Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No astrological proof for Hindu terror??

Just thought of sharing this surprise finding I made while analyzing 30 plus horoscopes on terror strikes. As part of investigative astrology, I am currently working on finding out various astrological factors noticed at the time of terror attacks. I must say that I have almost succeeded in 'cracking' the astrological secrets of terror attacks. But what intrigues me is that the 3 terror attacks (supposedly) by Hindu terrorists do not fit into the astrological norms of terror attacks.

They are the attacks on

September 29, 2008, Maharashtra, Gujarat

September 8, 2006, Malegaon,

May 16, 2007, Hyderabad.

(I am going by the Wikipedia and Times of India articles for the time details of the attacks.)

The horoscope cast for the timings for these 3 do not fall into the category of terror strikes.

While patterns can be noticed in all the other terror attacks, such patterns are missing in these three. Whatever rationale I am trying to work out for these three, are not convincing. Why ???

Are these instances not really done with terror motives?

Another instance is the Rafiganj rail disaster of September 10, 2002.

The astro map of the time of derailment does not show a deliberate human attempt to cause destruction to life and property. Even though some people preferred to call it a handiwork of Maosit terrorists, no group claimed responsibility for it. The astro chart does not see a terror attack / sabotage in the derailment of the train.

Well, I request the interested readers to wait for a few more months till I publish my case studies as ipaper.

Readers / astrologers can read then and judge by themselves.

As an after-thought :-

I very much wish to discuss in this blog, the horoscope of LTTE Prabhakaran.

His death is confirmed in his horoscope, which I was telling people in close circle, even as early as March, 2009 when Mullaitheevu fell.

That he is no freedom fighter, but one who has scant regard for dharma is also easily seen in his horoscope.

But how did he die is also known from his horoscope.

This is something - which I am hesitant to explain at the current juncture.

So postponing it for some time in future…


விஜய் said...

\\His death is confirmed in his horoscope, which I was telling people in close circle, even as early as March, 2009 when Mullaitheevu fell. That he is no freedom fighter, but one who has scant regard for dharma is also easily seen in his horoscope.\\

Interesting to know that one's horoscope can tell how a guy could die. Am Interested to know about that :-)
If you get time, pls pay a visit to my site, http://vettivambu.blogspot.com

jayasree said...

One's horoscope can also tell who were the persons nearby when one was born, what food the mother had eaten before he was born and a lot more.
Horoscope is a map in space-time, showing how all the forces that are interlinked in the infinitely spread space-time map, work on a person who entered into karmic world at a particular time.

Coming to Prabhakaran's horoscope, I can only give some clues for the time being. Look at his rasi, navamsa and drekkana charts. Apply the rules for cause of death given in 'Prasn marga' to Drekkana chart. There lies the truth.

That he was a fugitive, always on the run and wanted by the establishment is well indicated by many pointers in navamsa chart.

That he had no iota of respect for moral values is obviously seen in his rasi chart.

His birth details are
5-30 pm
Kankesan thurai

விஜய் said...

Hi Jayasree,
Thanks a lot for the information.

If you have information on how Astrologers compute Ammavasai, Pournami, Eclipses etc. What is the calculation behind this.

It would be an interesting article to read.


jayasree said...

Hi Vijay,
I think you are asking about how panchangas are made. Traditionally, there are families trained in writing panchangas. There is a continuous stream of astro information preserved and panchanga writing is a continuing tradition done by persons trained in that. Surya siddhantha and Bhaskara's principles form the basis for computations.

Nowadays softwares are developed to do this. If you ask me if I can write a panchanga, I can't. It is a different area of astrology.

You will be surprised (even confused) seeing many pancangas in circulation. Earlier when monarchy was there, each king / samasthana used to have a panchanga written for their kingdom, with the capital city forming the focal point. Now the samasthanas are gone. But the families engaged in computing panchanga continue and they keep their knowledge alive by continuing with writing panchangas.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I've been told by Vedic Astrologers that Prabhakaran's chart shows that he will have a long life of at least 70-80+ years and that he will die of only natural causes. This has been the claimed by even Sinhalese astrologers who during the closing phases of the war claimed that Prabhakaran would leave the country as his chart claims such but that he cannot be harmed for atleast the next 7-8 years. Interesting comments by on-line astrologers include the following:

"In vedic astrology we can predict death but not too deep,.its just we can say in which dasa in which bhuthi a person will die,.but it can be taken only up to 60%,.see prabhagaran Aries lagna Scorpio rasi,.he is in his moon dasa sukra bhuthi,.sukran in 7th house kendra to lagna,.moon deb in scorpio but with sun forming amavasa yoga.also sun and moon both are strong from there own ruling houses.in amsha kundli his lagna is libra and the lagna falls 7 to 7.which also indicates that he sill die only under natural cause(he can kill himself or he will die naturally with disease or by age),.more over his mars is very strong in 11th house and he gets his mars dasa by nov 2009.i don't think he is dead.he is hiding that's it,.sun and moon in 8th house made him hide himself for his moon dasa - surya bhuthi which is presently started after may 26,.he will reemerge by November 2009 or December,.but i am sure he is not dead.his first son Charles is dead that's for sure,.prabhagaran's chart shows his son's death"


The blog, http://velusfate.blogspot.com/2009/05/postmortem.html, which contains Prabhakaran's chart, etc., was certain that he would escape and leave the country. After it was reported that he was killed, the astrologer came up with an excuse for the wrong prediction. Check it out. According to this blog, Prabhakaran's time of birth is 5:27pm:

- Date Of Birth being 26th Nov 1954
- Moon under Jesytha 2
- Moon dasha ending on 1st April 2009
- Ascendant Taurus.

Birth time is approximated to be 17:27 GMT +5.5 and Birth place is assumed to be Jaffna. (updated 22nd May 2009)

Any comments?


jayasree said...

I got his birth time from a news article in Deccan Chronicle Chennai edition some time ago. The article referred to the predictions about Prabhakaran, by one Chennai based astrologer. The birth details I got from this article are
5-30 pm
Kankesan thurai

The life events of Prabhakaran tallies with the horoscope of this birth detail.

He suffered from Bandana yoga caused by Mars, the first and 6th lord from Moon (rasi)in kona with Saturn, aspected by Mars. This yoga must see him imprisoned in the Moon dasa. But since this happened with ref to Moon sign, he ended up living like a fugitive in hiding which ended on 25-3-2009.

He suffered Yuddhe marana yoga (plz refer Raman's 300 combinations of yoga) which means he will die in a war field and his body will be picked up from among many dead bodies.

There are a dozen indicators for his death in the mars dasa - mars antar dasa which I will post some time in future.

His death must have happened in Mars- mars- sat- Sat- rahu- Mer (Mercury is a functional maarak in his chart joined by 1L and 6L in 6th) around 4- PM on 18-05-2009 in Jupiter hora. If this is the time of his death, then it fulfills the clause of death as per his D-3 chart. The real cause is seen in his D-3 chart which as a responsible astrologer for greater human welfare, I am not supposed to say openly at present.

Look at one basic issue in his chart to get satisfied that he is indeed dead.

The death indicating 8th lord and the lord of 22nd drekkana are the same planet, namely Jupiter. It is in the asterism of Saturn and is weakened by becoming debilitated in the house of exaltation. This is an important point showing how much dharmic he was, how much respect he had for moral and ethics of the society and mankind.

Such a Jupiter joins Rahu in 6th house of Leo,in Navamsa. The lagna lord and 6th lord of the rasi chart joins in the 6th in rasi and are joined once again in the navamsa in Martian amsa, aspected by Mars and debilitated sun. The 22nd drekkana lord Jupiter afflicts this combination in navamsa. It aspects debilitated sat and Ven (1L and 6L of D-1)while the conjoint planet Rahu aspects Mars and debilitated sun.