Sunday, November 14, 2010

A.Raja's confession on 2G. (Pearls of wisdom)

A.Raja does not agree with the CAG figure of 1-77 lakh crore as the money lost in the 2G spectrum auction.

The wise words narrated  by him is that it was

"technically, logically and fatally wrong" to compare 3G with 2G and

assess the value of 2G at the 3G rates.

This is really a same side goal because when he said this,

he hardly seemed to realize that this is what he is being accused of. 

How could he sell 2G in 2007 at 2001 rate which is not applicable in 2007? 

By saying that 2G value should not be assessed on the basis of 3G,

he implies that his 2G rates should not have been fixed on the basis of 2001 rates. 

What a self confession!! 

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