Friday, November 15, 2019

Understanding seasons the Vedic way. (Part 3 critiquing Mr Nilesh Oak's date of Mahabharata)

The 3rd video in a series of videos based on my book "Myth of 'The Epoch of Arundhati' of Nilesh Nilkanth Oak" critiquing the so-called Epoch of Arundhati and the date of Mahabharata deduced by Mr Nilesh Oak is now released.

Tilted as "Understanding seasons the Vedic way", this video begins by stating our responsibility to not disregard the fundamentals of the Vedic culture of the past while dealing with past events. It also cautions against present-mindedness in a historical research which we find in the approach of Mr Nilesh Oak. His idea of looking at the past from the present particularly in understanding seasons from western astronomy perspective is taken as the main theme of the video.

Mr Nilesh Oak has depended on the western concept of the tropical zodiac for seasons to locate the sidereal positions in the Itihasas. The video exposes why it is wrong and how this had derailed his research. It also establishes why his interpretation of 'Nivrutta Akasha Sayana" verse in Ramayana does not indicate the start of Uttarayana near Pushya in the sign of Cancer. The video can be viewed here.

It is also established that seasons are not meant for dating events as they are for manifestation of Karma (experiences). This is proved from a verse in Purusha Sukta and how Purusha in the form of stars is a Time Keeper in helping us obtain the experiences. 

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Gopi said...

Excellent again, though i'm not qualified to fully appreciate the contents, still learning.
Again Rajiv Ji retweeted your Tweet on the 3rd Video.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thanks for your comment Mr Gopi.

I also noticed that Sri Rajiv Malhotra retweeted my 1st and 3rd video.