Friday, July 26, 2019

Surprise events that followed Lunar eclipse of July 2019

The lunar eclipse on the night of 16th July 2019 that arrived in the midst of unusually less hype was followed by quick pace of successive events that make me write them here for record and future reference.

The partial eclipse occurred in the 2nd half of the night of July 16th a few hours before the sun entered Cancer ushering in Dakshinayana.

On 17th night the Brindavan of Sri Vyasaraja Tirtha was vandalised causing immense sorrow to devout Hindus.

On 18th, four people died in a stampede in the process of worshiping the deity, Atthi Varadar in Kanchipuram.

This was soon followed by heavy rains in many parts of India leading to floods and displacement of people. The UN Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs declared,

As a result of torrential monsoon rains mid July, over 25 million people have been affected by flooding in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Myanmar. At least 600 people are known to have died and over half a million people have been displaced with homes, schools and hospitals damaged or destroyed. There is the possibility that the situation could deteriorate further as rains continue in many of the flood-affected areas.”


This map and the events following the eclipse offer scope to analyse the effect of the eclipse. To understand this we must first note down the effects of the eclipse, derived from Varahamihira’s Brihat Samhita.

·       The month: Lunar Ashadha:
Prediction by Varahamihira: “Wells, wet fields and rivers will become dry; dealers in roots and fruits, the people of Gandhara, of Kashmir, Of Pulinda and of China will perish; there will be abundance of rains.” (Ch 5-77)
Inference: Contradictory views are given. On one side wells and rivers would become dry and on the other there will be abundance of rains. The prediction implies run-off water and back to lack of usable water soon.

·       The Sign: Gemini.
Prediction by Varahamihira: “Chaste women, princes, powerful petty chiefs, learned men, people living on the banks of Jamna and rulers of Balhika and Matysa with their subjects will suffer miseries.” (Ch 5-37)
Inference: The current spate of rainfall seems to be relevant to flood conditions in river Jamna and Ganga. Balhika could refer to Iran, North West Pakistan.

·       Part of the night eclipsed: The night (or day, in the case of solar eclipse) is divided into 7 equal parts. That part of the night when the eclipse happens is noted for prediction. This time it happened in 5th and 6th part.
Prediction by Varahamihira: “In the fifth section, herbivorous animals, ministers and household inmates will suffer as also the Vaishyas. If they should be eclipsed when in the sixth section of the firmament, women and shudras will suffer.” (Ch 5- 30, 31)
Inference: Domestic animals, ministers  (fall of Kumaraswamy Government in Karnataka), business people, working class and women are expected to suffer.  

·       Direction of commencement of eclipse: Started from northern part of the lunar disc.
Prediction by Varahamihira: “If the eclipse should commence at the northern, southern or western point of the disc, the Brahmins, the Kshatriyas, the Vaishyas or the Shudras will suffer respectively. (Ch 5-32)
Inference: The commencement t north affects Brahmins. This includes acharyas and temples. The vandalism at the Brindavan of Sri Vyasaraja Teertha and death of people in the temple in stampede had happened within 3 days of the eclipse.

Picture credit: @bharanivt

·       Shape of the eclipse: There are 10 types of eclipse depending on the shape of the eclipsed part. This time three fourth of the disc was eclipsed at maximum.
Prediction by Varahamihira: “If a third, or a fourth, or one half of the disc should be eclipsed, it is technically known as Grasana (seizing with the mouth). Grasa- Partial eclipse: the wealth of prosperous princes will suffer diminution and prosperous countries will be afflicted with calamities.” (Ch 5- 46)
Inference: The first part of the prediction foretells loss of wealth of the rich perhaps by way of ED attachment of properties or debt trap. The second part on calamities is what we are seeing in north and north east India by floods.

·       Overall assessment:

1.     Suffering to all sections of society except Kshatriyas (army) is indicated and we are witness to this now.
2.     The vandalism at Bridavanam and death at Kanchi temple refer to suffering to Brahmins;
3.     Business losses and hardship to working class is also evident on account of the floods.
4.      Herbivorous animals refers to domesticated animals that are likely to be affected by floods.
5.     Affliction to ministers was seen in the fall of Kumaraswamy ministry in Karnataka.

The amazing part of this assessment is the extent of eclipse witnessed in different places.
Both Brindavanam and Kanchipuram that faced affliction immediately after the eclipse are in close latitudes. (Anegundi, the location of the Brindavanam is at 76.49˚ E; Kanchi at 79.70˚ E) They were exposed to maximum duration of eclipse. Refer P1 in red box in the map below.

In the P1 region suffering to Brahmins (temples and devotees – any devotee is a Brahmin who contemplates on Brahman) and ministers (fall of government in Karnataka)

In P2 region, suffering to business people, ordinary people and animals. (1st map in the beginning)

May be for the first time in recent years, the eclipse related predictions had matched on a higher degree. One reason I propose is the planetary condition at the time of eclipse. Saturn in close conjunction with Ketu and in direct opposition to Rahu is one factor that causes widespread misery to common man. The star dispositor of Saturn is lorded by Venus which also joined this combination close to the eclipsed degree. Venus in the star of Jupiter brings in the picture both Venus and Jupiter related people, namely women and temple related issues.

In the past eclipses were dreaded due to the kind of suffering that was related to eclipses. But in this age of all round suffering, all round the year, nothing shocks us. However the extraordinary events listed in the beginning of this article make us wonder whether eclipses are portentous of some events on earth.

·       Who can forget the Mantralaya floods that ravaged Sri Raghavendra Swami’s abode soon after a solar eclipse on 22nd July 2009, with similar predictive indicators of danger to Acharya or temple related places?

·       And who can deny that it requires an eclipse to eclipse the un-democratically installed government of Kumaraswamy?

With more records in place, let us hope to understand better the work of Kala Purusha through his tools in the sky.

Until then and always let our prayers be “Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu   


T.Annamalai said...

Dear Madam, The police is saying that the shocking incident at the Brindavan of Sri Vyasaraja Tirtha was by treasure hunters. However, my conscience is telling that it the act of someone with vested interest, In future they will claim that the Brindavan is just an empty ground.T.Annamalai

nomadic said...

hi mam is there chance of war or any bad event due to kashmir, some has predicted nervouus moments fr india in 2020,and it seems china and pakistan are ganging up against us

jayasree said...


The current Mahadasa of Moon shows problems with younger siblings, within states and communities. Pakistan is our younger sibling! Worst sub-periods of this maha dasa is over by now. Pakistan problem will be solved before the end of 2025. In the immediate future, terrorist problems are there for one more month only (till September end). As such I don't foresee war clouds with Pak or China.

nomadic said...

I have asked same questions from two ppl am rajagopalan , an famous astrologer before 5 years on kashmiras i guess, according to him then,both india and pakistan will have patriotic leaders and issue will be resolved by 2020,

but one more famous astrologer has predicted this issue will spiral to different way, china and pakistan may gang up to attack india on two fronts, with usa too facing recession,btw we have started having economic problem by start of august,,,

2020 might be a significant year as well some plannets are getting conjunction.

D said...

hi mam, so sorry for posting in the wrong section. If possible , can you please do political analysis of chandrababus horoscope.i thought that he is much much less evil than cbn but why does evil wins over good all the time?.
I am not saying there isnt corruption in his 2014 rule, there is lot of corruption by MLA's.
4 major reason he lost 2004 were
a.) Farmers.
b.) Govt Employees.
c.) No freebies.
d.) They said babu made corruption at high level and none of the MLAs got benefited.
In 2014 govt he took care of all the 4. and the major reason for 2014 reason turned out be
a.) lot of corruption from MLAs and lot of ground level folks felt the heat.
b.) lets give a chance to Jagan and see how he does.
if a person works day and night to perform his duties to more than 100% of his ability wont got provide him a way to do it?
why only bhakthi route to god?. if i perform my duties to 100% and take the route of dharma all the time , wont it create a path or acceptable to god. why is he picking from bhakthi or dhyanam or other stuff only?

D said...

hi mam , if possible can you please let me know if you are going to have a post or reply to my comment. eagerly waiting for your point of view.

jayasree said...

@ D

Your comment had 2 parts. For the 1st part cant say without authentic horoscope.
For 2nd part, difficult to write, but let me try. You refer to Karma yoga, but it should lead to Jnana. Bhakti is also a means to jnana. Ultimately Janana matters, whether you follow karma yoga or bhakti yoga. Bhakti is not what we see around us - of asking God something in return. Bhakti must lead one to Madbhavam. Same way Karma yoga (whatever you explained) must lead you to Madbhavam that Krishna speaks in Gita. By this anyone born anywhere in the world in any sect / religion can attain Him.

D said...

Nara Chandrabaabu Naidu
20 April 1950, 06:43 hours at chittoor, Andhrapradesh.
79E07' and 13N 12'
Thanks , for the second answer as well. If i get it correctly if someone performs their duties correctly then that also will lead to god i believe (donno what Madbhavam means exactly though)
eagerly waiting for the point 1 detailed explanation.

D said...

hi mam, waiting for your response eagerly... can you please let me know

jayasree said...

I am yet to take up your query due to pre-occupations. Please bear with me. I would revert soon.

jayasree said...

@ D,

Checked the horoscope of Sri Chandrababu Naidu.

The do-gooder in his horoscope for political power is Moon posited in the star of Sun. Whenever he faced elections in Moon period, he had won. Otherwise things were average for him. Saturn Maha Dasa running throughout his political career so far is going to end in Feb 2022. Till then I dont foresee any big rise in his fortunes. Added to this is the transit problems with Saturn, Rahu and Ketu at the present times.

However once Mercury Maha dasa begins thereafter, his stocks will rise, though marginally. Mercury as 6th lord in 1st and in parivarthana with 1st lord Mars would deplete his resources both financially and friends-wise. At the same time Mercury as 3rd lord in 1st (11th from 3rd) in Rasi and in mutual coupling with Sun in 3-9 houses in Navamsa would help him identify right kind of friends (alliances) to make gains. By this I mean he has to stitch right alliances and cannot win alone any election in Mercury dasa that spans for 17 years starting from 2022. If he were to face next elections between 24-9-2024 and 21-9-2025, difficult to win. If election date falls within that period, better to go for pre-poll alliances.

Hope this helps.

jayasree said...

@ D,
If you have Jagan Mohan Reddy's authentic birth details, share with me to compare with CBN. As far as KCR (Telangana) is concerned he is unbeatable for years to come.

D said...

Thanks a lot mam for your time and response.
ys jagan mohan reddy: 21 december 1972,00:30 hours at pulivendula andhrapradesh
78 E 24' and 14N50'.
Jr NTR: 20th of May 1983, Hyderabad- 11.15PM---possible tdp contender, dont know when
wow KCR for next 10 years from2019. KCR : 17 FEB 1954, 10:30 hours at siddipet , Telangana.
can andhra beat telangana in the coming 30 years, development wise ?

jayasree said...

@ D,
Can I know how authentic are the birth details?

D said...

They all are first hand from astrology folks mam. no one knows the exact time of CBN (including him, some say(when i read online) we can re-calculate the exact time based on their actual life events). No one including sr n t r thought CBN had it, to be a CM. so i was like if NOT hardwork, whats determining EVM or luck?.
some say Jagan will be an andhra MGR, will rule for 15-25 years.., true?. Its just my curiosity to know that's all, nothing much more than that.

D said...

hi mam, hope you are fine . anxiously waiting for your point of view....

jayasree said...

@ D

As you seem to be aware time is important for one to get elevated in high position in politics. BY time I mean the election time when the competing leaders must be running favourable dasa-bhukti. As such Chandra Babu Naidu was not running a good period in the last election and future election. Same can be said about Junior NTR. Compared to them Jagan Reddy will be running a good period of Dharma kardhipati planet. So it will be apt to re-visit this around poll time when we will have a clarity about who the contenders are.

D said...

Thanks for your response and time mam . holy cow " Naidu was not running a good period in the last election and future election. Same can be said about Junior NTR. Compared to them Jagan Reddy will be running a good period of Dharma kardhipati planet" so if i get it correctly, apart from the EXACT time of the election.... over all neither babu or jr.ntr can match jagan is that correct... hmmm so he is unbeatable then, interestingly so sad. wow... sometimes it makes me rethink why i should believe in god....