Friday, July 12, 2013

Children born out of wedlock – UK recognises the need to institutionalise marriage.

There is a growing concern in the UK following reports that nearly half of the children born in the country will be born outside wedlock and run the risk of being raised with emotional and mental turmoil in their growing years. This news reminds me of the recent judgement given in the Madras High Court that marriage ceremonies are not necessary as they are done to satisfy the society and some religious customs. My blog on that topic sourcing information from olden Tamil texts and by highlighting Mr S. Gurumurthy's articles was published here. The developments in the UK show how important marriage vows are in binding the couple into a commitment. Children born of that commitment grow with better emotional quotient. Yet another article that comes into my mind in this context is the way Karunanidhi denied the pride of legitimate birth to Kanimozhi! It can be read here.





Most children will be born out of wedlock by 2016

Most children will be born out of wedlock within three years because of the decline in marriage, according to official figures.