Saturday, July 13, 2013

India, derived from Indu, signifying Moon -said Nehru

Modi is right and Diggy is wrong! Anyone who is the son of the soil of this country and claims himself to be an Indian Nationalist would also be a Hindu Nationalist. If Modi characterises himself as a Hindu Nationalist, it automatically means that he is an Indian Nationalist.  It is because Hindu and Indian are interchangeable.  If we look into the semantics of the name India, it shows that the name India was derived from Indu, the Sanskrit term for Moon which also signifies Devi or Mother Goddess of Shakthi! This is not my opinion, this is what Nehru, the secular Idol of the Congress wrote in "Glimpses of World History".

Quoting from my old article :-

India was actually called as Indu – the land of Soma or Indu or Devi who is signified by Moon. Regular readers would know that I have been saying that the triangular shape of India makes it too special for drawing the power of Mother Goddess or Kali or Syama Kali. 

The Himalayas look like the crescent moon on the head of India (2nd picture), thereby showering its cool rays on the people enveloped under its stretch. This gave the land the name Indu which was recorded by Hiuen Tsang in his travelogue. This was also written by Nehru in his "Glimpses of world history" . To quote Nehru:-

"I told you once that India was known of old as the Land of the Moon-Indu-land!  Hiuen Tsang also tells us about this, and describes how suitable the name is.  Apparently even in Chinese in-Tu is the name for the moon." ( )

Even the name Hindukush is not correct. It was Indukush"This mountain range was famous for medicinal plants that bloomed in the moonlight. The Sanskrit word "Indukush" (Hindukush) means "krupan" (leaves or grass) that grows in the moonlight."

Ibn Bhatuttah gave a wrong meaning as Hindu killer which was faithfully copied by western writers and  Indian secularists. We must note that even the avowed secularists Nehru did not manipulate nor alter the original meaning of India. At least now Indians must realise the true meaning and name of India.
" In his travelogue, he (Hiuen Tsang) records that "the correct pronunciation for Tien Chu (India) is Intu" which means the moon in Chinese language. He further elaborates that "the scholars from that land have brightened the world with their delightful and shining knowledge, like the moon." (

India is called so because it is Indu land – the land of Devi, the Goddess of Moon. Hinduism thrived under the cool Umbrella of the Himalayas and by the blessings of Devi. So anyone who is an Indian is a Hindu. Anyone who calls himself as an Indian Nationalist is actually subscribing to this view. Any Christian or Muslim who is born in this land had his ancestors enriched by this Devi only. Nehru himself conceded a similar notion in his election speech in 1936 -37 as follows:
"I spoke {...} of this land of ours, of Hindustan or Bharatha, the old Sanskrit name for the mythical founder of our race"
What is that "our race" that Nehru is referring to in his election speech in a rural village? It refers to all of us living in India for generations since Bharatha's times. Against this historical truth no one can call himself and herself as a Christian Nationalist or Muslim Nationalist, but has every right call himself as Hindu Nationalist, even if he is professing Christianity or Islam now, because Hindu and Indian nationalism are the same. Whether they agree or not, this is the land of the Himalayas and the Devi – and this reality can't be questioned. These two are perennially grounded here. It is for people to recognise this fact and submit themselves to them. Those who don't are not Indian Nationalists.


Raghu said...

Very relevant article at very relevant time, Madam. This can also be borne out by the fact that if you ask "are you an Indian or Hindu / Muslim / Christian first" a majority of Hindus would say "I am an Indian first", whereas the same response may not be coming from the Indians of the other two religions, especially from muslims.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

True. Muslims do not even give the prime place to mother. They cant even think of India as Mother land. Recall the incident where AR Rahman asked Vaali to change the lyrics which said Mother was goddess. Vaali changed it into 'Mother was Devathai'! Didn't ARR know meaning of Devatha?? Seems he thinks Devatahi means angel! Bottomline is how Islam is against Nature and natural instincts!

Joe D Cruz has said with the realization how religion changes the culture. The Christians and Muslims in India can not be nationalists. They were not.