Sunday, November 14, 2010

Karunanidhi's confession of collective involvement in 2G scam. (Pearls of wisdom)

Long ago I started compiling 'pearls of wisdom' by our 'Great' people. That column was not filled up for long. But with telecom scam blowing its heat on Karunanidhi & Co, we start getting some fantastic words from them.

The most visible face of scientific scams is Karunanidhi.

He has no equals in this world in this regard.

He has withered the tsunami of the past in the name of Sarkaria Commission and is still continuing with no holds barred. 

But this time he seems to be a little rattled thanks to the Jayalalithaa bomb-shell.

But in wishing to phoo-phoo it, he has indeed spilled the golden word - not just pearly words - of his culpability in the scam. 

When the issue was raised in the Assembly on 12th November by O. Panneerselvam of AIADMK who said that the Congress doors will open for the AIADMK,  the Chief Minister Karunanidhi popped up to say

"Only we know if the doors will open or not".

This single liner by Karunanidhi is loaded with lot of meanings.

This conveys that the Congress would not open the doors at all to AIADMK,

because if it opens, there will be skeletons to see, meaning thereby that the Congress also has a share in the loot.

This liner also smacks of a kind of talk that a blackmailer would make to caution his buddy if he seems to part ways with him. 

'Hi, if you harm me, I would also harm you - but more terribly."

That is why Karunanidhi is pretty sure that the Congress would not touch Raja. 

What a confession of his own and Congress' complicity in the Mother of Scams!

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