Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Accidents are accidents"

The said and the un-said explanations from the book of Raj-neeti of the UPA government.

"Accidents are accidents.

Nobody can predict,
that is why it is an accident"

The unsaid explanation:-

Similarly terrorists are not terrorists because we can predict.
If we predict the hand of Muslim terror or Mao terror, then terrorists are not terrorists.

But if we predict the hand of Hindu terror, then terrorists are terrorists.

As a secular government, we can not discriminate between Hindu terror and Islamic terror.
If you say there is Islamic terror, we can not remain quiet until we identify some Hindu terror to compensate for it.

But accidents are a different class.
No one can predict because no one pre-determined a plot to cause an accident.
So where is the scope for our secular government to take action plan to avert accidents when there is no need to look for Hindu terror as against Islamic or Mao terror?

So accidents are accidents and we treat them as such.
But don't worry we will do the needful.

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