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Saturn’s polar design resembles the yantra of the Lord Saneeswara.

The news report in today's paper tells about a temple dedicated to Lord Shani / Saneeswara in a place called Thiru Erikuppam in Thiruvannamalai district of Tamilnadu. The lord is worshiped in the form a Yantra (a mystic design that is unique for a particular God).

The stone tablet with the yantra inscribed on it:-

This yantra was found inscribed on a stone tablet. When its existence came to be known, people constructed a temple for it and started worshiping it as Shani Bhagawan.


The news is that this yantra resembles the design of the Polar region of Saturn that the Cassini spacecraft had photographed.

The pattern at the North pole of Saturn

One may be tempted to dismiss this as a coincidence. But some analysis of why these patterns appear on Saturn gives us some interesting revelations.

Every object or every action creates some impact be means of some vibrations. The hexagonal pattern of Saturn is the result of the inner dynamics of Saturn – of the wind patterns that made an imprint on the surroundings through the vibrations.

The vibrations cause geometric shapes. They can be seen here:-

This was better understood by scientists when they worked on the hurricanes to identify the factors that could help them predict whether a hurricane will be deadly or mild. The eye of the Hurricane shows some geometric pattern depending on the kind of activity going inside it.

Some amazing pictures similar to the Kolams that we Hindus draw in our pooja rooms and in the frontage of our houses can be seen in the eye of the hurricanes.

The comparison between hurricane Ivan and Isabel was done and it was deduced that the vibrations of the wind movement create specific geometric patterns. Based on the pattern, the intensity of the hurricane can be known.

The basis of such patterns is studied as Cymatics. Cymatics is a wave phenomenon that studies how sounds and vibrations manifest into forms through various materials.

The effect on water or fluids is remarkable.

For instance, the impact of vibrations of waves created the these patterns on fluids (in this pic)

(Pic courtesy:-

Some of these resemble the yantra designs of Gods and Navagrahas.

Take a look at the eye of the hurricanes. They resemble the popular star kolam or the yantra design.

Eye of the hurricane analysis in this link:-

This pattern is formed under intense activity within the hurricane.

Does the yantra with the same design mean that intense vibrations are created while contemplating on that yantra?

I am not well versed in Yantra related issues. I just made a google search to know the pattern for other planets.

I could get the pattern for Jupiter yantra(Guru). It was amazing as it resembled the popular pattern of Jupiter!

It also looked like the navagraha Kolam for Guru

Guru yantra

Jupiter's North and South pole

This polar photograph was taken in 2000 when the sun was crossing Jupiter's equator.

I give this information specifically because I found from Cassini's mission that Saturn experiences summer (sun reaching its maximum distance in the northern hemisphere of Saturn) when Saturn is in Libra – the sign where it is exalted as per astrology.

My article on this can be read here :-Summer in Saturn's north & Mayan myth of 2012!

By this rationale Jupiter must experience its summer in North when it is in the sign, cancer. The above picture was taken when Jupiter was going retrograde ( as seen form earth) in the sign Taurus. This position was midway and that is why I said the sun was crossing its equator at that time.

The North pole pattern photographed at that time might not give a ideal pattern in my opinion. Even then the pattern bears some resemblance to Guru yantra.

For other planets, the polar pictures are not available.

Talking the logic of geometric patterns, another research exists that shows how thoughts, words and the even the impurities create patterns on water.

Click this link to read more on this.

The rationale perfectly fits in the Hindu system of poojas, use of water in poojas, water pots, in making water sacred by means of vibrations created by japas. Every vedic homa is a vibration- causing pattern aimed at specific results.

In experiments shown in the above link, the hexagonal pattern (same pattern seen in Saturn's polar region) stands for wisdom!

This is exciting information because Saturn is identified as Gyana karaka, the signifactor for gyana or wisdom of Highest order – of God and spirituality. In astrology, both Saturn and Jupiter must have a benefic connection in relation to one's birth time ascendant and its lord to enable one to transcend higher realms of knowledge and awareness of God consciousness. Presently these two planets are in opposition in benefic signs on opposite sides of the zodiac. I am curious to know the kind of patterns they generate now.

Coming to the topic in hand, here is a pic of Lord Shani with the yantra inscribed.

Saneesawarar in yantra form at Erikkuppam.

The hexagon inscribes the popular design of two triangles that are basic in most yantric patterns.

These patterns indicate a specific level of vibrations or waves or energy.

We are also bundles of energy with the basic elements of nature in some proportion that may not be in equilibrium or laid in positive ways.

In astrology every planet (graha) stands for certain energy forms of Nature.

By contemplating on them we are deriving the energy needed by us to give us positive vibes.

The navagraha poojas and the worship of deities in consecrated forms with some yantra or mantra forming their basis, help us to get in tune with their vibration levels.

Hindu ways of worship and astrology are not without some sound science or rationale behind them.

The geometric pattern of Saturn looking similar to Shani-yantra testifies this.

- jayasree



Saneeswarar worshipped as yantra

July 15: Deccan Chronicle, Chennai

Centuries before Nasa's Cassini satellite brought images of a hexagonal geometry surrounding the Saturn planet, a temple at Thiru Erikuppam village, near Arni, in Tiruvannamalai district, bore a stone inscription — yantra — believed to be Lord Saneeswarar with an inscribed image of the hexagon. Temple authorities and villagers claim that this proved the astrological knowledge of our forefathers at a time when there was no scientific or technological expertise.

The 500-year-old stone inscription, believed to be Lord Saneeswara in the form of a divine sculpture (yantra), in Sree Yantra Saneeswarar temple, bears resemblance to the hexagonal geometry photographed by Nasa's Cassini satellite in 2006, around Saturn. This stands as a testimony to our ancestors' knowledge about astrology and their understanding of planets.

The inscription, which is 5.5 ft high and 2.5 ft wide, has shutkonam (srichakram), the hexagon, in the middle with a circle touching all the six points of the shutkonam. The sculpted images of the sun on the left and moon on the right are found on top of the yantra. An image of a crow, believed to be the vahana of Lord Saneeswarar, is also found between the sun and moon.

The main mantras of Lord Saneeswarar and Goddess Lakshmi are found in the yantra, which is believed to be erected in the village in the late 15th or early 16th century, according to Mr K. Saravanan, curator of the government museum in Vellore fort.

Authorities of the archeological survey of India, who had visited the village in 2002, explained the artefact , of the yantra to the villagers e and its uniqueness. Following that, the villagers constructed a temple for the yantra, said priest R. Sundar.

"The yantra is an architectural marvel and example of our forefathers' astrological o expertise. The picture of hexagon in the Saturn planet taken by Nasa's Cassini satellite resembles the s shutkonam in the yantra.

We came to known about o this in 2007," said Mr R. Srinivasan, secretary of the temple. Unlike other temples, this one does not have a gopuram and the yantra, which is the main deity, is open to the sky.

This is the only temple in o which Lord Saneeswarar is n worshipped in the form of a yantra.


Home page of Erikkuppam Saneeswarar temple:-

The Hexagon in the Planet Saturn Coincides with Sree Yandra Saneeswara :

Science fact is something far stranger than the fiction. There is something beyond human knowledge. Thats the act of siddhas – The divine humans. The latest is one among that which is related to our Sree Saneeswara Bhagavan at Erikuppam.. Recently NASA released a new picture taken by Cassini, a satellite probe currently orbiting around Planet Saturn.

The Picture show clearly a Hexagon shaped cloud formation which covers the entire north pole of Saturn. The Hexagon is nearly 25000 kilometres across and nearly four earths could fix inside it officials from NASA says. “This is a very strange feature, lying in a precise geometric fashion with six nearly equally straight sides” says kevin baines, atmospheric expert at NASA. NASA exclaimed that they have never seen anything like this in any other planet and Saturn will be the only planet to see such hexagonal geometric figure and they stated it is a permanent structure.

Now here is something more mystic and mythic which coincides with the fact. The Hexagonal Geometry shown by NASA's picture resembles more the inscriptions shown in the yandra of Sree Yandra Saneeswarar Temple. The Inscriptions as we know is 1500 years old i.e., the day when there was no science and technology. It is a remarkable coincidence and it is believed that is an act of Siddhas who with their supra celestial power inscribed the image on Holy Sree Yandra Saneeswara. This strengthens the relationship between the astrology and science.

If you watch carefully, it is not exactly Hexagon, but two equilateral triangles placed opposite to each other. This also give 6 nodal points like a Hexagon and you can see flames coming out of the six nodal points, like a torch.

This revelation adds more glory to “Sri Yandra Saneeswara” at Erikuppam.


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I wish some serious researchers work on the effect of vibration of japa / chanting on water kept in the copper / silver pots in Hindu rituals. The Shakti foundation link I have given in the article could give them the idea about how to proceed.

The link given above the Guru yantra can be explored to see the images of other yantras (of other planets) While preparing this article, I browsed the net to get pics of the polar regions of other planets also. But I could not get. If someone can locate such pics, kindly intimate me.

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