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Dark matter is the 7th Wind (of the Seven wind currents) of the Cosmos of the Hindu Thought.

Recent weeks were abuzz with the talk of the discovery of Dark matter as a bridge between galaxies. Dark matter is abundant. It is everywhere. No one knows its composition. Yet its presence is known from the way it has a hold on things around it – to say in layman's words. It affects the gravitational force of the celestial bodies. By this it is inferred that it has some force of its own (or derived as per the explanation in Hindu Thought) with which it is able to exert an influence on the galaxies that are strewn around. Recent discovery shows that the dark matter is behaving like a grid and a guide to the galaxies in their journey across space.

Two clusters of dark matter (in blue) around a galaxy.

Before going further, I would like to remind the reader that I am layperson, having no qualification to speak on science matters. But I am able to see some commonality in certain matters with Hindu concepts, which I am writing down here.  On the recent report on dark matter, I am seeing a commonality with a concept called Sapta Vaayu (seven currents of wind) of the Hindu Thought.

According to Hindu Thought there are 7 currents of wind or air. The description about the seven currents of Saptha Vaayu can be found in Mahabharatha (Shanthi parva, chapter 328), in the 4th chapter of Siddhantha Shiromani and in the 2nd chapter of the Surya Siddhantha . The Vishnupurana also speaks about it and Vishnu Sahasranama identifies Vishnu as "Vaayu vaahana" – the one who is the carrier for wind or the one who makes the wind flow.

These winds are 7 in number (Saptha Vaayu). My previous article on Sapta Vaayu can be read here:-

Seven types of air-currents.

The seven currents of wind as categorized in Siddhantha Shiromani alongwith the explanation given in Mahabharata are as follows:-
The 7 types along are as follows:-
(1) AavAha :- This current helps in making the clouds float.
(2) PravAha :- This current becomes life itself as Praana.
(3) UdvAha :- This carries water from oceans and convert them into clouds.
(4) SamvAha :- This moves around the clouds and makes them pour down as rainfall.
(5) VivAha :- This is a wild current that shatters clouds and breaks them. (cyclones come under this category)
(6) ParivAha :- This is a current that sustains the Akash Ganga – the heavenly bodies move in particular course on account of this current.
(7) ParAvAha :- This is the current that overtakes everything at the time of end of Kalpa. All matter and all souls will be carried by this current. The other air currents also get fixed in this current.

The first 5 are within the earth's sphere and the 6th and the 7th currents are moving across the space guiding the planets and galaxies to move in specific paths. The 6th current causes the celestial bodies to go in rotational paths whereas the 7th current guides them to move in paths across the Space – whose destination is not known to Science.

Counting from last to first, the sequence shows how creation is sustained from outer space to earth. The Paraavaha is the carrier for all beings, both tangible and intangible to sustain and proceed from infinity to finite existence. (vAha means carrier, flowing etc, from which the word vAhana is derived). ParAvAha is the carrier that goes throughout the Para – the entire the stretch from creation to delusion. This stretch measured in time scale is equal to 100 years of Four faced Brahma which is equal to 311040,00,00,00,000 years. ({4,32,00,00,000 ,a day of Brahma + 4,32,00,00,000, a night of Brahma} X 360 days X 100).

According to Ved Vyasa, Saptha Vaayu is the breath of Vishnu's nostrils. One breath goes to the length the above mentioned number of years. Like this every breath of Vishnu signifies a continuous flow of winds in which worlds are formed, sustained and destroyed countless number of times. The Vaayu / air  that goes to the full extent of Para is Paraavaaha. The description of dark matter as constituting more than 80% of all the matter in the Universe and being spread throughout the Universe and also becoming the grid basis in which galaxies are sustained and led in their path fits well with Paraavaha Vaayu, the Ultimate Vaayu that is the base component of God's breath.

The next in line, Parivaha helps in the sustenance of tangible universe at finite existence. The others come in the picture in further progression of creation that has its final resting place at earth as air and in our lungs as Prana.

Sages illustrated this sequence in the form of an Ashwatha tree seen form our level as upside down with roots in heavens (outer space) and branches in the earth – which is the final place of creation. There may be several explanations for why they compared creation with the Ashwatha tree in upside down position. But a fact about that tree that is of interest in the present context is that this tree produces huge amounts of oxygen that is found concentrated under the branches. Oxygen is the sustainer for life at the final levels of creation. Life has branched out severally on earth, thereby making the sages visualize the Ashwatha branches at the earth with its base in the sky.

The life energy for the branches come from above – from the roots. Similarly the final levels of air are at the earth where the first and the long lasting air flows from outer space. The 7th Vaayu (Paraavaha) is comparable to the roots of this Ashwatha tree – spanning from infinity and carrying forth the sap throughout the regions where the Ashwatha has spread. This current is similar to the Dark matter with numerous veins that make it possible for matter to move forth.

Looking at why these currents are symbolized as Vaayu, it appears that no other term best describes them. Vaayu – the term for air or wind – is also the term that is signified as resembling the Ultimate God , the Supreme Brahman. (Brahman means that which is big and keeps growing). Vaayu is Prathyaksha Brahman – the tangible Brahman or God. It is everywhere – within our body and outside our body. It is the substratum on which we reside and it is also the in-dweller without which we are lifeless. It is known by the popular name Prana. Prana is the only ultimate life giver.

If we look at the way a baby is born, life starts when this Vaayu (air) enters the lungs and initiates the process of breathing. If death means cessation of breath, birth means beginning of breath. That is why we consider only the first cry of the baby as the time of birth. However it does not mean that the baby was lifeless before Vaayu (Prana) enters its lungs. The baby is very much alive while inside the womb, even without Prana, the vital breath! What sustains the baby with life while inside the womb is exactly similar to how the Universe(s) are held in the Cosmic Egg of Brahman, identified as Narayana (meaning of Narayana is in whom  everything rests and who rests in everything – a meaning similar to how Vaayu, the air is identified by Upansihads as Prathyaksha Brahman)

That means the Universe(s) with countless galaxies are indeed like the fetus that is still growing and full of life. By this logic, every star cluster that we see is sustained with life (not the life as we say in common usage) thanks to the sap supplied by the umbilical cord that arises from Narayana's navel.

How the sap is being distributed to every nook and corner of the Universe can be understood by the concept of Paraavaha Vaayu (dark matter).

How matter in the Universe is guided to form their own systems for furthering the Creation process is facilitated by Parivaha Vaayu- (Gravitational force).

Let us now look at the description of the 6th and 7th Vaayu as told in texts and why I compare them with Gravity and dark matter respectively. The 6th current is mentioned in Surya Siddhantha (2nd chapter) in three verses. These verses identify three factors as being important in planetary motion. They are Sheegroccha (perigee), Mandhoccha (apogee) and Paata (nodes). These three are identified as deities that make the planets go form west to east or from left to right and vice versa (rotational). Therein it is mentioned that a wind called Pravaha carries the planets in this motion. .  (The Surya Siddhnatha mentions it as Pravaha which seems to be a mistaken word in the course of rewriting them down the ages. It must be Parvaha).

The description given in Mahabharatha gives a better understanding of this concept. Mahabharata says that the 6th current obstructs the linear movement of celestial bodies and thus guides them into rotational orbits. Bheesha lying on the arrow -bed, gives the narration as told by Vyasa to his son Suka:-

"The sixth wind bears all celestial waters in the firmament and prevents them from falling down. Sustaining the sacred waters of the celestial Ganga, that wind blows, preventing them from having a downward course. Obstructed by that wind from a distance, the Sun, which is really the source of a thousand rays, and which enlightens the world, appears as a luminous body of but one ray. Through the action of that wind, the Moon,  after waning, wanes again till he displays his full disc. That wind is known, O foremost of ascetics, by the name Parivaha"

  Gravitational force is indicated by this description. The 6th current is gravity exerted at different levels. Any body in the Universe will have to undergo a turn -around or a folding in its course of movement. This current got manifest some time after creation started. As per Hindu Thought, initially creation proceeded without any differentiation. Only when there is a differentiation and variation, can there be multiplicity and branching out. It didn't happen initially. However after some time a 'wind' blew and stirred up the matter that was proceeding without differentiation. This resulted in collision of particles, folding up and revolutions. As per the description of Mahabharata, the 6th current obstructed the path of the Sun or the Moon which made them revolve in orbits. Therefore I theorise that the 6th current is the Gravitational force that is found all over the Universe in some measures making the particles go in orbits. This enables the birth of atoms and birth of worlds so that cyclical environment is created for life to form and die in endless cycles. By this it is also known that Gravitational force was not there at the moment of creation and sometime after creation. This current was the second born.

Parivaha wind hypothesizes that the path of the Universe itself is circular or rotational like the potter's wheel.  

There is a central axis around which all Universes rotate. 

The following illustration shows a single path with a central axis.

One can hypothesise infinite number of paths both horizontally and vertically in this formation. The rotational path ensures continuous to and fro motion that is needed for a never ending cycle of birth and death or creation and destruction. This is best described in the concept of Nataraja.

Details of these can be read here:-

Cosmic egg- Nataraja and Chakratthazhwar in unison!

For the current article, I am emphasising that the 6th current called as Parivaha is the force of gravity that makes all the objects – including the Universes to go in rotational course. The source of this force or current rests with the central axis which can be characterised as the tip of the God's finger as in Vishnu's image holding the Chakra (disc)

So even if we are able to identify the source of gravity, for the entire universe, we will not be 'seeing' God. We will be only seeing his finger tip!

We cannot 'see' Him, even if man manages to detect the source of Dark matter, for it will only show the design of God's game – of where we go within the frame of that game board. But if man manages to map the game board with dark matter forming the grid pattern, he will understand that there is nothing called randomness or uncertainty or even Free will!! Seen from outside the system the game board will look like a well planned maze. But a person standing within the game board, at any point of that maze cannot see that but understand / hypothesize that. By this I come to say that with every new discovery related to dark matter, it will be new step in coming closer to accepting God (Brahman) as the ultimate Creator.  

Scientists have found out that distant galaxies are guided by the dark matter which not only acts as an undergird for the galaxies but also a highway  by which galaxies are guided to move in specific directions. This is expressed with reference to the 7th and the last wind called Paraavaha by Vyasa. Here is what he says:-

The first born wind was Paraavaha – which carried all that were created. It carried both the entities of initial creation, namely Prakruthi and Purusha.

The 7th Vaayu is described as follows by Mahabharatha.

"That wind which takes away the life of all living creatures when the proper hour comes, whose track is followed by Death and Surya's son Yama, which becomes the source of that immortality which is attained by Yogins of subtile sight who are always engaged in Yoga meditation, by whose aid the thousands of grandsons of Daksha, that lord of creatures, by his ten sons, succeeded in days of old in attaining to the ends of the universe, whose touch enables one to attain to Emancipation by freeing oneself from the obligation of returning so the world, that wind is called by the name of Paravaha. The foremost of all winds, it is incapable of being resisted by anybody."

This description includes Jivas also! That means both Prakruthi and Purusha are guided by the 7th Vaayu. The dark matter detected by science may not be uniform or similar at all places. It has another important purpose of being a carrier or transporter of departed souls from one realm to another. Hindu scriptures speak of 2 routes in this context, one is called Pithru yana – the realm in the region below the plane of our existence and another is called Deva yana – the realm which is in the region above our plane of existence. There are specific routes to these realms. A jiva departing in Uttarayana (northern course of Sun) will be carried by the Paraavaha going to Devayana. Bheeshma waited for that course to come in line with earth so that he could be carried to the Devayana.

This topic on route of Devayana and Pithru yana  is by itself vast which I will write later. Those who can read Tamil can have an idea about it by reading my Tamil articles in the following links:

-          Jayasree



Invisible dark matter skeleton of universe detected for the first time
Washington, July 10, 2012
First Published: 15:03 IST(10/7/2012)
Unknown territory: Here's what scientists call dark matter, found 5 billion light-years away from Earth.

Scientists have announced a discovery that confirms a key prediction in the prevailing theory of how the universe's current web-like structure evolved.

A team led by a University of Michigan physics researcher has, for the first time, directly detected part of the invisible dark matter skeleton of the universe, where more than half of all
matter is believed to reside.

The map of the known universe shows that most galaxies are organized into clusters, but some galaxies are situated along filaments that connect the clusters. Cosmologists have theorized that dark matter undergirds those filaments, which serve as highways of sorts, guiding galaxies toward the gravitational pull of the massive clusters.

Dark matter's contribution had been predicted with computer simulations, and its shape had been roughed out based on the distribution of the galaxies. But no one had directly detected it until now.

"We found the dark matter filaments. For the first time, we can see them," said Jorg Dietrich, a physics research fellow in the University of Michigan College of Literature, Science and the Arts.

Dark matter, whose composition is still a mystery, doesn't emit or absorb light, so astronomers can't see it directly with telescopes. They deduce that it exists based on how its gravity affects visible matter. Scientists estimate that dark matter makes up more than 80 percent of the universe. To "see" the dark matter component of the filament that connects the clusters Abell 222 and 223, Dietrich and his colleagues took advantage of a phenomenon called gravitational lensing.

The gravity of massive objects such as galaxy clusters acts as a lens to bend and distort the light from more distant objects as it passes. Dietrich's team observed tens of thousands of galaxies beyond the supercluster. They were able to determine the extent to which the supercluster distorted galaxies, and with that information, they could plot the gravitational field and the mass of the Abell 222 and 223 clusters. Seeing this for the first time was "exhilarating," Dietrich said.

"It looks like there's a bridge that shows that there is additional mass beyond what the clusters contain. The clusters alone cannot explain this additional mass," he said.

Scientists before Dietrich assumed that the gravitational lensing signal would not be strong enough to give away dark matter's configuration. But Dietrich and his colleagues focused on a peculiar cluster system whose axis is oriented toward Earth, so that the lensing effects could be magnified.

"This result is a verification that for many years was thought to be impossible," Dietrich said.

The team also found a spike in X-ray emissions along the filament, due to an excess of hot, ionized ordinary matter being pulled by gravity toward the massive filament, but they estimate that 90 percent or more of the filament's mass is dark matter.

The findings have been published online in Nature and will appear in the July 12 print edition.

Found: Dark matter string between galaxy clusters
PTI Jul 6, 2012, 05.54AM IST
WASHINGTON: For the first time, astronomers have discovered a giant string of invisible dark matter across the universe between a pair of galaxy clusters. The universe is thought to be filled with such strings of dark matter, a mysterious substance that cannot be seen, only sensed through its gravitational pull.

Scientists have made many attempts earlier to find dark matter filaments, which are predicted by theories that suggest galaxy clusters form at the intersections of filaments. Dark matter is thought to make up 98% of all matter in the universe. Now, scientists find a giant filament that forms a bridge between two huge clusters called Abell 222 and Abell 223, which lie 2.7 billion light-years away.
"This is the first time (a dark matter filament) has been convincingly detected from its gravitational lensing effect," said Jorg Dietrich ,an astronomer at the University Observatory Munich in Germany.

"It's a resounding confirmation of the standard theory of structure formation of the universe. And it's a confirmation people didn't think was possible at this point," Dietrich said. Many astronomers thought detecting filaments would have to wait until telescopes became significantly more advanced, but Dietrich and his colleagues benefited from the rare spatial geometry of this cluster, which allowed them to detect signs of what's called weak gravitational lensing.


ASHISH said...

I most sincerely submit that your post matter on God Particle & Dark Matter are great.

You have explained the secret of cosmos in most lucid manner with the backdrop of Hindu Cosmology.

What marvels me about you very respectfully vis a vis Scientists at CERN Laboratory in Europe is that they require funds in order of billions to hypothise and test a theory through great collider experiment but you had our great scriptures to simplify a profound theory for readers like me.

I think Science cannot be profound without Spirit, the western outlook to world negates this very sound basis which is a bedrock of a vibrant civilisation.

Pls ref my comment dated 06 Jul 12 at your article "Don’t touch Lord Padmanabha’s treasures"

Your observations / predictions are solicited since evil brigand rulers have their eyes of Padmanabha treasures.

Ashish Raje

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Ashish,
Noted your compliments. Sarvam Krishnarpanamasthu!

I understand your concern for what is happening wrt Lord Padmanabha's wealth. Somehow nothing occurs to me to say some thing on it or astrologically. Some urge will be there in me if my inner self finds that something bad is going to happen. When something strikes me, I will write.

Unknown said...

Dear Jayasree Madam,

Samskrita Bharati is conductiong a 3 day Samskrita Utasava to celebrate 150th anniversary of Shri Vivekananda and Samaksruta Dinam.

A blog has been created for this purpose this year ""

Request you to post this in your site. Also request you and all readers of this blogsite to share their thoughts about Samskrutam @ ""

Many Thanks.

Virendra said...

Author and posters. Any arguments on rebutting this?

seadog4227 said...

Your knowledge is awe-inspiring!

Btw, with Pranab Mukherjee out of the way, what do you think are Narendra Modi's chances cin 2013/2014?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Virendra,

Half baked article on that site.

Hinduism pre-existed Buddhism. Infact Buddha was born around 1000 BC and not on the date that present day historians had projected. He was considered as the avatar of Vishnu, He was Siddhartha Buddha born in Ikshvaku dynasty. His birth was prophesied even in Mahabharatha. Hindus revered him and kings glorified him. There are enough chronicles to prove that.

The following are the date of Buddha as recorded in the Asiatic society's Oriental Magazine in 1825.

# According to Padmakarpo, Lama of Bhutan written in 16th century – Buddha’s birth was in1058 BC

# Kalhana – 1332 BC

# Abul Fazl- 1366 BC

# Couplet form Chinese historians – 1036 BC

# Researches by De Guigne 1027 BC

# Giorgi –death of Buddha 959 BC

# Bailly -1031 BC (birth)

# William Jones 1027 BC

# Bentley 1081 or 1004 BC

# Jaehrig from Mongol chronology published by Pallas 991 BC

# Japanese Encyclopedia birth 1027 BC
Death 960 BC

# Matouan –in Chinese historian of 12th cen - 1027 BC

# M. Klaproth quoting from Chinese source = 1027 BC

All this information that the British collected had an unsettling effect on them because it far preceded the Christian origin. It alone offered a strong proof to destroy the Biblical date of creation.

The colonial writers could dismiss Mahabharatha which established the antiquity of India very easily - on the pretext that it was not a historical document. But they could not dismiss the antiquity of Buddha because the proofs came from across a spectrum - from outside India also.

The result was that they chose the Buddha (many Budhdas were born)of the 6th century BC as the first Buddha and rewrote the past of our culture.

The animosity against Buddhism started only after a group of disciples started to develop a literature saying that it contained the teachings of Buddha whereas, Buddha was not known have mouthed such teachings. The literature developed by Buddhists around 6th century BC was an anathema to Vedic literature and this resulted in Hindus disowning Buddha as an avatar of Vishnu.

This literature was spread by Buddhists to such an extent that there was danger to Vedic culture of getting forgotten. In that situation Adhi Shankra emerged to set right the confusion and he re- established Vedic culture.

The same happened with Jainsim. Infact we get see the iconographic description for Buddha (Shakya muni) and Mahaveera (Arhant) along with other deities of Hindu pantheon in Varahamihira's Brihad Samhitha and Mayamatha - showing that these two saints followed Hindu path only. But it is the later day disciples of them who deviated from the original path of these two and created a different set of system and started to spread that system.

Naturally that had to be resisted. Such resistance took place in Tamil lands also showing that the roots of our culture were in Hinduism and not in Buddhism or Jainism. With the rise of Buddhist literature - developed not by Buddha but by his followers who wrote what Buddha did not say - Hindus gradually stopped considering Buddha as the 9th avatar of Vishnu. This is the background history.

ASHISH said...

Saturn and Mars Conjunction in Libra in August 2012, any insights UPA II go into oblivion, viz does it end reign of Antonia Maino

Ashish Raje

Jayasree Saranathan said...

By a simple observation, the number of accident victims reported in the General Hospital was more than double when Moon was moving exactly 180 degrees from Saturn- Mars conjunction. As saturn and Mars are sworn enemies their conjunction and opposition batters the people signified by related houses. Their conjunction affected agriculture during their combined stay in Kanya / Virgo as Kanya stands for food production. Now when they move to Libra it has some adverse significance for India.

Saturn - Mars conjunction in Libra corresponds to 4th house from moon sign of Indian Independence chart, 10th house from Capricorn which is Mundane lagna for India in Medini astrology and 6th house from lagna of the Indian independence chart.

The sensitive point called Muntha falls in this house for the year starting from this Independence day till the next Independence day (2013)

Seeing these the foremost feeling in my mind is the peace of the country and safety of ordinary citizens. Internal disturbance and political chaos and unbridled rivalry between sections of the people is indicated by these positions. Starting from 4th September when Jupiter starts retrogression, I am worried to see violence and scope for terror strikes where cosmopolitan cities are vulnerable.

The govt at the centre will find itself in the worst light ever in the coming months. Sun's conjunction with saturn is watched with concern and curiosity as it was similar to the times when Indra Gandhi was assassinated. The ancient prediction for the current Nandana year is that a leader would die this year (before next April)

As far as Sonia is concerned, Kertu maha dasa is going to start for her towards the end of this month. Ketu is in an afflicting position in the 6th from moon sign and 5th from lagna. Chances are that she will be away from active politics.

On the other side of the fence, why Advani is not allowed to have a say in the affairs? Why people have not found the utility in projecting as a the father figure of the coalition and allow him to play a cohesive role? Do people know that Advani's horoscope shows positive features until the scheduled time of next general elections? Only he and Sushma have good times now - Sushma has a prolonged good time to lead a government. But who listens?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

//By a simple observation, the number of accident victims reported in the General Hospital was more than double when Moon was moving exactly 180 degrees from Saturn- Mars conjunction.//

On 7th -8th August last week, moon was crossing Pisces in the asterism of Mercury (Revathy). Mars and Saturn were in Chithra (Martian asterism) with saturn crossing over to Libra from Virgo. Mars was closely behind it at 26 degrees. When saturn was crossing the sign, Moon also was crossing the sign exactly 180 degrees from saturn. Pisces signifies travel, mercury signifies vehicles. Mercury was in retrogression at that time in the watery-cum-chara rasi in Cancer in the astersim of saturn. All this indicated accidents and injury from vehicular accidents. A sudden spurt in the number of accident victims was recorded in the GH on that day.

Now around 16th, 17th, 18th August, Mars will be overtaking saturn in the junction of signs at Libra (rasi sandhi). Saturn will lose in the planetary war in this and this means suffering for people in North, north east India including Orissa and in Iran- Iraq. (varahamihira)

Presently Ketu's transit in Krittika is a matter of concern. This gives rise to fire accidents which we are witnessing for sometime since Ketu entered Krittika. Now with Sun slated to enter fiery sign (its own sign of Leo), it increases the incidence of fire accidents and even solar flares.

Added to this is another melefic transit, when Mars will be crossing over to Scorpio in opposition to Ketu close to Aries - Taurus junction. This happens on 28th September (add 3 days before and after) when Mars will be Vishaka and Ketu in Krittika.
According to Varahamihira when Jupiter crosses Krittika from Aries to Taurus and Saturn transits Vishaka from Libra to Scorpio, there will be famine and misery. Now these sensitive points are crossed by Mars and Ketu which signify firearms, explosion and unnatural death. Let people pray to Rudra through Rudra abhishekam and pujas to Lord Nataraja.

ASHISH said...

Your comments cause deep anxiety to we Bharatiyas.

I am grateful for your recommending “people pray to Rudra”

However with humbleness, since you comprehend the world and its working far comprehensively and I am a novice, I would digress to your comment “Advani's horoscope shows positive features until the scheduled time of next general elections? Only he and Sushma have good times now”

LKA / Sushma Swaraj have been described in very bad light by viz Vishwa Bandhu Gupta, Vinod Sharma, Rajinder Puri and many eminent writers.

In wake of Mumbai riots of yesterday & Owaisi incitements, BJP leaders silence is telling, the manner in which BJP's non-leaders have ceded space and surrendered to Sonia, Fais, Owaisis and their ilk bodes ill for India's future.

It is alleged that Top 4 of BJP viz LKA/Sushma Swaraj/Arun Jaitley /Ananth Kumar are in cahoots with UPA to maintain status quo on political front probably due to black mail / mutual understanding.

Arun Jaitley has represented P Chidambaram in cases where PC is involved in financial scams.

Sushma Swaraj / Arun Jaitley have saved P Chidambaram from embarrassment in both houses of Parliament.

LKA has a recent article on his blog which states BJP is not frontrunner in coming polls virtually demoralizing BJP cadres.

LKA apologized in Parliament for calling UPA illegitimate, apologized Sonia Gandhi over allegations of her swiss bank account.

I fail to envisage how BJP leaders who are sympathetic to cause of UPA can have positive impact on Indian polity and provide national leadership.

ASHISH said...

aYour following expositions make astrology comprehensible for a novice like me. No amount of books can enlighten men, it is only Paramguru who can impart Gyan-Vidya.

{"As saturn and Mars are sworn enemies their conjunction and opposition batters the people signified by related houses.

Their conjunction affected agriculture during their combined stay in Kanya / Virgo as Kanya stands for food production.

According to Varahamihira when Jupiter crosses Krittika from Aries to Taurus and Saturn transits Vishaka from Libra to Scorpio, there will be famine and misery. }

I recollect Mohammed Rafi great song “Mantarpat Hari Darshan Ko Aaj” which has a line “Guru bina gyan kahan se laoon”

I request your kindself to provide astrological interpretation on events on more regular basis and not as part of comment at your blog since readers like me have a selfish interest to comprehend astrology.

Ofcourse your kindself has been posting articles on latest events viz politics, science, Indic Heritage & Wisdom.

Sincerely yours,
Ashish Raje

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Ashish,

I am writing what I know and grasp. I don't deserve any praises for that. I think it is my duty to impart what I know.

I understand that it would be more useful if I write them as separate posts. But as the discussion demanded the replies here, I recorded them here.

Time constraint limits me from writing them separately. However it is my conviction that knowledge must be sought. Those who search for the issues I write, would anyway come to this comment section and read. Only then they will remember and use that knowledge.

Anyway my next article is going to be on astrology only (Rainfall astrology and El nino). Hopefully I will start writing it tomorrow.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Ashish,

Infact the most part of my day today was spent on writing to a comment on Manu neeti in my Tamil blog. A lengthy comment in many parts is written in Tamil. I know how many readers would gain new information by reading that. But as of now I am helpless in bringing it to the English reading people.

The link is

Sri Rama said...

Jayasree Madam,

The above predictions, it is very very disheartening for me to see this rouge gov will continue and seems like the status quo would continue. With Advani and Sushma, status quo will definetly continue and dynasty will survive.

In one of your posts, you stated that the nadi of Vishnumurti travels through this land of Bharat and other religions would never be able to conquer Bharat. Would that be true till the end of Kali Yuga.

Finally, thank you mam for giving us these indications of coming time.

Jai Sree Rama.

ASHISH said...

You are right politics is not a linear game, it is complex.

I came across news "Narendra Modi offers medical help to Vilasrao Deshmukh"

Notwithstanding Vilasrao Deshmukh's present condition, he has been a party to the systemic loot which UPA engaged in and is alleged to have links with shady money laundering operators.

It really baffles why Modi should go all the way to Desmukh aid. Does Modi think UPA does not have resources for Desmukh's recovery.

Sincerely yours,
Ashish Raje

Jayasree Saranathan said...


Can a merchant of death behave like this? Praise Modi for showing compassion and human touch.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear SriRama,

If given a free hand, Advani could have made wonders. His problems started from the Jinnah comment days. Ideology is one thing and responsibilities as a political leader is another. As a political leader he has to project himself in a different light. This clarity is there in him but not in the people who are supposed to make a bulk of BJP support base.

Next, the corruption issue. Corrupt leaders are there in every party. But the number of corrupt persons, the extent of corruption and the feeling of immunity to corruption vary in degree. We have no choice today other than going for the less corrupt who have more sense of hesitation to be corrupt.

In this background look at the way Congress manages its corrupt elements. They have the media to turn a blind eye to it. Also look at BJP supporters (presumed to be so). They tear the face of even those BJP leaders who are not known to be corrupt. This is picked up by other media who start tarnishing the BJP while the highly corrupt UPA elements are let off.

You may be shocked to see me write this. But in this age of Kali, use Chanakya mind. Speak what must be spoken, but close your ears to things what must not be heard. Tactical and manipulated spread of thoughts and ideas are needed to be done if you want to remove the more corrupt and replace it with the less corrupt. Getting a good regime or good persons in Govt is a matter of difference in degree only. With this restraint we have work with a goal in mind and not shoot at sight at all directions.

One example of the tactic of UPA can be seen in the way they removed the objection to 'Elam' in TESO conference. Their original objection is well meaning and good for the country. But political considerations seemed to have weighed in. DMK is in the downslide in TN at present and it is trying to somehow show up itself. TESO conference is a tool to do that. By objecting to it, the Congress is discouraging the DMK in its image building which it has to keep doing till Lok sabha elections. Congress needs DMK in the next elections and so decided to turn a blind eye to whatever it does now - even if it means hurting diplomatic relations with the neighbour. The same kind of turning a nelson's eye was done by it when Raja looted (after all their pockets would also be filled even as Raja and MK were filling their pockets). This tendency of the Congress is bad for the country but good for the party (itself). Congress always works on that policy only.

I am not endorsing that nor am I asking the BJP to be so. But I want supports to let the BJP make some political adjustments where needed and allow them function with political goal in mind. Hope I conveyed properly.

On Vishnu's breath traveling in Bharath. Yes, there is no complete breakdown of sanatana dharma. But there will come a time when Vedas would be lost or stolen and Vishnu would have to retrieve them - this is the symbolic expression of complete loss of sanatana dharma at some time (deluge) and restoration of it later. In the short run, there is a prophecy by Chanakya and in some text on ganga, that sanathana dharma will be there for 10,000 years after the start of kali yuga. When the Ganga completely vanishes or when it stops to be fed by gangothri, this dharma would cease to exist in this land.

This shows that we have less time to correct ourselves and to come out of cycle of birth and death before the time ganga completely vanishes. Those of us who have a realization about path of Dharma must be cautious as not to add to our karma and learn to shed all karma - both positive and negative. For this the ideal way is to follow Krishna's advice - "sarva dharman parityanjya maam ekam shranam vraja"

Translated into action it means not to gloat at success and not to despair at losses but consider everything as an act of Krishna done through us.

Sukha dukke same kruthwa laabhaa laabau jaya jayau/
thathO yuddhaya yujyaswa naivam paapam avaapsyasi// (Gita 2-38)

Jayasree Saranathan said...


Can a merchant of death behave like this? Praise Modi for showing compassion and human touch. //

Add this too:- Can such a person be the merchant of death? No he can't. Modi has political maturity and a compassion for all - this is the message his supports must spread.

Narayanan said...

Dear madam,
With regard to the period of Buddha, it is interesting to know how different scholars have put this date around 1000 BC. I would like to add that Pandit Kota Venkatachalam, a pioneer in projecting the history of Bharat in accordance with the puranas and Bhuddist/Jain literatures has arrived at the date of Buddha as 1887-1807 BC in his book " Age of Buddha, Milinda & Amtiyoka and Yugapurana" published in 1956.

My humble opinion is that since these literatures of Bharat are written by sages / people of high calibre (unlike the western Indlogists of biased views), the date of Buddha based on the puranas is more authentic.



Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thanks Mr Narayanan. I browsed and located the website on books by Sri Kota Venkatachalam.

I sourced out this information on Buddha from magazines of Asiatic society. Let me quote another (vol 8) in which it is written that 1497 years since the Nirvana of Sakya muni (Buddha)had elapsed at the time of Fa hian's visit to India. But this was of no concern when they wrote Indian history!

Some interesting info from Asiatic society journal on Fa hian's recordings:-

Fa hian had recorded that people of India did not even eat onions and garlic. – 'People “ neither drink wine, nor eat garlic, nor onions” The only people who killed animals, sold meat and went to the chase were chandalas who lived by themselves and who were avoided by other inhabitanjts of towns and villages.' This was the state of life style in 4th century AD India (when Fa hian visited).

He also had said (and recorded in the journal of Asiatic society) that people spoke sanskrit! There was no mention that they spoke a regional tongue or Pali.

The cunningness of the British mind is seen in passages where reference to Brahmins are found. The journal mentions the text of an inscription found in sanchi stupa written at the behest of Chandra Gupta (no date given). The king had made some grants to Buddhist monastery and said that whoever robs that would get 5 times the sin of murdering a brahmin. This reference to Brahmins baffled these writers.

At another place they recorded the observation by Fa hian that Brahmins presented dresses to Buddhist priests. This also confused them as they (British) always wrote bad about Brahmins. The justification they attested here was these might not have been 'religious brahmins'. We don't know when we started having a classification as religious and non- religious brahmins?

But the background culture of India at the time of Fa hian shows that Brahmins and Hindus considered Buddha as an avatar of Vishnu. That notion had continued in parts of India until 12- 13 th century as we find Jayadeva mentioning Buddha in dasavatara in ashtapathi. Even Annamacharya of 14th century mentions Buddha as an avatar of Vishnu.

ASHISH said...

Ref your comment “When the Ganga completely vanishes or when it stops to be fed by gangothri, this dharma would cease to exist in this land.” In this context pls refer to article “Will Ganga too disappear? By Dr Pravin Togadia.”

Dr Togadia mentions Gomukh was closed as a large stone fell off the base that supports Gangotri Glacier. It was not as if some little piece has obstructed Ganga flow in Gomukh. It was a closure as if Ganga chose it to be that way because She neither crushed that stone under Her flow nor did she encircle that stone to yet appear through Gomukh. She chose to change the track and flow from Nandan Van—over 5.5 meters away from Gomukh.

Your prognosis is nothing less than a clear warning for Adharmiks to mend their way till it is late.

Ashish Raje

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Ashish,
It is distressing to note the obstruction caused to Gangotri. Hope steps are taken to remove it.

Narayanan said...

Dear Madam,

Thanks for further inputs on the subject of Buddha's period (and also on the illogical interpretations of western Indologists). Though you have stated that you could able to locate the site on Pandit Kota Venkatachelam's books, I wish to mention the website address where some of the scanned books of the said author are available (for the benefit of bloggers):
(inside the search block select 'Copyright freed books' and type 'Kota Venkatachelam' against 'Author').

Looking forward to your further articles in the blog,


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thanks for the link Mr Narayanan.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dr. Sreenadh

'ParivahaNa' (परिवहण) is 'Force of Gravitation'. The following slokas might help -
From Skandahora
सत्येनोत्तंभितं चक्रमनालंबे नभस्थले।
ज्योतिषामेकमाधारमास्थितं परिवर्तते॥1॥
इतः परिवहेणेदं ततश्च प्रौढमुत्थितं।
नाभ्रतः पतति क्वापि नेमिश्च नमति क्वचित्॥2॥
(Skandahora, Rf. HP)

[The wheel (zodiac) is upheld by truth in the sky which is in turn upheld without any support. It is the single support of the stars and planets. It remains steady and rotates. Due to gravity, neither does it fall even a little from the sky nor does its rim bend a little.]

नेमिश्च नमति क्वचित् it should be न नेमिश्च नमति क्वचित् it seems. Similarly स‌त्येनोत्तंभितं should be स‌त्येनोत्तभितं to get the right meaning I think. परिवहण - the 6th wind among the list of winds starting with प्रवह. A type of wind as per ancients that drags planets along their paths; gravity in modern sense.

About Galaxies
यावन्त्यश्चैवतारास्ते तावन्त्यो वातरश्मयः।
सर्वे ध्रुवे निबन्धास्ते भ्रमन्तो भ्रामयन्ति तम्।।
तैलपीडा यथाचक्रं भ्रमन्तो भ्रामयन्ति वै।
तथा भ्रमन्ति ज्योतींषि वातविद्भानि सर्वशः।।

(Vishnu Purana, 2-12-25, 27)
[(In a galaxy) how many stars are there that much gravitational flux lines (of attraction) as well. Every star is bound to the center of the galaxy with this binding force. The stars revolve round the center, and also force the center to revolve with them. Like oxen moving around the mill, causing the mill wheel to rotate, the stars bound by the force of attraction of the center moves around it and cause the center to revolve]

Vata Rasmi = gravitational flux lines (of attractive force)
Pravahana = Gravitation
Such unique and consistent terminology used by the ancient sages should be understood to derive the correct meaning of ancient slokas.

वीथ्याश्रयाणि ऋक्षाणि ध्रुवाधारेण वेगिताः
(Brahma Purana, 1-23-52)

[The stars, which move in various paths, derive the energy for their movement from the attractive force exerted by the pole (center of that galaxy)]

Dov Henis said...

Beyond Einstein's Horizon

“Study of energy waves formed during the Big Bang supports Einstein’s prediction that a strange, invisible force is pushing the universe apart”
A. From Universe-Energy-Mass-Life Compilation

From the Big-Bang it is a rationally commonsensical conjecture that the gravitons, the smallest base primal particles of the universe, must be both mass and energy, i.e. inert mass yet in motion even at the briefest fraction of a second of the pre Big Bang singularity. This is rationally commonsensical since otherwise the Big would not have Banged, the superposition of mass and energy would not have been resolved.
The universe originates, derives and evolves from this energy-mass dualism which is possible and probable due to the small size of the gravitons.
Since gravitation Is the propensity of energy reconversion to mass and energy is mass in motion, gravity is the force exerted between mass formats.
All the matter of the universe is a progeny of the gravitons evolutions, of the natural selection of mass, of some of the mass formats attaining temporary augmented energy constraint in their successive generations, with energy drained from other mass formats, to temporarily postpone, survive, the reversion of their own constitutional mass to the pool of cosmic energy fueling the galactic clusters expansion set in motion by the Big Bang.

B. From: 21st century science whence and whither

1. Dark energy and matter YOK. Per E=Total[m(1 + D)] all the energy and matter of the universe are accounted for.
Adopt space mass distance concept, constant rate mass-to-energy reconversion.

2. Higgs Particle YOK. Mass forms below some value of the above D. All mass formats evolve from the gravitons.

3. Galactic clusters formed by conglomeration?
No. Galactic clusters formed by Big-Bang's fragments dispersion, evidenced by their Newtonian behavior including their separation acceleration.

4. The universe expansion is fueled by the mass-to-energy constant rate reconversion. Eventually, as expansion will slow down, will run out of massfuel, gravity will overcome expansion and initiate empansion back to singularity. The universe is a cyclic array of energy-mass dualism, between nearly all-energy and all-mass poles, under omnipresent gravity. Gravity is the monotheism and re-genesis of the universe.

Dov Henis
(comments from the 22nd century)

PS: For sciencenews is “Jewish” a taboo adjective? DH

Dov Henis said...

On The Essence And Matrix Of The Universe-Life

Natural Selection/ Self Replication/ Gravity

Self-replication is the ultimate mode of natural selection is the essence and drive and purpose of the universe. Period.
The pre-Big-Bang singularity is the ultimate self-replication of the cycling mass-energy universe. Period.
Earth’s RNA nucleotides life is just one of the myriad modes of self-replication.

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)
-The 20yrs development, and comprehensive data-based scientism worldview, in a succinct format.
-The Genome is a base organism evolved, and continuously modified, by the genes of its higher organism as their functional template.
- Everything in the universe derives from mass-energy duality, from the universe cycle between the two poles all-mass-all energy.
- The Origin Of Gravitons is the ONLY thing unknown-unexplained in the Scientism Universe.