Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pralaya in Kedarnath – some musings (part -2) (Dhari Devi connection)

Previous article:- Part -1  On the loss of Samadhi of Adi Shankara

In the previous article I raised a question whether the pralaya in Kedarnath signified the end of an epoch. This was prompted by the current trend of lack of interest in the preaching and commentaries of illustrious Gurus starting from Adi Shankara  and intrusion by Mleccha religionists and  researchers in belittling the wisdom imparted by these Gurus and Sruti texts. The current trend the world over is to see and dissect everything through some branch of science. This trend believes only in seeing and not in realising which is what devotion is about. In such a back drop, does the Pralaya indicate the coming of an Age of establishing even Faith through science?

I can see some leads in this direction. For example, the pralaya in Kedarnath brought into focus the nature of the terrain and the physical features in the vicinity of the temple of lord Kedarnath.  The oldest photographs taken in the year 1882 by the Geological Survey of India have surfaced now and have given important clues.  It shows that the temple stood on a raised or rocky structure in a kind of surrounding where water had flown. Take a look at that photo.