Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ranjani is my choice:)

Yesterday's performance by Ranjani in the Finals of Airtel Super singer contest will be remembered by many. The 'Mannavan vandaanadi' was a very good choice for the Final competition, supported well by the mridhangist. We can not deny that without the jathi sung by him, the song could not have made the impact that it had made yesterday.


Earlier her "antha sivagami maganidam' – rated as the best by the special judge Mr MS Vishwanathan, cleared whatever doubt any one could have had about her ability to convey the emotions through her voice. 


It can be listened in this link:-



Right from the beginning Ranjani had been my favorite. I liked Raginishree too, for they two handled very difficult songs well. There was a time when I felt that there must be separate competitions for men and women, for, the songs of the female were very tough and required versatile skills, in pitch and breathe control in particular. I am happy that Ranjani is rising in spite of odds.



She and Ajeesh have shown tremendous improvement right from the beginning, which I felt Ravi and Renu failed to show.

Renu's voice is good, sometimes resembling that of P.Susheela. But Susheela's songs were quite soulful – bringing out emotions casually and effortlessly. Such kind of transfer of emotions to the listener is found only in Ranjani so far.



Ravi is perfect – periya kumbidu for his talent!

But his voice quality hardly stirs us up as we go on to hear more from him.



And about Prasanna – the crowd puller, he scores well on this issue of 'connect' with the listener.

Who knows, he may win the show.

The majority of people who bother to sms their choice in this context are the ones who like the kind of music that  Prasanna gives  with his 'connecting' ability.

And he is not bad.

I think in today's Tamil cinema, he fits in the slot that is without any big name right at the moment.

He can become another Mano or Malaysia Vasudevan.

With his kind of determination and practice, he can definitely fill this spot if given a chance!






விஜய் said...

But unfortunately Ranjani has been eliminated.How sad? I too always feel that there should be different categories for male and female singers. It is not a level playing field when you put male vs. female singer.

Prasanna is a good crowd puller. But he just sings the same genre of songs. Let us see.

jayasree said...

The voting system is suspect -like the recent elections. One can vote any number of times. If some one or a group is working on continuously sending sms in favour of a particular person - we cant rule out this scenario. There is a chance Ranjani & her friends failed to inundate organisors with SMSs for her.

Ranjani truly deserves. I am sure she will be called by some music director, perhaps Yuvanshankar himself or MSV. In the past too, only those who finished 4th or 5th had come up very well. Naresh Iyer is one. It seems reality shows are a farce though they expose true talents.