints to encourage Sasikala to capture power. The last 2 pics I have given in the above article speak some hidden stories. The last one showing Natarajan with Aseervadham Acary was taken a few minutes after JJ was buried. What was Aseervadham Acahry, the BJP man and and the confidante of Swamy doing with Natarajan at that hour on that day?

By encouraging Sasi to take over, the BJP expects some sort of revolt in ADMK or a fissure which it thinks would result in a part of it favouring the BJP. But the present moment is a do or die like moment when we are all waiting for someone to raise their voice and voice the concern of the people and stop this menace. Except Mr Gurumurthy, none had spoken or reflected the anger, indignity and outrage of the common man. For the BJP it is now the proverbial 'internal matter'. A PM who could roar at Akilesh Yadav a few hours ago, why no whimpers are raised against the assault on democracy in TN? Is it because no elections are there now in TN? As a PM and a party that is ruling the country, what minimum resistance or outrage or concern for the TN people, have they raised?

By their so-called non-partisan attitude at this dangerous hour, BJP is losing many supporters in TN.

On power vacuum, it is expected that it is difficult to find a replacement, but the need of the hour is to take forward the govt that was functioning when JJ was alive. OPS and his team were really doing a good job in such a way that there is not felt any need for a saisikala or anyone for that matter. The kind of system that JJ set up here and the commitment of the team can take forward her regime. Only this sasikala is an interference and a nuisance. Now by her act she is going to tarnish the party and even become the cause of its decay.

The SC ruling coming against her is not going to just hurt her, as such a verdict would hurt JJ's name too. A negative verdict means that JJ is at fault and as an extension of that Sasi and others would be fixed. The expected verdict is whether Kumarasamy verdict is acceptable or not. Only this option is going to be addressed. If yes, JJ's acquittal would be upheld and that means Sasi would be freed. If no, kumarasamy verdict would be null and void and Cunha's verdict would become operational. That means that JJ would be deemed guilty. Does she deserve such a disgrace posthumously? But her udan- pirava sahodhari is out to force such a name on her if she has to be stopped from hijacking the govt and people's verdict.

This means JJ's name would remain tarnished for ever in history. If this is not to happen, sasi would be free to exploit the state by exploiting a clause of the constitution on how one can become a CM through backdoor. I think Modi can have a say in saving JJ's name in this regard (SC verdict). In such an event he is expected to fix sasikala and Natarajan by other means - there are plenty of offences against them. But nothing of that sort has happened.

Do you think that as one who did not even stop record beef export, Modi will be able interested in checking the evil designs of Sasikala? Obviously he / BJP is thinking that one Dravidan major would die soon allowing a part of it to come to the BJP's fold. But what about the DMK which has more staunch supporters and has a perfect network to survive. But the BJP would be ready to do business with them is already known from Swamy's tweets and his talks. The latest proof is the acquittal of Marans from corrupt cases. The next in line are Kani and Raja and then DMK can be christened as non- corrupt. Already MK has left the scene. So BJP can tie up with DMK and get a pie in governing TN.

Can anyone say that this is not going to happen? In what way BJP different from sasikala?

Lalita said...

Dear Jayasree

Your criticism of the BJP in the article and comments are valid. The last thing we need is Stalin as Chief Minister. Yet, Sasikalaa's entry into politics will only lead to that. The AIADMK will crumble. Tamil Nadu will go backwards. We would appreciate your kind forecast for Modi in light of three state elections and Stalin. I am worried.

Unknown said...

Dear Madam,

i feel Modi has mellowed or threatened., he could not even condemn happenings in Kerala/Wb. Hope he does not become another Vajpayee. Most of Ministers are not smart & end up fumbling like Pon Radhakrishnan in Jallikatu issue. We can see audacity of Congress not allowing parliament to function and spread lies upfront shows their agenda for 2019!! Still in TN do u think a strong comments against sasikala serves purpose? There is nothing surprising as all MLAs are picked by Sasikala and noone wants to have another election for sure. I know many ministers have taken orders from Sasikala inthe name of JJ so nothing is new for ADMK.Its we the fools voted for ADMK and we cannot blame Modi for this.

jayasree said...

Dear Ms Lalita,

As far as TN is concerned I am of the impression that people want and expect Modi / his Govt to stall the rise of Sasikala. The ADMK cadre expect this from him. Modi is known as a good friend of JJ and his sounding of caution to JJ that ultimately led to JJ sending out Sasikala and her clan is still in the memory of cadres. They believe that Modi would stand by his friend JJ and help her Govt sail through. Modi's support to OPS is welcomed by the majority of cadres. Any overt and covert action to stop Sasikala would be welcome. There was even a talk once that BJP would support Deepa's role. But now Deepa's supporters themselves think that it is not so and Deepa is rudderless and hence hesitant to take a plunge.

I think the BJP has maintained an image that it would help ADMK govt complete its term. But when Sasikala is doing everything possible to upset it, there is no countering signal from the BJP / Modi. While an impression was gaining that BJP is keeping aloof to gain a name that it is not fishing in troubled TN waters, the release of Maran brothers comes as a shock as to what could be the agenda behind the soft approach to Marans. Added to this is Swamy's ill-timed and ill-willed talks.

But today's developments wrt Governor not coming to Chennai for now and his consultation with Attorney General on the desirability of swearing in of sasikala before the DA case verdict is out makes me think that there is some machinery working in the centre to stall sasikala. Lets wait and see what happens.

Stalin not getting into power is equally important as sasikla not becoming the CM. Both must be taken care of.

jayasree said...

Dear Ms Sheela.

What you have said is absolutely true. Sasikala has run a parallel empire under JJ's nose. Even OPS was her pick initially.

Looking at Sasikala's behaviour right from the time she stuck to JJ and until now, I would say that she has become a psychopath. Having clung to JJ like a leech for 3 decades solely motivated by greed for money and power, she at last managed to eliminate JJ and has started projecting herself as Jayalalithaa herself. Otherwise no sane person would change the appearance to look like the one whose place one has craved to occupy, and grab the CM chair with impunity.

jayasree said...

Dr Beale's talks in today's Apollo Press meet is significant. He clearly said that when JJ was admitted she was suffering from Sepsis and allied complications. What was the care given to JJ until then by sasikala that led to this criticality when she was admitted? (Or is this the way sasikala took care of JJ?) As a CM, JJ must have been under the best medical care given round the clock. Even a small sneezing would have to be taken care of in her case. But why her condition was allowed to deteriorate so badly?

The other issue that Dr Beale touched was that the infection had affected her heart that led to her death. We are hearing this for the first time as we were told that she suffered cardiac arrest while she was actually recovering well. So what caused her cardiac arrest? Though Dr Babu kept saying that the reasons for cardiac arrest can not be known, Dr Beale had said that her infection entered her heart. Which is true?

And for someone like JJ (CM) receiving constant medical care, how did these complications arise is the first question. Why she was not given hospital care till the last moment of collapse is the next question. Administering steroids and drugs not conducive to her ailment and health by her personal physician who is none other than Sasikala's relative is the answer to the answer we get for the first question. Sasikala is bound to answer the next question too. Apollo doctors have explained what care they gave JJ after she was admitted in their hospital. Can anyone bring sasikala to the table to make her explain what care was given to JJ at her home for years that led to such deterioration of her health?

Unknown said...

BJP will not do anything OVERT in Sasikala case.

With 4 states going for Assembly Elections, BJP is cautious. It won't do anything that may draw attack from Opponents.

I don't have much faith on the BJP leaders. Most of them are useless barring few. What Modi is thinking and planning is not apparent. But then, if we remember what Modi did in 2001 to 2005 in handling Gujarat BJP leaders, it will be clear that he does everything slowly - but effectively. I personally expect that Friendship of Modi with JJ was a real friendship and Modi will destroy Sasikala ... May be slowly but surely.



R.Ramanathan said...

On a pan Indian scenario Modi ignores social issues affecting Hindus, is not pushing for rehabilitation of Kashmiri pandits:the defacto inhabitants of Kashmir before the rise of Islam, ignores hindu massacres in WB and kerala etc etc. Ravinar of mediacrooks( says it is the return of "chacha Nehru 2". Modi thinks overtly harping on the "Development" plank alone he can solve the life and death issues facing the Hindus and integrate all communities(Which is not possible at all given the attitudes of the Abrahamics).

I'm deeply praying for a Parashurama like hero and the rise of Kshatriya power , badly debilitated centuries ago by over emphasis of non violence by the naastika Baudha and Jaina mathas, which we badly need now as the current crop of hindu leaders are useless.

Lalita said...

Thank you, Jayasree.

You would have seen Panneerselvam's latest press conference. The DMK must be very happy. Do you think they will manage to recapture power?

Sasikalaa should be put behind bars. She is a maha drohi.

Unknown said...

OPS should be allowed to continue his tenure as CM. He is the best choice. All others including the central government should extend their wholehearted support to him. He will do his level best as CM of the State honestly.

Unknown said...

OPS should be allowed to continue his tenure as CM. He is the best choice. All others including the central government should extend their wholehearted support to him. He will do his level best as CM of the State honestly.

sriramlion said...

Sun represents government,When it joins with saturn,it ll create lots of confusion and problems in government.Though the conjunction of saturn and sun has ended in december,still there is instability in government.What may be the reason astrologically for this situation in our government.

Dr Rama Krishnan said...

I disagree with Madam. If SK is found guilty and sent to jail, it also means that JJ wa corrupt. Do we want J to suffer posthumously? Yes, we do if she was guilty. All her past corruptions are getting washed away here and she is being shown in TN as some sort of saintly figure. Number one problem inTN is treating politicians like J with such reverence. She was nothing but a servant of the people, a public servant, nothing more, nothing less. Yes, she deserves respect as any other human being but nothing more.The curse of TN started when Annadurai and his looters grabbed power and SK is the end product of such hero worship of cinema actors,Tamil chauvinism and pathological hatred of Brahmininsm. OPS is a coward and his his excuse that he was threatened by M Mafia to resign is pathetic. What exactly were the threats? If he was blackmailed into resigning, then one needs to wonder about the skeletons in his cupboard. What are they exactly? Having said that sastanga namaskaram expert OPS is preferable to this disgrace of human being SK.

Dr Rama Krishnan said...

I disagree with Madam. If SK is found guilty and sent to jail, it also means that JJ wa corrupt. Do we want J to suffer posthumously? Yes, we do if she was guilty. All her past corruptions are getting washed away here and she is being shown in TN as some sort of saintly figure. Number one problem inTN is treating politicians like J with such reverence. She was nothing but a servant of the people, a public servant, nothing more, nothing less. Yes, she deserves respect as any other human being but nothing more.The curse of TN started when Annadurai and his looters grabbed power and SK is the end product of such hero worship of cinema actors,Tamil chauvinism and pathological hatred of Brahmininsm. OPS is a coward and his his excuse that he was threatened by M Mafia to resign is pathetic. What exactly were the threats? If he was blackmailed into resigning, then one needs to wonder about the skeletons in his cupboard. What are they exactly? Having said that sastanga namaskaram expert OPS is preferable to this disgrace of human being SK.

Kudanthaiamudhan said...

Madam, you are wrong. BJP is behind OPS and want him to capture AIADMK minus sasikala. Yes it is the MODI game to rescue AIADMK and paneer particularly. Now script for sasikala in the D/A court was already written and will be out next week end.Now governor is playing the game meticulously on behalf of the center. Today panner and sasikala will meet the governor who will give time to OPS to prove his majority within 10 days by which time next week mostly on friday 17th feb the results will be out and you can see the real game changing on 18th in the assembly meeting of all MLAs when they would realize they have no alternative but to stick with OPS and will vote en mass after the public support to OPS who is going to tour all over TN state to meet the public. The public response to him will make all those MLAs of AIADMK accept OPS as their leader and will vote for him. Sure by next week end, OPS will be the CM. Modi will use OPS as proxy BJP by keeping local BJP leaders away from T N affair as he knows v well the OPS is a loyal and sincere worker who will show the gratitude to modi when he needs his support.

Kudanthaiamudhan said...

Based on my above posting, in order to substantiate the above version of my thought i would like to quote some of the essence of OPS speech in few TV interviews. OPS says he will capture AIADMK and will not start any new party. OPS also did not talk about D/A case verdict and about Sasikala.( may be he might be knowing the outcome of case ) OPS says that he is going to travel all over T N state.OPS says he will prove his majority in the assembly. OPS says he is confident that all MLAS will vote for him. When questioned by the reporter of ThantiTV, he said he will make an appeal in the assembly only one request to MLAS OF AIADMK that you ( MLAS) must vote for the people who have selected them and also based on the confidence reposed on him by AMMA by making him as three times CM. This appeal to the MLAS who after seeing the surge of crowd and support shown to him by Public on his tour will eventually force the MLAs to vote for him with no alternative- you have infer about the state of condition of his opponent by next week.

Lalita said...


Thank you for your take. How do you think Modi will fair at the ongoing state elections and how will Stalin fair in Tamil Nadu? I do not want DMK at any cost.

Unknown said...

Dear Kudanthaiamudhan,

You have a better understanding on the situation than most of the Political Analysts. And yes, you probably understood how Modi plans and executes.

Thanks for the logical thinking.



Kudanthaiamudhan said...

As modi successfully executed change of guards in srilanka and nepal after having engineered a secret covert operations in above countries by RAW to defeat Rajapaksha and nepal PM keeping in mind of indias security concern of china which was trying to establish naval base in srilanka and also close relationship with nepal. When he does for the safety of our country, sure on T N state, being the friend of jaya, he will be take care of T N . Moreover if you can see the Tehelka magazine issue vol 9, issue 05 dated 4th feb 2012,in which the author Jeemon jacab clearly explained in details with the heading " The Taming of the Shrewd " about the structure of Mannargudi mafia and how the have spread the tentacles in every government department to loot money by corruption and how modi warned jaya about the impending danger awaits her and how she was being poisoned. modi is well aware of this in 2011 itself if you could read carefully this magazine in its archive of So i am sure that good thing will happen soon as said by OPS who will be loyal to modi for ever in future.

Kudanthaiamudhan said...

To answer to the question of Lalitha, Bjp will win in Utrakhand, Goa, Manipur and even in UP with edge over others by few seats to form goverment but Akali will lose in punjab. Since BJP did not nominate any C M candidates in all these states, only Modi horoscope will be taken in to consideration for predicting winning chances apart from Amit shaw who is the key person operating behind. i do not have his horoscope but modi is running Moon dasa and saturn bhuki which has favorable time and Adisara Jupiter is back to kanya in gochara on 10th march in his 11th labha sthana and predictions are out on 11th march a favorable time although present situation particularly in U P appears to be of unpredictable. Reg stalin in T N state once OPS comes to power,chances for his dream to be C M will be sealed for ever as his horoscope does not support for C M post.

harinee said...

Sir your last prediction delights us but let us see what Jayashree madam has to say on same.

Lalita said...

Thank you, Kudanthaiamuthan.

Like Harinee, I too now await Jayasree's take on Stalin.

Unknown said...

Dear Kudanthai Amudan

Excellent analysis. Since you are astrologer also, I hope your analysis is backed by astreology too. Thanks for the contribution.


Raghu said...

I had great respect for Modi on two occasions - when he knelt at the doors of the Parliament, and when he demonetized the 500 and 1000 rupee currencies. Both these showed that he cares for the nation. However, his silence and inaction now is bothering the people of TN. As for BJP, I have never had any great admiration for the party - having not been in power, it has not had enough experience to learn the tricks from other corrupt parties, thats all. Given enough time, they would also mix with the mud of Indian politics. It is we the people who have to awaken and pave way for a new face of democracy with only honest people being voted to power. It may eventually happen, but will take a very long time, I guess.

jayasree said...

Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts.

Let me try to answer Sriram's comment as it pertains to the most interesting question of why TN is experiencing unique happenings of a rare kind where people's voice is making itself felt on the one side and the fight for the throne is happening on the other with a tinge of drama of the medieval period.

To explore an answer for this we must first ascertain the star / sign of Tamilnadu. Varahamihira's Brihad samhita throws some clues on this in that places such as Kaveri, Vena (Pennai), Velluru, Kanchi, Tamingalasana (old name for Tamilagam?) and such other places are grouped in Southern direction indicated by Uthram, Hastham and Chithrai. Therefore we can take Kanni rasi (Virgo) as the sign of TN. When we look at the sky for clues for this sign, we get two leads.

(1) Jupiter started retrogression on 6th Feb 2017 at the last degree of Virgo (Balya avastha).
(2) In the opposite sign in Pisces, Mars and Venus are conjunct. Presently Venus is behind Mars. Usually a planet tailing behind Mars, within one degree, is said to be defeated in planetary war.

In the present context, though these two planets have been moving at a gap of roughly 4 to 5 degrees for some time now they are not going to come closer than this in the present times. Venus is going to turn back (retrogress) on March 4th and from then onwards the gap between them is going to get widened. Therefore the expected planetary defeat is not going to happen.

But in mundane astrology conjunction is interpreted in different ways. One such way is their declination. Till 30th January, Venus was south of Mars. But from 30th January to 4th February, Venus and Mars were in exact degrees of declination. This is considered as deep conjunction. With Venus behind Mars, this is considered as defeat for Venus.

On 5th Feb onwards, Venus has crossed Mars from south to north and till 13th Feb Venus still continues to be within the one degree distance from Mars towards north to it. After that Venus will move further north of Mars but within 2 degrees. By 19th, Venus crosses the declination of Uranus.

What is the impact of the conjucntion between 30th Jan and 4th Feb?

To determine this, we have to see (1) the distance between the planets and (2) the nature of the planets involved.

There are 4 types of distances in the case of planets in conjunction. The present conjunction of Venus and Mars come under the 4th type namely Asavya. This happens when the planets are distinctly away from each other. Venus and Mars were at a distance of 4 to 5 degrees for some times.

In the Asavya type of conjunction, the rulers will be at war with each other. In other words, the current transit of Venus and Mars happening in the 7th house (rulers) from Virgo (TN's sign) results in war for throne.

The 2nd one is about the nature of planets involved. Both Venus and Mars are known as "YAyi" planets - referring to marching to war. When there is conjunction between YAyi planets, the planet that suffers defeat in conjunction will cause suffering to the objects it represents. Venus suffers defeat. One of the objects represented by Venus is woman!. The woman in war for throne would have suffered a defeat between 30th and 5th. The moves taken by the woman in present context during this period would would defeat her very move. That is what happened.

Though Venus moves past martian declination after that, its distance from Mars is increasing and going to go backward from 4th March. Before that on 1st March Mars leaves the sign (Pisces) itself.


jayasree said...

So looking at the crossing dates and distances, by 13th Feb the effect of defeated Venus (woman) would come to an end. From 15th to 19th Feb, Venus suffers another defeat behind Uranus. By 21st Feb, the effect from defeated Venus is completely over.

While this is happening in the 7th house to TN's sign, Jupiter going retrograde in accelerated motion in the sign of TN (Virgo) would make kings lose their glory. Rivers would go dry and diseases would surface.

This shows some continued troubles in store for the ruler. However the retrogression happening in Balya avastha shows that once the forward motion is restored, there will be growth and prosperity. The forward motion happens on June 9th.

Usually in judging the signs, the janma (Virgo) represents country (TN). The 7th house, rulers. The 4th house people and the 10th house Government.

At present Saturn has moved to the 4th from Virgo, and aspects Gemini (10H) and Virgo (Sign of TN). By significance Saturn represents people. People would wield an impact on government (10H) and the country (Virgo).

Clubbing all together, the current crisis would be over between 13th and 19th Feb. The woman involved would lose the throne. Jupiter in TN's sign shows some instability to continue till June 9th. However with Venus turning back on 4th March, the crisis for the throne would be settled by then.

Looking at individual horoscopes based on DOB taken out from the web, OPS has better prospects than Sasikala.

sriramlion said...

Thank yu jayashree maam..Your way of explaining things is awesome..especially for an amateur like me,this gives me an opportunity to learn..

Lalita said...

Jayasree, Kudanthaiamudan

Thank you Jayasree for the excellent interpretation.

I continue to be worried by the possible return of the DMK and of Stalin. What is Stalin's political prospects from the point of view of his horoscope? He is a Kanya rasi, I think but I have no knowledge of his chart nor jyotisha.

Unknown said...

Although I am not Tamil or connected to TN in any way.... but my thinking is

Palaniswamy is a puppet. So will be OPS if he comes in power. He will have to depend on DMK and others and may need covert support of Centre.

TN deserves Better. They need a capable Chief Minister and other ministers, not these spineless and incapable persons in the Assembly. 'Hope TN in future elects better candidate.



SG said...

Dear Madam,

Based on the swearing in time , how long will this mafia govt last?


Dr Rama Krishnan said...

Nothing will change in TN. Palanisamy will continue as CM and will be remotely controlled by the MM. In couple of weeks all will be forgotten, OPS will fade and people will be thronging Amma's canteen, munching away on cheap idlis and chapatis.IPL will beback. Corruption will continue to flourish and come next election,as usual,few crumbs and biryani will be thrown to the spineless idiotic mass. Presto, MM will win with a thumbing majority,again!. The usual hand wringing will continue in the social media. How many people are willing to go the ground level and willing to fight the battle???? How many are willing to come out of the comfort zone and campaign at grass root level to the masses? Here and now??? Mouse clicking is the easy way out. Having said that, I am doing my bit from overseas by donating to Hindu causes in India, just in case some of you are wondering about my unsolicited advise.God save TN!

Unknown said...

Jayasree madam, I am feeling frustrated, helpless,angry. When will TN freed from this Mannargudi Mafia? Palanisamy is not going to do anything for people welfare. What next will happen in TN?

jayasree said...

I am sorry I could not address each and everyone, but let me give my opinion to all the ideas given by the readers above. It is obvious that we are passing through difficult times which many of of youngsters would not have seen. The DMK was at its best performance in the Assembly today but strangely the public did not find it obnoxious!. The ADMK was at its usual subdued performance like how they used to be when Jayalalithaa was around, but we are not able to tolerate that behaviour this time. Its all changing perceptions that we find ourselves taking contradictory stance.

At the root of it one silver lining I find is that people are better informed nowadays, perhaps due to instant access to happenings. It is not easy to deceive people for very long. Even if DMK had tried to cash in on people sentiments today, it is a matter of debate whether that would turn into votes to DMK in the hustings. Where everyone is rouge, people are able to identify who is a lesser rouge and who is able to keep a tab on the rogues.

We or rather I preferred jayalalithaa over others because she was perceived to be able to control the rouge elements and divert most of her energies on positive issues for the country. But now we see how miserably she has failed to control the rouge elements in her own backyard. The Sasikala phenomenon must have been happening for years through back door manipulation to be able to command so many MLAs to dance to her tunes now. When a mighty JJ herself had failed to control that element how can we trust Stalin to control the omnipresent rouge elements in his party and in family? So the rise of Stalin thanks to today's happenings is also not a good thing to happen.

The political space still continues to be scary and devoid of leadership that can take our aspirations forward. On the astrological side, India is passing through a tough period of Moon dasa- Rahu Bhukthi from this Feb (2017) to August next year (2018). Tamilnadu in Virgo sign is going to see instability till June, that is, as long as Jupiter is in retrogression.

I think Sasikala is well trapped if her DOB is January 29, 1956 and lagna being Kataka. Superimpose Jaya's horoscope on hers and see how sasi's kapata mind (scorpio combinations) worked inimical to Jaya. She is likely to suffer another low if EC decides negative on the validity of her elevation as temporary Gen Sec of the party. If that happens another crisis would develop on the tenability of the her decisions. But before that if the Governor takes a serious view of excluding the DMK from floor test and the pandemonium in the house and the technical issue of raising the confidence vote twice in the day, we can expect a short life for EPS headed ADMK Govt. Jupiter's retrogression in Virgo (TN rasi) makes me think that elections may be round the corner or that this Govt may not continue for long.

Raghuraman said...

Dear Madam,

i see Sasikala lagna as Simha in this link.

I feel Governor is also siding with Mafia group. I get this doubt based on the meeting with Divakaran and his son with governor. Mafia group can buy any thing with the money. Also most of the MLAs won only because of JJ charisma. They can never win again and so they want to prolong as MLA as long as possible. Mafia exploiting this with huge kickbacks as made them win the confidence vote.

Stalin might also got into some understanding. Look at perfection of ADMK yesterday in assembly. Though DMK provoked them by manhandling speaker, they did not move an inch. if they had jumped into the well supporting the speaker, then whole show would have been different.

Mafia executed the whole episode with perfection. May be Swamy advised them and these ppl executed. My personal feeling is it is going to be difficult to control the mafia group if they work with this perfection. Unless GOD help us to make them fight within their family and destroy themselves.

I do feel Modi does not want TN to grow. He found TN as a big challenge when he was CM and when he tried to get auto industries to Gujarat.It is all cycle of life. How Bihar was intellectual capital with Nalanda university to most illiterate state. Same could happen with TN.

Overall, very demoralizing and hopes lost.


SG said...

Dear Madam,

I have also come across a you tube viedo where her lagna is simham. She is also calling herself a lion and the way she hit JJ 's grave was quite scary . Looks like she was beating JJ and uttering some black magic mantras. She is a dark soul and i hope she is put away for a long time.


harinee said...

@Raghuraman Agree on the Modi part. With some many personalities questioning JJ's death as a PM he should have initiated a CBI inquiry to put all speculation to rest.His complete focus on UP and winning elections only is a complete put off. His demonetisation which was never applied to political parties(actual beneficiaries of black money) was a farce which has succeeded in killing so so many small scale industries.With a budget with no tax breaks for middle class and ridiculous charges like 10k if ITRV no filed, he has completely lost trust.
Unfortunate the one man who could have put some sense into him late Cho is also gone(again crazy theories floating around his death now).S Gurumurthy has been disappointing , merely taking positions in Twitter doesn't help the cause.And by allowing Swamy to continue with his filth we only get the feeling that he has the party support. When Shatrughana Sinha can be pulled up for his anti-party behaviour in Bihar elections and Jethmalani can be expelled for similar reasons. Why is Swamy allowed to spew rubbish and get away with it? A man who does not represent TN in anyway is constantly making statements on its politics and policies. Who the hell is he to give certificates to Sasikala or anyone to govern?Why are local BJP leaders not speaking against this man or filing a complaint to top brass? Only feeling I get is he has some information which would be damaging to Modi.
And I also believe there has some agreement between BJP and the MM coterie to allow them to continue else for once Stalin was very right on his demand.

Raghuraman said...

@harinee - i differ on your opinion about SG and Swamy. SG is a public like you and me except the fact that he has some good connection with the present central govt. He did his best to stop the mafia group and you can see the evidence from the interview by MN saying 'one RSS person is against us'. SG himself said he gets threat from this mafia group. Beyond this he cannot do anything.

Regarding Swamy, i agree with his approach. BJP tried to support OPS. But OPS does not have spine to stand before this mafia group. After some point BJP found itself in a situation that it might have to do certain things in open to make OPS stand up and that is when they withdrew. OPS claimed that once MLAs are let out, he will get the majority. But reality was opposite. Less than 10% MLAs in captive were ready to 'oppose' mafia and they may not support OPS. Swamy stand is clear. He finished JJ. Now his target is KK and family. That OPS or TN BJP cannot do. It needs a willy person like MN. Look at the pathetic show by Stalin yesterday. He tore his shirt himself, his own party men did all ruckus and tried to get sympathy. He miserably failed. Had it been KK, he would have defected 10-12 MLAs by now and given surprise to mafia group. Stalin failed and he sealed his future with that. MN will finish Stalin which is what Swamy wants. After assembly election in 2016, KK said JJ need to manage to keep her flock together. It is just 18 MLAs required to bring down this rule. That is KK. Stalin should have given that interview but he chose to go soft with JJ.
Stalin is just running here and there as he did not get the sympathy of public. His drama of marina dharna did not draw any crowd like 'Jallikattu'.

Raghuraman said...

Regarding Modi - Note ban was very much needed. Swamy has high regards for Modi. I don't think he would ever go against Modi. Even in RBI ex governor case, Modi used Swamy to ouster him and later Modi with one statement on patriotism shut Swamy.

On ITRV fines, it is need of the hour. I know some of my friends, who don't file ITR. It is just 2% of total population that pays tax. Congress never bothered to get these due to vote bank.

Modi is blessing for our nation. Swamy is upset because he is not getting cabinet. But Modi is using him for China policies. Swamy is Modi's China face. Swamy said that Modi's Pak policy is the best when Modi was hugging Nawaz. We thought Modi is going soft. But Swamy would never support soft approach and we realised later how Modi had cordoned Pak internationally is what Swamy meant.

jayasree said...

Dear Ms Sheela,

Sasikala's moon sign is Simha, same as JJ's. Her lagna must be kataka for the kind of mindset and events in her life and the present dasa- bhukthi that did her in.

jayasree said...

@ Mr Raghuraman,

The Governor has no stakes in all these, it is BJP under Modi that has. It seemed in the beginning that BJP leadership wanted OPS to continue and gave enough hints to Sasikala to keep away. One reason to not to support Sasikala could be to keep under check corruption from spreading under her influence. Another reason could be the DA case.

Right from the beginning I am of the opinion that DA case was political. There was a rumour then that Amit Shah had a hand in Cunha judgement as he wanted to cut JJ into size and by that capture TN for BJP. Within a fortnight before that judgement Ravi shankar Prasad (law min) met her and Arun Jaitley also met her before that. Certainly Law minister could have access to the kind of judgement in such a high profile of a politician and he himself has represented JJ in some of the cases. JJ was given an impression that verdict would be positive. Cho also was writing that DA case would not hold water given the sections under which it was fought. There was no proof of misuse of office or quid pro quo transfer of funds for some corrupt activity. JJ planned to have grand reception for her enroute by road which she planned to take after getting a favourable verdict in the case.

Fearing that it would boost up JJ's stock making them (BJP) lose any control over her to come to their terms, it was decided to give her a fatal blow. I believe Modi resisted it but agreed later. That was the time he made a trip to Bangalore and appeared on the same stage with Siddharamaiah. It was a different Modi we have not seen and there was some odd signals in his dress and his demenour. JJ was did in ultimately and she had to knock the doors of Modi / BJP which got her bail smoothly.

I think by then Amit Shah had realised that TN is not like UP or any other State to churn the electoral math in their favour. It is better to let JJ keep an absolute grip on TN and get her support them in their needs. One can recall those days when Amit shah made many trips to TN and encouraged some caste based support for BJP. Now he seems to have retired hurt from TN.

What happened later in DA case is known. By the time Kumarasamy verdict is out, Congress wanted to extract its piece of pie from the case. That is why against all odds, an acquittal case was taken to SC for appeal to fix her in.

By June 2016 the hearings were over. Given the equation between Modi and JJ, the verdict would have been positive if JJ was alive. But within 3 months she fell sick. Sensing the seriousness of her sickness, BJP govt wanted to hold back the verdict. In all probability there was a split verdict in that one judge upholding kumarasamy verdict and the other Cunha verdict and a favourable verdict would have seen the light of the day with the other writing a PS to support it. But when sasikala seemed to grow into monstrous proportions and nothing seemed to stop her, Modi Govt had no way but to use the DA verdict to stop her. It must have been a painful decision as such a verdict would tarnish JJ for ever in history with no way for her to come back and prove her innocence.

Thus a highly politicized case remained so - highly politicized even after her death. AS for JJ, she projected herself as one made 'by the people and for the people'. She stuck to that after death too. In order to stop the monster that grew up in her backyard, she sacrificed herself for the people by getting a tainted image forever to be present in history.


jayasree said...

Now the Swamy factor.

That he is agenda driven or vengeance driven was established beyond doubt when he said after the death of JJ that JJ did not topple Vajpayee Govt for personal reason of not getting a guarantee to relieve her from the court cases. Swamy said that she toppled Vajpayee Govt for his own sake as she promised to help him to get a berth in Vajpayee govt which Vajpayee refused. This made her call off her support. Swamy did not say this even once when JJ was alive and even when everyone was abusing her for toppling Vajpayee govt for the personal reason of getting reprieve from the cases. That means he deliberately withheld that information when everyone from BJP were abusing her for that. You can see comments in my blogs too abusing her for toppling Vajpayee Govt for the cases.

What kind of man Swamy is given the fact he never even once revealed the fact while she was alive? What stands out here is that JJ never once revealed this when she was alive. She was receiving all kinds of abuses and even saw Swamy keeping silent but she did not speak out. Only a classy person can behave like that. Swamy is not classy.

Today his support for Sasikala is because she has Hindu leanings, he himself said this recently in a tweet. The same he said for DMK also some time ago and openly called for aligning with DMK under Stalin sans Karunanidhi. He thinks that he is intelligent and even a Modern day Chanakya, but karma will catch up certainly for his kind of opportunistic ways and talks for personal gains. He has no right to talk about dharma or Hindu cause. How much Hindu he is can be known from his personal life. One must use the intelligence for noble and common causes not tinged with any personal aspirations for glorification, name and position. He fails in all these. One can see him chest beating for any good word about him from any quarter. An evolved person would not do that.

In the current happenings, he is even battling for bringing Sasikala to TN prison. Perhaps he wants the hatred for the current ADMK govt to grow. He may be a stooge for Modi and I dont trust both of them on face value. They may have an agenda for TN to finish ADMK now and DMK later, or align with DMK for sometime for political reasons. I think Amit shah had kept off from TN and Swamy has been entrusted with the job of creating instability in TN so that a section of ADMK voters may move towards BJP later. Without JJ TN looks truly orphaned now.

As you have said, in the melee, TN seems to be heading to take the slot of Bihar.

jayasree said...

@ Ms Harinee,

Though I agree with some of your views, I dont agree with your view on Gurumurthy. His views are best known from his write ups in Thuglak and I see him to be saner and not agenda driven.

Swamy is the Vadivelu of politics and his naked ambitions can be seen from his attack on FM in centre. In the current stalemate in TN he abused 2 ministers from centre. But his own loud mouthing is irritating people beyond limits.

At hindsight it is seen that the Governor should not have accepted the resignation of OPS. Gov was not in Chennai at that time, but he could have been advised to go slow before taking a decision. Someone in the centre misguided him. Within 48 hours, OPS revolted and that time gap is reasonable for one in his place. But within that 48 hrs, the Governor had relieved him and reinstated him as caretaker CM. Now, the day before the floor test we hear Law Minsiter Ravi shankar Prasad saying in a TV debate that resignation letter of OPS can be rejected on the grounds that he signed it under duress. Why that was not taken by the Governor? Does that mean that there are different voices from the Central ministry to advise the Governor on what he must do? Or is there a confusion among central leaders regarding how to tackle the TN crisis? Is that confusion basically arising from the desire to get a foot hold in TN for BJP? The current happenings and Swamy's wagging tongue give rise to all these questions and doubts.

On Stalin's drama in Assembly yesterday, I think it was a well played one. His TRP has increased among his cadres and the general public too. The main reason is he battled for people's voice to be heard in the voting. That is the perception he has created. But in the process he and DMK over-did it in the Assembly. Certainly no other party can do the drama that DMK did. They are too experienced in it. But common man did not find fault with it this time.

However if the choice is between Stalin and OPS of undivided ADMK, OPS scores over Stalin. But if it is between Stalin and Edapadi, Stalin scores. With ADMK now divided with two-leaves symbol remaining with Edapadi, there will be division of votes which could help DMK scrap through in many constituencies. The vote share between DMK and ADMK remaining close to each other, divided ADMK would face wash out. In the melee BJP can not win seats but marginally rise their vote share. With DMK having bright chances, BJP would have no qualms to align with them. Swamy would do the needful. Already Marans have been let off. The day is not far away when Kani and Raja also follow Marans. That gives DMK under Stalin a holy look which helps holiest BJP to align with them easily. This is what I expect. But if BJP is to ally with DMK, its traditional voters (if any) and floating voters from ADMK would halt is another side of the plight of the BJP which they must bear in mind.

In another scenario, DMK also could be checked by doing Kani and Raja in. In that scenario, the chances of ADMK OPS and DMk are even. So in any case BJP has to face an uphill task in the near future. The best gamble it could have done was to have saved OPS and brought ADMK under OPS. This was possible if the Gov had revoked his resignation and called him to do floor test. ADMK under OPS and BJP can do business easily and it would go well with the public too.

Sheela said...

Dear mam,

its MM gang ruling TN with masks of Jaya/ OPS and now EPS. If JJ would hv been firm in her decision atleast in 2012 she should have done justice to her party & people. why blame others
everyone has their own problems to live with. i disagree with ur views on Modi or BJP. Centre has the responsibility of not setting any wrong precedence. it has scripted and acted well.

harinee said...

I completely disagree on Swamy. He didnt finish JJ for him to finish DMK. He is no patriot this was the same man who went great lengths to defame Vajpayee and BJP at one point. Raghuram Rajan was a good aFM and I have spoken to some eminent economists who explained to me why Rajan was right and Swamy is such a disgrace.
Also he wanted JJ's govt dismissed when she was sick saying Natarajan was helping anti-national forces to come back now its ok for his wife to come to power?.Last to last election he was trying to form an alliance with JJ with his party when he couldnt, he joined BJP then he talks about her corruption.What a hypocrite? And his role in Rajiv Gandhi case is still a big question mark.The man is doing the greatest damage to TN by his vicious remarks giving a complete wrong portrayal of TN to Northerners.Are all Jallikattu protestors Porukkis?
I initially supported Demonetization and Modi but when you ensure your interests are protected by keeping political parties are kept out of the impact then your intentions are questionable. People at lower strata are suffering and thats unforgivable. He has hit Textiles, Banaras sarees, Agra footwear and many more such labour intensive industries.Why should the daily labourer be made to suffer to catch so-called big fish who anyway escaped?And you plan right during Wedding season when cash flow is most needed and right before Christmas when it is peak season for exporters.
We will never seen any action on the actual black money stowed away abroad.
There are many other things which has made me lose faith in this govt but too long to write. But his double standards in Cauvery dispute/Jallikattu was there for all to see.
Yes Kalaignar is way more shrewd than Stalin and would have brought down this govt either by pulling the MLA's or creating a law and order situation.
No doubt S Gurumurthy is a patriot but I just felt late Cho would have made greater impact in the current situation.

Well wisher said...

In the recent days Swami has been a disgrace to TN. Do not know if he has an hidden agenda for BJP. Request Jayasree mam to look into his horoscope and provide views if he follows dharmic path or is he criminal minded? Some characteristics of Swami which can be cross checked with inferences from horoscope:
Though he is intelligent, you would notice he has been provided Ministerial berths only by Chandrasekhar and that too for an year - no big Raja yoga
As per my memory he has won elections only two times in his long political history. Not impressed the people.
He changes colour very often - for dharma or adharma?
He has many friends in Govt offices who help him with data - very strong network
His wife is also an intelligent lawyer and daughter is a journalist.

Let us see how the inferences are.

jayasree said...

@ Ms Sheela,

It is Jaya's fault to have patronized sasikala even after 2011 when she threw her out. But why she kept her with her is a question that gives rise all sorts of conspiracy theories. Any person in normal state of mind would not risk her life and party like Jaya did. Was Jaya drugged - there are such drugs available as we hear in the case of rape victims who are not aware of what had happened to them. The testimony by the acupressure expert who readied her for campaign during the May elections shows that Jaya was given steroids beyond limits. There are lot of things to know before casting a blanket blame on Jaya.

But with all the damage done by sasaikala to the country, I would say that Jaya had sacrificed her own reputation even after death to stall Sasikala (through DA verdict).

Central BJP's role in TN affairs is circumstantial and can not be dismissed given the uphill task faced by state BJP in getting a foot hold in the state.

jayasree said...

@ Ms Harinee,

I am coming to agree with your views on demonetization. After nearly 3 months, I am coming to wonder what was the original purpose of demonetization. Was it to drive cash-less transaction? If so, couldn't we have done that by other, better means?

On the current political scenario in TN, it is better we didn't have Karunanidhi in action. He can find a match only in sasikala & MM. Compared to him Stalin wants to create an image of a conscience keeper of the people to such an extent that he is talking what OPS has to talk!

On Gurumurthy, I must say that Thuglak under him is same as Cho. He is indeed vociferous as Cho used to be and is doing a good job. Today Thuglak is the only magazine that has questioned MM harshly. Even Dinamani which was once thought as Jayalalithaa supportive, is now supportive of sasikala faction. No other magazine is worth mentioning in doing a worthy questioning of the political events in TN now. Among news channels, the once respected Pande of Thanthi TV is cutting a sorry figure. In contrast, Karthigai chelvan of Puthiya Thalaimurai is doing well and that TV was doing a good reporting of the events.

jayasree said...

@ Mr Narayan TT,

I agree with your views on Subramanian Swamy. He is agenda driven. Even in the current expose of Karti Chidambaram, his target is Modi and Jaitley. His horoscope based on Sep 15, 1939, simha lagna, does not give him ministerial berth in the upcoming period. His sense of Dharma is controversial as seen from retrograde Jupiter in its own house (Pisces). In addition, the Karma planet Saturn also is retrograde and is debilitated and in deep conjunction with Ketu in the 9th house. His Atma karaka Sun, though placed in 9th Navamsa, is conjunct with Rahu and opposed by its enemy Saturn. These basic factors show that his sense of Dharma is skewed and not for the sake of Dharma. By the end of 2019 his rantings would come to an end.

Unknown said...

The Supreme Court has dismissed a plea of jailed AIADMK leader V K Sasikala seeking review of its verdict convicting and sentencing her to a four-year jail term in a disproportionate assets case.

The apex court also rejected her plea for an open court hearing of the review petitions.

Anonymous said...

Jayasree madam,

It is unknown how much wealth Sasikala got for being closely associated with the late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa. Sasikala and her nephew TTV Dinakaran are giving sleepless nights to both Palaniswami and Paneerselvam and also to the Central Govt.

In the future how much will Sasikala and Mannargudi Mafia control Tamil Nadu Govt. and AIADMK Party according to Astrology ?

jayasree said...


Everyday a new spin in TN. Now Anita's death becoming the focal point for political spinning.
On the question you have asked, in the absence of horoscopes (reliable date of birth) of the players in question, it is difficult to say. But ADMK's birth date being known, we can speculate to some extent. Earlier I wrote about in my blog on JJ. I am the relevant part here:


ADMK was launched on 17th Oct 1972. On that day Moon was in Makara Rasi. By around 5 PM in the evening Moon shifted to the next star Avittam in the same rasi. Till then it was in Thiruvonam. In the absence of launch time, we have to rely only on Moon sign.

A crucial feature of that date is that Sun was shifting to Thula rasi (Libra) on that date and therefore on a shoonya thithi and in Balya avastha. Sun is in neecha in Rasi and Navamsa but is exalted in Shodasamsa. From the moon sign 8th lord (sun) and 9th lord (Mercury) join in the 10th house. These two are in neecha in Navamsa. Saturn is the karma lord and must be checked for profession or the mission. It is in retrogression in the 5th house. By retrogression it is deemed to have moved to Meshas where it is a neecha planet. But in Shodasamsa Saturn (like Sun) also gets exalted. Two exalted planets in mutual opposition cancel out the exalted effect of each other. This would happen in Saturn Maha dasa.

The point is Saturn Maha dasa must have started by now for ADMK! If the party was launched before noon on that day the party would face its nemesis between now and before 2019. If the party was launched around 5 - 6 in the evening, it would face its nemesis in Saturn - Ketu period which starts sometime in 2019. The party found its peak in the just ended Jupiter dasa.