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Ram Janma Bhoomi verdict: How Historic moments are defined by the Cosmos!

As we are passing through a rare Historical moment in Time and Space of restoring the Palace of Rama to Rama Himself, the celestial signatures in the sky must reflect the rarer of the rarest for this event to happen. This blog is written to record what it looks like when a rare event of Dharma re-establishing itself takes place.

We have for comparison two judgments separated by 9 years (half the cycle of the nodes) of which the second gave a decisive outcome paving the way for correcting a historical wrong. The first was given on 30th September 2010 at 3-30 PM. The plus and minus witnessed at the celestial sphere was discussed and recorded in this link.

For Dharma to manifest, the 9th and 10th lord in the Universal zodiac (starting from Aries) which are none other than Jupiter and Saturn and the 9th and 10th lords at the moment of the event must be associated with 9th and 10th houses and in auspicious connection. During 2010 verdict Jupiter and Saturn were in mutual aspect, but with Jupiter in retrogression in its own house. The 9th and 10th lords were in their own houses from the lagna of the event (judgement delivery begin time). In Navamsa though Sun exalted, Saturn was in inauspicious position in Navamsa. So what was achieved was a half way mark.

Momentous point of the judgement at that time was recognition of a temple below the Masjid. However the judgement sounded more ‘secular’ reflecting the mind of the government of the day by dividing the land among three instead of handing over the entire land to Rama, the rightful owner.
Now the final judgement has come out and one can see a huge leap in the way the heavens positioned themselves.

The Universal Dharma –Karmadhipati lords, namely Jupiter and Saturn have joined together in the universal 9th house owned by Jupiter. They are joined with Ketu, the signifactor of Dharma kind, a trigger planet for outcomes. The 9th and 10th planets of the lagna (judgement delivery start time) Sun and Mercury had joined together at 11th house, the outcome of the 10th house.
In Navamsa, the Sun (the 9th lord in event time and signifactor for Government) and Saturn (Universal 10th lord and signifactor for citizens) are exalted with Jupiter (Universal 9th lord) joining the Sun in friendly disposition. Mercury (10th lord in event time) is also well fortified by occupying its own house in Navamsa.

This gives a picture perfect combination for restoration of Dharma or manifestation of Dharma. It is indeed a combination that comes rarely. This kind of perfect combination didn’t exist on 2010 judgement day.

A curious question remains how the heavens looked when Adharma was reigning.

The Adharmic historical wrongs can happen when Saturn passes through Aries and Taurus or when it goes in retrogression in seven stars starting from Krittika. Saturn, the Universal Karmadhipati planet and the giver of fruits of action becomes weak in such transits. If we look at the time of destruction of Ram Janma Bhoomi, Saturn was transiting Aries in 1528 and entered Krittika in early 1529. When we look back at times of gory wars and destruction such as the destruction of World Trade Centre, Saturn was invariably transiting those signs and stars. When Mars also joins Saturn in those stars and signs, or transits alone, once again transgression of Dharma can be seen.

For an Adharmic act that destroyed Ram Janma Bhoomi, a strong combination of the Dharma- karma lords were needed to be positioned in right places to undo Adharma. Indeed this is vindication of the age-old concept of Dharma- Karmadhipati planets.


ஸ்ரீராம் முத்துகிருஷ்ணன் said...

Just curious why is Rama subject to Karma? Is it not putting God under the control of planets...? Excellent analysis if Rama was not Considered God.

jayasree said...

Welcome Mr Sriram Muthukrishnan.

Your question is why Rama is subject to Karma.

The article does not say that Rama was subject to karma, however such a question arises not only for the destruction of the Janma Bhoomi in the hands of heretics but also for numerous events in the life of Rama. A reading of Ramayana shows that Rama did project himself as an ordinary mortal and behaved like one who is torn by the tentacles of Destiny. He didn't recognize his Godly nature even when Brahma and other Gods appeared at agni pariksha scene and revealed to him his Godly disposition. All these are part of 'leela' - of God Himself born among us and behaving like us.

Through all these he did not accrue any karma nor did he really experience karma. Karma does not touch those who are already Released athman, and here we have Paramatman who can never be touched by Karma. But once born the events have to take place as per Nature (here planetary dispositions about which I am going to talk in my upcoming video on Oak's book) and as told in an Upanishad, Gods such as Vayu do their duty fearing to offend the Paramatman (Brahmam). It is because gods must abide by their nature for which they exist, the God of the Ocean could not give way for Rama when he waited to cross the sea. The supreme Bramhan aka Rama also abided by the rules of Nature he created. When he took birth as a human being, he behaved like a human being caught within karma. Hope I made this part clear and this satisfies your question.

Now lets come to the destruction of Janma Bhoomi part. Several temples including the janma bhoomi of Krishna were destroyed. Such destruction are not due to any karma on the part of the gods but are instruments that make millions of people through ages undergo their prarabhda karma. Imagine the trauma and suffering of the people directly affected at the time of destruction. Through the destruction, all of them were made to undergo what is due to them in their backlog of karma. This trend had continued till date.

Godhra happened, many more were killed, Parasara rose up to the occasion and the judges too became part of this grand scheme in doing their bit. So it is not correct to even think that Rama underwent karma, it is we who are undergoing karma at various shades, physically, mentally and emotionally. These incidents also put us to test whether we side with Dharma or not. Imagine the karma of those born in the 400 + year period between the destruction and now construction. They didn't have the karma to worship Rama in his janma bhoomi. Such is the effect of a single destruction by which Paramatman had aided in causing Prarabhda karma to manifest in millions of people over 400 + years. That's how we must look at this with a bird's eye.

Sujata Srinath said...

This depends on what we Hindus consider as God and not what the Abrahamics consider as God. For Hindus, an avatara is the descent of the Divine into a form on this earth. When the surrounding buddhijeevis recognize this divinity, they treat the avatara as Divine. When that avatara passes on, he or she is worshipped in the form of murtis. While Sri Rama lived, there were few who realized his divinity...the rest just werevbowled over by his words, actions and thinking ...his way of conducting himself and his apparent tejas drew the simple and uncomplicated towards him. If there is a God, they thought, this is how he would be. But he was human. He was subject to everything that affects a living being. Including the stars and planets.

Gothandaraman Govinda Iyer said...

The date of judgement was fixed in such a way that Jupiter who gives his part rather too soon after his entry has just entered Dhanus and the 9th lord Sun has also come out of his Neecha position post his crossing the 20° in Thula. The joining of Budha has added to its power much before he gets in to Asthangam.

Good analysis Jayashree madam. Kudos to you.

ஸ்ரீராம் முத்துகிருஷ்ணன் said...

Thank you
My question rather stemmed from your words, how you started the article

" Time and Space of restoring the Palace of Rama to Rama Himself"
Restoring the palace of Rama to Rama himself
2. I have seen many people worshipping the horoscope claimed to be of lord Ram in their pooja rooms.

Can you clarify point 2 which seems to be prevalent in a certain community.

jayasree said...

Thanks Ms Sujata Srinath for sharing your views. May I add another thought to yours?

Recall the Kural 'Vaiyatthul vaazhvaangu
(வையத்துள் வாழ்வாங்கு வாழ்பவன் வானுறையும்
தெய்வத்துள் வைக்கப் படும்)
This was the norm in Vedic culture, from Skanda onwards to Rama, Krishna, Kannagi and numerous soldiers who died for a cause and have been deified in Hero stones. In the case of Rama, Mandodari while wailing over the death of her husband at Rama's hands, said that the day she came to know that a bridge was built by Rama (with the aid of Vanaras) she understood that Rama was not an ordinary mortal.

One can find a similar thought (on what makes man a God) attributed to the Vedic society in Greek chronicles in the context of dialogue between Alexander and Kalanos. To a question from Alexander "How may a man become God?", Kalanos replied, "by doing that which is almost impossible for a man to do."

Rama was an impossible-to-think- kind of man. Name any virtue or Dharma, he stood for it and fulfilled it. He is an ideal for all beings to follow. Naturally he was elevated, nay, recognised as a God even while he was around.

jayasree said...

Thanks Mr Gothandaraman Govinda Iyer for sharing your views.

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Sreeram Muthukrishnan,

Time and space - because the current transit at Sagittarius had caused many Sagittarius rashi - born people suffer in the past few months. In fact in the gap between my earlier reply to you and this reply, I was counselling a person born in Sagittarius, who was at the verge of broke. I did come across very serious cases of pre-mature births, births with defects and people with untold miseries since June - all of whom having Sagittarius at birth or 7th or 5th. But cosmically once Jupiter entered Sagittarius with all the major players reaching strong and auspicious positions in Navamsa - for a day only - the centuries old wrong stood corrected. Now we are going to have the Sabarimala verdict too which I expect to be positive given the same Rashi combinations, but slightly altered position of Sun in Navamsa. We will know the mind of Kala purusha for this altered position. Indeed the current combination is something of a life time.

jayasree said...

Continuing from above, you asked why people worship Rama janana Jataka in puja.

I have not heard why but let me give my impression. By worshiping the Jataka at puja, one worships Rama janana itself. Another angle is worshiping the auspicious planetary combinations so that one is not affected by adverse planetary effects. Rama Janana chapter is recited when someone is pregnant. My father recited the chapter for both my kids when I was bearing them. We believe that Rama himself is born to us.

As for me, my grandfather taught me the first lessons in astrology (horoscopy) in my 12th year by means of Rama Jataka. That was considered auspicious for starting the learning and also an ideal text book like explanation to understand the houses and planetary lordships and friendship.

I have Rama Pattabhisheka in my Puja at the centre (as main deity) thinking that Rama is reigning over me, my house and my family. Anyone coming to meet me used to worship Him before they leave. Rama is such a household name in our society.

jayasree said...

I am still emotional thinking of all the time since we did shilanyas at out community. That was in 1989 or 1990, not able to remember. We worshiped a brick inscribed with 'SriRam' and sent to Ayodhya. On my part I sang 'Karunajalade dasharathe' song. I remember arguing with another devotee who sang a Tamil composition accusing and abusing heretics for destroying Janma Bhoomi. Somehow I felt that such thoughts are not correct at that event. Rama will take care of them, let us do our duty of singing his glory and building positive vibes. I don't know till date whether I was right or wrong. Have thought about the permutations of various outcomes in dealing with the Janma bhoomi issue. More than whether an act is right or wrong, what I am clear is, many had worked out their prarabhda karma or created new karma in the course of this issue.

Sujata Srinath said...

Agree whole-heartedly, Jayashreeji.

We do say that Sri Rama never considered himself or behaved as if he knew he was Paramatma but Sri Krishna did as is evidenced in the Bhagvad Geeta. And yet even Sri Krishna went through bad times as the story of the Shamantaka Mani shows.

The point being that even the Paramatma has to go through the effects of the natural laws, as you say, when they descend to earth.

Sujata Srinath said...

So lovely to hear this! You are blessed.

sridhar said...

Madam, Saturn is again entering Ar in 2027 and will be in Ar and tarus till 2032 so any chances for historic wrongs during that period?

jayasree said...

Dear Sujata ji,
True, and Pranams.

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Sridhar,

Historic wrongs or harm to humanity is possible. Look at the past, worst harm to humanity had happened when Saturn was in those signs. But between 2027 to 2032, Jupiter moves in opposition to Saturn thereby reducing the menace. For some time Ketu will be hobnobbing with Saturn at that time. When Mars also joins them particularly in and around Rohini, calamity is certain. But such a combination does not go on for months. Moreover Jupiter's aspect will tone down. So compared to saturn-transit in 2000 -2003, the next transit will have less bad effects.

Raghuraman said...

Dear Madam,

Saturn transit through 'Rohini' has always triggered miseries. Vasista predicted the fall of Dasaratha after seeing Saturn passing through Rohini. This led to Rama taking vanavas.

From your article i now get that Saturn must have been passing Rohini when Ram temple was destroyed by muslim rulers.

I vividly remember reading an article in Astrological Magazine saying Saturn passing Rohini has been very bad for USA in particular. Latest being Twin tower attack.

Why is Saturn in Rohini so vulnerable to human?

On Dhanusu rasi natives - I am born in that rasi and agree with your view that i has been very stressful for last 6-8 months.


jayasree said...

Dear Mr Raghuraman,

First let me state that everything depends on the running Dasa-bhukti. Please don't get disturbed over what I wrote on Sagittarius. Things will be fine with your prayers and good deeds.

On Rohini, Rohini lies on the path of moon such that people in olden days had watched the moon crossing Rohini every month and derived predictions. Whether it crosses north or south or across Rohini formed a separate group of yogas for mundane affairs, kings and people at large. It was on a Rohini day the famous 10800 BCE comet had hit the earth that gave rise to Younger Drayar Days. I have dealt with this in the last chapter of my book on Epoch of Arundhati critiquing Nilesh Oak's date of Mahabharata.

Rohini and Abhijit both lorded by Moon were treated as benefics but when it turned out that Abhijit was a circumpolar and not a star of the ecliptic, the first disappointment set in. Then it so happened a comet hit the earth causing widespread fire on a Rohini day. This was against the belief that Rohini was a benefic-causing star. This necessitated the inclusion of Krittika stars that helped them to compensate for the removal of Abhijit. This resulted in identifying fire and destruction with Krittika. I have done a detailed account of all these in my book.

The bottom line is people were protective towards Rohini as it is a star lorded by Brahma. Even Moon's transit to the south of it was found to have coincided with losses to humanity, then one can imagine the havoc caused by malefic planets.

In mundane astrology signs are allotted to nations. USA's sign is Gemini. The WTC terror attack happened when Rohini was afflicted. I did my Masters with thesis on terrorism by analysing terror attacks and wars in the last 100 years. Affliction to Rohini is a main feature in worst attacks. Atom bomb attack on Japan also happened when Rohini was transited by Mars. I will upload the paper in sometime.

Swamy said...

I'm sure all the judge are blessed, the reason I'm saying is I started reading the judgement and so much efforts have gone in to come up with a judgement running into 1000+ pages.

You response to Mr Sriram has reinforced my thoughts to visit Janma Bhoomi as we are blessed to live in this period.

I request you to use your good writings to let people know about the places around the Janma Bhoomi (that are mentioned in the Addend of the judgement) that helped in proving the exact location of Janma Bhoomi

jayasree said...

Thanks Mr Swamy. I am yet to read, I will read and blog the relevant ones.

Raghuraman said...

Thank you Madam for your reply. I need your advise on Ramayanam parayanam. I happened to watch Advocate Sri. Parasaran video yesterday (

He talks about how Ramayanam parayanam changed his life.

Can you explain how to do parayanam. Which chapters to be read?


jayasree said...

Dear Mr Raghuraman,

Normally Sundhara Khandam is read at home. Very rare to come across people who do the parayanam of entire Ramayana. Advocate Parasara belongs to a rare category.

If you read Tamil, I would suggest LIFCO book on Sundhara Khandam. You check with all their publications on Ramayana. Specific sarga-s are recommended for specific problems and dasa- bhukti. Based on Uma samhita, specific sarga-s are given in the book along with method of parayanam. You may choose the one you want.

Generally the Parayanam starts with Dhyana shlokas and there are variations among sampradhayas - like vaishnavites follow one kind of Dhyana shloka and Advaitins follow another and so on. Based on your background choose the dhyana shloka. This is followed by the archana for Ramayana book with Sri Rama Ashtotra shata namavali (108 nama) from Padma Puranam. LIFCO book contains all these. After the archanai, offer Dhoopam, neivedhyam (mostly dry fruits. For problem specific recitals, the type of neivedhyam is given in that book) and camphor harathi. Then start recital of the sarga or sarga-s you planned. At the end, there are concluding shlokas for different sampradhayas. After reciting them, offer neivedhyam again.

This is how I have been doing, following my father. In the case of Sundhara Khandam, at the completion of the Khandam, we recite Pattabhisheka Khandam and offer payasam or some sweet. It is as though we are celebrating Rama Pattabhishekam at our house.

In my personal experience (so far I have completed 50 rounds of Sudhara Khanda parayanam) I suggest reading the translation in your mother tongue. For first 10 rounds I did like that and absorbed the meaning, emotions and thoughts completely. After that only I started with Valmiki's verses and started recalling the meaning I learned in earlier rounds. LIFCO publications use versions based on Govindarajeeyam commentary which is highly reliable and respected. Those who read such commentaries wont interpret Ramayana verses like Nilesh Oak!!

Parayanam does shape up one's perception about life and karma and aids in spiritual growth. May Rama bless you with all these through this simple tool of Parayanam.

jayasree said...

Continuing from above,

Forgot to write one thing. We must put a seat for Hanuman in front of the stand upon which we keep the Ramayana book for parayanam. Wherever the parayanam is happening, Hanuman is supposed to sit in the front to listen. Normally we dont allow any one to cross in between the stand and the place where we put the seat for Hanuman during Parayanam. Choose such kind of place for Parayanam. It is not necessary you should do the Parayanam in the puja room. You may choose a proper place, neat and clean. Wipe the floor and put a kolam upon which you keep the Ramayana book stand. In front of it place a wooden plank or something suitable for Hanuman to be seated. We don't do anything else exclusively for Hanuman. He comes, listens and goes back after listening.

Raghuraman said...

Dear Madam,

I started reciting Sundarakantam from friday (12/27). Plan to complete it in 3 days. I am using LIFCO tamil version (pdf) since i don't have the book. I will pick one from LIFCO next time when i visit India.This book is written by Sri. C.R.Srinivasa Iyengar. There is no sanskrit sloka in this book. This is completely tamil version. Is this is version you mentioned?

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Raghuraman,

Yes, I use Sri C.R. Srinivasa Iyengar translation only. I have another book by LIFCO on sanskrit verses in Tamil letters. I recite that also, but started reciting that after reading the Tamil version and imbibed the meanings.

My best wishes to you.

Gothandaraman Govinda Iyer said...

Sundarakaandam by Githa press presents the Sanskrit verses on one side and Tamilzh verses exact meaning in sentences on the other side - verse by verse. The letters are big facilitating easy reading.

Doing a Pooja that is with Aavahanam - either the Vigraha or Saalagramam that you keep or on the Sundarakaandam book itself and then doing the parayanam is proper the correct and best way. If Pooja with Aavahanam is not possible for some reasons, still this is not possible then one can read the verses or the prose version - books available. Dhyana slokam and Pattabishekam need to be read on a daily basis. Neivedyam of a bunch of 5 bananas - not separated - is ideal.