Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cosmic Krishna in the month of Maargazhi (Maargashirsha / Sagittarius)

Given below this blog is my article in Tamil published in the Maargazhi issue of "Poojari Murasu", circulated among the temple priests of Tamilnadu. The contents of this article are not new to the regular readers as I have written them in English many times in the past in this blogspot.  The article revolves around the importance of the Solar month of Maargazhi (Maargashirasa / Sagittarius) and on why Lord Krishna identified himself as Margashira among the 12 months (in Bhagawad Gita).

The constellation of Sagittarius which the Sun crosses in the month of Maargazhi is found in the centre of the Milky Way galaxy.  This region is a pivotal region around which our galaxy revolves. We along with the Solar system are at two thirds distance from this centre.